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Bitcoin’s zero-sum game

That’s the title of my latest piece in Inside Story. Nothing that will surprise anyone who’s been paying attention to what I’ve written on this, so I’ll just cite the conclusion Since bitcoins are not useful as a medium of exchange, or desirable in themselves, their true value is zero. The highest price at which […]

Media-Boosted Racist Sells House To Fund Legal Loss. Guess Who’s Trying To Buy It

One of Great Britain’s best known xenophobes has been forced to sell her house after losing a major defamation case. And inevitably, a crowdsourcing campaign has sprung up to try and raise enough money to buy it, and then gift it to an organisation to house… you guessed it, refugees. It’s a well-worn path. Someone [...]Show More Summary

All Speech Is Created Equal But Some Speech Is More Equal Than Others

If you think the right to free speech in Australia is equal, you’d be wrong. And if you think the people banging the free speech drum don’t know that, you’d still be wrong. Dominic Keenan explains. In the past 18 months, there has been burgeoning debate surrounding free speech. It’s come in many forms – [...]Show More Summary

University Paradoxes: A Decent Degree And No Job; A Job And No Degree Of Decency

If you think the right to free speech in Australia is equal, you’d be wrong. And if you think the people banging the free speech drum don’t know that, you’d still be wrong. Dominic Keenan explains. Every first-year Philosophy undergraduate learns how to recognise a paradox, and there are two basic types. The first is [...]Show More Summary

Donald Trump Is A Symptom Of A Greater Evil: The Rotten Core Of The Republican Party

There is a disease at the heart of the GOP, and its name is not Donald Trump. Despite Trump’s inadequacies, he represents the symptom, a grotesque, malignant symptom, but a symptom, nonetheless, not the disease. This cancer is systemic. The true sickness has been lurking in the shadows for far longer than the period of [...]Show More Summary

PEAK DEATH: Murder For Hire In The Oil Fields Of Columbia

2017 saw a stepping up in the systematic murder of human rights defenders across Latin America for standing up to multinationals and local oligarchs. New Matilda’s Michael Gillard reports from Colombia’s oil fields, where death is a regular outcome for standing against the powerful. The sombre guitar of Mauricio Jimenez cast an embracing shadow over the [...]Show More Summary

The Gang In Blue Is The Real Menace In Melbourne

As politicians and media play racialised politics with the lives of Melburnians, Michael Brull urges people not to forget the history of the police in how we actually got here. Ever since the Victorian Liberals started ramping up the demonisation of “African gangs” in Melbourne – with the Federal Racist in Chief Peter Dutton quickly [...]Show More Summary

A taxonomy of never-Trumpers

I’m a sucker for taxonomies, and Ross Douthat has quite a good one in the New York Times Like any strange and quarrelsome sect, the church of anti-Trump conservatism has divided and subdivided since Donald Trump’s election. Some members have apostatized and joined the ranks of Trumpists; others have marched leftward, with anti-Trumpism as a […]

It’s The Poverty, Stupid! Turnbull’s Record Uni Drop Out Rate Is All About The Numbers, Says Hanson-Young

The Turnbull Government’s slashing of the higher education budget will impact disproportionately on poorer students, writes Senator Sarah Hanson-Young. This year, 10,000 high school graduates could be denied a place at university, thanks to the Turnbull Government’s budget cuts. Show More Summary

January 26 To Mark Launch Of National Broadcast Of ‘The Original 100: Always Was, Always Will Be’

One of the nation’s largest Aboriginal community radio stations will unveil ‘The Original 100’ on January 26, a compilation of the most prominent songs of Indigenous people. The Original 100 will be broadcast by the Brisbane Indigenous Media Association (BIMA), the home of Brisbane’s most popular country music station, 98.9fm. It will also be made [...]Show More Summary

The failure of vocational education and training policy in Australia

I mentioned a while ago that I was making a submission to a Senate inquiry into Vocational Education and Training in South Australia. My submission has now been published on the Committee website with the title “The failure of vocational education and training policy in Australia” I was a bit surprised to be told it […]

Change The Date: Tony Abbott Finally Rejects A Three-Word Slogan

Never before has so little been done by so few to advance bugger-all in the way of common sense and healing. Michael Bradley explains. Trust Tony Abbott to sum it up. There is no social issue so complex, so fraught with nuance, that Tony cannot effortlessly reduce it to a short phrase which lays bare [...]Show More Summary

Common Ground: Steven Oliver On Changing The Date Of Australia Day

Aboriginal or Australian or Aboriginal Australian, we all have a lot more in common than we think, writes Steven Oliver. As I type this first line, I have to admit I’m not exactly sure what path this article is going to go down. I just know I had to write it because I find myself [...]Show More Summary

The Emotional Maturity Test: Donald Trump v Banjo, Our Neighbour’s Dog

Is Donald Trump more or less emotionally mature than Banjo, the neighbour’s dog? Dr Stephen Scher, Senior Editor of the Harvard Review, might be onto something. Our next-door neighbour has a three-year-old border collie with blonde fur, very roughly the same colour as Donald Trump’s, only it actually came that way. But a similar hair [...]Show More Summary

Ahed Tamimi: Australian Outrage Or Indifference ?

Australia has once again remained silent on another Israeli outrage, writes Professor Stuart Rees. Sixteen-year old Ahed Tamimi has been imprisoned in an Israeli jail. She slapped an Israeli soldier who had invaded her home in the village of Nabi Saleh, where her cousin was shot in the face with a rubber bullet and sustained life-threatening [...]Show More Summary

The Vietnam War

I watched the ten-part series on “The Vietnam War” (TVW) made available on SBS online. This is a powerful series on this almost grotesque tragedy that influenced my own thinking greatly as a young man. I opposed the American run war and Australia’s participation in it during my final high school years and most of [...]

Buying Time To Beat Adani

The environment – and the people – will ultimately win the battle to stop the Galilee Basin being opened to coal mining, predicts Ben Pennings. Adani is on the ropes, desperately trying to rescue the $1.5bn they gambled on the economically marginal and environmentally disastrous Carmichael coal mine. Gina Rinehart, Clive Palmer or Aurizon might [...]Show More Summary

Fire and Fury

Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” is a sustained attack on the Donald Trump presidency. Trump is revealed as a narcissist bumbler who repeats himself. A buffoon who is out of his depth for the job of being President. The White House staff he has surrounded himself with are a barely competent collection of factions competing [...]

Bad drivers should have their cars driven by robots

A while ago I had one of those “Someone on the Internet is Wrong” arguments with the authors of an article arguing that we would need massively more evidence before we could conclude that autonomous cars are safer than those driven by humans. Rather than dig back to find those arguments again, I thought I’d […]

The Rise and Fall of Keynesianism after the GFC

International Studies Quarterly has just published a symposium responding to a paper by Henry Farrell and me, which has been released from behind the paywall for the occasion. Our paper has the fairly self-explanatory title “Consensus, Dissensus, and Economic Ideas: Economic Crisis and the Rise and Fall of Keynesianism ” In our paper we looked […]

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