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South Carolina County Republicans Require No Premarital Sex Or Pornography Pledge To Get On Ballot

You can’t run for office in Laurens County, South Carolina as a Republican if you’ve had premarital sex or ever plan to watch porn again. Last Tuesday, the LCGOP unanimously adopted a resolution that would ask all candidates who want to get on the primary ballot to sign a pledge with 28 principles, because the [...]

King v. Burwell: Interpreting the Affordable Care Act

The rules of the game at the Supreme Court are not what they used to be. Section 1311 of the Affordable Care Act (PDF) ("Obamacare") provides, in part, as follows: Each State shall, not later than January 1, 2014, establish an American...Show More Summary

Netanyahu Speech to Congress Sparks Increasing Warnings

Conservative talkers and some in the non-monolithic Jewish community may be applauding Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to take up House Speaker John Boehner’s offer to in effect give President Barack Obama and the State Department a fingered half a peace sign and speak to Congress anyway, but the decision is also now bringing [...]Show More Summary

NO DHS FUNDING? No Problem! An innovative solution that, sadly, is probably about as effective as …

NO DHS FUNDING? No Problem! An innovative solution that, sadly, is probably about as effective as what we have now.

The Brzezinski Doctrine [Weirddave]

Keeping in mind that this is coming from a single newspaper in Kuwait, citing the ever popular "well placed sources" in Israel, if this is true, it could be the most disturbing thing Obama's done yet, actively preventing an ally...

She’s back: With Silicon Valley speech Tuesday, Hillary Clinton kicks off jam-packed month

This post was updated at 6:30 p.m. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton kicks off a busy month Tuesday with a high-dollar paid speech to a Silicon Valley tech group, ending the low profile she’s kept since the holiday season. The likely presidential candidate will address the Lead On Conference for Women in Silicon Valley […]

Obama, Christianity and Scandal

A few days ago, Wisconsin Governor and potential presidential nominee Scott Walker was trolled at a meeting of the National Governors Association: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a prospective Republican presidential contender, said Saturday he does not know whether President Obama is a Christian. Show More Summary

Kerry Contradicts Obama White House: Netanyahu ‘Welcome to Speak in the US’ (Video)

Secretary of State John Kerry contradicted National Security Adviser Susan Rice by saying that Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is “welcome to speak in the United States.” On Thursday night Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice said Netanyahu’s visit to … Continue reading ?

The Lesson in MSM’s Response to Rudy

The Lesson in MSM’s Response to Rudy A week or so ago, the MSM wanted Rudy Giuliani boiled in oil for daring to question Obama’s love for America. They were

GOP Worries About Backlash If Court Guts Obamacare

“Republican fears are mounting over a Supreme Court case that the party has long hailed as its best chance to undo Obamacare,” The Hill reports. “The Supreme Court will hear arguments Wednesday on a GOP-backed case that threatens to erase [...] The post GOP Worries About Backlash If Court Guts Obamacare appeared first on Political Wire.

Nobel Prize Medal Sells for $390,000

The Nobel medal awarded to the economist Simon Kuznets in 1971 sold Thursday night on the auction block for $390,848. This was the first medal to sell in the field of economics, and one of only a handful of the 889 medals awarded since 1901 ever to have been sold. Show More Summary

Rand Paul Wins CPAC 2015 Straw Poll

As has been the case the last three years, Senator Rand Paul won CPAC's straw poll in 2015. His base (which comes from his retired father, Rep. Ron Paul) always comes out in strong support for their libertarian ideals. Kentucky Sen.Show More Summary

DHS funding uncertain as Lynch hearings stall

Rachel Maddow discusses how the Republican Party has stalled Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch’s confirmation hearings while simultaneously trying to...

NY Times Roiled by 'Morals Clause' in a Handful of San Francisco Catholic Schools

When the liberals go to the South to collide with the dominant culture, The New York Times finds it refreshing that it’s changing from being an “insular, ultraconservative bosom of the Confederacy.” But when the Roman Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco collides with the dominant culture of San Francisco, that’s a dangerous development. Show More Summary

DHS Funded — for A Week

Congress passed a one-week continuing resolution to fund the Department of Homeland Security after House Democrats and a group of conservatives blocked passage of the three-week funding bill. House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) wants...Show More Summary

Rand Paul wins the CPAC straw poll with 25.7%, but Scott Walker gets a "closer-that-expected" 21.4%.

3rd and 4th places are far back Ted Cruz, 11.5%, and Ben Carson, 11.4%. Jeb Bush is 5th, and perhaps 8.3% feels good enough to him. Although some CPAC members applauded Bush's call for "reform" conservatism, others described the former Florida governor as a dreaded RINO — Republican In Name Only. Show More Summary

Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng: actually, Hillary Clinton ultimately didn’t help me at all.

Chen Guangcheng doesn't care for the way that Hillary Clinton is taking credit for his rescue from the PRC. The post Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng: actually, Hillary Clinton ultimately didn’t help me at all. appeared first on RedState.

Red States Scrambling To Preserve Obamacare

Republicans in these states realize that if the Supreme Court rules against the Affordable Care Act, their citizens will be in very bad shape, with no subsidies for health care coverage. The justices hear arguments about the matter next week. If the court sides with the plaintiffs, who argue that subsidies are not allowed in [...]

UND Students Ejected From Hockey Game For “Fire Kelley” Banner

With the state House declaring war on the status quo in higher education by passing a budget so chock full of reforms it set off five hours of sturm und drang at the State Board of Higher Education meeting on Thursday we didn’t really need another data point to illustrate how dissatisfied some are with the...

Boehner Ally Blasts Conservatives as ‘Caring More about Careers than Protecting US from ISIS’

House allies of Speaker John Boehner are blasting conservative Republican House Members for voting against bills to fund the Department of Homeland Security in an effort to block President Barack Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty for illegal aliens. One Republican accused … Continue reading ?

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