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Elections and Equal Pay

I have been doing some research on the Scottish Parliament elections and came across this fascinating entry from the Labour Party web site regarding its candidate for the seat of East Kilbride, part of the South Lanarkshire Council area. Show More Summary

North Lanarkshire Update

The Herald reports that yet another investigation is underway into allegations of corruption in North Lanarkshire Council (NLC). Apparently, police are investigating concerns raised by council officials into a central heating company...Show More Summary

Here Comes The Sun

I was puzzled by Nicola Sturgeons' decision to pose with the front page of The Sun newspaper which depicts Scotland's First Minister-in-waiting as captain of the USS Enterprise. Now I'm a bit of a Star Trek fan myself and although I've...Show More Summary

Star Trekkin (16/10/13)

The Voyager 1 space probe has finally our world's solar system and is now heading into deep space - 12 billion miles from Planet Earth - where it will take another 40,000 years to reach the nearest star to our Sun. Mind boggling. Voyager...Show More Summary

Spicy, Sticky Asian Pork

I've not put any of my favourite recipes up on the blog site recently, but here's one that always goes down a treat with family and friends. The undoubted star of the show is the Star Anise which brings all the other flavours together the tart orange juice, the salty soy sauce, the pungent garlic, the warm ginger and the spicy chillies. Show More Summary

Straight Talking

The BBC reports that three more Labour Party members have been suspended for comments made on social media which suggests that the damaging row over anti-Semitism in the party is not going to go away anytime soon. In the meantime, John...Show More Summary

Three days to go and three big developments overnight

New Holyrood poll suggests that the Tories could still overhaul LAB to come 2nd New poll shows Tories could still come second in Scottish Parliament election — David Clegg (@davieclegg) May 2, 2016 Ex CON general election candidate quits party over Zac’s campaign Former CON GE candidate switches to LAB in protest at Zac […]

My Bloomberg programme on BREXIT and political betting

Even if you're at all interested in the art of betting on politics, listen to our interview with @MSmithsonPB — Joe Weisenthal (@TheStalwart) May 2, 2016

What Was the Past Really Like?

What was the past really like? Can we know? A part of my life was spent so long ago, and in such unusual circumstances, that it gives me a bridge into an era that existed and mostly disappeared before I...

Unrepresentative Unions (07/05/15)

Len McCluskey has every right to support the Labour Party, but the Unite boss is deluded if he thinks he's speaking for the wider union membership when he says that "The Labour Party is our party". Because in Scotland the standing of...Show More Summary

Worzel Gummidge (03/11/13)

I heard the Unite leader - Len McCluskey - on Newsnight Scotland the other night and he comes across to me more and more like Worzel Gummidge, the famous children's TV character, for his rambling style and inability to make much sense. Show More Summary

'Kinder, Gentler Politics'

I was going to have a blogging-free day today, given the bank holiday but having read thoughts of Unite boss Len McCluskey on Labour MPs undermining Jeremy Corbyn, I felt compelled to say something. The first thing is that demandingShow More Summary

Labour in Denial (01/05/16)

The Labour Party has been plunged into crisis because of a stupid, yet deliberate attempt by Ken Livingstone (one of Jeremy Corbyn's closest allies) to claim that Adolf Hitler was a Zionist. On top of that, Ken went on to share his view that someone can only be anti-semitic if they hate all Jews across the world, not just those living in Israel. Show More Summary

At GE2015 the big picture from online polls was that LAB was leading but CON was well ahead in phone surveys

A pointer to EURef polling? With the huge split between online and phone polls that we are seeing for the referendum it is perhaps worth reminding ourselves how the two modes did during the official GE2015 campaign period. The chart could not be more clear. Throughout the campaign the big picture from phone polls was […]

An Interview with PH, mainly on the EU issue

Some readers may be interested in this interview Some may not.

If Zac loses London and the Brexiters fail it will say a lot about the declining influence of the press

If the London mayoral race and the BREXIT referendum go according to the betting then it will be very much against what most of the press has been promoting. The Sadiq Khan campaign for the Mayoralty has to overcome a strong media bias in favour of Zac Goldsmith. The above from yesterday’s Mail on Sunday […]

Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his friends for his life

These don’t appear to be the actions of a PM confident of winning the referendum Senior Cameron aide asked rebels at Tory away day if moving Osborne would "save PM" in the event of a Brexit vote. See Sunday Times — Tim Shipman (@ShippersUnbound) April 30, 2016 Typo alert – The below tweet I think […]

From Blair to Corbyn, Livingstone, and Hitler, 19 years is a long time in politics

Just a reminder how good embittered Blairites are at winning general elections for Labour. Corbynistas take note — TSE (@TSEofPB) May 1, 2016 Can things only get better for Labour? Not whilst the stench of anti-Semitism swirls around the party Nineteen years ago today, Tony Blair led the Labour Party back into government after […]

NLC Update (29/04/16)

I thought I'd share this post from the blog site archive which highlights the fact that thought the period when the lowest paid council workers in North Lanarkshire were still fighting for their right to equal pay, their bosses were receiving hefty bonuses for 'good performance'. Show More Summary

Get a Grip, Labour! (30/04/16)

I listened to Ken Livingstone on the radio earlier today trying desperately to 'defend the indefensible' in terms of his comments about Hitler and Zionism. As often happens on these occasions, 'attack' seems to be the preferred formShow More Summary

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