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Overnight Open Thread (12 Feb 2016)

SMOD can't get here soon enough. Millenials prefer socialism over capitalism. Do they really look at Venezuela and think, man that is awesome! Are they wishing they had a big scoop of that here? Instapundit writes that support for.....

WELL, YES: The media’s blindness to Bernie’s socialist extremism is telling. Remember, peopl…

WELL, YES: The media’s blindness to Bernie’s socialist extremism is telling. Remember, people on the right are “crazed” and “full of hate.” People on the left are “idealistic” and “full of passion.”

Again & again on congestion pricing

This Age journalist complains about the $18 cost of his son’s cross town journeys to visit his girlfriend. His diagnosis of the problem is, however, wrong. The costs of using CityLink in Melbourne are based on guaranteeing a secure profit for Transurban. The objective is cost-recovery with a margin. The more sensible reason for road [...]

The media Left created Turnbull, and now it will destroy him

The journalists who helped Malcolm Turnbull to destroy Tony Abbott are now turning on Turnbull, who lacks the support from conservative journalists that a true…

Ridiculously Hilarious: MSNBC’s Mitchell Gets Bad Case of the Vapors Over Cruz Ad Mocking Hillary

Or should I say “Hilariously Ridiculous? You be the judge. I missed this earlier, but lucky for me The Right Scoop didn’t. This is absolutely hilarious. Andrea Mitchell was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning and her reaction to the Cruz “Office Space” campaign ad is … well it’s priceless. Show More Summary

Bill Moyers: Ted Cruz Considers Himself ‘A New Messiah,’ But Speaks With a ‘Forked Tongue’

Former PBS fixture Moyers recently touched on Ted Cruz’s Canadian birth, but not with an eye toward whether or not Cruz is eligible for the presidency. Rather, it was to contrast Canada-born hockey enforcer John Scott with Cruz, who’s...Show More Summary

Republican congressman pushes drug testing for food stamps

Drug testing for government assistance is a big trend among Republican state legislators and governors over the last few years, and they’ve run into a number of snags along the way—little things like constitutional concerns about unreasonable...Show More Summary

Police Destroy Records of Complaints, Discipline

Contracts between police and city authorities, leaked after hackers breached the website of the country's biggest law enforcement union, contain guarantees that disciplinary records and complaints made against officers are kept secret or even destroyed. Show More Summary

Ten Things that Caught My Eye Today (Feb. 12, 2016)

1. The biggest news story of the day is by far the pope and the Russian patriarch meeting at the Havana airport — a meeting a century in the making. It was the answer to the prayers of all who pray for Christian unity. This just happened. Show More Summary

Chris Kenny is wrong. These changes would divide us by race under the law

Noel Pearson wants to change our Constitution to create an advisory body of Aborigines to advise the Federal Government on any legislation affecting Aborigines.…

F.E.C. Tells Sanders Campaign That Some Donors May Have Given Too Much

The Federal Election Commission has asked the Sanders campaign to re-examine contributions from more than a hundred donors who appear to have given more than the legally permissible amount.

John Kasich Has Kinds Words for Chris Christie, but No Talk of Endorsement

Gov. John Kasich of Ohio offered kind words for Mr. Christie on Friday, but said he had not asked him for an endorsement.

Flint Water Switch Approved Despite Health Warnings a Year Earlier

This qualifies as bombshell news, I think. Officials in Flint, Michigan, knew the Flint River was dangerously polluted but they went ahead and approved it for drinking water anyway. Wow. FLINT, MI – State officials warned of potential...Show More Summary

Trump, James Bond, and American Culture

The media were horrified. From the podium at a rally, Donald Trump was discussing Ted Cruz’s stance on waterboarding in which the Texas senator appeared to hesitate. From the audience a woman yelled out that Cruz was…was…well, “the P-word”. Show More Summary

Friday Talking Points -- Back to the 1960s

For those readers who weren't alive (or old enough) to experience the 1960s, this week we had somewhat of a history lesson, packaged as a Democratic debate. Now, part of why this happened is that the Democratic presidential campaignShow More Summary

CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: House ethics probe into Alan Grayson’s hedge-fund moonlighting….

CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: House ethics probe into Alan Grayson’s hedge-fund moonlighting.

Open Thread: Could Be Worse, You Could Be A Republican

"Fake conservative" isn't hurting Trump b/c much of the "conservative" base isn't; they just hate the other tribe. — Julian Sanchez (@normative) February 11, 2016 The above tweet made me curious enough to check the source. Allahpundit’s very first line: I can’t shake the nagging suspicion that not only isn’t this guy [Trump] conservative, […]

Paul Ryan failing at uniting fractious conference and showing Republicans can govern

House Speaker Paul Ryan will attempt to get his unruly Republican conference on the same budget page Friday, giving them more than a week off (yes, they're taking another week off) to mull over whether to recognize reality, or keep doing what they've been doing and leave the House in chaos. Show More Summary

Another chart to show how badly we're getting screwed

Alvin Powell at the Harvard Gazette writes about the inequality chart above: It’s a seemingly nondescript chart, buried in a Harvard Business School (HBS) professor’s academic paper. A rectangle, divided into parts, depicts U.S. wealth for each fifth of the population. Show More Summary

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