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TIME Magazine refutes Trump's claim that he turned down 2017 Person of the Year award

TIME Magazine refuted President Donald Trump's claim, in which he suggested he "was PROBABLY going to be named" the magazine's 2017 "Person of the Year." Readers can vote in TIME's unofficial poll on who should be given the honor. The...Show More Summary

Trump starts the ‘Dumbest Twitter Feud of the Year’

Donald Trump is obsessed with TIME’s “Person of the Year” issue, which he insists on calling “Man of the Year” because he’s Donald Trump. He even created a fake TIME cover, featuring himself, and displayed it at various properties he owned. Fake Time Magazine, cover, right, hung on Mar-a-Lago wall near entrance. @TB_Times @realDonaldTrump @TIMEMagUSA […]

Putin's Other Best Buds: Leaders of Syria, Iran

The leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran have met in Sochi to discuss strategy in Syria. Meanwhile, some parts of the Syrian opposition forces met in Saudi Arabia ahead of UN-backed peace talks. Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Sochi on Wednesday. Show More Summary

ASKING THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: How can we communicate with vastly technologically advanced aliens?…

ASKING THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: How can we communicate with vastly technologically advanced aliens?

Black Friday ONT

Happy Black Friday! I hope all of you are rested from the feasting yesterday. I have a lot of links left over because I pretty much limited last night's ONT to Thanksgiving related stuff, so let's dive right in. We...

Sex Predator-in-Chief: White House Maids ‘Afraid to Bend Over’ Around Bill Clinton, Says Linda Tripp

Former Clinton (and Bush 41) White House staffer and impeachment whistleblower Linda Tripp said in an interview with the Weekly Standard published Friday that former President Bill Clinton’s predatory behavior in the White House was so bad that housekeepers feared bending over in his presence. Show More Summary

Darkness lives at the Washington Post

(Paul Mirengoff) Janell Ross covers “race” for the Washington Post. Judging by this article, she does so stupidly and less than honestly. Ross is also a left-wing activist. This would not distinguish her from many of her Post colleagues...Show More Summary

SAVING PRIVATE KAEPERNICK. Or, Dispatches from the Intersection of the JournoList and the Memory Hol…

SAVING PRIVATE KAEPERNICK. Or, Dispatches from the Intersection of the JournoList and the Memory Hole: ? Shot: Social media users are tearing into Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren for posting a photoshopped image of Colin Kaepernick that depicts him taking a knee in front of the D-Day landings. —The Hill, today. ? Chaser: Hillary’s Campaign […]

Friday Funny: 26 European Countries Have Banned Richard Spencer

Poor Richard Spencer. Purveyor of white nationalism, face of the alt-Right and President of the National Policy Institute (a white nationalist think tank) has reportedly been banned from 26 European countries. Um, his whole platformShow More Summary

4 UN peacekeepers, 1 Malian soldier killed in 2 attacks

Four U.N. peacekeepers and a Malian soldier were killed and 21 others injured in two attacks on peacekeepers in Mali on Friday, U.N. officials said. Suspected jihadists attacked peacekeepers carrying … Click to Continue »

Pope's place as refugee champion tested in Myanmar

Pope Francis heads to Myanmar and Bangladesh with the international community excoriating the crackdown on Rohingya Muslims as "ethnic cleansing" but his own church resisting the label and defending Myanmar's … Click to Continue »

Stranded Young Woman Approached By Homeless Man Who Gave All He Had Left To Keep Her Safe

The world may be full of evil people doing evil things, but sometimes you run across a story like this and it makes your heart sweet with joy. Seeing someone

Slaughter in Egypt may signal civil war within Islam

The heinous attack that slaughtered at least 235 worshippers in a northern Sinai mosque in Egypt today could be a new and chilling twist in a nascent civil war within Islam in many locations around the world. It may signal similar atrocities in African and Asian countries with Muslims who disagree with the extremist teachings [...]Show More Summary

Vietnam Commander Tells Never-Before-Heard Story About ‘Honorable, Decent, Respectable, and Patriotic’ Roy Moore

William E. Staehle, a practicing attorney for 42-years, penned an op-ed in defense of Alabama GOP Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore for Yellowhammer News. Who is Staehle? He served with Judge Moore in Vietnam between 1971-72, where he “knew him to be an altogether honorable, decent, respectable, and patriotic commander and soldier.” William E. Show More Summary

UGH: As Malaria Resists Treatment, Experts Warn of Global Crisis. We came close to eradicating m…

UGH: As Malaria Resists Treatment, Experts Warn of Global Crisis. We came close to eradicating malaria once, but environmentalists ruined it.

"Die Hard" for jihadists? IS recruits with heroic tales

Beyond the slick, Hollywood-style cinematics, the Islamic State is targeting Western recruits with videos suggesting they, too, can be heroes like Bruce Willis' character in "Die Hard." That's the conclusion … Click to Continue »

Charlie Rose loses prestigious Walter Cronkite journalism award over sexual harassment allegations

Renowned journalist and former TV host Charlie Rose lost his Walter Cronkite excellent in journalism award over the recent allegations of sexual harassment leveled against him by several women. The "unprecedented" move was made withShow More Summary

The sun is rising in the East

Never mind the crocodile: the dragon is now the power in Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe is probably not a man much amused by historical irony. That’s a shame because if he was he might appreciate the various mirror images between his enforced retirement and the downfall of the Nawab Siraj-ud-daulah of Bengal in 1757. The Nawab […]

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