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Election Roundup: Kander Applies Pressure in MO, CA-17 Drama and America's Favorite Sheriff

The following stories are examples of this week's Election Roundup of  35 down ticket stories  covering Sunday  9/18  through Saturday   9/24. (MO-Sen) Jason Kander (D) blunts Roy Blunt (R), making race close By annieli   On election...Show More Summary

Debates Then and Now

(Steven Hayward) If you want to know just how crazy things are, consider that Hofstra University, host of tonight’s debate, has posted a “trigger warning” outside because some Hofstra students might find the content of the debate traumatizing. Show More Summary

Join Us For Tonight’s Debate

(John Hinderaker) Tonight’s debate shapes up as an epic confrontation. It should be the most-watched debate in presidential history, with 100 million or more tuning in, and it could have a decisive impact on this year’s election. One...Show More Summary

Who Is Richard Ebers?

One of the side avenues in the Fahrenthold blockbuster which seems to provide good evidence Trump is evading taxes is the name: Richard Ebers. In recent years, most of the money going into the Trump Foundation has come from Ebers - nearly $1.9 million in total. So who is Richard Ebers? He's basically a high-end ticket scalper. Read More ?

Trump puts out new list of potential Supreme Court nominees

(Paul Mirengoff) Donald Trump has added ten more names to the group people he says exemplify what he’s looking for in a Supreme Court Justice. Previously, he put out a list of eleven such possibilities. I discussed that group here. The new list consists of: Mike Lee — U.S. Show More Summary

How Clinton and Trump compare on the biggest issues

As we get closer to Election Day, see where the candidates stack up on the biggest issues. Follow BI Video: On Twitter     Join the conversation about this story »

Liberals Are Furious When Reality Star Brody Jenner Tells the Truth About Police Shootings on Twitter

It’s true that conservatives have a tendency to take the opinions of reality stars with many grains of salt, especially because they have a tendency to be mindlessly liberal and

Voter registration surges after statewide mailing

New Mexico election officials have witnessed a surge in online voter registration activity after 460,000 invitation postcards were mailed to residents who appear to be eligible to vote but have … Click to Continue »

What Is Donald Trump Hiding in His Taxes?

Donald Trump refuses to release his tax returns, as every presidential candidate has done for decades. The excuse varies. Lately he's claimed that he's being audited, so he can't release them. But he's also said the audit wouldn't hold him back if Hillary Clinton released all her emails, so that excuse seems a little thin. Show More Summary

Trump Invites Benghazi Hero to Debate

The 2016 nominees have been making news with the guests they've chosen for Monday night's presidential debate. Mark Cuban will be sitting in the...

Charlotte #BlackLivesMatter Protester Confesses to Shooting Man in Head at Peaceful Street Rally

Last Wednesday protests broke out in Charlotte, North Carolina – One protester was shot in the head. One Protester Was... The post Charlotte #BlackLivesMatter Protester Confesses to Shooting Man in Head at Peaceful Street Rally appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Jake Tapper Journeys To The Bottom Of The Heap With 'Hillary Coverup' Question

I'm astonished at a Jake Tapper interview with Clinton's campaign manager, Robby Mook. Tapper asked Mook about a quote from the recently released FBI Clinton Email interview files. In it, the FBI asked the IT person responsible for the Clinton email server at River Platte Networks about the term, "Hillary coverup" used in a work ticket. Show More Summary

The Trump campaign is terrified that the debate moderators will tell the truth about his lies

The Trump campaign is terrified of fact-checking at the debates. x Conway: "And I really don't appreciate campaigns thinking it is the job of the media to go and be these virtual fact-checkers..." � Sopan Deb (@SopanDeb) September 25, 2016 Because Trump is a pathological liar. Show More Summary

Report: Trump diverted $2.3 million to his charity to avoid taxes

Donald Trump continues to be a scam artist. According to a report by the Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump directed over $2.3 million in personal income be deposited in his private charity where it would not be subject to being taxed. Trump — who has been accused of using the Donald [...]

An Althouse blog first — since I don't see anyone else doing it right — a drinking game for the presidential debate.

Trump says "And by the way." 1 sip.Clinton coughs. 1 sip for each second beyond 1 second.Lester Holt corrects something Trump says. 1 sip.Lester Holt corrects something Hillary says. 1 large gulp.Clinton claims to have been a champion of women and children all her life. Show More Summary

Starving The Beast: Trump, Taxes And The Politics Of Unanticipated Consequences

The year was 1996. Republicans running for the U.S. Congress felt pressure from Ross Perot's impressive campaign for the U.S. Presidency in 1992: an effort that garnered Perot 19% of the presidential vote. Now, instead of running asShow More Summary

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