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Liberals use Remembrance Day to fundraise (for the Liberal Party — not veterans)

The Liberals have sworn that they will not buy F-35 fighter jets, to replace our aging CF-18 jets, which are older than most of the pilots who fly them. The Liberals won’t be replacing the CF-18s — why would they? They don’t plan on using them, even in a relatively safe mission, like fighting ISIS as part […]

Dear Canadaland: don’t be idiots

What’s next? Trolling birthday parties and bar mitzvahs to see which public office holders dare to raise a toast? Dumb, dumb, dumb. This is beyond idiotic. There is no conflict, real or perceived, by Mansbridge, Purchase, or anyone else. #cdnpoli — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) November 11, 2015

Who won Canada’s rural vote?

Tories took the majority of rural seats, but Liberals found their spots The post Who won Canada’s rural vote? appeared first on

A word of advice for Canada’s newly un-muzzled federal scientists

If government science becomes a political football, ministers’ demand for science advice, and the need for government scientists, will decline. The post A word of advice for Canada’s newly un-muzzled federal scientists appeared first on

What happens when civil servants get partisan

Non-partisanship is a principle of Canada’s public service. So when Ottawa civil servants cheered Trudeau’s arrival, they violated a basic principle of government The post What happens when civil servants get partisan appeared first on

A Remembrance Day poem: “Tommy” by Rudyard Kipling

The poem “In Flanders Fields” is a traditional way to remember our fallen soldiers on Remembrance Day. I like to read another poem as well, written by the great conservative poet, Rudyard Kipling. In my mind, Kipling was one of the best poets besides Shakespeare himself. It’s called “Tommy” – “Tommy Atkins” being the traditional British nickname for […]

Ottawa-bound, remembrance 

Heading up for a couple meetings. If I get a chance, I plan to go to the War Memorial at 11. See you there, perhaps.   

Judge declares light “a contaminant,” so Ontario wants skyscrapers to put up blinds — to protect birds

Ontario’s Liberal government now wants to force owners of buildings to stop birds from flying into them. This isn’t a joke. Ontario has the largest debt of any jurisdiction in the world that isn’t it’s own country. Taxes and electricity prices are soaring. But back in 2013, Ontario “Court of Justice” declared that light was a […]

WATCH: “The Ezra Levant Show” starts here tonight!

We really did it! Tonight we’re launching’s full-length TV-style show — The Ezra Levant Show. Take a look and let me know what you think! Then come back here to again tomorrow and every weekday at 8pm ET/6pm MT for a brand NEW episode. We shot “The Ezra Levant Show” in our brand new crowdfunded studio, too! We’re […]

Liberals close Nova Scotia plant for dumping carrot juice, but ignore Quebec’s raw sewage

So as we’ve told you before, 100 Quebec cities and towns dump their sewage, untreated, right into streams and rivers. It’s so gross, it’s making international news. Everyone from Vladimir Putin’s state-run news agency, Russia Today, to Erin Brockovich (the Kardashian of environmentalists) is shaming us. But here’s my news today: A carrot plant in Hillaton, […]

Appointment-watching: The names who could drive Justin Trudeau’s agenda

From the Supreme Court's chief justice to the governor general, here are the major jobs Justin Trudeau can appoint during his four-year term The post Appointment-watching: The names who could drive Justin Trudeau’s agenda appeared first on

Ontario Ombudsman update

I have to be careful, here, but I wanted to let readers know that a complaint has been made against me by the office of the Ontario Ombudsman – using taxpayer resources, and on official Ontario Ombudsman letterhead – to the law society. I don’t want to get into all the details – yet.  But, […]

Chart of the day: How much do MPs earn?

Our Show and Tell infographic series continues with a look at how much MPs, government ministers and opposition leaders get paid The post Chart of the day: How much do MPs earn? appeared first on

UN says Syrian refugees will be processed in Canada

UN's Antonio Guterres said his agency is working with the federal government to identify people for resettlement and help facilitate their move The post UN says Syrian refugees will be processed in Canada appeared first on Macleans....

In this week’s Hill Times: three reasons Justin Trudeau won

Why did Justin Trudeau win? Well, because the other two guys lost, obviously. The New Democrats lost nearly one million of the votes they received in 2011 — a drop of about 28 percentage points. That’s a big, big loss, and Justin Trudeau was the principal beneficiary. And the Conservatives? Well, they lost, true. But […]

“The Ezra Levant Show” STARTS Tuesday, November 10 at 8pm!

November 10 will the world premiere of’s first “real” TV show — The Ezra Levant Show! Starting tomorrow (Tuesday), the show will go up every weekday at 8pm ET, 6pm MT, here at As with all of our videos, you can go online and watch it whenever you like — no need to race to the […]

“By the end of 2015, I predict that 100,000 jobs will have been lost in Alberta”

According to the latest figures from Statistics Canada, unemployment in Alberta is up again — and so is the number of people who have stopped looking for work. The situation will get even worse when NDP Premier Rachel Notley announces more tax hikes while refused to cut even one unionized government job. Watch me crunch […]

WATCH: “Non-partisan” civil servants cheer Justin Trudeau — and BOO reporter who asks about underpaid Liberal female cabinet ministers

When new PM Justin Trudeau visited the Deptartment of Foreign Affairs, he was treated more like another Justin: Bieber. “Non-partisan” civil servants cheered him. They even booed a reporter who asked their new boss Stephane Dion about those five female Liberal cabinet ministers who aren’t being paid the same as their male counterparts. Show More Summary

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