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Anti-Semitic, white supremacist rag facing police probe 

Story here. The cops will do what they do. In the meantime, those of us who live in the community aren’t going to wait.  If you want to help us, email me at 

The real TransLink tax agenda: “Yes” side “wants to change the way we live, and that’s a big problem”

I met up with Jordan Bateman of Canadian Taxpayers Federation in Vancouver, BC. He’s running a campaign against the proposed TransLink tax increase. However, he says: The government thinks everybody lives the way they do, in fancy condos, riding their bike to work, where they have bike showers and all that crazy stuff. But for […]

When will Trudeau cut his ties to pro-Putin Chretien?

Former Liberal PM Jean Chretien has rarely met a dictator he didn’t like. His new best friend is Vladimir Putin. That should be embarrassing to Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, who, to his credit, has more or less supported Harper’s anti-Putin stance. Trudeau still calls on Chretien for advice and help with campaigning. Is it time […]

My ride to see Mad Max

…which, by the by, is indeed a subversive, seductive, smart feminist action film. And all the better because of it.  I love this little car. It wouldn’t last long on the journey across the Mad Max wasteland, but it would look awesome as we did so.               Beep beep. I love my […]

Kathleen Wynne insults Canada, admits she doesn’t care about fixing Ontario’s economy

Kathleen Wynne went to Washington and gave a speech. Right off the bat she started attacking have-provinces and the Keystone XL Pipeline. The Keystone XL pipeline doesn’t even have anything to do with Ontario. The worst part? She actually said she doesn’t care about the economy. Is this her way of saying she’s given up […]

Canadian terrorists: 10 Montreal Jihadis arrested on their way to join ISIS

More and more Canadians have rejected the West and have joined the Islamic State. The latest: this weekend, 10 would-be terrorists were arrested on their way to join the Islamic State. Ezra Levant has mixed opinions on this. Let them go and leave the country or arrest them?

The Globe and Mail isn’t on Team Canada – they’re pro-terrorist

The latest for Team Khadr is a fluff piece by the Globe and Mail. Not once did the words ‘convicted’, ‘Al Qaeda’, ‘murder’, or ‘Christopher Speer’ appear. The word ‘terrorist’ appears one time. How did the Globe and Mail use the word? In a quote by Khadr’s lawyer saying that calling him a ‘terrorist’ is […]

I rise to oppose the motion by my honourable colleague from Den Tandt

Mr. Speaker, the Honourable Member from the riding of Den Tandt has caused to be published the following: “There is one obvious way for Trudeau to leap this ditch, though it carries risk…He could speak repeatedly and off the cuff with authenticity and wit, scrumming until reporters are tired of the sound of his voice. […]

In this week’s Hill Times: anti-Semitism and white supremacy, courtesy of Canada Post

Some say the material is anti-Semitic and racist. So why is Canada Post distributing it? The publication is called “Your Ward News.” It has been distributed in Toronto for quite some time, and has always been on the fringes, promoting conspiracy theories and oddball political candidates. But, in recent months, the tabloid newspaper has veered […]

A punk picture is worth…

Less than a thousand words, that’s for sure. But here is a bunch of pix from Friday’s show with us, Palma Violets and PATV. What a great night, maaaan. 

Progressives look for champion to stop Harper

It's been an interesting few weeks with a perfect storm producing a surprise NDP victory in Alberta. The Alberta NDP win does prove the NDP can win votes from Canadians in surprising places. But we need to dissect the reality a bit further...Show More Summary

Why Harper’s vow to slash Co2 emissions is meaningless

The Harper government has vowed to reduce Co2 emissions by 30 percent by 2030. Ezra Levant explains why we won’t meet that target — any more than we met the last ones. EAD Ezra Levant’s bestselling books debunking environmentalist propaganda against the energy industry: Groundswell: The Case for Fracking Ethical Oil: The Case for […]

Brad Wall: Saskatchewan’s extraordinary exports growth

Food security is a pressing concern in emerging markets. Saskatchewan is the bread basket of Canada. Combine the two, factor in the leadership of Premier Brad Wall, and the result is the exponential growth in exports that the province has seen in just one year. Wall joins Ezra Levant of to talk about his […]

No tax cut for Justin Trudeau’s “Nathalie” after all!

Justin Trudeau likes to talk about a fictional character named “Nathalie” who embodies his idea of a typical Canadian who needs help from the Liberals. She makes about $40,000 a year Now Trudeau is talking about cutting taxes for Canadians earning between around $44,000 up to just under $90,000. I guess Nathalie won’t be getting […]

Dear late-night visitors 

Technology has improved. You can get good-quality pictures of anything, these days.  And showing up on the same day as all that media coverage? Not smart. 

Iraq: ISIS conquers Ramadi, Anbar, thanks to Obama

Obama boasts of “ending the Iraq War,” but what’s been the result? This week, ISIS took over Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province; this couldn’t have happened before Obama pulled US troops out of Iraq. Ezra Levant says we’re losing the war on terrorism. Find out why. READ Ezra Levant’s new book about domestic terrorism […]

Why do Calgary cops care more about #FHRITP than “Heil Hitler”?

In Calgary, police are willing to charge people who partake in the #FHRITP (Fck her right in the p) prank. Remember back when Calgary cops did nothing when a Jewish family was attacked by pro-Hamas activists? How about when they chanting ‘Heil Hitler’ at a group of Jews? How did Calgary police react? Clearly the […]

CP Rail CEO’s idea of his fair share of taxes is pretty rich

Ezra Levant of talks about the CEO of CP Rail. He’s a Tennessee-born multimillionaire named Hunter Harrison who is in favour of higher taxes or as he calls it, paying “his fair share.” But his idea of a “fair share” isn’t really fair, as I explain. And wait until he finds out what Alberta’s […]

Palma Violets and SFH anarchy!

It was Anarchy in TO last night at The Garrison: before a sold-out crowd, the Violets and SFH (and Emma, and crew) onstage together for a shambolic, crazed version of ‘Invasion of the Tribbles.’ It was one for the ages. Bjorn and Steve Deceive, you were missed.   Left to right: Chilli, moi, Sam, Niblet, Pete. […]

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