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Too cheap to meter

Reading about the UK National Grid recently, I came across the interesting concept of demand turn up. Unlike the usual form of demand side management, where users are paid to cut usage in periods of excess demand, demand turn up involves making small payments to users willing to increase demand when the supply from renewables […]

Lest we forget

For my Anzac Day post today, I’ll quote the man most directly responsible for the disaster, describing the war of which it was a part (H/T Daniel Quiggin) Germany having let Hell loose kept well in the van of terror; but she was followed step by step by the desperate and ultimately avenging nations she […]

It’s A Bad Time To Owe Trigger Happy Donald Trump A Favour

When Australia struck a deal to transfer refugees to the US it gave Donald Trump leverage. With the new President happy to continue wars abroad, that’s looking like an increasingly dangerous compromise, writes Max Chalmers. When Americans elected Donald Trump as their President in late 2016, the working assumption was that working assumptions were now [...]Show More Summary

LETHAL LIES PART TWO: Unmasking The Men Behind The Global Spying Ring

This is Part II of an ongoing investigation by New Matilda into revelations that a British corporate spy infiltrated the global anti-asbestos movement and gathered intelligence on activists – including from Australia – for a shadowy group based in Kazahkstan. You can read Part I here. Michael Gillard continues the story.   THE veil of [...]Show More Summary

Advising investors not to believe in active investment strategies

Some of the fees charged by local investment advisors, such as local accountants, seem more than hefty. Particularly when investments are in equities. Often there is a fixed fee of around $300 per month or $3600 per year. There is also often a trailing fee of 1% of the value of the portfolio. Thus [...]


I’ve been on holiday over Easter, going to the National Folk Festival in Canberra, which is why I haven’t posted for a while. One thing that struck me during my break was the Easter editorial in the Oz. In place of the usual vague pieties, it was a full-scale blast of Christianism, demanding that Australians […]

A Reality You Can’t Dig Yourself Out Of – Adani’s Coal Mine Is A Dud

In a world where coal has no future, the proposed Adani mine should not be given serious consideration. Even if climate change were not a pressing problem, and even if thermal coal prices were to rise and stay high, the project would bring little benefit to Australia, writes Ian McAuley. Dear reader, I’m asking you [...]Show More Summary

Big Rain

The post Big Rain appeared first on New Matilda.

The Plan Is, Have No Plan: Scott Morrison’s Claytons Housing Affordability Strategy

The plan is to do nothing, and continue to advantage wealthy property investors over everyone else, writes Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon. Treasurer Scott Morrison claims that any attempt to wind back negative gearing would be a setback to renters. Clearly, that is a smoke screen. The Turnbull government is busy trying to distract from their [...]Show More Summary

Tasneem Chopra On Ayaan Hirsi Ali And The Debunked ‘Security Threat’

Michael Brull sits down with a woman leading the charge against a woman leading the charge against Muslims. The notorious Islamophobe Ayaan Hirsi Ali recently cancelled her planned tour of Australia. Her arrival was marked by controversy, as Muslims, particularly Muslim women, organised in advance to express their opposition to Hirsi Ali. Hundreds of Muslim [...]Show More Summary

By Jingos, The Australian Values ‘Problem’ Resides in Our Homes, Not Our Hearts

Banging the nationalist drum didn’t work for Tony Abbott. It won’t work for Malcolm Turnbull either, writes Ben Eltham. It was Samuel Johnson who first gave us the famous quote, “patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel”. Johnson is thought to have uttered the quote in April 1775. He was decrying the nationalist tone [...]Show More Summary

To Fight Back Against Unsustainable Developments Like The Queens Wharf Mega-Casino, We Must Occupy

Brisbane City Councillor Jonathan Sri has a plan. It may or may not be ‘legal’, but it most certainly is needed. Brisbanites are having our city sold out from under us, and we need to fight back. On Saturday, April 22, I’ll be attending and supporting a rally and 24-hour creative occupation hosted by Right [...]Show More Summary

No resurrection

If the Liberals decide to take back Abbott as their own Jeremy Corbyn, the realignment could come sooner.

Policy proposal on North Korea

The best deal offered so far in the ongoing conflict with North Korea comes from China. It is: Abandon your nukes and we will offer you protection. This gives the North what it wants, namely, protection from externally-imposed regime change. The North’s nuclear capacities are primarily defensive.Moreover, the policy is credible since China does want [...]

Burden of proof

?Ted Trainer, with whom I’ve had a number of debates in the past, has sent me an interesting piece claiming that “no empirical or historical evidence that demonstrates that [100 per cent renewables” systems are in fact feasible”. The authors, at least those of whom I’m aware, are “pro-nuclear environmentalists” (Ben Heard, Barry Brook, Tom […]

An unhappy coincidence?

The other day my incoming email included an invitation from an Olla Galal, special issue developer at Hindawi publishers, to be the Lead Guest Editor for a Special Issue of Occupational Therapy International. Nothing too surprising in that, although my knowledge of occupational therapy would barely extend to a paraphrase of the name. I’m always […]


A new sandpit for long side discussions, conspiracy theories, idees fixes and so on. As an example, alternative theories about the gas attack in Syria belong here.

Cognitive consistency

One of the few points on which I agreed with Donald Trump during the election campaign was on his statements to the effect that the US should not get involved in Middle Eastern wars. Of course, Trump being Trump, he made the contradictory promise to “have a plan to defeat ISIS within 30 days.” (There […]

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