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Cheap Human Rights

The post Cheap Human Rights appeared first on New Matilda.

Taika Waititi’s Simple Punter’s Guide To Being ‘Just A Little Bit Racist’

The rising New Zealand star is determined to help keep racism alive. And you can help too. It’s now a matter of indisputable fact that Taika Waititi – the director of the soon-to-be released Marvel movie Thor – is already an accomplished film-maker. He wrote and appeared in what is, if not the funniest movie [...]Show More Summary

THE POISONED CHALICE: Breakthrough WA Study Shines A Light On Global Water Contamination

When deep-well bore water arrived in Australian bush communities people thought the big thirst was over. Jeff McMullen reports that a decade long study shows unsafe water is now cutting lives short. If a baby is fed unsafe water contaminated with chemical nitrates, the child turns blue. The striking colouring occurs particularly around the eyes [...]Show More Summary

A Decade On, The Fraud Of The NT Intervention Is Exposed

Michael Brull has written extensively on the Northern Territory intervention. A decade after it was launched, it’s time for another look. On June 21, 2007, the Intervention in the Northern Territory was launched by the government of John Howard. 10 years on, I think it is important to re-establish a few points about it. Firstly, [...]Show More Summary

Collateral Damage: Australian Bombs And Iraqi Civilians

Australia’s lack of ‘involvement’ in an Iraq airstrike that killed several hundred civilians should provide little comfort, writes Kellie Tranter. Earlier this year, an Allied airstrike on the on the Jadida neighbourhood in Mosul, Iraq on March 17 killed as many as 200 civillians. Shortly after, our Defence Minister Marise Payne was asked about Australian [...]Show More Summary

2016 Census Figures Cause Change to State Representation in House of Representatives

South Australia is set to lose a seat and Victoria and the ACT to gain seas ahead of the next Federal election.

Weekly email #6

Here’s my latest weekly email. If you want to be added to the recipient list email me at Hi all Welcome to my (almost) weekly email I’m still focused very much on resisting the disastrous Adani project. Working with Morgan Brigg and Kristen Lyons of the Global Change Institute at UQ, I’ve contributed economic […]

Murray-Darling Plan Doomed to Fail

That’s the conclusion of a recent depressing report from the Wentworth Group. There is, of course, an “unless”, but having spent decades of my professional life on this issue, I can’t say I’m hopeful. Certainly, there’ll be no progress under the current government, as this issue is now part of the culture wars. Whether Labor […]

No Apology

Ten years ago this month the then Northern Territory Labor government published a report Little Children Are Sacred that claimed widespread sexual abuse of children by NT indigenous communities. This followed a Lateline report a year earlier, somewhat luridly titled ‘Sexual slavery reported in Indigenous community’, that claimed much the same thing in a small […]

A new New Deal?

I’ll be talking to the Fabian Society in Melbourne on Wednesday night, looking at the failure of neoliberalism and options for a new “New Deal”.

Indigenous rights and the Adani Project

As a part of my work on the Adani mine-rail-port project, I’ve been providing economic input to a project with Kristen Lyons and Morgan Brigg at UQ aimed at supporting the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Family Council (W&J) in their attempts to assert control over their traditional land. So far we’ve produced an initial […]

The National Rifle Association Takes A Shot At Australia, And Misses

It seems the American gun lobbyist may have taken Donald Trump’s ‘alternative facts’ theory a little too seriously. Max Chalmers explains. It’s not often that the goings on of the Goodyear tire and service centre in Parramatta attract international attention, but a car park kafuffle that escalated into the sacking of an employee has been [...]Show More Summary

The Donald Tweets, Journalists Drop All Pretense of Impartiality

One of the great myths of the mainstream media is the notion of impartiality… that is, journalists not just conducting themselves in public without bias, but being seen to conduct themselves without bias. Social media has done away with all that. And it turns out we can also thank US president Donald Trump for shining [...]Show More Summary

Bad Aunty: 10 Years On, How ABC Lateline Sparked The Racist NT Intervention (With Introduction By John Pilger)

The article below by Chris Graham, editor of New Matilda, appears on my initiative. 21 June was the 10th anniversary of John Howard’s invasion of Aboriginal Australia. Known as “the intervention”, this national disgrace destroyed the vestiges of Indigenous self-determination across the Northern Territory and had a devastating effect on communities; most have yet to [...]Show More Summary

A ‘Geriatric Dr Evil’ Coal Magnate Is Suing John Oliver For Defamation

If, like New Matilda, you believe some of the best journalism on the planet is currently being done by a show that has no links to journalism, then you’ll be interested to know that ‘journalist’ is being sued for defamation, in what’s set to be a closely watched trial. If it ever goes ahead. Last [...]Show More Summary

A Potemkin HQ?

A few weeks ago, Queensland Premier Palaszczuk and Adani’s Australian head, Jeyakumar Janakaraj opened the company’s new Regional Headquarters in Townsville. It was announced that “Townsville will benefit from about 500 jobs in Adani’s regional headquarters and about half of those should happen within weeks”. Show More Summary

Weekly email #5

Here’s my latest weekly email. If you’d like to be added to the list, email me at johnquiggin1 at mac dot com I’ve been flat out for the last couple of weeks, with the result that my weekly email has slipped from Monday to Friday. But before I forget everything I’ve been doing, I’m going […]

Trust Us, You Can’t Trust Us

The post Trust Us, You Can’t Trust Us appeared first on New Matilda.

Robo-debt And Denial: The Protocols Of Centrelink

This is the third feature in Ben Eltham’s 2017 investigation into Centrelink’s robo-debt program. The first article in the series was published in January, and the second article in March. Centrelink’s sprawling data-matching empire is opaque, error-prone and almost completely impossible to understand, writes Ben Eltham. Show More Summary

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