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How Many Times Do I Have to Say it?

I am not defending Islam, And I am not saying there is a single cause for rampage killings. This interesting posting (with emphases added) from Monday 7th December 2016 shows that I have been repeatedly making this clear for months....

Labour’s Parliamentary pain is not just bad for Labour, but for the country as a whole

  Joff Wild on the divides in the main opposition party Today’s Daily Telegraph ran an intriguing piece about plans being hatched by some Labour MPs if, as expected, Jeremy Corbyn wins the party’s leadership election in September. According to the newspaper’s political correspondent Ben Riley-Smith, rebels are exploring the possibility of setting up a […]

Some thoughts on 'Addiction from a 'neuroscientist'

Readers here will know that I don't think much of 'neuroscience'. Any science is as strong as its weakest component, just as a chain is as strong as its weakest link. This new discipline contains some soft pseudosciences such as...

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