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The Spectator at war: push on to Paris?

The Spectator, 5 September 1914: SEDAN Day has passed, but there has been no second Sedan, as the Germans so fondly hoped. Indeed, as far as one can yet learn,… Continue reading The post The Spectator at war: push on to Paris? appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Ukip might help Labour win, but a "progressive majority" looks further away than ever

In his salad days, Boris Johnson wrote a handy guide to the dirty art of winning elections to the Oxford Union. He included the handy advice that it’s always important to never take someone else’s numbers at face value, recalling one hack who claimed to be able to control 50 votes. “I doubt he controlled [...]

Cornwall Council sets out draft budget proposals

Cornwall Council has today published its proposals for saving £196m over the next four years and is asking members of the public, partner organisations and staff to give their views on the draft budget and come forward with any other...Show More Summary

Too many of Britain’s Muslims are failing to integrate. We need to find out why

We can’t carry on like this. We just can’t. Today the Government has announced its latest measures to tackle what it will describe as the “Isil terror threat”. “Isil” is a code word. It actually means Muslim terror threat. Last week the nation was confronted with the graphic, grotesque horror of the Rotherham child rape [...]

Scotland decides: 17 days left – Better Together releases new posters

The pro-UK campaign has released three new posters today, down by the shore at Greenock. Last week, Better Together's election broadcast – a mother's monologue about the referendum from her kitchen – triggered a backlash from certain quarters, who dubbed her "Patronising BT lady". Now, another set of ads are out. Any early thoughts? (Photos [...]

High noon for UKIP in Clacton

As he stood outside McDonalds in the centre of Clacton, the UKIP leader Nigel Farage was clear about the importance of the forthcoming by-election. "This is high noon," he declared. "There is a lot at stake. This matters an awful lot...Show More Summary

Morning Briefing: The Great Moving Left Show

From the Morning Briefing: subscribe here "As things stand, Ed Miliband will become Prime Minister," Dan Hannan wrotein the immediate aftermath of Douglas Carswell's defection, and it's a view that is increasingly widely held in Westminster. "Is it just me, or has the Labour lead got bigger?" was the despairing remark made by one Conservative [...]

Make Your Own Kind Of Music

If I were in charge of the Yes campaign I would adopt this great hit song from Mama Cass Elliott as an inspiring, upbeat number for the final two weeks of the Scottish independence referendum. Because the 1960s were such an optimistic...Show More Summary

Cameron does not have as much time as he’d like on European reform

What should worry David Cameron more, Douglas Carswell’s defection to Ukip or reports that as many as 100 Tory MPs could go into the general election pledging to leave the… Continue reading The post Cameron does not have as much time as he’d like on European reform appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Spotlight on Sentencing

Here's another case where if you ask me, Scotland's criminal justice system is failing to protect the public. The record appears to show that this violent serial offender, Alexander Gallagher, was given a five year prison sentence for...Show More Summary

Personal is Political

I was shocked when I first read Rory MacKinnon's story in Private Eye and I was also puzzled as to why the behaviour of the Morning Star and the RMT union had never featured anywhere else in the mainstream press. So I have reproduceShow More Summary

Nasty Nonsense

I don't know Daniel Jackson personally, but if this recent article in The Spectator is anything to go by he's an arrogant little prick with his silly argument that Yes voters in Scotland are all 'plebs' and/or the political equivalent of proselytising 'Moonies'. Show More Summary

Having a Laugh

Photo - James Glossop/The Times I noticed that Alistair Darling and Gordon Brown were at a joint Better Together event the other day and had some unkind things to say about the SNP including this quote from the former Labour leader: “They dine out on Scottish ideas of equality. Show More Summary

North Lanarkshire Council

The settlement talks with North Lanarkshire Council have not produced an outcome by the end of August which was the timescale originally agreed by all the parties to get the job done. The Council has failed to provide concrete offers of settlement which is the only way to bring these talks to a satisfactory conclusion. Show More Summary

Tory hopes of benefitting from a first time incumbency bonus depend on first time incumbents standing again

Dudley South becomes the 8th CON seat where the party won't benefit from the 1st time incumbency bonus — Mike Smithson (@MSmithsonPB) September 1, 2014 The more that follow Kelly route the bigger the task at GE2015 Dudley South was won by the Tories at GE2010 with a majority of 10.1% and is LAB […]

Scotland decides: 17 days left – Team Salmond believe the polls are wrong

Far more people are planning to vote Yes than the polls show. That, in a nutshell, is what Alex Salmond's camp believe. And the thinking behind that belief is one of the most important hypotheticals underpinning this campaign. Will enough new voters turn out for Yes to swing it their way? Over the last 10 [...]

Coalition minds the gap on anti-terror measures

The Coalition parties are gearing up for a week of minding the gaps. Tomorrow, David Cameron plans to tell MPs about measures that he feels are necessary for plugging the… Continue reading The post Coalition minds the gap on anti-terror measures appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

New jobs for the boys, but the same old EU

The EU, these days, is mainly about jobs for the boys. The weekend summit cantered through some other business – the heads of government agreed that Putin was behaving jolly badly in Ukraine and that, if he carried on, the EU might do something – but its real purpose was to carve up the big [...]

Scotland decides: 19 days left – It's not about the egging

It was somewhere in-between Crimewatch, CSI Miami and You've Been Framed, only with politicians and less laughs. At the front sat Jim Murphy, Labour's shadow frontbencher, stony-faced. Beside him was a Better Together bod on a computer, playing the clips when cued. And then there was the TV, relaying shaky footage of the Nationalist heckles and [...]

Scotland decides: 18 days left – Motorcade for Yes

Yes Scotland prides itself on its sub-groups. There is Crofters for Yes, Poles for Yes, "EcoScots" for Yes and Florists for Yes (launched on Valentine's day). There is Cabbies for Yes – "We believe Scotland should be in the driving seat of its own future." There is Christians for Yes – "The values of equality, [...]

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