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The end of Dylann Roof: Because some people just need to die

Dead beast walking The post The end of Dylann Roof: Because some people just need to die appeared first on Hot Air.

State Department Helps Hillary Hide Her Clinton Foundation Pay to Play Scheme

So why would team Obama/Hillary fight complying with a legitimate Freedom of Information Act request so strenuously? They don't want the press to connect any more dots concerning about people making donations to the Clinton Foundation if they wanted to meet or speak with Secretary Clinton. Show More Summary

Donald Trump’s Doctor Wrote Letter Attesting To His Excellent Health While Limo Waited Outside

[guest post by Dana] This just makes me laugh. Everything about this election has been so over-the-top and off-the-wall, why not throw in Donald Trump’s doctor as well? During an interview with NBC News, Dr. Nick Bornstein discussed his writing style and how he came to write his letter attesting to Trump’s excellent health: “If […]

Not one former White House economic adviser is supporting Donald Trump

Donald Trump is being soundly rejected by economists from both the Democratic and Republican establishments, and I mean unanimously: The Wall Street Journal this month reached out to all 45 surviving former members of the White House ...Show More Summary

Trump, Clinton: Racial Stalemate or Unfair Fight

(Barack Obama, speaking of race, in Philadelphia, March 18, 2008) In the midst of his first campaign for president, Barack Obama was forced to explain his long association with a pastor spotlighted for racially incendiary remarks from...Show More Summary

In Divorce Documents, Steve Bannon's Anti-Semitism Comes To Light

Friday night brought more revelations about Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon, his divorces, and his sordid past with women. It appears there are court documents and more linking Bannon up with some terribly anti-Semitic sentiments. Rachel...Show More Summary

Mason-Dixon Central Florida Poll: Trump at 46 and Hillary 42

Donald Trump is up 4 points on Hillary Clinton is the latest Mason-Dixon Florida poll. And, Donald Trump leads Hillary... The post Mason-Dixon Central Florida Poll: Trump at 46 and Hillary 42 appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Maine Governor UNLEASHES On Lawmakers: Prove I’m Racist You ‘Socialist Ccksucker!’ [VIDEO]

Maine’s bombastic Governor Paul LePage is at it again. And if you thought I would support what he just did, you would be wrong. This man strikes me as not

Trump on fatal shooting of Dwayne Wade's cousin: 'Just what I've been saying. African-Americans will VOTE TRUMP!'

Following reports of the shooting of Dwayne Wade's cousin,  Nykea Aldridge, in Chicago on Friday, Donald Trump posted on Twitter Saturday morning citing the news as a reason that African-Americans will vote for his candidacy. Dwayne Wade's cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in Chicago. Show More Summary

CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: Watchdogs warn of ‘serious’ conflicts of interest for Clinton Foundation. …

CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: Watchdogs warn of ‘serious’ conflicts of interest for Clinton Foundation. Donald Trump is not the only voice sounding the alarm over conflicts of interest surrounding Hillary Clinton’s namesake nonprofit. Government...Show More Summary

David Duke: We've Taken Over the GOP

Donald Trump rocked the political media world by hiring honcho Stephen K. Bannon to be his campaign CEO, and while the move has mainstream pundits scratching their heads, its meaning appears to be crystal clear to David Duke and his followers. Show More Summary

GDP, Zika, Health Care: Three Issues for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to Discuss

Doug Heye: The GDP numbers may explain why Hillary Clinton would rather insult Donald Trump than talk about the economy, but what is the Trump campaign’s excuse for (yet again) taking the bait?

"... Ann Coulter writes the following words on page 3 of her new book about how Trump is awesome: 'there’s nothing Trump can do that won’t be forgiven. Except change his immigration policies.'"

"Given Trump’s gyrations on immigration this week, this is such an unfortunate sentence. It leads to sad headlines like, 'Trump Betrayal of Ann Coulter Timed Perfectly to Release of Ann Coulter Book About Always Trusting Trump' and sad pictures of Coulter steeling herself to give book talks and angry Coulter tweets at Trump.... Show More Summary

How the Charter School Lobby Is Changing the Democratic Party

Rex Features via AP Images Eli Broad at the Broad Museum civic dedication ceremony in Los Angeles, September 18, 2015.  This story originally appeared at The Los Angeles Times. A t a time when Democrats and their party are, by virtually...Show More Summary

A Title IX for Women in Politics

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call via AP Images Senators Claire McCaskill, right, and Susan Collins, right, conduct a news conference in the Capitol to announce a new bipartisan jobs bill entitled the Bipartisan Jobs Creation Act, December 6,...Show More Summary

Tuesday Morning Open Thread:

A note from the Whereaways: Wanted to let you know our rescued kittens went off to their new homes this past weekend. You Balloon Juice readers came through for them, and we are incredibly grateful. Ideally, we wanted them to be adopted in pairs, so they’d always have a buddy, and that’s how it worked […]

'The Kiss of Judas': will the Heart of Europe be sacrificed once more?

This article was co-authored with Zuzana Palovic - CEE and Migration Expert & Gabriela Bereghazyova - CEE and Corruption Expert (Statesmen of World War I is an oil on canvas painting by Sir James Guthrie, completed in 1930) Could the...Show More Summary

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