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These four lovable moptops changed my life

What a picture. “…Their SOUND was forever first and one-two-three-foremost within their arsenal, but the band’s look posture, taste, aroma, and very thorn-in-the-craw omnipresence offered vital inspiration, and delivered desperately needed hope by the dumpster-load, to all of us who just refused to take Frampton Comes Alive or even Rumours lying down.” – Gary Pig [...]

Byline: three segments for your viewing (dis)pleasure

My second failed attempt at hosting Sun News Network’s Byline, below.  Comments are welcome, but anyone who takes a cheap shot about hairlines is banned for life.

“That act is not a criminal statute and carries no penalties.”

That’s a tiny quote from one of the early stories about the gas plant/email “scandal.” In the avalanche of hysterical, over-the-top coverage that has happened since, it would be easy to miss or forget that little bit of information, wouldn’t it? I went to law school; I love the law. When you go to law [...]

Ralph Lean is a biased, unfair, partial, partisan, prejudiced hack

…and those are just the nice things I can say about the rightist, self-described “bagman.” Here’s a quote from Lean in the Toronto Star on June 15, 2013. “I will support any candidate who runs against Olivia Chow.” This jerk has also called Olivia a “disaster,” “wrong” and so on. He despises Olivia. Always has. [...]

An open letter to Toronto media

Dear nice Toronto media people: None of the candidates mentioned the word “crack” because I suspect the research shows, consistently, voters don’t want candidates talking about crack instead of the issues. In addition, I suspect the research shows that the media’s ongoing preoccupation with crack, to the exclusion of any other issue, is one of [...]

Someone doesn’t like John Tory on Vimeo

I’m a bit of a YouTube man myself.  But, over on the competition, someone is being, um, somewhat critical of John.  Ouch, as they say. John Tory a.k.a. Mr. Dithers from McGGillicutty on Vimeo.

Olivia won the second hour of the debate, too!

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: OLIVIA DOMINATED DEBATE WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26 2014 The second hour of the Toronto mayoralty debate was a lot like the first: Olivia Chow dominated! The pundits agree that Olivia Chow was the only candidate who took on Rob Ford directly. Meanwhile, all the other candidates tried to take on Olivia – [...]

Olivia won the first hour of the first debate!

Don’t just take my word for it: IN THEIR OWN WORDS: OLIVIA BEGINS FIRST MAYORAL DEBATE ON A WINNING NOTE WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26 2014 In the opening 23 minutes of CityTV’s first mayoral debate, journalists, columnists and pundits across party lines agree: Olivia has already demonstrated to Toronto that she is the only candidate that [...]

Twitter blue checked me!

I’m not entirely sure what this means, but Chatty Trout spotted it and told me. Does this mean I can now boost my billable rate? Get better tables in restaurants? Live in a $10-million mansion on Lakeworth Lane in Palm Beach? Oh, wait, that last one’s John Tory.  But anyway, I’m blue checked. Watch out, baby.

John Tory: Happy International Waffle Day!

I’m serious.  It exists.  It’s today. John Tory, this day’s for you!.

Five reasons we don’t need jets on Toronto’s waterfront

“Whisper jets” is the biggest oxymoron since “airline food” Jets belong at Pearson, where they can keep company with the other jets The waterfront is a mess as it is – let’s not make it even worse, okay? Porter is fibbing about its “facts” and plenty of other stuff – why reward them? Dumping dirt in [...]

Quebec: so much for my theory about the electability of guys with beards

Thomas Mulcair, take hope.  All is not lost. (All is not lost for Canada, either, apparently.)

In Tuesday’s Sun: Barack Obama, we no longer know ye

As I type this, a big sign from the 2008 Obama presidential campaign hangs above my head.   Around my office, there are no less than a half-dozen Obama campaign posters on the walls. They are still there, and they are easy to spot.   The precise moment at which Barack Obama broke many progressive [...]

Kinsella vs. Kouvalis: a comparison

Because the media are in the shorthand business – and because social media renders everything bite-sized and/or stupid – some people have taken to comparing me to John Tory’s campaign manager, Nick Kouvalis. I cannot believe I have to actually spend five precious minutes of my life on this, but apparently I do. So, as [...]

Olivia on front of today’s Star City section

…and she can cut a rug! Also, it’s her birthday.  Just saying’.

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