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Hunting Clicks: Some Uncomfortable Truths, While You Mourn The Dead In Barcelona

All men are created equal, but some men – and some women and children – are created much more ‘equal’ than others, and their grief is especially more newsworthy, writes Chris Graham. I write the same story every year or so. Terrorists target innocent civilians in a western country. People are killed. Mainstream media scramble [...]Show More Summary

United We Fall, Divided We Stand: The Unfortunate Realities Of The Marriage Equality Debate

We might be getting a postal plebiscite on same sex marriage, whether we like it or not. Richard King suggests we just get on it with. Well, it’s happened. Australia is united. It’s only taken 230 years, and it may not last beyond September, but for now a kind of consensus reigns. Everyone, it seems, [...]Show More Summary

What Happens On Manus Shouldn’t Stay On Manus

Australian Border Force’s culture of secrecy is harming more than just refugees. It’s also damaging our democracy, writes Lexi Lachal from Liberty Victoria’s Rights Advocacy Project. In the midst of a High Court challenge to the Border Force Act, the federal government has backed down over its controversial secrecy provisions. Last week it introduced changes [...]Show More Summary

Left hand, meet right hand

A crucial part of the case for the Adani coal project is the “pit to plug” strategy in which companies in the Adani Group would mine coal in the Galilee Basin, transport it by rail to Abbot Point, ship it from there to India, burn it in Adani Power’s coal-fired power stations and sell the […]

Great Dress-Ups Of The Extreme Right

By now, you will have heard that Pauline Hanson showed up to federal parliament this afternoon, dressed in a full burqa. Because no shame. It probably didn’t go as planned for Hanson… even Liberal Senator George Brandis unloaded on her for the ‘stunt’. But more to the point, none of it really made any sense, [...]Show More Summary

Being Nobody In The Real Detroit

One of the United States’ poorer cities is undergoing a renaissance. But not everyone has access to it, writes Dr Richard Hil. One of Heidegger’s more memorable musings is that “the fracture renders the familiar explicit”. The thing about Detroit, USA which I recently visited, is you don’t have to look very far to come across [...]Show More Summary

Command And Control: Sylvia Hale Hits Back At Australian Greens’ Attack On NSW

Depending where you sit, Monday night’s 4 Corners program ‘Inside the Greens’ was either a welcome expose on the ‘wreckers’ in NSW, or a hatchet job on the only true believers in democracy within the party. Former NSW Greens MLC Sylvia Hale weighs in. LOUISE MILLIGAN: Former Greens Leader, Christine Milne, is venting years of frustration at [...]Show More Summary

VIDEO: Charity Will Begin ‘At Home’ Over Section 44 Crisis, Tips Marcia Langton

Whatever you think of Professor Marcia Langton – a one time activist hero to Aboriginal Australia – she occasionally has a way of ripping the rug from out under white people. Particularly politicians. During the recent ABC TV Q&A broadcast from the Garma Festival in the Northern Territory, Langton was asked to address a question [...]Show More Summary

Live A ‘Real Life’ Before Politics, Say Two Career Politicians Who Never Lived Real Lives Before Politics

They should be sitting in a park somewhere, shouting at clouds. But instead two former career politicians who both climbed to the dizzying heights of ‘Prime Minister’ have turned up to the National Press Club to complain about people not living ‘real lives’ before entering politics. Bob Hawke, aged 87, and John Howard, 78, sat [...]Show More Summary

Homophobes Desperately Need Marriage Equality (Because Nobody Loves Them)

Won’t someone please think of the Homophobes, writes Dr Liz Conor. If eyebrows have been raised over the age-bias of a CB Radio ballot for the upcoming Homophobe Marriage Plebiscite more questions are being raised about the wording of its question. Historically, referenda (our nearest comparison to plebiscites) have been won or lost on their [...]Show More Summary

Malcolm Turnbull’s Dies Horriblis: Another Day, Another Disaster

A week is a long time in politics, but yesterday felt like an eternity. Ben Eltham takes a look at the spectacular implosion of the Liberal-Nationals. Never known for its political acumen, the Turnbull government has had many bad days in office. It has sustained many self-inflicted wounds. But even for this mob, yesterday was [...]Show More Summary

The Many Faces Of Violence: Human Rights, Charlottesville and Marriage Equality

Debates about the role and impact of violence have been central in recent events at Charlottesville and in Australia around the marriage equality plebiscite. How we understand violence has a lot to do with our position of privilege, writes Dr Melinda McPherson. Donald Trump’s instinct on the weekend to condemn violence ‘on all sides’ in [...]Show More Summary

How Our Nation Killed Hamed: A Former Manus Social Worker Speaks Out

Alice Krupa worked on Manus Island in 2015-2016. She met Hamed Shamshiripour, a man who died 10 days ago after enduring four years of engineered cruelty at the hands of the Australian Government, and Papua New Guinean authorities. Here, she reveals details about life on Manus, and the daily outrages forced on detainees. I commenced as [...]Show More Summary

Understanding The Violence In Charlottesville: American Bigotry in the Age of Trump

To understand the violence unleashed in America over the weekend, you first need to understand the history of a nation long at war with itself. US-based Australian historian Gregory Smithers explains. When a 20-year-old Ohio man killed a 32 year-old woman and injured 19 others after driving his car at high-speed into a crowded street [...]Show More Summary

Eggs Barnaby

The post Eggs Barnaby appeared first on New Matilda.

A Synagogue Beat-Up, Nazis In Bondi And The Strange Ambivalence From The Jewish Leadership

Anti-Semitism in Bondi is bad. But neo-Nazis protesting is, well, not worthy of comment. Michael Brull reports on one of the more bizarre chapters of Jewish community life in Sydney. Here’s a weird thing. The mainstream Jewish leadership recently condemned Waverley Council for anti-Semitism, which basically wasn’t there. They made sure their voice was heard, [...]Show More Summary

What’s left of libertarianism?

Liberaltarianism ….. This post (crossposted from Crooked Timber) is mainly an excuse for the pun in the title. But I do want to defend both parts of the pun. First, liberaltarianism, as represented by the Niskanen Center (notable staff and associates include Radley Balko, Jacob Levy, Stephen Teles, Jerry Taylor, Will Wilkinson) represents an important […]

Richard, of the Overflow

New Matilda never publishes poetry. We’ve made an exception for Amalina Wallace’s latest piece. It should pretty obviously be read to the cadence of Banjo Patterson’s Clancy of the Overflow. And based on the reactions from some of the more avid Greens’ supporters to past criticisms from NM of ‘Sir Richard’, now would be a good time for [...]Show More Summary

Play At Home: Canberra Gets Nuked By North Korea, But There Is Some Bad News Too

All things are relative. One person’s nuclear apocalypse is another person’s really good Saturday afternoon. Chris Graham presses the button. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably already aware than American loon Donald Trump and North Korean hair-stylist Kim Jong-Un have been engaged in a nuclear pissing contest. Both men are obviously mad, [...]Show More Summary

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