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Shut out

The BBC and ITV have set out their logic for not inviting the DUP to their UK-wide election debates. In a joint letter the broadcasters argued that, even though the DUP is the fourth biggest party at Westminster, it would not be fair...Show More Summary

Greek result pleases Sinn Féin

Sinn Féin is taking heart from the victory of the anti-austerity Syriza in the Greek election. Gerry Adams said the "election result signals a victory of hope over fear" and "opens up the real prospect of democratic change not just for...Show More Summary

Uncertainties remain despite agreement

Back in 1998 it was all so easy. Ian Paisley and Bob McCartney were anti-agreement. U2, Ash, David Trimble, John Hume and a host of others were pro-agreement. In 2015 it's more complex. If we were to hold a referendum on the Stormont...Show More Summary

Future assembly changes outlined

Stormont would put arrangements in place for an opposition as early as March 2015, according to the government paper circulated to the parties at Stormont House last week. The paper proposes that parties "which would be entitled to ministerial...Show More Summary

'Chequebook summit'

Its principal detractor, the TUV leader Jim Allister, described the prime minister and taoiseach's arrival at the Stormont talks as the "chequebook summit". Logical, given the amount of chatter in the run-up to the negotiations about...Show More Summary

Prime ministers return to NI talks

The final round-table talks began at about midnight. At that meeting, the prime minister and taoiseach presented the parties with an amended Heads of Agreement document and the prime minister tabled a financial package for the parties to consider overnight. It is understood the cheque simply was not big enough. Show More Summary

Corporation tax: Carrot or stick?

Anyone who thought the devolution of corporation tax was mainly a business issue, rather than an intensely political one, can think again. By linking any move on corporation tax to achieving progress in the inter-party talks, GeorgeShow More Summary

A Stormont worth saving?

Following the BBC Spotlight programme examining the way Stormont politicians use public money to rent their offices, what next for MLA expenses and public confidence? The DUP's Peter Weir reckons it is the fault of the system, rather...Show More Summary

Should Stormont be cut down to size?

The immediate emphasis in the Stormont talks has been on welfare reform and the budget, but the politicians are also discussing the not-entirely-unconnected question of cutting the size of the government. The DUP has circulated a paper reaffirming its support for fewer departments and fewer MLAs. Show More Summary

Stormont: On the road to nowhere?

After the first two weeks of Stormont talks, are we anywhere nearer to avoiding the collapse of the Northern Ireland Assembly and the Executive? The much derided £100m loan from the Treasury has bought a bit of time for negotiationsShow More Summary

Stormont: When is a deal not a deal?

Given the ramifications for the public of the deadlock at the Northern Ireland Assembly over budgets and welfare reform, the failure to elect a new assembly speaker may seem exclusively of concern to those inside the Belmont "beltway"...Show More Summary

From Twitter reshuffle to power-play?

Twitter has played a significant role in Northern Ireland politics during this assembly term. When the Stormont parties picked their departments, the news was tweeted to the outside world. On Tuesday, DUP leader Peter Robinson tweeted...Show More Summary

Poll watching from across Irish sea

Whatever the Scottish people decide in the independence referendum, come Friday a few fundamentals will remain. On a clear day you'll still be able to glimpse Scotland in the distance from vantage points on the County Antrim coast. Celtic...Show More Summary

Paisley remembered

He was part of the fabric of Northern Ireland's Troubles - the bombs, the tit-for-tat sectarian murders, the nervous soldiers patrolling streets daubed with paramilitary murals. Those grim TV images were so often interspersed with the...Show More Summary

Stormont - the alternatives

If Stormont is "not fit for purpose", as Northern Ireland's First Minister Peter Robinson has claimed, what are the possible alternatives, should the Westminster government convene a fresh round of negotiations? 1. Abolishing the mandatory coalition system and the designation of MLAs as "unionist","nationalist" or "other". Show More Summary

Double-jobbing to continue for now

On the Nolan show on BBC Radio Ulster, Sammy Wilson confirmed he plans to stand again for the East Antrim Westminster seat at next year's election. Given that earlier this year the NIO passed an act banning MPs double-jobbing, that means...Show More Summary

Twenty years since the IRA ceasefire

Listening back to my breathless tones when I announced the 1994 IRA Ceasefire on BBC Radio 5 Live I can forgive one radio newspaper reviewer who accused me of getting over-excited. In fact it wasn't excitement which had taken my breath...Show More Summary

Monkey business at Stormont

The arrival of former Democratic senator Gary Hart in Belfast just as Northern Ireland is about to mark the 20th anniversary of the IRA ceasefire is a bit of a surprise. Senator Hart has long harboured an interest in Ireland. Back in...Show More Summary

Former minister Sam Foster dies

Quietly spoken but firm in his opinions, Sam Foster has been described as a man of courtesy and integrity by politicians from across the spectrum. In 1987, Mr Foster was on the scene of the Enniskillen Remembrance Day bombing and pulled...Show More Summary

Middle East views 'predictable'

The row in Newry over the Sinn Fein Mayor's letter proposing a boycott of Israeli goods is the latest in a sequence of incidents highlighting the tendency for many nationalists and unionists to take sides when it comes to the conflict...Show More Summary

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