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Down the memory hole

Several posts have gone down the memory hole, seems. There’s a big glitch when I use WordPress on the iPhone – stuff disappears, and I get error messages. The WiFi up here ain’t so good at the moment, either. Frustrating. Anyhow, I repeat my offer of a Reddit-style AMA thing. Send your questions and [...]

Dear John: ten questions

So I’m at the cabin for The Festival of Joy© weekend – weather is beautiful, it’s quiet, and there’s lots of writing to do down on the dock. But it’s just me and the dog. The Love Of My Life™ couldn’t come, and none of my kids could be bothered to. So it’ll be a [...]

High volume in the chinese yuan and the russian ruble, the US reserve currency the dollar may take a hit

Greenback Falling into Abyss Wall Street is getting nervous about the dollar's future Sanctions backfire... 'Waging Financial War' Ruble-Yuan volume climbing... Dear Richard, The greenback isn't as good as gold anymore, but it is still the world's reserve currency. Show More Summary

Uncommon Wisdom Daily by Brad Hoppman at Weiss research, news about EBOLA and stocks to watch

The Ebola Economy It's not about the virus, it's about the fear Over 900 dead so far... Isolated in Atlanta... Three stocks to watch... Dear Richard, Ebola is officially a global emergency. Should we panic? No, but if Ebola reaches the U.S., we’ll all pay for it... Show More Summary

This just flew out of the woods and over my head

Scared the living shit out of me, too: the only things with a motor around here are of the four-stroke variety. Wow..

In Friday’s Sun: Conservative war room steps on own bomb

Sometimes political war rooms get way, way too cute. Sometimes, even, they do something that ends up hurting them a lot more than it hurts their opponent. Sometimes, they’re idiots. Case in point: Justin Trudeau’s 2011 visit to one of the mosques in his riding. The Tory war room saw it, seized on it, attacked [...]

Backstage with Pennywise and Bad Religion!

Jim Lindberg, Lala, and some old guy. My God, I love punk rock..

Why I am marching

This article was primarily written for an international audience, but I thought Canadian Greens might want to join me too! On Sunday September 21 I will be with my daughter in New York, marching with tens of thousands of concerned citizens – demanding action on the climate crisis. Show More Summary

Notable Bishop Carroll alumni

There are so many things you can (and you guys likely will) about this page on their web site.  Personally, I’m not sure how that creepy-looking guy got into the last spot.  

Bloodbuzz, Ohio, CBC Radio, Indie 88 and me

In the mornings, I listen to CBC Radio.  Always have.  But when they start playing “music,” I turn them off.  Calling the “music” on CBC Radio is inaccurate.  It is more accurate to call it “coma-inducing droning that is worse than elevator Muzak.” So, increasingly, I flip over to newcomer Indie 88.  I could do [...]

Toronto Star: John Tory’s legacy

His greatest mistakes, the paper says: Attacking Jean Chretien’s facial disfigurement. Trying to introduce negative-option billing. Pushing for funding of private religious schools. That’s his legacy, says the Star.  I agree.  But I would add one more item to the list: Until he figured out the Harper guys didn’t want him, and until just before [...]

John Tory, the Elitist Conservative Candidate for Mayor

His continual bleating and braying about his fear of an “NDP mayor” is somewhat irritating – there is no “NDP mayor” in the race, and partisan affiliations aren’t even permitted in Toronto municipal politics. But if he keeps telling lies about us, well, we’ll keep telling the truth about him.  That is, he’s the out-of-touch, indecisive, [...]

Now we know what John Tory was doing

In response to my post below, one of my favourite-est Twitter people, the satirical John Tory account guy/gal, has come up with an answer as to where they could easily picture John Tory hanging out.  It’s with fellow Conservatives!

Somehow, I can’t picture John Tory doing this

It’d be like asking Thurston Howell II to hang with Skrillex or Daft Punk.  It can’t be done. Here’s Olivia at Electric Island on the weekend.  Pic by StreetsTO.

Hot Nasties, death, Fucked Up and the NME

“If you guys had stayed together, you would’ve been really big,” daughter said to me this afternoon, as we headed back from the cabin. “But you wouldn’t have had me, and that would’ve sucked.” Word..

In Tuesday’s Sun: Prince Pothead

Is Marc Emery a secret agent for the Conservative Party of Canada? It sure looks that way. It’s impossible that you have not heard of the World’s Most Famous Pothead. But, in the event that you have been in a coma for the past while, consider this a primer, gratis. Marc Emery is from B.C. [...]

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