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Hong Kong newspaper in takeover talks

Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post in takeover talks 26 November 2015 From the section Business Image copyright AFP Image caption The SCMP has been in circulation for 112 years and rumours of its takeover have been swirling since earlier this month The publisher of Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post (SCMP) has confirmed that […]

VIDEO: Laquan McDonald thugs tear lights off Christmas tree in Chicago

How do black lives matter thugs protest on day two after the release of the Laquan McDonald shooting video? They act like thugs and start tearing lights off the Chicago

Moron Obama: Syrian Refugees are like Pilgrims on the Mayflower or Something

Happy Thanksgiving, America, Barack Obama is here to drop a steaming dump upon you. This Thanksgiving, President Obama is calling for Americans to lend a helping hand to another group of pilgrims fleeing persecution. “Nearly four centuries after the Mayflower … Continued

BLACK Gunman ‘TARGETS White Women,’ Meanwhile…MEDIA RADIO SILENT

In the highly politicized climate of President Obama’s final months in the White House, when he’s stated his goal of 2016 is to go after Americans’ gun rights, every mass

DANA MILBANK: Barack Obama, President Oh-bummer. The two presidents stood in the East Room on Tu…

DANA MILBANK: Barack Obama, President Oh-bummer. The two presidents stood in the East Room on Tuesday afternoon, united in their goal of defeating the Islamic State but separated by a stylistic gulf as vast as the Atlantic. On the left, facing the cameras, was François Hollande, war president. He spoke of “cowardly murderers” who “dishonor […]


NO, THE PILGRIMS WERE DEFINITELY NOT LIKE SYRIAN REFUGEES: The Daily Caller’s Scott Greer slices and dices the Left’s fallacious comparison like a succulent piece of Thanksgiving turkey. Here’s just a taste: “If it wasn’t for the Syrian refugee debate, sites like HuffPo, Salon and others would be running their usual ‘Happy Genocide Day’ coverage […]

Police Officer Tweets About Black Lives Matter Protesters – You Won’t BELIEVE What Happens Next

Police officer John Hurlman found himself in hot water after sharing less-than-complimentary words about Black Lives Matter protesters on social media. Too bad, so sad. Grow a pair, liberal PDX.

Obama makes holiday appeal for acceptance of Syrian refugees

Obama makes holiday appeal for acceptance of Syrian refugees Obama's plan has come under heavy criticism in Congress in the wake of the assault on Paris that killed 130 people Nov. 13.

Cruz Surges As Carson Fades

Donald Trump still leads, but Ted Cruz is rising to second place among Republicans. The Donald has 33% in the latest Reuters poll, with Ted Cruz at 21%, Ben Carson at 12%, Marco Rubio 11.4% and Jeb Bush 7.9%. Now read this:Carson: Abortion Like Slavery, Not ‘An Issue Of Women’s Rights’ (Nov 24, 2015) Congressman: [...]

Suspected Terrorists in America are Free to Buy Guns (Guest Voice)

Suspected Terrorists in America are Free to Buy Guns By Dick Polman Now that congressional Republicans and roughly 50 cowered Democratic colleagues have passed a panicky bill to impede the entry of Syrian refugees, I think it’s time to pause for a reality check. How predictable it is that the Republican Congress seeks to ratchet [...]Show More Summary

Trump Leads Nationally as Cruz Surges Into Second

A new Reuters poll finds Donald Trump lead the GOP presidential race nationally with 33%, followed by Ted Cruz at 21%, Ben Carson at 12%, Marco Rubio at 11% and Jeb Bush at 8%.

Lib Radio Host Thom Hartmann Labels Democrats Voting to Limit Syrian Refugees 'Traitors'

It's always amusing when liberals accuse conservatives of treason for the audacious alleged crime of disagreeing with them on national security. Even more amusing is when liberals accuse other left wingers of treason. The silver lining...Show More Summary

Trump blasted by New York Times after mocking reporter with disability

Businessman and reality TV star Donald Trump is under fire for mocking a New York Times reporter with a congenital joint condition during a campaign rally in South Carolina this week, drawing a scornful rebuke from the reporter and others who called Trump’s actions “despicable.” The incident occurred as Trump was defending his recent claim […]

Large Boise, Idaho crowd rallies to welcome refugees

Hundreds of Idahoans gathered on a bright, cold Saturday to reiterate to the state’s leaders that Idaho is a place for everyone, including Syrian and Iraqi refugees. Speakers included state Rep. Hy Kloc, "who was born in a Displaced Persons camp in Germany and came to the U.S. Show More Summary

Thanksgiving and Social Security: Different Reasons for Welcoming Syrian Refugees

Thanksgiving celebrates the first time in our history when refugees, fleeing persecution, were welcomed and aided by those already here. The Wampanoag tribe not only welcomed the pilgrim-refugees to this land but provided them with food during their first winter when the pilgrim-refugees' own provisions ran short. Show More Summary

Fox's Kilmeade Asks African-American Fox Host If She Makes Kool-Aid With Her Cobbler

From the November 25 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends: HARRIS FAULKNER: All right, so now I'm going to take my peaches and I'm just going to lay them in there. ELISABETH HASSELBECK: Which is great that they're canned by the way, because...Show More Summary

All My Children Actor David Canary Dies

David Canary, the actor who played the dual roles of Adam and Stuart Chandler on the ABC soap opera All My Children for 27 years and won five Daytime Emmys, died of natural causes Nov. 16. He was 77. Before appearing on soaps, Canary had roles in the Paul Newman movie Hombre and the TV Western dramas Gunsmoke and Bonanza. Show More Summary

Ex-Benghazi staffer sues Gowdy and his panel

Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi debacle isn't over, not by a long shot. The Benghazi Committee staffer who publicly accused Gowdy and his cronies of targeting Hillary Clinton for partisan reasons has now filed a wrongful termination and defamation lawsuit against Gowdy. Show More Summary

How Cable News Covered White Supremacists Allegedly Shooting Black Lives Matter Protesters In Minneapolis

After months of vilifying Black Lives Matter and labeling the movement a "hate group," Fox News devoted scant coverage to a November 23 mass shooting that injured five protesters at a Black Lives Matter vigil in Minneapolis, Minnesota,...Show More Summary

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