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The Deal: Iran Nuclear Talks Approaching The March 31 Deadline

The March 31 deadline for a deal on Iran’s nuclear program is approaching, and the best they could do in 18 months is an outline, according...

Dumbing Down Cardinal Burke

I appreciate a punchy headline as much as the next reader, but whoever wrote this one was trying too hard: “Cardinal Burke: Gays, remarried Catholics, and murderers are all the same.” It’s childish and not just overstated but false.Show More Summary

In 'Historical Novel,' Gay Activist Imagines Most of the Men On Your Money Are Gay

In the rarefied air of “American letters,” as scored by The New York Times, radical gay activist and playwright Larry Kramer must be front-page material of the Weekend Arts section. Kramer has a new “historical novel,” which abuses history energetically. Show More Summary

Food Thread: Passover Edition [CBD]

This will be even more abbreviated than usual -- it seems that somebody sneaked into my bedroom a few nights ago and pumped several pounds of wet concrete into my sinuses, then used a blowtorch on the back of my...

Extra Bonus Quote of the Day

“Unlike Barack Obama, I was not a community organizer before I was elected to the Senate.” — Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), quoted by The Hill.

Sen. Marco Rubio will soon add his name to the list

45 minutes agoUS Politics / Liberal : The Reaction

By Richard K. Barry The Washington Post reported yesterday that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is getting ready to announce his plans to run for the GOP presidential nomination with the only unknown being where and when. Aides to the senator...Show More Summary

Kathleen Parker: Ted Cruz ‘Obviously’ Will Not Become President

Appearing on Fox News’ MediaBuzz on Sunday, Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker demonstrated a complete 180 degree change of heart surrounding Senator Ted Cruz’ presidential prospects. At first, Parker argued that “he’s obviously...Show More Summary

Writer Garry Wills: Right-Wing, Anti-Francis Catholics ‘Are Not Used to Having a Pope Who Is a Christian’

In a Sunday blog post on the New York Review of Books site, historian Wills, who’s written extensively about both the United States and Catholicism, rebuked conservative Catholics who’ve “suggested that [Pope Francis] is not truly Catholic,” asserting that such critics of the pope “are right to be in a panic. Show More Summary

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s Anti-Gay Discrimination Political Branding and Quagmire

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) is enmeshed in a political quagmire and spreading national firestorm over a state law proponents say is merely to protect “religious freedom,” but that critics — which include a growing number of prominent Americans and big corporations — says looks more like an outright anti-gay discrimination law. Calls for boycotts, [...]Show More Summary


This man is not taking crap from his supposed friends, who stole from him. (Warning: NSFW) “Steal from me again. Steal from me again.” No, they probably will not be

Bill: Climate Change Will Turn Women Into Prostitutes

On Wednesday, California Democrat Barbara Lee proposed a resolution in the House of Representatives that claims women will eventually be forced into prostitution in order to obtain life-sustaining food and water for their families.Lee...Show More Summary

Sunday Afternoon Open Thread

So this guy comes home to find an owl in his apartment, and he attempts to transport it out the open window via a Swiffer: I love the owl’s malevolent death glare at its savior and the guy’s panicky entreaties: OH PLEASE DON’T FLY. Went for a lovely hike this morning. The trail was a [Read more...] This space reserved for your ad.

Gaming I guess

Short week as there isn't much coming out and news wise, there wasn't much other than Zelda isn't coming out in 2015 which leaves a big hole in their Christmas lineup. Nintendo only has two games announced so far that...

Woman Locked In Psych Ward For 8 Days Because Nobody Believed She Was A Businesswoman

A black businesswoman – a banker from Long Island – was locked away in a mental institution for more than a week after police didn’t believe her claim. Kam Brock

Revisiting Reconstruction

As I wrote about a while ago, there is a growing chorus of people who are suggesting that we are currently re-living many of the issues this country faced in...

President Scott Walker Will Overwhelm ISIS With Sheer Weight Of His Flip Flops

Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s governor and yet another 2016 presidential hopeful, is once again groovin’ to the sweet sounds of the Immigration Metronome. According to the Wall Street Journal, while at a private dinner with a group of New...Show More Summary

Siting the Nixon Library

As I’ve mentioned before, the Nixon Library is Disneyland for cynical left-wing historians. It’s located in boring ol’Yorba Linda, Nixon’s birthplace. Turns out this was very disappointing for Nixon, who had incredibly grand ideas about what his library should look like. And that included stripping the western part of Camp Pendleton for it. Obsessed with […]

GOP Failure Theater gave $1.5 billion to abortion industry

At a time when the human trafficking bill is locked up in the Senate over ‘s refusal to prevent federal funds from being used to provide abortions, the GAO has released a study showing Reid’s resistance as just a part of the rapacious, cash-(and baby)-vacuuming abortion industry. Show More Summary

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