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More Fookin' Seagulls

Here's a terrible image which will do wonders for my campaign to rid the country of its dreaded seagull menace - a photograph of one of these vile birds attacking, killing and then trying to swallow whole a poor innocent, little bunny rabbit. Show More Summary

Politics of Spin

Andrew Rawnsley writing in The Observer makes a good point about Ed Miliband rejecting the politics of spin and presentation which is that he used exactly these kind of cynical tactics during the Labour leadership contest with his own brother, David Miliband. Show More Summary

Labour researchers confirm Tory strategy

Talk to most Tory strategists about Ukip and Ed Miliband and they say something along the lines of ‘Vote Farage, get Miliband’. They hope that this will deter people from… Continue reading The post Labour researchers confirm Tory strategy appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Ministers open up vast new areas for fracking – but companies already regret going into the South East

Ministers will open up vast tracts of Britain for fracking this week, when they launch a new round of bids by energy companies to explore for shale gas and oil in unexplored areas of the country. They have promised to “step up the search” for the fuels, and – as the Telegraph reported yesterday – [...]

There can be no getting round the fact that Tories are still being the most hurt by the UKIP surge

And a lot of 2010 non-voters seem to back Farage’s party The above chart is based on the aggregate data from Lord Ashcroft’s latest round of CON-LAB marginals polling which had a total sample of 14,004. The first factor to stand out is that much more of UKIP’s current support in these key battlegrounds continues […]

It looks as though Lord Ashcroft could be polling the slightly less marginal LAB-CON battlegrounds

Next round of @LordAshcroft marginals polling perhaps? LAB targets #15-30 from UKPR — Mike Smithson (@MSmithsonPB) July 27, 2014 Yesterday my wife was telephone polled for what appeared to be a seat specific survey in Bedford where we live. This is LAB target number 24 and was won by the Tories with a […]

A Radio Interview with PH on Ukraine Crisis

I gave this interview to Fubar Radio on Saturday. It gives me a largely-uninterrupted opportunity to explain my position on the Ukraine crisis. I suppose I'll just have to put up with their inability to spell my name.

What would you ask the prime minister?

Ed Miliband has suggested that there be a public version of Prime Minister’s Questions. This courageous idea makes Mr S want Miliband to be prime minister. What would you ask him?… Continue reading The post What would you ask the prime minister? appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Simon Barnes: The England cricket team is playing out Don Giovanni

Simon Barnes has written the diary in this week’s issue of The Spectator. Here are his opening two paragraphs: ‘Sport is like love: it can only really hurt you if… Continue reading The post Simon Barnes: The England cricket team is playing out Don Giovanni appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Maybe if politicians were nicer about each other, we wouldn't hate politicians so much

There’s an old saying in American politics, that, having been defeated offering egg and beans, most politicians tend to stop, think, and then say: “Okay. I hear you. How about double egg and beans?” Ed Miliband’s proposal for a “People’s Question Time” – where self-selecting ordinary people would grill Prime Minister Miliband on the same [...]

Is the Left anti-Semitic? Sadly, it is heading that way

There has been a lot of talk over the past two weeks about whether it is anti-Semitic to oppose Israel’s attack on Gaza. Radical Leftists and liberal commentators have insisted (perhaps a bit too much?) that there is nothing remotely anti-Semitic about their anger with Israel or their fury on behalf of battered, bruised and [...]

Scots are utterly disillusioned with the independence referendum debate

All is currently quiet on the northern front. The arrival of the Commonwealth Games has created a rare lull in the independence debate. Both sides have retreated to their respective offices, quietly holding lengthy planning meetings and lining up troops for the final push. Being in the eye of the storm – that calm before [...]

George Osborne’s taxing dilemma

Some of what David Smith, author of the essential Economic Outlook column in the Sunday Times, says today will be salve to George Osborne: ‘…the government intended to spend £722bn… Continue reading The post George Osborne’s taxing dilemma appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Ed Miliband tries to turn his vices into virtues

Ed Miliband’s admirers are hailing his speech on Friday as an attempt to change how we think about leadership. It might have been that, but it was also a very… Continue reading The post Ed Miliband tries to turn his vices into virtues appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Groundhog Day in Gaza

David Aaronovitch sets out the issues on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in clear and balanced opinion piece in The Times. How we got to where we are today can be argued over for decades to come, but the point comes when people have...Show More Summary

Schoolboy Error

I had a good laugh at this recent article in The Herald which reports on a dispute between Unison and Glasgow City Council over bonus payment, or rather the lack of them, for some staff working during the Commonwealth Games. Now forgive...Show More Summary

Pot Meets Kettle

Polly Toynbee is a 'cheerleader' for the Labour Party these days if you ask me, apparently willing to support any initiative no matter how daft or shallow. Such as this one in which Polly tries to argue that Ed Miliband is a figure of substance while David Cameron is only interested in image and presentation. Show More Summary

Not Flash, Just Gordon

The last time the Labour Party tried to deal with a perceived 'image problem' of its leader, the nation was treated to a new Gordon Brown who was presented as 'Not Flash, Just Gordon'. Now this whole business ended in disaster, but nonetheless...Show More Summary

A Piece of the Picture

Peter Brookes captures one part of the insanity that drives the Israeli v Palestinian conflict - the fact that Hamas deliberately uses civilians sites including hospitals, schools and mosques from which to launch their missiles which...Show More Summary

Why doesn’t Cameron care about Libya?

The US has said it has temporarily evacuated its staff from the Libyan capital Tripoli over security concerns. Earlier this year Mary Wakefield discussed in The Spectator how David Cameron… Continue reading The post Why doesn’t Cameron care about Libya? appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

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