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Whatever happened to neighborliness?

There's a hidden side to today's poverty debate that politicians on the left and right too often overlook or undervalue: a decline in neighborliness.

ANOTHER VOTE: House votes to end Obama’s deferred deportation program. “The bill passed 216-192, w…

ANOTHER VOTE: House votes to end Obama’s deferred deportation program. “The bill passed 216-192, with 11 Republicans voting against it and four Democrats voting in favor of the measure.” Another bipartisan bill heading to the do-nothing Democrat-controlled Senate.

House Passes Border Bill With One Democratic Supporter; Also Passing Bill to Defund DACA

The Democrats in the Senate have already said they won't vote for either. In fact, Harry Reid probably won't call the Senate back to vote on it. But a bill has now been passed in the House. The GOP bill...

Three Jews Visit Scandinavia

Just before the Israeli-Gaza conflict, I emailed Mousa, a Palestinian-American actor I know, to say that I wanted to sit down with him to discuss what's going on in the Middle East and to see if there was something the two of us could do as artists to try to help spark change for the better. Show More Summary

All hail the new House leadership: Cruz, King, and Bachmann

Good luck with this one, Republicans, now that you've handed the entire issue of immigration over to Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann, and Steve King. In a 223-189 vote, the House Republicans passed their $694 million appropriations bill which is never going to be implemented. Show More Summary

House GOP's Peace Out

Well, House Republicans did it, they passed a symbolic bill to say they've dealt with the migrant crisis and threw in a little rebuke to Dreamer kids while they were at it. Now they can go home and confidently say they did something. Even if it was actually nothing.

It Wasn't Pretty, But It Worked: How the Right Won the Summer Immigration Skirmish

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Nobody — even those among their ranks — thought it could happen, but House conservatives cracked GOP leadership to get almost everything they wanted out of a supplemental appropriations immigration bill before the Congress broke officially for recess. Show More Summary

Overnight Open Thread (1 Aug 2014)

Ahhh, first day of August. Hopefully some summer weather will show up here. At least on the east coast. It has been feeling like late September, early October lately. Sigh. It should be real easy for the GOPe to...

The PB July Polling Average: Gravity finally catches up with UKIP

Con, Lab and LD all up, but so are Others So perhaps UKIP does need the oxygen of publicity after all.  After recording a record score in June, Farage’s party is the biggest loser in July; indeed, the only loser.  That June figure surprised many who thought that the absence from the papers and TV […]

Feds Force Oyster Factory to Close

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the closing of the century-old Drakes Bay Oyster Company, once called Johnson’s Oyster Farm, prompted quite an emotional reaction from its fans, with hundreds of them mourning its demise Thursday afternoon. Show More Summary

Watch: White Girl Does The Happy Dance

We’ve had enough of icky politics today, so to take a break, let’s admire this white woman’s happy dance. This unidentified woman’s passion is admirable but her dancing leaves much to be desired,, but she’s having fun and that’s the point. the video was uploaded by   Watch: Oh sure, like you can dance better. [...]

Friday Night Immigration Jam: Los Lobos - Will the Wolf Survive?

YouTube The video's several years old and low resolution, but with the House Republicans' vote for a deranged racist anti-immigrant bill that has no chance of passing the Senate, I can't think of a better song for tonight's jam than the Los Lobos classic "Will The Wolf Survive?" Through the chill...

VOTE: Bipartisan Border Bill Heads To Democrat-Controlled Senate. House Republicans overcame div…

VOTE: Bipartisan Border Bill Heads To Democrat-Controlled Senate. House Republicans overcame divisions within their own party and voted Friday night to pass a $694 million bill aimed at addressing the recent surge of migrants on the southern border. One Democrat voted in favor of the legislation and four Republicans defected, leaving only a slim margin [...]

Rep. Gutierrez Ablaze: Only Cowards Scapegoat Kids After Hours On A Friday Night (Video)

I thought I was done with the crazy hot mess Republicans created with their xenophobic and evil twin sister "screw the immigrants" bill, but I can't let Friday night fade without something worth applauding. Here's Rep. Luis Gutierrez, calling Republicans lazy cowards. Show More Summary

Watching You, Watching Me

’ve posted here at Over Easy about companies that track our travels on the Web to display ads customized to our interests. They often use cookies, so if you price out an upscale cruise or golf club on one site, ads for cruises or golf clubs follow you around the Web. Show More Summary

The Bolt Report tomorrow

On Channel 10 at 10am and 4pm… Editorial: Gaza and the rise of the Jew haters My guest: Environment Minister…

Eric Holder: Obama Hasn't Overreached with Executive Actions

Attorney General Eric Holder believes President Barack Obama has shown restraint in his use of executive actions. In an interview with Time, Holder, who previously could not explain whether the Constitution enabled some of Obama's bolder...Show More Summary

Detention Center Workers Catching Contagious Diseases From Illegal Immigrants

A new report says that workers at detention facilities for illegal child immigrants are being exposed to contagious diseases, including tuberculosis, scabies, and chicken pox. The report was issued Thursday by DHS Inspector General John...Show More Summary

Pelosi Calls Down the Wrath of Heaven on Conservatives

Friday, from the floor of the House of Representatives, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi attacked her Republican colleagues for their push of passage of two bills to deal with the ongoing crisis at the U.S. southern border. Pelosi invoked a letter from the U.S. Show More Summary

HISTORY: Remembering the Warsaw Uprising: August 1, 1944. Not to be confused with the Warsaw Ghett…

HISTORY: Remembering the Warsaw Uprising: August 1, 1944. Not to be confused with the Warsaw Ghetto Revolt.

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