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On plane to Regina, Daughter and NAIG 2014

It could be just me, but I get the sense that Air Canada isn’t happy until I’m not happy. (Old one, but good one.)

UPDATE 1-Britain sticks with tough carbon target despite opposition! UPDATE 1-Britain sticks with tough carbon target despite opposition!

New Status Report highlights rapid pace of changing climate! New Status Report highlights rapid pace of changing climate!

Against Me! Black Me Out

One of the best songs on the new record.  Saw her and the band do it at World Pride, and it lifted me up.

Open letter to Metro News

To whom it may concern: I write in respect of an article written in your publication by your Jessica Smith Cross, with whom I have spoken once, to my regret.  In March, she lied to me about her objectives, and I have not spoken to her again.  I kept a record of our exchange, which [...]

In Tuesday’s Sun: Mike Duffy isn’t the only one who should be charged

It’s a little like being charged with speeding when you’re not in a car. Or, it’s like robbing a bank when, you know, there’s no bank. Or, say, being busted for breaking and entering, when nothing was broken into and entered. A first-year law student understands it, and I’m certain you do, too: in order [...]

Free advice to New Democrats

Sure, you lost the Ontario election, and the Trinity-Spadina by-election. Sure. • Suck it up. Your brand still has value. That’s why federal and provincial Grits needed to kick the crap out of you – your brand had value. • It wasn’t easy for them. They had to devote a lot of resources to doing [...]

John Tory’s Nick Kouvalis approves this flea-bitten message

Tory’s top campaign guy is Nick Kouvalis.  Nick gets paid lots of money by Tory, who has taken on on more and more a prominent role in the mayoralty candidate’s campaign, just as others have drifted away.  So he’s not irrelevant.  Repellant, maybe, but not irrelevant. Kouvalis is the guy who makes the Tory campaign [...]

Dear John: not bad

Nearly 13,000 words in less than a month, Daughter was in opening ceremonies at North American Indigenous Games, sons again tore up the links in a golf tournament – and heading to Sask with Lala early Wednesday. It rained, but whatever. Not bad.

Can you picture Rob Ford or John Tory doing this?

Me neither. Does such stuff matter, you ask? In my experience, yes..

NAIG: cool panorama view

I asked Daughter to send me a selfie of her and some of the Team Ontario athletes around her.  This is what she sent instead.

NAIG: that’s my daughter somewhere down there

She’s there – along with 500 other red-jacketed Team Ontario athletes – in Regina for the North American Indigenous Games.  Couldn’t spot her, but I am so proud she is there.  You can watch the games here.

Novel way to tackle climate change

If we have a PEM electrolyzer at a filling station from a company like HYGS in Mississauga, and fill up the vehicle with liquid hydrogen under high pressure and low temperature, we can capture the CO2 from a conventional engine withShow More Summary

Why is John Tory’s top advisor promoting a bigot who calls Muslim children “parasites,” Sikhs “backward foreigners” and blacks “illiterates”

Along with plenty of other hate, documented here. Here’s Sick Nick promoting the “Five Feet of Fury” hater just last night: John Tory’s strategist might say he didn’t know about Shaidle’s racism. But, for a long time, he was the Number One retweeter of Leon Brule, a.k.a. Sattva Namaste, who was this week banned from [...]

Genetically Modified Organisms

GMO's - Not for my family I recently found out that 80% of the food in my house had been genetically modified. GM crops grown in Canada are Corn, Soybean, Canola and Sugar beet. Read your food labels and you will see they are in just about everything. Show More Summary

John Tory is a paid-up member of Ford Nation

He also will say anything to (finally) win. My pal Jamey’s op-ed here. Read and know..

Dear John: This is the new age

Miles from any road, far from any other person, are me and the dog. No sounds of traffic, no planes, no power lines, no nothing. I could die tonight, and nobody would know for days. (I like that.) But I post pictures of the sunset, or the beer I had with my meal, or whatever, [...]

PEM electrolyzer for separating hydrogen and oxygen from water! PEM electrolyzer for separating hydrogen and oxygen from water!

Say Goodbye to "big oil"!

Say goodbye to "big oil." Because I've just uncovered a radical new liquid fuel with the potential to revolutionize the energy landscape. It burns more efficiently than oil... it produces up to 50% less emissions than gas... and it costs...Show More Summary

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