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5 things you may not know about Hillary Clinton

The former secretary of state and first lady is ready to run for president The post 5 things you may not know about Hillary Clinton appeared first on

Transformer explosion on Nairobi campus sets off stampede

University of Nairobi spokesman says students mistook explosion for terrorist attack The post Transformer explosion on Nairobi campus sets off stampede appeared first on

Stephen Harper: Conservative? Maybe not.

Not so fast with the labels. An exhaustive audit of Stephen Harper’s nine years in power reveals a surprisingly (gasp) liberal economic record. The post Stephen Harper: Conservative? Maybe not. appeared first on

The subject of honour and the genie of Cavendish

Day 4: In which the subject of honour blows into the joint after two days dissecting the dead stuff of Senate rules The post The subject of honour and the genie of Cavendish appeared first on

I hope local, longtime Liberal Marco Mendicino wins Eglinton-Lawrence Liberal nomination over Eve Adams

Sorry, federal Liberals and Trudeau inner circle members, sorry Tom Allison and others, this idea to let Eve Adams run for the nomination in Eglinton-Lawrence was a huge mistake. She's a bad fit in a riding that is ripe for the taking. Show More Summary

Conservatives in Ontario and Alberta go topsy turvy...

With yesterday's dropout by Monte McNaughton, the Ontario PC leadership race is down to just two: mainstream Tory Christine Elliott, who has represented the provincial riding of Whitby-Ajax since 2006, and the vaguely social conservative Patrick Brown, who has been the federal MP for Barrie since 2006.I'm glad to see the underwhelming McNaughton go. Show More Summary


I've taken a long hiatus from blogging because I'd reached a point where my head was sure to explode last fall if I'd kept on chronicling the massive corruption, hypocrisy, and general insanity that was continually emanating from TPTB (The Powers That Be). Show More Summary

Stephen Who? at the UN

Last year, Stephen Harper snubbed the UN and went to Tim Horton's instead.This year, the UN snubbed Stephen Harper and went to Tim Horton's instead.h/t impolitical

Cons Steal a Page From Nixon's Playbook

When Daniel Ellsberg leaked the now infamous "Pentagon Papers" in the 1970s, the Nixon gang decided to go after him with a vengeance.Via Wiki:As a response to the leaks, the Nixon administration began a campaign against further leaks...Show More Summary

Suck it up, long-gun owners...

The people have spoken. The Cons lost. Motion: Not to proceed further with C-391 (repeal of the long-gun registry)Yeas - 153Nays - 151


I did my impression of an "average" Canadian this summer i.e. I paid very little attention to the boring shenanigans of the federal pols - and it's obvious I didn't miss much. I heard about a poll not long ago - see how much I wasn't paying attention? - that said only 9% of canucks follow the daily goings-on in Ottawa. Show More Summary


Well, I suppose I've put this off long enough.There's one word that sums up why I haven't been blogging lately: disgust.It crept up slowly and finally and reached a crescendo with an exclamation point at the beginning of the farce of...Show More Summary

Olbermann: "Let Obama be Obama"

Olbermann: The witch-hunt vs. Sherrod, and those who made it possibleTo paraphrase President Reagan's Secretary of the Interior, James Watt — Mr. Messina, and Mr. Emanuel, and everybody else in this White House who is gradually remodeling...Show More Summary

C'est dommage...

So, I had promised myself that I would finally get around to writing a new blog post today since I've been on a bit of a hiatus lately working on my little vegetable garden and then taking painkillers, naps and physio treatments to deal with the pain. Show More Summary


Questions for the Cons: Do you understand now why holding the G20 summit in downtown Toronto was a huge fucking mistake?Did you really think these summits would boost Ontario tourism? Really?Care to comment on how at least 3 cop cars...Show More Summary

Generally Speaking - About Afghanistan

There's obviously no need to rehash what was written about General Stanley McChrystal and his aids in the now infamous Rolling Stone article that shook DC more than the very real earthquake that rattled Ontario and Quebec today.McChrystal is out. Show More Summary

Control Freak Steve

It's no surprise that Father Knows Best Harper has been using a tightly controlled message strategery to muzzle his ministers and anyone who represents his government or that they've tried for years to cloak the Canadian involvement in the Afghanistan war as some sort of peacekeeping mission. Show More Summary

UQAM student bullies trash school to protest “austerity”

Ezra Levant reports for Quebec university students pay the lowest tuition in the nation, thanks to transfer payments from the rest of Canada. That didn’t stop students at UQAM from holding a “gross, garbage dump style” sit-in, trying to shut down the school and intimidating other students. These students were protesting “austerity,” without caring […]

Just like the Media Party, VICE fawns over Justin Trudeau in interview had a slobbering interviewed Justin Trudeau over ‘Global Warming’ and Canada. Spoiler alert: It’s a joke. JOIN for more news and commentary you won’t find anywhere else. READ Ezra Levant’s...Show More Summary

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