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New Daisy Group web site!

Thanks to the prodding and design work of Bjorn, and the work of Lala and Babs, the new Daisy Group web site is up! Below, some screenshots from the new web site, which is right here. Jump on it and click around and let us know what you think. Comments below are welcome, too.

John Tory “summoned” by Harper

Only @JohnTory2014 would think being “summoned” by a very unpopular Conservative leader is worth promoting. What a bunch of idiots.

In Tuesday’s Sun: war – what is it good for?

War, what is it good for? Remember that lyric? For Edwin Starr, war – and the song “War” – was good enough to represent a number one hit in the spring of 1970. Released at Vietnam’s nadir, “War” was the biggest hit of Starr’s career, and held the top spot on the Billboard charts for […]

I need some cherry pie

You have no idea, none, how huge this is for me. What I own should give you a small clue: Two (not one) Twin Peaks boxed sets Maps of Twins Peaks Laura Palmer’s diary Twin Peaks cookbook Tape of Agent Cooper’s dictations Several other Twin Peaks books Framed picture of Laura Palmer which I kept […]

Media talking about media

I hate doing that, as you folks well know. Nothing more boring that the media gazing at its own navel. However, this morning’s developments are actually rather, you know, newsworthy: Quebecor has agreed to sell all 175 English-language newspapers it owns under the Sun Media banner to Postmedia, the owner of the National Post and […]

Dear John: the latest

At 53,000 words. Not any good, mind you, but there’s 53,000 words of it. Oh, and may be moving and there may be some changes about to happen, too. Other than that, all is good. Watching Son Two play field lacrosse out in Miserysauga, and things are good. Except for the Miserysauga part. W

Life is full of irony

Many politicians, meanwhile, are full of something else.

In Friday’s Sun: like, no

Likely voters? If you are likely to like what likely voters like, then you are likely to be wrong. Get it? No? That’s alright – nobody else really understands what “likely voters” are, either. But pollsters are pontificating about “likely voters,” yet again, and all of us should be wary. Case in point: this week, […]

Chinese Spring

It happened a little bit quicker than I expected in my last blog!!! Chinese people are rioting in masses in Hong Kong as predicted; I believe all these recent riots are resource based and the result of the late monetary policies of the...Show More Summary

'This Changes Everything' tackles global warming 'This Changes Everything' tackles global warming

Beer commercial. Watch it.

I have never heard of this beer. I don’t even know if it actually exists. But the guys and gals who came up with this ad? They are God.

Greyhound Canada cancelled my Buffalo, NY bus schedule, didn't tell me, cost me money and then refused to pay me back...

We've all had travel nightmare stories. I've been mostly lucky in my life, at least when it comes to the airline industry.This story is small potatoes next to most airline horror stories we often hear about. But I thought I'd share it in the hopes of warning the public about Greyhound Canada, a company I used to respect but will no longer ride. Show More Summary

Likely voters, likely schmoters

I and others got burned in Ontario’s election, big time, when we started to believe in this “likely voter” category.  Right until election night on June 12, it made sense to me that “likely voters” are the demographic that we need to pay the most attention to – and, as such, the Ontario Liberals and […]

Sue Ann Levy in her own words

She was going after Yours Truly on a local radio station this morning, I’m told. I won’t call her a member of the lunatic fringe, because that would be unfair to lunatics who live on the fringes. Instead, I’ll quote Her Craziness herself, from a story the now-defunct Grid did on her. It’s a beaut. […]

In Tuesday’s Sun: Chickens R Us

What’s that old line? That “the better part of valour is discretion”? Something like that. The author of said line was William Shakespeare, naturally; Falstaff uttered it after pretending to be dead on the battlefield, in Henry IV. It reminds us that Bill remains, hands-down, the originator of all the best political truisms. It also […]

The reasons I really like John Tory and may still vote for him...

I have always liked John Tory and, as the polls show him as the best candidate to beat Doug Ford, I hope he does.If this new poll out today (showing a clear but modest lead for Tory over Ford with Olivia Chow trailing in third) is backed up by Nanos and other pollsters, I will be voting for him. Show More Summary

An apology to Justin Trudeau

I’m not a Sun News employee.  I just go over there to fight with their conservative employees, on-air.  So I can’t tell you if this Citizen report is true: On Sunday, CTV parliamentary bureau chief Robert Fife tweeted that former prime minister Brian Mulroney had contacted the Liberals to say that Sun Media would apologize […]

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