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Calgary: Mayor Nenshi silent while family driven from their home by racist violence

In Calgary, there’s a subsidized housing development that’s home to mostly black new immigrants. There was one white family there, the France family, but they were subject to constant harassment by their neighbours. The family tried to make peace and bring the community together through an “anti-bullying” picnic. Their well-meaning effort made international news, but […]

Q&A: How Ottawa bungled its plan for a communism monument

In conversation with Vancouver's urban design guru Larry Beasley on the lessons we can learn from Ottawa's plans for the victims of communism memorial The post Q&A: How Ottawa bungled its plan for a communism monument appeared first on

The calm before the sturm und drang

Periodically, I look up and say:"Hey, haven't seen Kevin Donovan's byline in a while. Wonder whose life he's about to end?" @TorontoStar — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) July 22, 2015

Western Addiction, Black Salt

Plague Vendor owns my tiny black punk rock heart, but God Almighty I love Western Addiction, too. Black Salt.  What a friggin’ tune.

G. I. Joke

Love this. Oh, and anyone who has cell phone numbers for his personal staff? Post ‘em in comments.  There’s no better way to torpedo a campaign for a day or two.

Reframing the debate over expat voting

New data shows expat voting has had very little effect on past federal elections—but is still of great importance The post Reframing the debate over expat voting appeared first on

Here’s why Krauthammer’s analysis of Obama’s Iran deal is the smartest — and most terrifying — so far

I’m a big fan of conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer. Yesterday, he wrote a column about the deal Obama struck with Iran that left me convinced — and terrified. Krauthammer says the deal was even worse than he imagined. He says it makes far too many concession to the mullahs, from lifting sanctions to giving up […]

In this week’s Hill Times: a high IQ isn’t everything – but winning is

My Conservative friend (yes, I have some) posted something noteworthy on Facebook. It was a picture of a sign bearing the words: STOP MAKING STUPID PEOPLE FAMOUS. In this week, the Kanye West week, it struck a chord.   Most of the stuff one sees elsewhere on Facebook isn’t as noteworthy. There is the footage […]

Toronto Star’s “Catherine Porter is a shameless liar who doesn’t take responsibility even after she’s caught”

You may remember what happened: She painted me as a bully in print, but we had video that showed that much of she was saying wasn’t true. You can see the whole thing HERE. You might have heard about the “apology” I got today from the Toronto Star’s Catherine Porter, after we caught her lying […]

Democratic candidate O’Malley blames rise of ISIS on “mega-drought,” “climate change”

Coming off his weird apology for saying “all lives matter,” former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley just said something truly insane — but the media probably won’t hound him for it. O’Malley actually said that the rise of ISIS had been caused in part by climate change and the resulting “humanitarian crisis.” Well, no. ISIS is causing a humanitarian crisis. He talks […]

Audition for The Rebel: New on-air correspondent wanted

One of’s first reporters, Marissa Semkiw, recently left to continue her education in New York City. We’re sending out a call for a replacement. is looking for a “colourful conservative commentator,” and we’re holding auditions. It doesn’t matter where you are in Canada, or how old you are! Make an audition video — […]

Rachel Notley’s NDP is already a disaster for Alberta

It’s been about a month since we started reporting on the awful hiring decisions made by Rachel Notley, the NDP premier of Alberta was making. Unfortunately, it’s been non-stop bad news. As you know, Notley hired Brian Topp, a Toronto-based lobbyist and a former candidate for the federal NDP leadership, as her own chief of […]

7.7 million people tell UN: “Climate change” is our lowest priority

The UN is basically a get-rich scheme for bureaucrats and lobbyists. One of their scams is “global warming. “So it’s weird that they’d tell the truth about it, even if by mistake. The UN just surveyed 7.7 million people around the world, to “capture their priorities.” Education was number one, and better health care came second. […]

What a child benefit policy can and should do (beyond buying votes)

Let's not forget that a well-designed child benefits policy can improve well-being, employment, and kids' lives The post What a child benefit policy can and should do (beyond buying votes) appeared first on

New Charlie Hebdo editor “wants the fame, status and money” but not the risk

Terrible, bitter, disappointing news out of Paris today: Charlie Hebdo’s new editor says they will no longer publish any Mohammed cartoons. I learned about this in Newsweek, which didn’t even call the murderers “terrorists.” That magazine surrendered long ago and they weren’t even attacked. What happened to #JeSuisCharlie? Well, even then, you could tell a […]

Team Trudeau: the news is in…

…and the news is not good. From just the past few days: “Liberals falling further behind NDP-Conservative race” “Former Liberal acclaimed as NDP candidate” “Trudeau switches targets in bid to cut Mulcair’s momentum” “Brian Gallant won’t campaign for federal Liberals during election” “This is still Harper’s election to lose” “EKOS poll: Tories are up” And […]

You know who could use one of those government benefit cheques?

Me, so I can hire a Yorkville plastic surgeon to eliminate those bags under my eyes! From CITY-TV. “Does vote-buying work? When does it not work?” 

#FireDancey UPDATE: Media Party cares more about how Ezra Levant got Notley appointee’s criminal records than what they reveal

A month ago, we broke the story that Brent Dancey, the chief of staff for Alberta’s NDP Minister of the Environment and Status of Women, was a violent convicted criminal. I found out about Dancey’s conviction through a tip, filed a request for his records at a Regina courthouse, and a clerk handed them over. It’s called […]

Say hello to Alberta’s new big-money party

The Alberta Tories have kissed their fundraising edge goodbye, as well as the corporate donations they've long been reliant on. The post Say hello to Alberta’s new big-money party appeared first on

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