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Blessed Are The Christian Rock Cakes: The Great Tweets Of Marque Lawyers

Admittedly, they help keep us out of jail, so we’re a little biased. But that’s not the only reason we love Marque Lawyers. If you follow the Sydney law firm’s Twitter account, you’ll understand that not only do they ‘do law differently’, but that they have a somewhat acerbic wit. Nothing is sacred… well almost [...]Show More Summary

VIDEO: Malcolm Turnbull’s Joint Party Room, If It Were A Pet Show

Politics is a complex business at the best of times. But Liberal-National Party politics, after they just lost a national vote on marriage equality… well that’s a whole new clusterfck. Internal ructions within the party are likely to erupt over the coming Christmas break. Or not. Who knows? They might implode. They might all sit [...]Show More Summary

Four Steps Australia Must Take To Address Ethnic Cleansing In Myanmar

Australia’s response to the genocide in Myanmar is untenable, particularly in light of our place on the Human Rights Council, write Catherine Renshaw, Ronan Lee and Joshua Roose. In September 2017, the United Kingdom announced that it was suspending its program of defence cooperation with Myanmar’s military. The UK’s decision was unsurprising. Myanmar’s military had just [...]Show More Summary

An opportunity for a Bill of Rights

One of the striking outcomes of the equal marriage survey is that a lot of people who had always assumed themselves to be part of (in Spiro Agnew’s phrase) the “silent majority” have been presented with undeniable evidence that they are actually in the minority. Not only that, but the minority to which they belong […]

Who Said Australia Doesn’t Love Change?

The claim that Australians are conservative and opposed to change has been turned on its head by the Yes vote, writes Douglas Ross. Both preceding and in light of Australia’s postal vote, there has been a repeated phrase from columnists such as David Marr and Sean Kelly that rings like the platitude you’d hear on [...]Show More Summary

The Adani Carmichael Coal Mine: Introduction To A Special Five-Part Series

Per head of population, Australia is already one of the world’s worst carbon polluters. Despite this, our two major political parties – Labor and the Liberal-Nationals – are pushing ahead with the approval of a coal mine in Queensland that will exponentially increase our carbon emissions. The Carmichael mine, proposed by Indian mining giant Adani, [...]Show More Summary

Climate Clock Ticking: It’s Time BHP Stopped Funding Deniers, Says Bill McKibben

As the ‘Great Australian’ prepares for its AGM this morning, legendary climate activist and founder and senior adviser for Bill McKibben pens a passionate plea for the mining giant to get ‘out of the abusive relationship’ it’s in with another not-so-great-Australian. If BHP had a personal Facebook page, its relationship status would be… “it’s [...]Show More Summary

Love Wins; Hate And Dutton And Shelton And Abbott And Bernardi Et Al Lose

The marriage survey result showed that Australia is better than our politicians give us credit for, writes Ben Eltham. The crowd gathered at the rally outside Melbourne’s State Library was predominantly young, but not completely. There were many families and clearly many straight people wanting to show their support. Inevitably, there was a babadook. On [...]Show More Summary

Your Silence On Manus And Nauru Is Your Complicity

What Australia has done to people seeking asylum is the responsibility of all Australians, writes Lauren Bull. If you don’t exercise your democracy, you’ll lose it. It’s as simple as that. What is happening on Manus right now is the direct result of decades of silent acquiescence, of politicians being emboldened by a public who [...]Show More Summary

Unmasking The Reality Behind The Racism

Racism is not really a thing, at least not in the sense that it’s an ‘actual’ thing. It is a problem though. Douglas Ross explains. You terrorist. You little monkey. Surely if Sam Dastyari were six foot five and had spent the past six months in an aggressive workout routine, arming himself to the bone [...]Show More Summary

Milo Yiannopoulos And How The Media Boosts Fascists And Bags Its Opponents

In Australia, people who oppose fascism are considered extreme by mainstream media. But the people who promote it… they’re funny and quirky and bankable. Michael Brull explains. How does the media deal with supporters and opponents of fascism? You would expect – and hope – that people who support fascists and neo-Nazis would be stigmatised [...]Show More Summary

The thin end of the wedge on anti-discrimination law?

The latest attempt to derail equal marriage was a proposal by a group of conservatives to remove anti-discrimination provision to allow a wide range of discrimination against same-sex married couples. The leading proponent of the proposal was James Paterson who, like so many Liberal MPs, is a former staffer at the Institute of Public Affairs. […]

Yes! By Over 60 Per Cent! There Goes $122 Million And Three Months Of Our Lives, But At Least It’s Done

The people have spoken. Marriage equality in Australia is long overdue. Chris Graham reports. The marriage equality postal vote has delivered a stunning victory for same-sex attracted couples around the nation, with the Australian Bureau of Statistics announcing the results a short time ago. Yes votes – 61.6% (7,817,247); No votes – 38.4% (4,873,987). Every vote [...]Show More Summary

Manus Island: Those For Whom We Cannot Grieve

As a nation, overcoming our fear of ‘the other’ and exposing our own vulnerabilities is the key to ending the crisis on Manus Island, writes Elise Addlem. The 600 men trapped between the Manus Island detention centre and the unknown that comes next are people defined negatively as individuals. They are not defined, as they [...]Show More Summary

Some whataboutery from Tim Nicholls

Among the tools used to defend the indefensible, the most widely used is “whataboutery”. When faced with a criticism you can’t answer, you point to something allegedly comparable done by someone supposed to be on the same side as your critic, and ask the critic “what about …” I’m told that, presented with my observation […]

Email update

Over the fold, my latest irregular email update. If you’d like to be on the mailing list, write to me at Hi all, It’s been quite a while since my last email newsletter. A variety of things have kept me too busy to do more than keep up with essential obligations, but I’ve managed […]

Eat The Rich: Tackling Class And Inequality Is Essential To Eradicating Racism

The rich and powerful get richer and more powerful, while the poor get wild conspiracies about ‘the other’ being responsible for their lot in life. Senator Lee Rhiannon explains. Historically it has been the progressive side of politics that has confronted racism in all its forms. Whether it was the oppression of Indigenous communities, abuse [...]Show More Summary

Rich Obligations

The post Rich Obligations appeared first on New Matilda.

Christopher Pyne Spruiks Aussie Arms To Saudi Arabia As UN Warns Of Impending Yemen Famine

Australia has turned a blind eye to the Saudi-led warn on Yemen, while the nation plunges deeper into a humanitarian crisis. But at least we’re trying to profit from it. Michael Brull reports. On 30 October, Minister for Defence Industry Christopher Pyne announced he’d be visiting Saudi Arabia, France and the United Kingdom “to promote [...]Show More Summary

A Gold Medal For Our Cider, A Brand New Beer And A Big Plug For Sarah

It’s been a pretty big few months for Sparkke, Australia’s most political and socially progressive alcohol brand. And in case you’ve been living under a rock, New Matilda owner Chris Graham is a shareholder in Sparkke – a socially progressive beverage company run, owned and conceived by a group of women from Adelaide. Hence the [...]Show More Summary

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