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The Global Women’s Marches: No Fear Around F-Bomb, But Where Is The C-Word

Weekend protest marches around the globe have ignited and inspired millions. But something is still missing, writes Dr Cat Moir. Sydney women’s march on Saturday saw thousands of people take to the streets to protest against sexism, racism, homophobia and bigotry in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s inauguration. It was one of 600 marches around [...]Show More Summary

Think The Muslim Australia Day Billboard Should Be Re-instated? Think Again

A public campaign backing the use of photos of Muslim children on an Australia Day billboard has received widespread support. Somayra Ismailjee explains why it shouldn’t. A campaign to reinstate ‘Australia Day’ billboards featuring a photograph of two Muslim girls wearing the hijab has raised over $165,000. The initiative has been hailed as an act [...]Show More Summary

SPECIAL FEATURE: As The Guns Fall Silent: Women And The War In Yemen

Women’s rights forms another frontier in war-torn Yemen, writes Pat Griffiths in this special New Matilda feature. BOMBS fall on Yemen. They have done so since the conflict there escalated in March 2015. In the memories of Yemenis however, they have fallen for much longer. “In certain situations people date births and deaths and graduations [...]Show More Summary

Trump Anyone?

The post Trump Anyone? appeared first on New Matilda.

Busting Black Myths: The Truth About Our First Peoples.

You could get drunk this Australia Day, or try something different… learn about the real history of this nation. Amy McQuire helps you dip your toe in the water. It’s one of the greatest myths about Aboriginal people: that before European invasion, Aboriginal people were simply living off the land, with no civilization and a [...]Show More Summary

Naomi Klein Getting Caught Up In The Climate Wars

She’s a powerful and passionate writer and activist, writes Geoff Russell. But she’s missed the mark on the causes of cancer and dispossession. Almost since the beginning there was “the left” and “the right”. We are talking politics here, not handedness. “The left” was always defined roughly as being of the workers while “the right” [...]Show More Summary

Malcolm Is Not So In The Middle When It Comes To The Trans Pacific Partnership

In his attack on Opposition Leader Bill Shorten for not supporting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is playing into the hands of isolationists and protectionists, writes Ian McAuley. Earlier this week the...Show More Summary

David Leyonhjelm Gets Grinchy Again… And It’s Only 48 Weeks Until Christmas!

Australia’s angriest white man has taken aim at childcare. And so Nelly Thomas has taken aim at him. In case you missed it, Senator Leyonhjelm shat all over another important thing recently: childcare. (Sorry, I know that’s an impolite opening sentence, but it does match the tone of Leyonhjelm’s mutterings, so I ran with it.) [...]Show More Summary

Mental Illness Or Mental Skillness? The Case For Neurodiversity

The language used around mental illness – and the stigma attached to it – needs serious review, writes Brooke Murphy. Recent media coverage of Carrie Fisher’s death has been dominated by outpouring of love from friends, fans, and fellow stars. Fisher was most famous for playing Princess Leia, the doughnut-bunned heroine of the Star Wars franchise. [...]Show More Summary

Tu quoque, revisited

Slightly lost amid the furore over the alleged Trump dossier was the news that Trump had held a meeting with leading antivaxer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. As is usual, particularly with the Trump Administration, accounts of the meeting differed, with RFK claiming Trump had asked him to lead an inquiry into vaccine safety and Trump […]

Culture wars and smelters

The Victorian and Commonwealth governments have just announced a bailout of the Alcoa aluminium smelter at Portland, achieved primarily by pressuring AGL to supply cheap electricity. It’s unsurprising that a state government wants to save jobs: that is par for the course. Show More Summary

Australia is naturally suited to a federal system

The age-old idea of abolishing the states has popped up again, this time from Bob Hawke. I’ve recycled some old arguments against this idea in the standard form where the states are to be replaced by regional governemnts. I’ve also added some new points, focused on the undesirability of a unitary state. The piece is […]

Brace Yourself: Hitler, Churchill And Thatcher Reborn In Australian Theatre Tour

ADVERTORIAL: Award winning British actor and playwright Pip Utton makes his Australian debut touring three of his most ground breaking  plays, illustrating history’s most notorious leaders. “Terrifying, Searing, Transfixing. It is impossible...Show More Summary

Dismay Over Democracy: Alternative Policies For 2017

Australia has sunk to many new lows in recent years. Professor Stuart Rees outlines some ideas for a kinder, fair go nation. In the wake of Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, the prospect of right wing successes in European elections and, in Australia, the rudderless Turnbull government, social analysts insist that citizens have lost [...]Show More Summary

The New Australian Order: Moving Power From The Courts To Peter Dutton Doesn’t Just Harm Asylum Seekers

A new report shines a light on the growing powers of the Minister. When norms like the presumption of innocence are challenged, we all lose, writes Max Chalmers. Imagine a neighbour accuses you of a crime. The police investigate and file charges. It’s a minor crime, the neighbour says you stole a lawnmower, but their [...]Show More Summary

The National Hoax: How Did Queensland Ever Fall For Australia Day?

We’ll never have unity around January 26, argues Jeff McMullen. So it’s time to start talking about a new national day. There is something absurd about celebrating Australia Day on January 26th. It’s even crazier in this important year when there is intense national debate about Treaties, Sovereignty and how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander [...]Show More Summary


David Rowe: AFR The age of entitlement is over. The age of personal responsibility has begun. Joe Hockey, 2 February 2014 Four discussions are going on right now that tells a lot about the current state of play between Australian government and society: means testing on pensions, the Centrelink fiasco, MPs expenses and the implementation […]

John Pilger: The Issue Is Not Donald Trump. It Is Us.

Donald Trump. for all his flaws, is not Barack Obama, an American president who has set new lows in foreign slaughter and the transfer of wealth from the poor to the mega-rich, writes John Pilger. On the day President Trump is inaugurated, thousands of writers in the United States will express their indignation. “In order [...]Show More Summary

The LNP-ONP coalition heading for a train wreck?

With a Queensland election due in the next 12 months and the usual journalistic speculation about an early election, the LNP will soon be faced with the decision of whether to formalise its coalition with the ONP. At a minimum, that would mean an exchange of preferences. But, given that the LNP doesn’t look like […]

Jobs, robots and self-driving vehicles

Lately I’ve been reading Tim Dunlop’s excellent book Why the future is workless, and thinking about the issues it raises, particularly in the light of the prospect of autonomous vehicles and other transport technologies. Tim raises the obvious question: what will happen to people who currently drive for a living, and the broader issue […]

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