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West Wing Week: 05/22/2015 or, “@POTUS”

This week was National Police Week, and the President honored fallen officers at the National Peace Officers Memorial Service; celebrated the reform efforts of police officers in Camden, New Jersey; signed the National Blue Alert Act...Show More Summary

Rendell: 'Tough Cookie' Hillary Will 'Put Republicans In Short Pants'

On Al Sharpton's MSNBC show today, former DNC Chairman Ed Rendell dared congressional Republicans to recall Hillary Clinton to testify about Benghazi. Calling Clinton a "tough cookie," Rendell vowed that "Hillary will put them in short pants." Paging Camille Paglia... Show More Summary

Money For Nothing. Chicks For Free.

This calls for a more complete response: Oh for crying out loud. Loomis, I get and enjoy your belligerent whimsy, but this is just silly. This is the Sarah Palin School of Law definition of freedom of speech. If you don’t get that what Loomis was doing with this post was 90% belligerent whimsy, then […]

Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Coke FRIDAY!

From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE… Rhetorical Candles on the Birthday Cake Pearls of wisdom and piles of horse dung from various political types born in May: "Economic growth without social progress lets the great majority of people remain in poverty, while a privileged few reap the benefits of rising abundance." ---President John F. Show More Summary

School Violence Prevention - It Really Does Take a Village!

Dr. Jonathan Doll and his wife Laura WATERBURY, CT -- On Thursday, May 21, 2015, at Post University, about 58 leaders and educational change agents from the great state of Connecticut met at the first annual conference series aimed at preventing tragic events of lethal school violence. Show More Summary

Will there ever come a time when social media can elect a president?

By Richard Barry A piece by Ryan Cooper in The Week raises an interesting, if overstated, point that 2016 could be the first election in which the political press is sidelined. He argues that politicians are becoming so adept at using...Show More Summary

Clinton Foundation: Oh, We Made Additional $12-26 Million From Speeches Given By the Former First Family

So, the Clintons have been making some big money since January of 2014. They’ve made $25 million worth of speaking fees since then, and Guy noted...

Export-Import Bank issue promises more Republican strife

Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) Sen. Maria Cantwell's very dubious trade for her "fast track" vote Thursday to allow the Trade Promotion Authority legislation to go forward. She demanded from leadership, and got, votes in both chambers to extend the Export-Import Bank, the federally backed lender that helps corporations sell products overseas. Show More Summary

7 nauseating ways Josh Duggar fans are defending his admitted sexual “sins”

Already sickened by Josh Duggar's confession? The demented ways his fans explain it all away will disgust you

Taylor Swift is not an “underdog”: The real story about her 1 percent upbringing that the New York Times won’t tell you

Swift is the privileged daughter of wealthy plutocrats. She can write a good pop song, but also had a huge leg up

My daughter dressed like Elsa from “Frozen” for 23 days — and it was amazing

We stopped arguing over what to wear. She felt powerful each day. Did parents judge me? Maybe, but I let it go

What You May Not Know About China and Currency Manipulation

Michael W. Klein: Currency manipulation is not like pornography--you don’t know it when you think you see it. It's hard to define and even harder to prove.

Democrats Say: We Fear Marco!

(John Hinderaker) The New York Times headlines: “Prospect of Hillary Clinton-Marco Rubio Matchup Unnerves Democrats.” As well it should: They use words like “historic” and “charismatic,” phrases like “great potential” and “million-dollar smile.” They notice audience members moved to tears by an American-dream-come-true success story. Show More Summary

Negotiations on family detention fate extended

Lawyers negotiating the future of the Obama administration's family detention program agreed late Friday to extend talks until June 12. Click to Continue »

The end of coal

I have a piece in The Conversation, looking at the continued fall in Chinese demand for coal, and a highly relevant IMF study confirming previous findings that, even disregarding climate change, the health costs of burning coal make it more costly than renewables. So, the idea that the path to development lies through coal is […]

Scenes From the Decadent Period of the Dying American Republic

The Mary-Sue, fangirl comic book nerd site: Editor?s Note: Trigger warnings for sexual assault. To find out more about support options available for survivors of sexual abuse, visit the official website for RAINN, the nation?s largest anti-sexual violence organization.......

A not-indicted Chris Christie says media owes him an apology

Hang on, we have to savor this for a while: Chris Christie says the media owes him an apology over the Bridgegate scandal. Oh yeah, that's the stuff. “I do believe there's an absolute bias and a rush to judgment. You all know this, you saw the coverage of me 15 months ago. Show More Summary

Canada Post: for a few bucks, we’ll help promote racism, anti-Semitism and pedophilia

“Warren Kinsella, a lawyer and author of Web of Hate, a look at the extremist right in Canada, said he and other residents of the east end have started a website called to oppose the message of the newsletter. The site lists Your Ward News advertisers and asks if they know what kind of […]

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