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Trump Attacks Federal Judge in Trump U Case

In one of his most personal attacks against an apolitical figure since becoming the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump delivered an extended tirade about the federal judge overseeing the civil litigation against his defunct education program.

World of Trumps: What bombastic Donald Trump-style demagogues would look like in your country

It’s official; as per a count on Thursday, Donald Trump has officially claimed enough delegates to clinch the GOP nomination. For the millions of non-Americans gazing in stunned silence at the sudden rise of Donald Trump, it may be comforting to think that their own countries are immune to such a figure. But while wall-building [...]Show More Summary

Ted Cruz On Whether A True Conservative Should Support Trump

[guest post by Dana] In a radio interview earlier today, there was this interesting exchange between Oklahoma radio host Pat Campbell and Ted Cruz: CAMPBELL: This is something many of my listeners are struggling with. Should a true conservative, should a true conservative support Donald Trump if in fact he is the Republican nominee. CRUZ: […]

Cartoons: Pocahontas

Pocahontas by Clay Jones There’s a Trump Patch. What it does it prevent withdrawals for cartoonists when they go more than one day without drawing a Donald Trump cartoon. The side affects are it makes the cartoonists draw cartoons about slow TSA lines, and Goofy as the Veterans Administration. Believe it or not, my last [...]Show More Summary

In San Diego, Trump shames local ‘Mexican’ judge as protesters storm streets

SAN DIEGO – As hundreds of protesters outside his rally here Friday afternoon chanted obscenities, waved Mexican flags and clashed with police, Donald Trump reveled on stage in the drama his candidacy has created. The Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee gave a fiery speech in San Diego and sought to leverage the power of his […]

The gospel according to Suzy

(Scott Johnson) I flipped over singer Suzy Bogguss when I saw her perform with her band at the Dakota Jazz Club and Restaurant in downtown Minneapolis in 2011. I wrote about the show here. Suzy played many of her hits and previewed her then unreleased recording of traditional American music. Show More Summary

Now here's America's Dumbest Congressman and his intergalactic post-armageddon sex boat

'Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. Earlier today, Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, put a new spin on his “gay island” story, arguing on the House floor that the push for LGBT rights is wrong...Show More Summary

Krauthammer on Obama in Hiroshima: It Was Embarrassing Utopianism, An Implicit Apology that Dishonored Our Nation

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer wrote this week about Obama’s failed foreign policy idealism. It’s been a tough seven years for... The post Krauthammer on Obama in Hiroshima: It Was Embarrassing Utopianism, An Implicit Apology that Dishonored Our Nation appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Those Contradictions Won’t Heighten Themselves!

This NYT article shows a variety of #BernieorBust rationalizations. One (which, it must be said, Sanders has helped to cultivate with his arrant nonsense about the system being fundamentally rigged against him) is to argue that if not supporting Clinton means Trump winning, it’s all Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s fault: Ms. Peters, who makes a living […]

HUGE Win For The Second Amendment Leaves Obama FURIOUS

Washington, D.C. has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. But one case might be successful in overturning one of their most restrictive laws, and a federal appeals

Famous Actor Faces HORRIFYING Charges After Police Find THIS

Mark Salling found overnight success as one of the stars of “Glee”, the wildly popular television show. But it turns out he had some big skeletons in his closet, which

The Menace of Arbitrary Power and the Duty of Judicial Engagement: A Further Reply to Greg Weiner

There is no question of more pressing and fundamental importance to modern American constitutional law: Is it proper for judges to broadly and systematically defer to the mere will of government officials when those officials seek to...Show More Summary

Why Trump Won, and Why the Current Crop of Purported Leaders Must Be Swept Aside

"Pocahantas. For a long time I've been busting on Marco Rubio people, and the class -- Upper Middle Class College-Educated -- so enthused about him. Let me explain why. I've said this before, but this class, in particular, is extremely...

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