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Putting the blame where it belongs

Queensland Premier Anna Palaszczuk has followed Bill Shorten in blaming privatisation for the woes of the electricity network. She’s basically right, although there’s much more wrong with the National Electricity Market than that. Equally importantly, in terms of getting a good outcome, she’s on a political winner in the fight with the Turnbull government and […]

Vote Yes Please

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The Clayton’s Inquiry: The ‘Media Reform’ You Have When You’re Not Having Media Reform

The Senate has voted to ‘reform’ Australia’s media laws. It’s not really a reform, writes Ben Eltham. Communications Minister Mitch Fifield’s aims for ‘media reform’, which he ushered through the Senate last week, were modest. The bill, which took months to negotiate through a difficult Senate, is entitled the Broadcasting Legislation Amendment (Broadcasting Reform) Bill [...]Show More Summary

Rigour or Rigor Mortis? The Dumbing Down Of Debate And Intellectualism

Making language accessible is important, writes Dr Richard Hil. But what if we’re making it meaningless? I’ve recently returned from a conference in drizzly Auckland titled ‘Social Movements, Resistance and Social Change’. It was a ripper. One of the best cerebral gatherings I’ve ever attended. It reminded me of things that I’d perhaps forgotten: the incredibly detailed, [...]Show More Summary

A rare outbreak of unanimity on PFI

I’m doing some work on privatisation and wanted to look at recent UK experience with the Private Finance Initiative. So, I Googled for PFI in the last year (as Google personalizes searches, your mileage may vary). The result is a surprising degree of unanimity. Across the political spectrum, there is agreement that PFI is […]

Move To The Rear Of The Power Station, Drink From The Renewable Kool-Aid

In the debate over keeping the Liddle Power Station open, the numbers just don’t add up. But probably not the numbers you’re thinking. Geoff Russell explains. According to Guy Rundle, writing last week on, we could build a “socially distributed [clean]energy system” (whatever that is), in a decade. The Germans are the prototypical renewable [...]Show More Summary

The result is in the mail

We got our equal marriage survey forms in the mail yesterday, and posted them back today. From what I’ve seen, about half the forms were delivered last week and nearly all will be done by Friday. And I imagine, most people will either respond straight away or not at all. So, it was kind of […]

Tomorrow The World Is Going To Try And Ban Nuclear Weapons. Australia Wants To Keep Them.

A global push to save the world from a nuclear armageddon has the backing of more than 120 nations. Australia isn’t one of them. Rewena Mahesh explains. On July 7, a global treaty was adopted at the UN General Assembly to prohibit nuclear weapons. This treaty now sets precedence for a powerful norm that will [...]Show More Summary

Channel 7’s Defamation Threat Demonstrates The Real Freedom Of Speech Crisis

The threat by one of the nation’s largest media companies, against one of the nation’s smallest, to sue over a column that attacked their Islamophobia shines a pretty bright light on the value some in our society really place on free speech, writes Michael Brull. So it is now public knowledge that in June this year, Channel [...]Show More Summary

Bad Policy For Big Media: Turnbull’s $60m Media Bailout Won’t Fix Journalism

New Matilda won’t be lining up for government funding following the announcement of a media bailout package. Chris Graham explains why. I learned an important lesson about myself from a close friend recently. Apparently, if something makes me anxious, then that’s what I’m compelled to go and do. My name’s Chris Graham, I’m the owner [...]Show More Summary

I’m Not As Okay With Being Gay As I Thought I Was

Queer identity in the age of a same-sex marriage postal survey… life was hard enough, but right now it feels a whole lot harder for Gene Smith. For many people of my generation, the same-sex marriage postal survey is our first taste of active state-sanctioned discrimination. We’re dealing with this whilst still coming to terms with [...]Show More Summary

Donald Trump’s Afghanistan Raid: The Mask Of The US Empire Is Falling

Donald Trump found his reason to continue the catastrophic 16-year war in Afghanistan: up to $ 3 trillion of natural resources in the country. His new Afghanistan strategy means more deaths in a war-torn country. Trump is the embodiment of the hostile US Empire, writes Jakob Reimann. In 1776, the British historian Edward Gibbon wrote [...]Show More Summary

A Problem Of Growing Proportions: 3 Things We Can Do Right Now To Tackle Obesity

Smoking has been on the government hit-list for decades. Why then are junk food and sugary drinks flying under the radar. Jonathan McGuane weighs in. Obesity in Australia has risen steadily since the 1980’s such that almost two thirds of adults are now overweight or obese, a phenomenon colloquially referred to as “the obesity epidemic.” High [...]Show More Summary


Not everyone wants to be asked if they’re okay. Particularly if they’re not okay. Joshua Dabelstein explains, and a warning to readers… while he’s a brilliant writer, he has a bit of a potty mouth. This week was RUOK Day again. I was just accosted by a smiling young woman who, after experiencing ‘travel anxiety’ [...] The post FU RUOK Day appeared first on New Matilda.

Common Sense 101: Some Really Simple Solutions To The Housing Affordability Crisis

Ian McAuley has written two articles on the problem of housing affordability and the related risk faced by those who have high housing debt. One reader has asked him to respond with suggested solutions. Over to Ian…. Responding to two articles I wrote on housing policy (Part 1 on financiers, Part 2 on borrowers), Kathy Hyne [...]Show More Summary

Policy Wonks

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The opportunity cost of the Melbourne Grand Prix

Last Sunday, my wife Nancy and I had a great weekend in Mooloolaba, where I took part in the Ironman 70.3 event, along with a thousand or so other competitors from around Australia and the world as well as hundreds of spectators. As Nancy said, even though the Sunshine Coast isn’t far from Brisbane, we’d […]

Violence Against Women Is The Greatest Hurdle To Genuine Equality

Gender equality cannot be achieved until woman and girls everywhere are freed from sexual violence, writes Olivia Wells. At a higher rate than ever, 1 in 3 women and girls in Australia will experience sexual violence. Numbers are higher in young women and higher still in our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population. Anecdotal evidence [...]Show More Summary

Thank You: An Open Letter To Hèritier Lumumba

The Project’s inability to grasp the message Hèritier Lumumba is trying to deliver has not gone unnoticed, anymore than the courage of the man himself. Yassir Morsi pens an open letter. Thank you. I do not know you. But I am urged to tell you. I saw your interview on the Project. It drove me to [...]Show More Summary

Channel 7 Is Threatening To Sue New Matilda Because We Called Today Tonight “Trashy”

If media outlets were magnets for defamation lawsuits, then New Matilda would be a super conductor. In less than 12 months, we’ve had seven defamation threats, including one from a Rabbi who publicly argued that same-sex attracted people should consider killing themselves, rather than engage in sex. He objected to us describing him as homophobic. [...]Show More Summary

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