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Battle Over Brexit

The battle over 'Brexit' shifted focus to the Supreme Court today, but the real fight is over the terms on which the UK will continue to trade with its European neighbours. I though the issues were summarised well in a reported conversation between Carlo Calenda, Italy's economic development minister and Boris Johnson, the UK's foreign secretary. Show More Summary

Glasgow and Equal Pay

I sent the following email to all MSPs and MPs with seats in the Glasgow City Council area earlier today including Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's First Minister. As I've said on the blog site before Glasgow is now the only major council is Scotland not to have reached a satisfactory agreement over its post-job evaluation pay arrangements. Show More Summary

Heartwarming Tale

Here's a heartwarming tale from Scottish TV which tells the story of a German prisoner of war who left £384,000 to Comrie, a small village in Perthshire Scotland, which he credited with turning his life around. It's enough to restore your belief in the human spirit. Show More Summary

MPs were told the Referendum was not binding

I pointed out - to cries of incredulity - before the Referendum that there was no indication that its result would bind Parliament. I suggested this might offer opportunities for those who wished to stay in the EU to frustrate...

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