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Giving Comfort To The War Criminals: Benjamin Netanyahu’s Visit To Australia Shames Us All

The prime Minister of Israel is visiting Australia. And our government and media are turning a conveniently blind eye to his horrendous war crimes, writes Michael Brull. Remember when Donald Trump was running for President, and he said that he could shoot someone in the middle of New York without losing any voters? That’s basically [...]Show More Summary

Bastiat anticipates climate science denialism

I’m working on the environmental policy chapter of my book-in-progress, Economics in Two Lessons, which is a reply to Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson, which in turn is a repackaging of Bastiat’s What Is Seen and What Is Not Seen. Hazlitt was aware of the difficulties posed for laissez-faire by pollution, and chose to avoid […]

Mothers And Basic Income: The Case For An Urgent Intervention

The gender pay gap requires urgent attention, writes Dr Petra Bueskens. But there is a strong case to be made for the reality that mothers and single mothers should be at the front of the queue. Universal basic income – or #UBI – has been gaining traction in recent years as a utopian alternative to the punitive, stigmatising and [...]Show More Summary

Why I’m Happy To Live In A Trump Ruled World

There’s an upside to the elevation of Donald Trump to the most powerful position in the world, writes Nicolle White. From publicly mocking a journalist’s disability, to calling a lawyer who asked for a breast pump ‘disgusting’, Trump built his presidential campaign on hate, fear and degrading minorities. He referred to Mexican immigrants as rapists, [...]Show More Summary

Kenneth Arrow RIP

Kenneth Arrow was, with Paul Samuelson, one of the two greatest economists that the world has known since at least the time of Lord Keynes. I read of his death at age 95 this evening. An astonishing man, he wrote on a myriad of aspects of modern economics and he wrote well and with great [...]

South Australia’s Electricity Problems: Jay Weatherill Should Follow The Coalition’s Example

New Matilda economics writer Ian McAuley adds his voice to those calling for a bipartisan approach to energy policy. Spare a thought for the people of South Australia. Large parts of Adelaide blacked out for up to 18 hours without notice. Trams stopped in their tracks across busy intersections. A bitter and partisan debate in [...]Show More Summary

Cruelty For Your Entertainment And Their Profit: Don’t Buy Into It

Australia’s two remaining marine parks make money from the suffering of innocent animals. Jordan Sosnowski from Australia For Dolphins explains. Recently, more than 20 demonstrators protested during a dolphin show at Sea World, arguing the animals should not be held in pools for entertainment. It’s easy to write off the activists as “crazy vegetarians” and [...]Show More Summary

Vote Formality Rules in Western Australia

WA has some good savings provisions for lower house ballot papers, but the rules are incredibly strict for the upper house.

The Fightback: Trumpism Gives Rise To The New Dissidents

The upside of a Donald Trump White House is the millions world-wide who are now organising in protest, writes Dr Richard Hil. The high point of post-truth, populist conservatism is ushering in some ghastly new forms of repression. The roundup of so-called “illegal migrants” in the US, the increased mistreatment of migrants and refugees, more [...]Show More Summary

Ebola For Bunnies: Killing Rabbits To Help Boost Climate Trashing Sheep And Cattle

In terms of introduced species into Australia, cattle and sheep cause by far the most environmental and climate carnage. But they also make money. Which is why rabbits are currently in the government’s sight, writes Geoff Russell. In a few weeks Australia will release a deadly virus into the bush. We imported it from Korea [...]Show More Summary

The Death Of Ms Dhu Part 4: How Did A Second Doctor Fail To Notice That Ms Dhu Was Dying?

This is the fourth and final instalment in a series from Michael Brull on the death of Ms Dhu, An Aboriginal woman who died in Port Hedland after being taken into police custody for outstanding fines. Michael’s reporting is based on the recent findings of the coronial Inquest into Ms Dhu’s death, which was handed [...]Show More Summary

Voting Methods and How to Vote at the Western Australian Election

How to vote guide for the 2017 WA election, with warnings that the state's upper house electoral system does not include last year's Senate reforms.

Vietnamese civet coffee

Vietnam is the second largest coffee exporter but its coffee has a low international reputation and much of it ends up in instant coffee brews. In fact, there is a substantial coffee culture in Vietnam with (non-alcohol serving) coffee shops operating everywhere (I made the unspeakably bad error of judgment of asking for a beer [...]

Testing connection with FB

A major issue with my WordPress blog is its inability to consistently connect with Facebook whereI spend too much time these days. I have refreshment all settings and this post tests whether a connection has been achieved. I used the WP blog for 10 years so I would dearly like to get things working again. [...]

Empty Cricket

The post Empty Cricket appeared first on New Matilda.

Why We Should All Watch A Bit Of Crap TV

Nelly Thomas makes the case for wading into free to air television, if for no other reason than perspective and an education. Dear New Matilda Readers, I’m writing to implore you to watch some shit telly. When I say “shit”, I mean the kinds of TV shows (and movies, blogs, podcasts and radio) that are [...]Show More Summary

Detaching Women’s Toes In The Red Army

After a lifetime of confusion Liz Conor finally understands the Battle that is Ballet. Here’s her review of the perplexing and stunning ballet that is the Red Army Detachment of Women. The candlestick sat on the bare floor while two aging Ballerinas, their faces yanked back by tight buns, appraised the child snootily. She was [...]Show More Summary

Friends Don’t Let Friends Slaughter Innocents And Oppress Millions

A real friend to Israel would stand up for the rights of Palestinians, writes Professor Stuart Rees. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has invited the Israeli Prime Minister to visit Australia because of “our absolute and enduring commitment to the State of Israel and our friendship”. It could be argued that principles of freedom of speech justify the [...]Show More Summary

The New Normal

The post The New Normal appeared first on New Matilda.

Logic Meltdown: Turnbull Government Won’t Participate In Negotiations To Ban Nuclear Weapons

Australia is showing a distinct lack of fortitude on the issue of nuclear proliferation, writes Gem Romuld, from the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. It’s easy for Foreign Minister Julie Bishop MP to espouse commitment to achieving a world without nuclear weapons. Any government can proclaim their sincere desire for a world free of [...]Show More Summary

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