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Jon Stewart Mocks Huckabee Without Saying A Word

Jon Stewart and his crew decided to find out what happened if they made good on an old running joke at The Daily Show. Stewart managed to make a mockery of old HuckaJesus, his recent crack about President Obama "marching the Israelis...Show More Summary

The Left’s Contempt for America: Left-Right Differences, Part VI

This past week, one of the greatest differences between the Left and Right — both around the world and in America — once again came to light: how each views

Why Voters Don’t Trust Hillary Clinton

Voters in Colorado, Iowa and Virginia think Hillary Clinton is not honest or trustworthy. According to the latest Quinnipiac poll, a mere 34 percent of Colorado voters think she can

Iran Deal Flunks In Polls

Mark Twain said, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics.” The recent Washington Post/ABC News Poll is a good example of the third kind. Published last

Is America Entering a New Victorian Era?

Forty-seven years ago, the musical “Hair” opened on Broadway. Elderly mavens — the core theater audience then, unlike the throngs of tourists flocking to cheap movie adaptations today — were

Earth to Kepler-452b

NASA has discovered the answer to all of our problems. It is another planet, a possible twin to Earth that could theoretically sustain life. This revelation could be bigger than

Hitler Learns About the Planned Parenthood Videos

(Steven Hayward) A couple of readers suggested I work up another “Hitler Learns About...” parody of the Planned Parenthood videos. I hesitated a long time on this. There’s nothing funny or ironic about this story, like a botched play call at the Super Bowl. Show More Summary

Nick Saban offers a life lesson

(Paul Mirengoff) Nick Saban, the hugely successful head football coach at the University of Alabama, offered some interesting dating advice to his players, according to an excerpt from a new biography by Monte Burke. “Ultimately,” the...Show More Summary

What’s Happening In States That Are Paying Attention Is Reassuring

(John Hinderaker) Following the headlines every day, one could easily give in to despair. But if you want a shot of optimism, focus on these NBC/Marist poll results in states where voters might actually be paying attention–Iowa and New Hampshire. Show More Summary

Hillary NY Times (Cartoon)

Press Mostly Fails to Report Union Exemptions in Some Minimum-Wage Laws

I guess the slogan of labor has changed from "Look for the union label" to "Look for the union waiver." The Los Angeles Times published a long story early this morning on an issue some people thought disappeared after its initial exposure two months ago. Show More Summary

Open Thread - Happy 75th Birthday, Bugs Bunny! Bugs Bunny "made his official debut July 27, 1940, in the Warner Bros. theatrical short A Wild Hare, went on to become one of the world’s most recognized cartoon characters...." The video is best viewed in full screen. Open Thread below....

Sony Xperia Z3+ vs. Apple iPhone 6 Plus – Sony’s Hit at the Grand iPhone

Sony has struggled to make an impact in the smartphone segment of late, but the Xperia Z3 appeared to have done enough to turn around the situation in the last six months. Apart from a few minor niggles, this phone laid the foundation for future phones from the company. Show More Summary

Xiaomi Mi 4i vs. Samsung Galaxy J7 – Xiaomi’s Underdog Battles against Samsung

There have been many examples of underdogs coming out successfully in the battles against giants, like Samsung. Xiaomi has had several successes in this aspect and they could have another winner on their hands going by the looks and features on the new Mi 4i, which takes on the Galaxy J7. Show More Summary

Sony Xperia C4 vs. HTC Desire 820G+ – The Battle of ‘Selfie’ Warriors

Keen to capitalize on the growing demand for better self-portraits or ‘selfies’, companies like Sony and HTC have recently launched newer versions of devices that excel in this aspect. The Xperia C4 and the Desire 820G+ also have enough arsenal to compete in other aspects too. Show More Summary

Moto X 2015 vs. Samsung Galaxy S6 – Can Motorola Finally Breaktrough?

Motorola is hoping that the third generation of its flagship, the Moto X 2015 will finally be able to compete with more prominent and popular choices on the market. The gold standard for flagships this year is the Samsung Galaxy S6. Can Motorola compete? Or its Moto X 2015 handset will fall to the second […] The post Moto X 2015 vs. Show More Summary

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Five Other Phones that Can Record 4K Videos

In the last few years, recording videos in 4K resolution has become a popular feature. For now, the feature is only available in flagship phones. You can rarely find the 4K recording feature on budget and midrange phones. At the moment, 4K videos are recorded at UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. Show More Summary

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. Apple iPhone 7 Release Date and Specs Update – An In-Built SIM Card on the Cards

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and its potential rival the iPhone 7 will probably be released in 2016. Even though a lot of new features and specs are expected to come along with these two devices, the most notable addition to these flagships is the in-built e-SIM card. Show More Summary

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