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Arkansas Rep. Justin Harris gave his adopted children away to a man who raped one of them

The Arkansas Times is out with an expose on Arkansas Rep. Justin Harris with shocking revelations that he and his wife gave their adopted 6-year-old and 3-year-old daughters to Eric Cameron Francis, a man who worked as a teacher at their...Show More Summary

Why haven’t ABC journalists asked boss Mark Scott what he knew about the Knox scandal?

Gerard Henderson on a particularly interesting case of ABC double standards - one that strikes very close to home:

Cartoon: America at war: with Bill O'Reilly

Click to embellish this cartoon. Bill O’Reilly was caught in a lie. No, not that one. Or that one. Or the whole sexual harassment loofah thing. This is not really news. Brian Williams being a fabulist was a little more surprising, but not really. Show More Summary

Court blocks Nebraska same-sex marriages from starting next week

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals stayed a ruling Thursday by a federal judge that found Nebraska's ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. Same-sex marriages were set to begin next Monday. Robynn Tysver reports: The court did notShow More Summary

From his community confinement center, Dinesh D'Souza calls Obama, Clinton 'lawless'

D'Souza in his pre-felon days. Please stop. Speaking live via Skype from San Diego, California, where he is currently serving his eight month sentence in a “community confinement center” along with five years probation for violatingShow More Summary

Two details that didn’t catch the Age’s flight of fancy

The Age mysteriously fails to include two telling details in its report of how…

Poll: ‘Paper, Scissors, Stone’ or ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’?

While speaking in South Carolina on Friday, President Barack Obama referenced the popular game often used to choose who goes first as "paper, scissors, stone." Some online had strong reactions to the name he used. The game is often called "rock, paper, scissors."

Responding to Islamic State’s Destruction of Ancient Artifacts

Adam T. Smith: ISIS is thrilled by the moral condemnation directed toward it. Shame has no power over the shameless, nor impact on those convinced of their moral righteousness.

Capital Journal Friday PM: Sen. Menendez to Face Criminal Charges | U.S. Adds Jobs at Strong Clip | Shalala to Lead Clinton Foundation

Capital Journal's Friday afternoon newsletter provides a rundown of the biggest news stories of the day and exclusive features from the week on politics, policy, financial regulation, defense and more.

Teheran’s wins in likely nuclear deal with US

There are increasing signs that Teheran is moving closer to a nuclear deal with Washington because it has already scored some wins. A main reason for the likely deal is political will in Teheran and Washington. Iran’s Hassan Rouhani thinks the surest way for him to win the 2016 parliamentary elections is to convince Iranians [...]Show More Summary

Holder: I'm Prepared to Dismantle the Ferguson Police Force

Despite a Justice Department report clearing police officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown, Attorney General Eric Holder says he will do everything he can to change the law enforcement culture in Ferguson, Mo. If he feels...Show More Summary

The Case for Rubio

Mona makes it on the home page today — worth your time.

Twelve Things that Caught My Eye Today (March 6, 2015)

1. ISIS execute 2 spies and flog a man for drinking alcohol — Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) March 6, 2015 2. Prince Charles donates to a fund for the family of the 21 Christian martyrs. 3. Show More Summary

Maiden Tweet

I always thought that, by the time I got around to getting a Facebook page, Facebook would be over. Twitter, I understand, is not over. I now have a Twitter account — handle? — and my first tweet is a limerick. This is my first tweet. Show More Summary

Obama: Ferguson ‘clearly a broken and racially biased system’

This post has been updated.  COLUMBIA, S.C. – President Obama said Friday that the Ferguson, Mo., police department engaged in a systemic pattern of racial discrimination and that it can change or risk a lawsuit from the Department of Justice. Obama, making his most extensive comments about a Justice Department report showing that the police […]

Holder says he’s ‘prepared’ to dismantle Ferguson police department if necessary

Attorney General Eric Holder said Friday the Department of Justice is ready to take any and all steps that are needed to reform the Ferguson, Mo., police department, including the potential dismantling of the force. Speaking to reporters at Andrews Air Force Base after a trip to South Carolina with President Obama, Holder said he was […]

Illinois Democratic legislators are suffering from memory loss

Forget the measles outbreak. A more devastating medical condition is winding its way through the Capitol in Springfield. It's called amnesia.

Justice Department report on Ferguson a lesson to police across America

The U.S. Justice Department's investigation of Ferguson, Mo., offers plenty to hate for both sides of this dispute, which means there's also plenty for everybody to learn.

When superbugs outstrip antibiotics

The old joke about making love to a gorilla is that you don't stop when you're tired; you stop when the gorilla is tired. In modern American agriculture, one of the gorillas is McDonald's, the biggest restaurant chain on earth. The other day it announced a change for its U.S. outlets that...

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