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Crotchety Old Dog (Open Thread)

My Daisy is seven now and spry as ever. But she grows whiter in the muzzle and around the eyes all the time, and sometimes you can see the crotchety old dog in her:   Some friends and I went to a music festival last night and saw six bands — we missed way more than [Read more...] This space reserved for your ad.

Fox Liberal Bob Beckel in Rehab for Pain Meds

Bob Beckel, a liberal who appears on Fox News as a co-host of The Five, has been missing from the air since February and is undergoing treatment for a painkiller addiction, the network announced. "Bob Beckel has entered a rehab facility for treatment of an addiction to prescription pain medication," the network said Thursday. Show More Summary

15 feminist Amy Schumer sketches that will make you stand up and cheer

From "Last Fkable Day" to "Realistic Military Video Game," Schumer has nailed it time and time again

The View's Nicolle Wallace Whines: How Can Conservatives 'Be Mad at me?'

Liberal Republican and View co-host Nicolle Wallace on Thursday gave an interview to Yahoo in which she whined about conservatives attacking her. Wallace, who trashed Sarah Palin after working for the former governor, complained, "Republicans have said much worse things about me than any Democrat ever has."

Black Writer Whines That White Hip Hop Fans Don’t ‘Give a Sht’ About Blacks

17 minutes agoUS Politics / Conservative : Wizbang

A fellow going by the moniker “Stereo Williams,” one who claims to be an entertainment writer from New York, is all weepy because he thinks white kids who are fans of rap music “don’t give a shit about blacks.” But a look at the lyrics...Show More Summary

DUMB ARGUMENT OF THE WEEK: Today in Congress, We Heard That Encryption is Enabling Upskirt Photos….

DUMB ARGUMENT OF THE WEEK: Today in Congress, We Heard That Encryption is Enabling Upskirt Photos.

The lethal hazard to our children consumer protection refuses to fix

Over the last 30 years, more than 300 kids have strangled on window cords. What will it take for the CPSC to act?

Soledad O’Brien: Stop Saying ‘Thug’

The former CNN journalist spoke on that network’s “Reliable Sources”. O’Brien told her old network’s Reliable Sources Sunday morning that journalists had an obligation to choose their words more carefully than simply calling protesters, however violent, “thugs,” arguing the word lacked descriptive properties and functioned solely as racial code. Show More Summary

Poll: Are Baltimore Schools Underfunded?

The city of Baltimore ranks second in the amount spent per pupil on education. Each year, the city spends $15,483 per student, second only to New York’s $19,770 (!). Which brings us to the inevitable poll:

Sanders Ready to Surprise Once Again

“Citing a history of surprising victories, Bernie Sanders said on Sunday the political world shouldn’t discount his chances of winning the presidency,” Politico reports. Said Sanders: “Don’t underestimate me.” He added: “We need a political revolution in this country and [...]

Bernie Sanders, Admirer of Scandinavia, Stands Firm on His Ideas

Appearing on ABC News’s “This Week” on Sunday, Senator Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent, touted his self-described democratic socialist ideas.

Baltimore Protester Praises Burning of CVS “Let’s Get You Out of Our Community!” (VIDEO)

Protester to torched CVS: “Let’s get you out of our community!” After fifty years of Democratic rule in Baltimore it’s come to this… During a large rally in front of Baltimore’s City Hall, a young man introduced as “Brother Rose”, … Continue reading ?

Links 5/3/15

Links for you. Science: Peer Reviewer to Researchers: This Paper Would Be Better If Men Wrote It FDA Seeks Safety Data on Hand-Sanitizer Use by Health-Care Staff New Estimates for Extinctions Global Warming Could Cause Unsuspecting U.S. Travelers Bring Novel … Continue reading ?

Bin Laden Hideout May Become a Playground

The residents of Bilal Town in Abbotabad, Pakistan, have voted to turn the plot of land where Osama Bin Laden's house once stood into a playground or girl's college. Children have been playing cricket there. A notice was issued, inviting claimants of ownership to turn in documentary proof within 15 days. Show More Summary

The most racist areas in the United States

Click to enlarge There are neighborhoods in Baltimore in which the life expectancy is 19 years less than other neighborhoods in the same city. Residents of the Downtown/Seaton Hill neighborhood have a life expectancy lower than 229 other nations, exceeded only by Yemen. Show More Summary

WA state redistribution: part the first

A detailed look at what the parties propose for the Western Australian state redistribution.

Salon, Darling, All is Forgiven!

Today, Salon is reprinting the piece we ran about universities being run like a business. Ordinary Times- you hear it here first!!

The Continuity of Government – The Mystery of Peters Mountain Hat Tip: Trapper Pettit A friend sent me an article from Zero Hedge that I find intriguing and it raises far more questions than answers. I did not know

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