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The GOP’s Other Takeover

Forget the U.S. Senate. Even if Republicans seize control of the chamber, their policy-changing prospects will be limited at best. The election night results you should really keep an eye on involve candidates whose names you don’t know in races that rarely, if ever, cross the national radar. Show More Summary

Michael Jordan: Obama 'Hack, 'Shtty Golfer'

Former NBA star Michael Jordan criticized President Obama’s golf game in an interview with sports broadcast Ahmad Rashad. When asked who he would put in his foursome, Jordan said he would not put Rashad in his foursome, and then added “I never played with Obama, but I would. Show More Summary

Democracy's Most Cherished Act

Democracy! A word, a way of life, our highest ideal: Everyone is equal; no one is marginal. I still feel the force of this word, though the middle syllable -- "mock" -- grows increasingly dominant when I hear it, especially now, as election season rolls around again. Show More Summary

The real do’s and don’ts of dressing your way out of the friend zone

Salon will show you how to dress the part of a man who believes in something called the "friend zone"

Giuliani's Mayoral Duties Were Much Like The U.S. President's

Oops, we have upset our friend and ally in the Middle East, the State of Israel, by offending Netanyahu yet again. Never fear, Fox News is here to castigate the 'feckless' president once more. Mayor 9/11, Rudy Giuliani, told Greta Van...Show More Summary

Michael Jordan Calls President Obama a 'Hack' Golfer

Like President Barack Obama, former basketball great Michael Jordan is a big fan of the links. While he loves golf, Jordan doesn't seem to think much about how Obama plays the game. In fact, in a recent interview, Jordan slammed the president as a "shy" golfer. Show More Summary

Think the midterms don't matter? Tell that to 157,000 uninsured people in Maine and Wisconsin

Five times, Maine Gov. Paul LePage has vetoed Medicaid expansion. In Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker didn't have to veto the expansion since he's got a Republican legislature, so he not only refused to champion taking the expansion, he also refused $37 million in federal grants just to set up a health insurance exchange in his state. Show More Summary

Messing With Texas

Today's must-read: Rick Hasen takes on putting Texas back under federal voter supervision.

How ISIS Became One Of The World's Most Dangerous Terrorist Groups

When the US withdrew its last troops from Iraq in 2011, Al Qaeda in Iraq had been defeated and one of the Middle East's most troubled countries had the chance to carve out a normal existence for itself. Three years later it had all fallen apart. Show More Summary

If The Democrats Hold The Senate

Ramesh imagines the GOP reaction: Many conservatives … would argue that the party establishment had led them to ruin. The establishment largely got its way in the 2012 presidential primaries, and then got its way again in running an agenda-less general-election campaign. This time, Exhibit A for these conservatives would be the North Carolina Senate […]

Why They Come: The Real Reason for the Surge of Unaccompanied Children in the United States

Americans have been wondering why the recent surge of unaccompanied children streaming into the United States is happening, and why it's happening right now. Debate rages over why children flee their homes in Central America, but a little-known U.S. Show More Summary

Life as an Obama Impersonator

"When you think you're the president, you just act like you are above everybody else."

Happy 85th to the Great Depression!

Black Tuesday was 85 years ago yesterday. I went on the Rick Smith Show to talk about its legacy and how we are tearing down the institutions that ensured working people would not have their lives destroyed by corporate greed enacted in the following decades. Listen to my interview here.

Seven Key Democrats To Obama: Go Away!

How unpopular to the point of being toxic on the mid-term campaign trail is Barack Obama? This bad, according to CNN: ' 7 times Democrats wished Barack Obama would go away'. It's almost like watching a chorus made up of the Seven Dwarfs. Show More Summary

Medicare Reform: Scrap the SGR and Use Markets to Control Costs

Competition for the biggest waste of time in Washington is fierce, but certainly the annual "doc fix" exercise deserves to be in the running. Medicare's Sustainable Growth Rate was created in an attempt to control Medicare's costs by tying the program's reimbursement rates to economic growth as measured by GDP. Show More Summary

71-Year-Old Dallas Man Shoots, Kills Wife's Attacker in Store Parking Lot

On October 28, 71-year-old concealed carry permit holder Ronnie Lummus shot and killed a man who allegedly knocked his wife to the ground in an attempt to rob her. The attempted robbery was reported in the parking lot of the Aldi Grocery Store on Forest Lane in Dallas, Texas. Show More Summary

The Chance for a Multi-Ethnic Bosnia

In mid-October, Bosnia and Herzegovina held national elections. The scant coverage in Western media tended to highlight the fact that "nationalists" had captured the Bosniak (Muslim), Serb, and Croat seats in the ceremonial tripartite presidency. Show More Summary

A Textbook on Managing Campaigns, by the Managers Themselves

Secrets from a cross-section of campaign managers will be revealed in a new textbook due out in early 2016 — just in time for the next presidential election.

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