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Thoughts from the ammo line

(Scott Johnson) Ammo Grrrll has been inspired by A VERY MINOR CELEBRITY’S AUCTION! She writes: I recently read a first-person account by a woman who had been a “proud lesbian” until her partner up and decided she was actually a man.Show More Summary

Milo Yiannopoulos on Trump, Ariana Grande and Russia

Right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos (MY'-loh yuh-NAH'-poh-lihs) calls himself the "most fabulous supervillain on the internet" and that's probably not an exaggeration. He's angered everyone from liberals to the alt-right with … Click to Continue »

Iowa officials consider upgrading Mississippi River island

Officials in a city in eastern Iowa are considering an ambitious plan for a city-owned island in the Mississippi River that includes an elevated boardwalk, tower and amphitheater. The Telegraph … Click to Continue »

Man hands.

A Drudge theme right now:A topic that came up in the Dali thread, where I'd said "What path did your eye take and how many points of interest did you take in before you saw... the snake around her wrist?" and holdfast said: "before you saw...the creepy man-hands?" Closeup:Classic "Seinfeld" bit:

Mike Peters Guest Cartoon: Republicans and Russia then and now

OF RELATED INTEREST: —How the GOP Became the Party of Putin –-What Congressional Republicans Really Think About Trump and Russia –-AFTER TRUMP JR. EMAILS, REPUBLICANS STILL DON’T THINK RUSSIA INTERFERED IN ELECTION —GOP silence is deafening on Trump and Russia Mike Peters is recognized as one of our nation’s most prominent cartoon artists for his [...]Show More Summary

Would-Be Ohio Senator Josh Mandel Defends Pizzagate Crazies From Murderous Jews

12 minutes agoUS Politics / Liberal : Wonkette

Ohio's GOP Senate candidate has gone from annoying pipsqueak to annoying 'alt-right'-embracing pipsqueak.

Maxine Waters Says She’ll Run For President- If Millennials Say They Want Her

In today’s news, someone taught Maxine Waters the word millennial and now she’s spending her time as a “country Democrat” going on speaking visits in a bid to appease this strange

Senate GOP confirms controversial Trump nominee to appeals court

John Bush was a Republican blogger who relied on fringe conspiracy-theory websites. Then Trump nominated him for a federal appellate bench.

CBO: Under the latest Senate healthcare bill, deductibles could be more than some people earn

The latest effort by Republicans in the Senate to overhaul the US healthcare system could have an unexpected effect on deductibles (the money you pay before insurance kicks in): they could get so high they're actually more than the poorest...Show More Summary

There are 2 ways Trump could have Mueller fired, and one of them led to Nixon's downfall

President Donald Trump has again raised speculation that he could move to fire Robert Mueller, the special counsel overseeing the FBI's investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election. Trump could order Mueller's dismissal. Show More Summary

Without Mexican Workers, California’s Ag Industry Is Relentlessly Mechanizing

16 minutes agoPolitics / US Politics : Kevin Drum

Immigration from Mexico—both legal and illegal—has been declining for over a decade. In California, that means farmers are increasingly turning to automation instead of human pickers: Driscoll’s is so secretive about its robotic strawberry picker it won’t let photographers within telephoto range of it. But if you do get a peek, you won’t see anything […]

More murder and incitement in the jihad against the Jews

As had been feared, today has seen violent demonstrations in Jerusalem and the disputed neighbouring territories as a result of Arab incitement over the metal detectors installed at Temple Mount a few days ago. At least two Arabs have...Show More Summary

There Is No Teen-Pregnancy Epidemic in Texas

Since Texas removed Planned Parenthood’s state funding in 2011, the mainstream media have been on a constant search for evidence of a resulting public-health crisis. A new study by Analisa Packham, an economics professor at Miami University, has nicely served that purpose. Show More Summary

MARRYING BEARS AND FROGS: Great title for an article discussing integrating the U.S. Agency for Inte…

MARRYING BEARS AND FROGS: Great title for an article discussing integrating the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) into the Department of State. The USAID-State integration debate has churned for at least thirty years, but it has never been consummated because the two organizations have wildly discordant cultures, missions, and modus operandi. The work of […]

DOWN BUT NOT OUT? How the Islamic State Could Rebound. As I’ve discussed before, despite the Isla…

DOWN BUT NOT OUT? How the Islamic State Could Rebound. As I’ve discussed before, despite the Islamic State’s goal of becoming a truly global insurgency, its success on the ground has been inexorably bound to local conditions, making it more of a “glocal” than global phenomenon. In European and North American countries with democratically elected […]

The Myth That We Need New Republicans

“We need new Republicans!” That phrase or variations on it (“Drain the swamp!”) are ubiquitous once again as the GOP-led Congress continues to fail to repeal and replace Obamacare. It returns to the lips of conservatives every time Republicans break a campaign promise or are less productive legislatively than hoped. Show More Summary

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