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Election minus five weeks and one day

Almost three weeks into the campaign, the Coalition parties in New South Wales are still yet to finalise the order of their Senate ticket, while Labor finds itself with a situation vacant in the Northern Territory. The post Election minus five weeks and one day appeared first on The Poll Bludger.

Video: Under Federal Investigation, Clintonite McAuliffe's Story Falls Apart

We learned this week that Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, the former DNC Chairman and close Clinton ally, is under active federal...

Gov. Nikki Haley signs law banning abortions after 19 weeks of pregnancy

Gov. Nikki Haley signed a bill adding South Carolina to the list of states that ban abortions after 19 weeks of pregnancy. These bans on terminating pregnancies at 20 or fewer weeks have now been passed in 17 states. But the ban has been...Show More Summary

Don’t do it, Marco

A pack of relatively unknown Republicans. Two Democratic candidates, one handpicked by the establishment with a slew of bad-news stories and the other a gadfly leftist. It is that set of circumstances in Florida’s U.S. Senate race that has gotten Republicans revved up about the potential to hold a critical seat — so long as they can […]

The Nothing’s-Changed Theory

Given recent polling, I need to add a fifth theory to my Four Theories of Donald Trump: 5. The Nothing’s-Changed Theory The nation is still closely divided along ideological and demographic lines, and Trump will lose to Hillary by about the same margins that Kerry lost to Bush and Romney lost to Obama.

So the GOP Gave In to Obama on Transgendered Bathrooms

Shock. On podcast. Be back later. No I'm Not on the Podcast: I had the time completely wrong. Like, embarrassingly so. Unrelated: Et tu, Mario?.@MarcoRubio tells @jaketapper he plans to attend GOP convention, will release his delegates & would...

U.S. Commandos Work With Syrian Fighters in Push Toward ISIS Stronghold

Pentagon officials said the Americans were not involved in any combat role, despite photographs that showed commandos assisting fighters during their offensive against the Islamic State.

Another chapter in “WTF”?!

Seems college isn’t about college anymore – at least at Oberlin.  The shot: A recent piece in The New Yorker examines the effects of a new wave of student activism at Oberlin College, a small, private liberal arts institution in Ohio, and it’s pretty eye-opening. According to writer Nathan Heller, Oberlin is “at the center of the […]

Libertarian Hopeful Gary Johnson’s Spending on Consultants Draws Complaints

More than 70 cents of every dollar Libertarian Gary Johnson — a man who could play spoiler in battleground states in November — has spent so far in his 2016 presidential bid has gone to the consulting firm of his campaign manager, Ron Nielsen, according to a Center for Public Integrity review of federal campaign…

Barack Obama’s Excellent South Asian Vacation!

Barack Obama is wrapping up his gnarly Vietnamese vacation. Wish we were there!

The Government Will Pay You to Live Here – There’s Just ONE Catch… [PHOTOS]

Imagine living in a remote cabin in a ghost town in Montana, where all you can hear is the chirping of the birds and the faint whistle of the wind

2 Million U.S. Pregnant Women Could Be At Risk Of Zika. Congress Is Twiddling Its Thumbs.

New numbers show just how great the risk is, as the United States hits mosquito season unprepared to deal with the threat. The post 2 Million U.S. Pregnant Women Could Be At Risk Of Zika. Congress Is Twiddling Its Thumbs. appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Strip Club Sign Causes National Outrage – See It And You’ll Know Why

Some people find this sign funny while others are throwing a fit, saying that it’s “sickening.” If you saw this sign in your town, what would you have to say

Watercooler 5/26/16; N.Y.C. And The 31 Genders; Trump Erotica To Be Motion Picture; State Staff Told Mums The Word Re:Hillary

New York City Will Now Fine You, If You Mis-Identify Which Of 31 Genders They Claim To Belong To Looks like Mayor DeBlasio has been hitting Baskin Robbins too often. It’s 31 flavors of ice cream not genders. Anyway curious coincidence...Show More Summary

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