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Unnecessary Wars

A long-running theme of this blog has been the disaster of the Great War, and the moral culpability of all those who brought it about and continued it. It’s fair to say, I think, that the majority of commenters have disagreed with me and that many of those commenters have invoked some form of historical […]

A Nuclear Conspiracy: Jim Green Responds To Geoff Russell

As part of an ongoing debate over the capacity of nuclear energy to tackle climate change, Friends of the Earth’s Jim Green responds to New Matilda’s recent coverage. New Matilda editor Chris Graham writes in an October 13 editorial that those responding to Geoff Russell’s pro-nuclear articles “never seek to punch holes in a single fact [...]Show More Summary

The Age Of Ambition: Putting The Nation First

Putting the country over the party is the key to a strong Labor future, writes Andrew Leigh. Globally, these are tough times to be a social democrat. The cumulative social democratic vote share in Western Europe has fallen by one-third, to its lowest in 70 years. Angry politics is alive and well in the person [...]Show More Summary

Dirty Deal Done Dirt Cheap: East West Dumped, Western Distributor Given Green Light

Victorian premier Daniel Andrews did a good thing, and then a very, very bad thing. Greens Senator Janet Rice explains. Daniel Andrews is taking us for a ride. Not one of those nice rides to the country with plenty of sunshine and a picnic at the end. But one where he locks the doors, doesn’t [...]Show More Summary

Aussie As

The post Aussie As appeared first on New Matilda.

Malcolm Turnbull: With A Gun To His Head, He Shoots Himself In The Foot

Malcolm Turnbull is talking about guns. Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t want to be talking about guns. Ben Eltham explains why. In the normal run of politics, the status of the Adler A110 shotgun would not dominate Australian federal politics for a full week. But these are not normal times, as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is discovering. As more [...]Show More Summary

A Theological Endorsement Of China’s “Crackdown” On Religion

Theologian-philosopher Dr Mark Manolopoulos explains why he endorses China’s strict regulation of religion, and how other countries may also learn from such apparently “extreme” action. A few weeks ago, I was watching ABC News and I happened to come across a report filed by China correspondent Matthew Carney about China’s purported suppression of various Christian [...]Show More Summary

Birth Certificates: The Elephant In The Room In Gender And Adoption Debates

Australia is still behind the times when it comes to accurately recording the details of someone’s birth, writes Penny Mackieson. What is the primary purpose of a birth certificate? The answer to this fundamental question is constantly overlooked or confused in several current debates, especially as discussed by mainstream media. Birth certificates are used for [...]Show More Summary

Equality – an update

It is probably then best that such activists are looking to withdraw from the public sphere, since a majority support for same sex marriage that had little to do with them could turn into its opposite with their, and Labor's, best efforts.

Let’s Debate The Merits Of Rape Instead Of Nuclear Energy, Said More Than One New Matilda Reader

Editor Chris Graham responds to the latest storm to engulf Australia’s most recalcitrant media outlet. You’re welcome. It’s been a rather challenging week. But first things first. Rape is bad. Debate over. Why did that even come up? Because last week, I published an editorial defending New Matilda’s coverage – and columnist Geoff Russell’s writing – [...]Show More Summary


The post Watches appeared first on New Matilda.

Money And Religion: The Greeks Got It Right. They Tax The Church.

The free tax ride for religious institutions in Australia is about 400 years past its use by date, argues Brian Morris. In 1587, Dr John Bridges coined the phrase “A fool and his money are soon parted”. Just 14 years later Queen Elizabeth the First issued her 1601 Statute on Charities making “the advancement of [...]Show More Summary

Labor, The Greens And Maybe Even The Sex Party Are In Control Of Canberra

While votes from last Saturday’s ACT election are still being counted, it’s clear that the Liberal Party has failed to win government. The final outcome will be a Labor majority, a continuation of the Labor-Green cooperative arrangements, or even a Labor-Green-Sex Party grouping. Apart from a proliferation of billboards along roads, streets and even walking [...]Show More Summary

Trumpism: You Probably Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

If you think things are bad now, a new American president hasn’t even been elected yet. And that’s where Dr Richard Hil thinks things might really start going downhill, no matter who wins. Over the past few days I’ve been glued to Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News, but please don’t tell anyone. I know what you’re [...]Show More Summary

500-Plus Doctors Sign Open Letter Urging Dutton To ‘Show Compassion’ To Refugees

Australian Doctors have once again weighed into the debate over the treatment of asylum seekers by the Turnbull Government, with an impassioned plea for ‘more humanity’ to be shown to some of the world’s most marginalized people. This letter has been written by Drs Alison Skene and Eloise House, and signed by 528 doctors from [...]Show More Summary

With The Marriage Plebiscite Gone, Malcolm Turnbull Is Now Free To Look Even More Lost At Sea

The untimely demise of the marriage plebiscite reveals the dangerous emptiness of Malcolm Turnbull’s policy agenda, writes Ben Eltham. It’s October. A wet spring is yet to give way to summer. Across much of the continent, September was the second-wettest on record, marked by record inland rainfall and grid-destroying storms in South Australia. The sunshine [...]Show More Summary

Australia Tortures Asylum Seekers: The Gut-Wrenching Details Of Amnesty’s Nauru Report

Michael Brull reviews a report by Amnesty International released today, which chronicles the deliberate cruelty and torture being inflicted on innocent men, women and children on Nauru. And a warning – much of the detail in this report is extremely disturbing. On Monday, Amnesty International released a new report on Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers on Nauru. [...]Show More Summary

Online Hate Prevention Institute Responds to Michael Brull

Over the past week, New Matilda columnist Michael Brull has written two columns about the anti-racism group – here and here. It’s CEO, Dr Andre Oboler responds to the criticisms. Michael Brull, an author at New Matilda, has been hard at work creating news. Not reporting it mind you, but creating it. He appears to [...]Show More Summary

Dragging the chain

Looking at the Abbott-Hanson government that is now taking shape behind the nominal leadership of Malcolm Turnbull, the dominant theme is one of pointless resistance to inevitable change. The most striking instance of this is the plebiscite on equal marriage, dreamed up by Abbott as a way of dodging the issue of a Parliamentary vote. […]

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