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Corey Lewandowski Does Not Deny Trump Campaign Offices Are Bugged

On Fox News Sunday today, Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was asked about reports that campaign staff offices are bugged. Instead of denying the allegation, Lewandowski waffled. Host Chris Wallace challenged Lewandowski...Show More Summary

Trump’s intellectuals

(Paul Mirengoff) Fred Barnes identifies a handful of conservative intellectuals who support Donald Trump to one degree or another. In some cases, the reasons presented for supporting Trump are unpersuasive and/or illogical. Roger Simon says: Like others, I want things to change...and Donald seems like the man with the courage and will to do it. Show More Summary

The Last Full Measure of Devotion

These words, spoken on a field at Gettysburg, to honor the fallen. Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men...

Highlights of the Libertarian National Convention

Mostly not inaccurate summary: Johnson by a head. Coverage devoid of word play @ Reason. Share

The Huffington Post and Donald Trump

By July 17, 2015, the Huffington Post had seen enough of Donald Trump’s campaign. Their editorial director Danny Shea and their Washington Bureau Chief Ryan Grim published a remarkable announcement...

Uproar after Pakistani hospital lets trans gunshot victim die

Alisha, a trans activist, was reportedly shot 8 times at point-blank range. The hospital staff mocked her.

On cutting-edge voter data, Trump critically behind Clinton

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee has dismissed the science that defines 21st century political campaigns, a tool that President Barack Obama used effectively in winning two terms and the Clinton campaign has worked onShow More Summary


Gorilla of Marco’s Dreams by Clay Jones Someone’s going to accuse me of being heartless, tasteless, and crass with this cartoon. Well, yeah. I don’t have too many sacred cows. However, if the child had died I wouldn’t have even considered drawing this cartoon. I am sorry the Gorilla was killed. In case you get [...]Show More Summary

Significant others please love yours (Guest Voice)

Significant others please love yours by Jordan Cooper Only four percent of primates (humans and monkeys) get in lifelong pairings by one male and one female. Siri is just an app. So, don’t ask it for a human clone. Cyborgs don’t count either. So, don’t ask Steve Urkel for a spouse. Learn to be satisfied [...]Show More Summary

How the AP-NORC poll on parties and voters was conducted

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll on responsiveness of the political parties to voters was conducted by NORC May 12-15. The original sample was drawn from respondents selected randomly from NORC's National Frame based on address-based sampling and recruited by mail, email, telephone and face-to-face interviews.

"Gary Johnson and William Weld are fake libertarians"... but isn't that just perfect for 2016?

I'm seeing that a lot of people are reading a RedState article, "Gary Johnson and William Weld are fake libertarians miseducating the public."I can’t support Johnson because his role as a minor party candidate is not necessarily to win, but to be a spokesman for libertarian principles. Show More Summary

Judge Criticized by Donald Trump Unseals Trump University Case Files

He unsealed the documents on the same day as Trump's tirade against him

Comparing The Transgender Bathroom Issue To The Civil Rights Movement Is Dumb

A gender-neutral bathroom is seen at the University of California, Irvine in Irvine, California September 30, 2014. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson “If it wasn’t for the federal government, we would still have slavery, lynchings, Jim Crow laws, and bans against same-sex marriage,” Fargo Forum columnist Jim Shaw wrote recently. Show More Summary

Native American Leader Says He’ll Support Trump Because Of Pro-Energy Stance

North Dakota Republican delegates stand behind Donald Trump at his press conference in Bismarck on Thursday, May 26, 2016. (Dustin Monke / Forum News Service) The narrative around Donald Trump is that he’s a hateful racist and a misogynist and, as such, isn’t fit to live in the White House. Show More Summary

Robert Marquette: Hoeven And Glassheim Spar Over Nonsense

Democratic Senate candidate Eliot Glassheim, left, has criticized incumbent Republican John Hoeven for his somewhat ambiguous support of presidential candidate Donald Trump. Two of the three ND candidates for US Senate began their cat fight over the Memorial Day weekend. Show More Summary

O’Reilly Takes the Gloves Off… UTTERLY DESTROYS ‘Black Lives Matter’

Whether one agrees with Bill O’Reilly’s political stance at this point does not matter. He is representing factual data to back-up this claim he is making against BlackLivesMatter and you

A Challenge to Matthew Parris - drop the inverted snobbery, back the return of grammar schools

I think this would be more of a controversy if it weren’t for the political Verdun that is the EU debate. This column by Matthew Parris (here seen in ‘The Australian’) is about Britain (I suppose it has some...

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