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Conservative MP: Lobby senators, including Tories, on Reform Act

Michael Chong: 'It would be an abomination if the Senate were to block a democratic reform bill of the House of Commons' The post Conservative MP: Lobby senators, including Tories, on Reform Act appeared first on

Alberta watchdogs to investigate document shredding at legislature

Jill Clayton, information and privacy commissioner, and Peter Hourihan, public interest commissioner, will provide details on review The post Alberta watchdogs to investigate document shredding at legislature appeared first on

The Maclean’s Politics Panel: Our leaders’ debate takes shape

Also: Tories push emissions reduction targets to 2030 The post The Maclean’s Politics Panel: Our leaders’ debate takes shape appeared first on

Alberta could kick coal habit under NDP

"The evidence is clear that it is time to phase out coal powered electricity in the province in Alberta,'' Notley said in March The post Alberta could kick coal habit under NDP appeared first on

The next attack ad might already be written

Justin Trudeau misfires. Stephen Harper pokes fun. The post The next attack ad might already be written appeared first on

Trudeau warns the rich to watch out, again

'If we don’t deliver fairness, Canadians will eventually entertain more radical options.' The post Trudeau warns the rich to watch out, again appeared first on

Canada Post: for a few bucks, we’ll help promote racism, anti-Semitism and pedophilia

“Warren Kinsella, a lawyer and author of Web of Hate, a look at the extremist right in Canada, said he and other residents of the east end have started a website called to oppose the message of the newsletter. The site lists Your Ward News advertisers and asks if they know what kind of […]

Fighting against Richmond Hill’s censorship of O Canada

The Supreme Court said it’s against the charter of rights to say the Lords Prayer because of the word ‘God’. This had ramifications across the country. The decision caused Richmond Hill to vote against singing O Canada before council meetings. Ezra Levant shows how the vote took place, who voted against it and just what went down.

My thoughts are with Ireland today...

The Irish are voting in a historic referendum today on marriage equality. I'm mostly Irish by blood, although not by citizenship. And, as you can guess, I'm hoping that it turns out well for those who favour equality.At first, I was surprised that such a vote on minority rights would be put to popular vote. Show More Summary

The Rebel’s breakout star Lauren Southern: “I’m trying to go against everything I’ve been taught”

Lauren Southern’s first video for – “Why I Am Not a Feminist” – went viral, getting well over half a million views. I was in British Columbia recently, and caught up with Southern to talk about why she thinks her videos are so popular. She’s still a university student, so she shares some depressing stories about […]

Obama tells Coast Guard: Climate change helped cause Islamic terrorism

President Obama just gave the commencement address to the graduating class of the Coast Guard academy. He said the leading threat facing America and the world today isn’t Islamic terrorism — it’s climate change. To be specific, Obama says climate change contributed to the rise of Boko Haram and similar groups that are committing atrocities […]

Anti-Semitic, white supremacist rag facing police probe 

Story here. The cops will do what they do. In the meantime, those of us who live in the community aren’t going to wait.  If you want to help us, email me at 

The real TransLink tax agenda: “Yes” side “wants to change the way we live, and that’s a big problem”

I met up with Jordan Bateman of Canadian Taxpayers Federation in Vancouver, BC. He’s running a campaign against the proposed TransLink tax increase. However, he says: The government thinks everybody lives the way they do, in fancy condos, riding their bike to work, where they have bike showers and all that crazy stuff. But for […]

When will Trudeau cut his ties to pro-Putin Chretien?

Former Liberal PM Jean Chretien has rarely met a dictator he didn’t like. His new best friend is Vladimir Putin. That should be embarrassing to Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, who, to his credit, has more or less supported Harper’s anti-Putin stance. Trudeau still calls on Chretien for advice and help with campaigning. Is it time […]

My ride to see Mad Max

…which, by the by, is indeed a subversive, seductive, smart feminist action film. And all the better because of it.  I love this little car. It wouldn’t last long on the journey across the Mad Max wasteland, but it would look awesome as we did so.               Beep beep. I love my […]

Kathleen Wynne insults Canada, admits she doesn’t care about fixing Ontario’s economy

Kathleen Wynne went to Washington and gave a speech. Right off the bat she started attacking have-provinces and the Keystone XL Pipeline. The Keystone XL pipeline doesn’t even have anything to do with Ontario. The worst part? She actually said she doesn’t care about the economy. Is this her way of saying she’s given up […]

Canadian terrorists: 10 Montreal Jihadis arrested on their way to join ISIS

More and more Canadians have rejected the West and have joined the Islamic State. The latest: this weekend, 10 would-be terrorists were arrested on their way to join the Islamic State. Ezra Levant has mixed opinions on this. Let them go and leave the country or arrest them?

The Globe and Mail isn’t on Team Canada – they’re pro-terrorist

The latest for Team Khadr is a fluff piece by the Globe and Mail. Not once did the words ‘convicted’, ‘Al Qaeda’, ‘murder’, or ‘Christopher Speer’ appear. The word ‘terrorist’ appears one time. How did the Globe and Mail use the word? In a quote by Khadr’s lawyer saying that calling him a ‘terrorist’ is […]

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