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My resignation from the Climate Change Authority

Earlier today, I wrote to Josh Frydenberg, the Minister for Energy and Environment, resigning as a Member of the Climate Change Authority. Mine is the third recent resignation: Clive Hamilton resigned in February, and Danny Price a couple of days ago. There’s a story in the Guardian here. My resignation statement is over the fold. […]

Aussie Integration

The post Aussie Integration appeared first on New Matilda.

The Tip Of An Iceberg: Engineered Indifference, Systematic Dehumanisation

Bureaucracies the world over have in-built cruelties, something which Palestinians in particular know all about, writes Professor Stuart Rees. The humiliation experienced by the citizens of many countries occurs in encounters with officials who represent bureaucracies. Show More Summary

Scott Ludlam On The War On Yemen, The Need For An Arms Embargo, And The Greens Earlier Silence

A frank discussion with Michael Brull about an international conflict supported by our nation that has drawn precious little Australian interest. Last week, I wrote about the increasingly dire warnings coming out of Yemen. The United Nations warned that almost seven million people were in a “state of emergency”, just one step from famine. Save [...]Show More Summary

The IPA and 18C

The obsessive desire of the current government to protect the right to offend and humiliate people on the basis of their race or religion has been driven, in large measure, by the Institute of Public Affairs. The IPA has a mixed record on freedom of speech, and on the kind of offensive speech that is […]

Adani, with an asterisk

Back in December, Gautam Adani came to Queensland and gave a very positive view of the proposed Carmichael coal mine in the Galilee Basin. Things went pretty quiet for a while after that, but it appeared that a final announcement on the project would be made in April. Now, Anna Palaszczuk and a number of […]

Initial Analysis of Preferences at the 2017 Western Australian Election

Initial analysis of preferences suggests the Liberal Party received little benefit from its preference arrangement with One Nation.

It’s In Everyone’s Interest To Tackle Australia’s Housing Affordability Crisis

The bubble is getting bigger, which means the inevitable burst will be messier. Dr Glen Anderson explains why we need to do something about housing prices sooner rather than later. Australia’s housing affordability crisis has many dimensions. One that is routinely overlooked is its social corrosiveness. As median house prices surge ahead of wages growth, [...]Show More Summary

Shared Values? The Thick Rhetoric Of Malcolm’s Multicultural Statement

The Prime Minister’s foray into shared values and a united Australia sounds good at first blush. But it fails the ‘Rawls’ test if you look too closely. John Tons explains. Malcolm Turnbull was understandably pleased with his Multicultural Statement released this week – it seemed to push all the right buttons. It was a statement that [...]Show More Summary

The Devil’s In The Detail Of Malcolm Turnbull’s New Multicultural Statement

When politicians speak, sometimes you have to read between the lines a little. Neroli Colvin breaks down the PM’s statement on a united Australia. It’s Harmony Day, and Australia has a new multicultural statement to mark the occasion. On the eve of the day known elsewhere as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial [...]Show More Summary

10 Years On: The Northern Territory Intervention Continues To Cause Harm

Facing electoral annihilation and media pressure, the Howard Government launched an unprecedented assault on Aboriginal rights and communities. A decade on, Senator Rachel Siewert says the federal government is still hiding behind its failures. I’ll never forget the day the Government announced the Northern Territory Intervention. It was a decade ago and I had been [...]Show More Summary

‘When I Was Your Age, We Used A Thing Called Cash’: And Other Ways to Fight Back Against The Banks

The banks are making a killing every time you swipe your card. Warwick Smith thinks that should motivate you to change. PayWave and PayPass are changing the way we buy things. The latest figures from the Reserve Bank of Australia saw yet another fall in ATM use and an increase in the number of Australians [...]Show More Summary


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Hope springs eternal …

… for the nuclear power faithful. Over the last couple of months, it’s become apparent that the Westinghouse AP1000, by far the most promising hope for a modern Generation III+ is dead in the water. Toshiba, which bought Westinghouse a while ago, is writing off billions of dollars, and seems unlikely to stay in the […]

The War In Yemen Is Turning To Genocide, And Australia Is Quietly Supporting It

Our silence as a nation is destroyed – and innocent men, women and children slaughtered – is deafening, writes Michael Brull. Yemen is being destroyed. Perhaps half a million children face severe malnutrition. Almost seven million people are on the brink of famine. This is happening with Western support. The Australian government quietly announced its [...]Show More Summary

A Fiery Defence Of Sally McManus: Thank Civil Disobedience For The Gains Of Today

Australia still see itself as the ‘land of the fair go’. We didn’t get here by following all the rules, all the time, writes Jim Casey. Sally McManus’s entirely sensible statements regarding the breaking of unjust laws has seen a rogues gallery of Coalition politicians condemn her, with backing vocals provided by the Leader of [...]Show More Summary

Jay And Malcolm’s Big Swinging Battery Face Off

Gas is not the answer, nor batteries nor hydro, writes Geoff Russell. South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill recently announced a plan to save something in South Australia. Whether it was his political skin or our power supply is a matter of debate. At it’s heart was gas, but it got plenty of Greenie points, or [...]Show More Summary

A Social Wage: The Greens Have Worked It Out, So Why Hasn’t Labor?

In the 20th century, right up to the time of the Hawke Government, Labor policy was guided by the idea of the “social wage”, before it drifted away from its own established principles. Greens leader Richard Di Natale has reminded Labor and the Australian community that the social wage is still appropriate for our times, [...]Show More Summary

The Super Stupid Way To Get Your Own Piece Of Over-Priced Housing

Can’t afford a home deposit? Want to help drive the already insane price of housing into the stratosphere? Claire Connelly unveils a few simple strategies. I hate to burst your bubble, but allowing Australians to use their super to buy property is a really bad idea. When even the banks are calling for a calm [...]Show More Summary

Fracking’s Frontier Politics: The Northern Territory At An Energy Crossroads

The Top End stands on the precipice of a fracking future. Lauren Mellor explains. The Northern Territory has been in the spotlight this week as a target for outrage over our recently implemented moratorium on gas fracking. Apparently in doing so the Territory has overlooked the important role it could play in responding to the [...]Show More Summary

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