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Austrian economists and environmental policy

While working on my long-forthcoming book, Economics in Two Lessons, I came across an interesting article by Edwin Dolan published (with commendably openness to criticism) in the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics. The conclusion...Show More Summary

Thursday Message Board

The site outage that has kept the blog off air for several days has now been resolved, so here’s a once-off Thursday Message Board, for comments on any topic. Civil discussion and no coarse language, please.

Raise the Floor to Smash the Ceiling

Identity politics – at least on the left – has seen its day, writes Richard King. There’s been a strong backlash in the last few days against the recent spate of articles suggesting that one of the reasons Hillary Clinton lost the election is that she relied too heavily on identity politics, ignoring the bigger [...]Show More Summary

Up Yours, 2016!

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We Can’t Ignore The Cruel Treatment Of Palestinian Children In Israeli Detention Because It’s Politically Convenient

More than 400 children are being held in Israeli military jails, for crimes as minor as throwing rocks. Australia needs to speak out, writes Kristen Zornada. In a parliament where the balance of power hangs by a thread, it is difficult to get bipartisan support on even the least controversial of motions. Imagine how desperate [...]Show More Summary

Rage Against The Algorithm: The Rise And Rise Of Social Media

Social media should be held to the same editorial standards as traditional media, writes Joshua Dabelstein. From your first click, from your first sign in, your Facebook account begins gathering data. As Facebook learns what makes you tick, or click, an algorithm streamlines your scrolling experience in accordance with whatever the algorithm has recognised to [...]Show More Summary

Is The Rush To Approve One Of The World’s Biggest Coal Mines Delusion Or Corruption?

In politics, it’s sometimes hard to separate fact from fiction. And it can be particularly hard to tell delusion from corruption, writes Ben Eltham. There are some policy issues that are complex and difficult to resolve. Some problems aren’t easily understood. Even if policy makers and leaders understand them, there are no easy answers. Politicians [...]Show More Summary

Queensland Electoral Pendulum Based on Federal Preference Flows

With full preferential voting to be used at the next Queensland election, what would the 2015 result look like using Federal election preference flows?

Climate Sea Rise

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Missing The Mark: The Need To Target Indonesia-Australia Economic Relations

Australia needs to lift its efforts if it’s to develop a strong relationship with a nation that will have one of the largest economies in the world by 2030, writes Alexander Horton. Foreign Affairs Minister, Julie Bishop finished her 2-day visit to Indonesia last month in what was described as an opportunity to deepen progress [...]Show More Summary

John Pilger On The Coming War On China

His latest documentary is coming to Australian shores early in the new year. Here, renowned journalist John Pilger explains the background to a film that is unlikely to be well received in a nation sycophantic to the wishes of a superpower on a path to war. When I first went to Hiroshima in 1967, the [...]

Palestinian Playwright Accused Of Anti-Semitism Wins Victorian Drama Awards

Fairfax Media’s attempts to manufacture controversy around a Palestinian play have fallen very flat, writes Michael Brull. Tales of a City by the Sea, a play about life in Gaza by a Palestinian playwright, has won two Drama Victoria Awards. One award was for Best Performance by a Theatre Company for VCE Drama. The other [...]Show More Summary

Unemployed Worker’s Union Report Reveals Shocking Job Network Failures

The Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union’s (AUWU) National Advocacy Hotline Yearly Report has exposed a job agency system in crisis. AUWU President Owen Bennett explains. Last week, the AUWU released its 2015-16 National Advocacy Hotline Report. Show More Summary

The Syrian Crisis: Walking A Mile (Or 30) In Fatima’s Shoes

Dr Chatu Yapa, a Canberra-based doctor, recently completed an assignment working with Syrian refugees in Lebanon, for Médecins sans Frontières. Her hope is that Australian politicians come to understand the crisis from a less privileged perspective. There is an old saying that goes “You can’t really understand another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile [...]Show More Summary

‘Bad Immigration Policy Let In Pieces Of Sht Like Waleed Aly’, Says Bolt Guest And One Nation Conference Organiser

And other rantings from the organiser of the failed One Nation event in Melbourne. He may be the nation’s most popular television personality, but Waleed Aly, apparently, isn’t universally loved by all Australians. Well, by at least one Australian… and his angry Facebook friends. Avi Yemini is the founder of IDF Training, a Melbourne company [...]Show More Summary

The Mindless March To a Robot-Driven Jobless Future, And What You Can Do About It

Automation and the ‘disruptive’ economy are neoliberalism on steroids. If we don’t figure out an inclusive solution soon, Donald Trump will be a lukewarm version of the chaos to come, writes Barry Dunning. “How did this happen? How could the white working class be so stupid to vote for that boorish, racist sexist pig? Do [...]Show More Summary

Post Truth World

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The Climate Movement Is Indigenous-led

Dr Liz Conor pays tribute to the resistance against the Dakota Access Pipeline, and Indigenous people the world over who are leading the fight for climate action. In 1923, Iroquois chief Deskaheh travelled to Geneva to present the grievances of his Six Nations people. Although he was officially ignored, he brought about two seismic shifts [...]Show More Summary

A Badly Wounded Government Limps To The Long Summer Break

Malcolm Turnbull will be grateful for the summer, but early indications suggest it might mirror the horrendous year he’s just endured. Ben Eltham weighs in. Yesterday was the first day of summer, and, perhaps not coincidentally, the last sitting day of federal Parliament for 2016. The approach of summer will be welcomed by many, not least [...]Show More Summary

Jews United: Pauline Hanson And Malcolm Roberts Sent Packing

The One Nation Senators had planned to address the Jewish community in Melbourne. They didn’t even make first base. Michael Brull reports. The Herald Sun loves to claim that white people saying racist things are being silenced for their totally reasonable and legitimate concerns about minority communities. It has already begun to spin the shocking [...]Show More Summary

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