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Airhead Global TV meat puppet, explained

So, when I go to Raptors games, I’m confronted with the same thing over and over: the advertising of the Diamond and Diamond “law firm” everywhere I look. I won’t call them ambulance chasers, because that would be mean. But, in recent months, I’ve sometimes been moved to comment on how their public relations efforts […]

In Friday’s Sun: values, foreign affairs and elections

The morning of the Paris massacre, this surfaced on the Internet: “Stephen Harper’s willingness to be tough with terrorists and dictators – in effect, punching above Canada’s foreign policy weight class – is something to be admired, whether you agree with him or not. But will it pay electoral dividends? Can Harper actually win an […]

Dear Prime Minister

It is very nice that you are helping out Mr. Vickers. He is a real hero. However, the person who should really be ambassador to Ireland is me. I may cause a few international incidents, but I am pretty sure none of them would result in an actual war. In any event, since Justin Trudeau’s […]

Spineless and clueless: Charlie Hebdo, the Toronto Star and free speech

I’ve written books about the notion that, when it comes to speech, reasonable limits should indeed exist. Calling for genocide against a group of people, for example. Holocaust denial in the classroom. Child pornography. Here’s what I wrote about the issue of cartoons and religion almost exactly eight years ago to the day on this […]

Two (possibly emotional) reactions to the Paris massacre

Both, somewhat emotional. One is to state that (I think) I was wrong. In the Summer, I wrote this: “On the much-read National Newswatch Thursday morning, then, a column on Harper and foreign policy was the top headlined item. In it, the Public Policy Forum’s Dr. Don Lenihan wrote that Harper’s approach to foreign policy […]

Two froze to death on Toronto streets yesterday

More here and here. The question I (and others, apparently) ask is this: Is a civilization that lets two people freeze to death on busy streets really civilized? #topoli #onpoli #cdnpoli — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) January 7, 2015

Tuesday round-up: Harper finally meets with Wynne; Sudbury byelection looms

It's about time! After months of dumb stubbornness, Prime Minister Stephen Harper finally relented and met yesterday with Ontario's duly elected premier, Kathleen Wynne.She only got less than an hour with him to discuss the many important issues facing the province and the country. Show More Summary

Read this and heed this, or you will be sent to your room without dinner

Dear Irritating People: I find this "the new normal" neologism extremely irritating. Stop using it. Sincerely, etc. — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) January 6, 2015

And now for more now now about Now

Hollett with a friend. Assorted Now employees and friends of its owner swarmed this wee web site yesterday, taking umbrage with what I had to say about the magazine’s boss (Hollett has no pony tail!) and approach (we think it’s okay to run ads trafficking in girls!). So, as expected, various other correspondents provided useful […]

In Tuesday’s Sun: coalition, accusation, repetition

Get ready. You can always tell when a federal election is coming in Canada. The political parties commence a frenzy of fundraising. The commentariat start speculating incessantly about when, exactly, the election will take place. The media start writing profiles of backroom “strategists” who real folks don’t care about. Oh, and conservatives start darkly whispering […]

“These guys will be amazingly famous if there is any justice in this bastard world.”

Apropos of nothing, here is my new fave, Plague Vendor, live. The words above come from a comment below the fan’s video, and they sum things up rather nicely. There is god-like genius at work here, folks. PLAGUE VENDOR FINAL from Kevin Zacher on Vimeo.

I trust you now agree with those of us who think the election will be in the Spring

Your Honour, we present this exhibit! He’s clearing the decks. Could be for the Fall, sure, but I still think the Spring. Who’s with me?

Now now, Now

Now magazine is irritated with Your Humble Narrator.  For a while – um – now, the alt weakly has been in a state of high dudgeon, and it would be super boring if it weren’t for this: I’m researching a column on some of the hypocrisies of the so-called Left, to try and figure out why they’re […]

Is Den Tandt right?

Quote: “Mulcair is the only leader of a federal party who stands a fair chance of losing his job following the federal election, tentatively slated for later this year.” I’m not sure I agree with my colleague, who I almost always agree with.  Here’s a couple other scenarios: The economy gets lousy, those criminal trials […]

I am confused, as usual

Apologies for getting all Toronto-centric, but the media in The Centre of the Universe are this morning filled with stories about how the new mayor is going to “get tough” with illegally parked vehicles during rush hour, blah blah blah. There are dozens of such stories. Here’s the question I therefore asked on the Twitter […]

I grow old, I grow old, etc.

Me: "Wow, you slept late, buddy." Son 3: "Dad, I'm a teenager now. Teenagers sleep in." Me [with much sadness]: "Oh. Right." — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) January 4, 2015

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