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From the bulging Shameless Hypocrite file: John Tory on Doug Ford

There is plenty of stuff like this lying around. And it’s why I broke with the guy: he enthusiastically supported – for years, without qualification – the very thing he now claims to loathe and oppose. He’s not running because he opposes the Fords. He’s running because he’s the worst kind of opportunist, and he […]

Rob and Doug Ford pull a switcharoo in Toronto's mayor race, giving Doug Ford a $1.3 million advantage....

Big news today in Toronto with Rob Ford dropping out of the mayor's race due to health issues. Now his brother Doug Ford is stepping in to run for Toronto mayor in Rob's place, because the family considers the mayor's chair to be Ford family property, I guess. Show More Summary

One Ford out, one Ford in

While other folks will focus on the politics part, let me say that this can only mean that Rob Ford is really sick. I know all of you join me in wishing him better health.

In Friday’s Sun: the rough beast slouching towards Baghdad

What rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches towards Baghdad to be born? Theatrical, perhaps; a mangling of Yeats, to be sure. But watching U.S. President Barack Obama on the eve of the anniversary of 9/11, did you experience a creeping sense of dread? Did Obama’s speech to the world – in which […]

Throwback Thursday Thing

Yes, it’s me. In The Trial Continues, the alt band Chris Benner and I had in Ottawa. I plead that it was the Eighties.

What will (or could) happen next in Toronto politics

Rob Ford – who, by the by, was the only mayoralty candidate to contact me during my recent run-in with the underside of a bus – is facing a huge health challenge.  You know that. What you don’t know, perhaps, is that I had two epiphanies last night.  Epiphany One, I was disgusted and appalled […]

Wither thou goest, Dippers, in your orange car at night?

Reporter Andy Radia asked me what I thought about Tom Mulcair, the (aptly named) NDP retreat, blah blah blah.  My response, for your edification: “Mulcair’s big problem can be summed up in three words: Mulcair isn’t Layton. For good or bad, who your leader is plays a big, big role in political decision-making. And folks […]

If this is all you’ve got, Conservatives, start dusting off those CVs

This is perhaps the shittiest ad they have produced to date, and that’s saying something. We’ll be talking about this on Sun News today, but here’s a quick summary of what’s wrong with it: He doesn’t look Prime Ministerial – no tie, hands in pockets, etc. His “God bless Canada” closer sounds like he was […]

Beaches-East York

You know, if Tom wasn’t running, I think I would. Comment away!

The awful Sam Sotiropoulos

A good friend of mine commented on this Global TV interview with idiot/homophobic Toronto school trustee Sam Sotiropoulos and said it all: "Kudos to the Global TV reporter here who doggedly attempted to engage demented school board trustee Sam Sotiropoulos on his inane comments about transgender people. Show More Summary

In Tuesday’s Sun: what’s Harper’s Daisy going to be?

Fifty years ago on Sunday, politics was changed forever. It begins quietly, with a little girl. She’s in a field somewhere, and she has long, straight hair, and big eyes. She can be no more than three or four years old. She’s holding a daisy. In a child’s singsong voice, she counts the petals as […] 2.2 million page views a year! 13 million since 2008!

A friendly inquiry this morning about how many people come to my web site elicited this response: “I don’t know.” So I decided ask the guy who would, from Team Propellerhead. His response: “In the last year you had 2.2 million page views– spread over 1.3 million sessions, and 355,000 individual users. Since we’ve been […]

Daisy, fifty years later

Changed politics forever. Re-elected Johnson. Named my firm about it. Still gives me shivers. Oh, and wrote tomorrow’s column about it!

Fifty years ago today

One ad, one little ad, changed everything. Named my company after it, was inspired by it: do it, do it strong and tough and loud, and do it right. Take the risk, and you just might win. That’s Daisy.

Best sign, ever

It also neatly summarizes my perspective on all of existence.

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