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The Telegraph’s big political news..about Jack Straw and Sir Malcolm Rifkind

Tonight’s dramatic big political news — Mike Smithson (@MSmithsonPB) February 22, 2015 Both are former Foreign Secretaries

Lib Dem sources say the debates unlikely to happen

Leaders' Debates unlikely to happen say the Lib Dems — TSE (@TSEofPB) February 22, 2015 Today reports emerged that Liberal Democrat sources say the televised leaders’ debates are unlikely to happen. The Lib Dems aren’t happy because Nick Clegg is only in two of the three debates, and is relegated to the likes […]

North Lanarkshire Update

A kind reader contacted me the other day to check on my welfare, concerned that I am up all hours of the day and night writing the blog, and doing battle with the likes of North Lanarkshire Council. The truth is more prosaic I have to confess and here's the explanation as to why I appear to be at my computer at 4.37 am sometimes. Show More Summary

Cult of Chavez

The Independent had a special report on the Cult of Chavez which is slowly destroying the Venezuelan economy, beset as it is with hyper-inflation and shortages of basic household items and foodstuffs. The hand-picked successor of Chavez,...Show More Summary

He Shoots, He Scores!

Football has been getting something of a bad press in recent days, but here's a story to bring a smile to your face as Sky News reports live on young Jay Beatty's reaction to winning the Scottish Premiership Goal of the Month competition. Show More Summary

Putin's Russia

Russia is nominally a democratic country, but while there are elections periodically other key features or a healthy democracy are missing, for example a free press and media, a viable opposition to hold government to account and the right to protest and criticise those who exercise power in the people's name. Show More Summary

Poisonous Propaganda

The Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis is fond of using purple prose to make a political point and did so recently when he described his country's bailout as 'fiscal water boarding'. Now this highly emotive language invoking images...Show More Summary

Scam Emails

I don't know what I've done to receive e-mails from the rather grandly named Liliane E Bettancourt, but they're a scam obviously by some crooks from Nigeria apparently. The email, as they all do, says that these lovely people want to...Show More Summary

Yesterday's Man

The news that Lord John Prescott is to be handed a front line role in Ed Miliband's general election campaign must have been music to the ears of Labour's political opponents because there's no doubt that old Two Jags is 'Yesterday's Man'. Show More Summary

Lord Help Us

If Lord John Prescott is the answer, then heaven knows what question Ed Miliband is trying to answer by giving this discredited, washed-up politician a front line role in Labour's general election campaign. I suspect old Two Jags will...Show More Summary

Off Message (12/09/14)

The Times carried an amusing sketch of Lord John Prescott's adventures in sunny Rutherglen the other day which didn't seem to go down too well with the locals. I loved the impression given by the piece which is while old Two Jags was definitely 'on the bus' he nevertheless managed to stray way off message, and not for the first time of course. Show More Summary

Foot 'N' Mouth (10/09/14)

As I write this post John Prescott is on the TV speaking at a 'Better Together' rally in Rutherglen which is part of South Lanarkshire Council. Now I have to say it would have been good to see this old Labour warhorse, now Lord John Prescott, in South Lanarkshire shire when the fight for equal pay was at its height. Show More Summary

Israel is losing the battle in Britain

The simplest way to react to the madder pronouncements of the trade union movement is to dismiss it as so much infantile ‘group think’. Solidarity can be very selective and… Continue reading The post Israel is losing the battle in Britain appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

The dangers of yearning for a simple life

What is this mania for simplification? Listening to Nigel Farage struggling to explain UKIP tax policy on the Today programme this week made me wonder why, in so many areas… Continue reading The post The dangers of yearning for a simple life appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Hopeless in Gaza

I have already tweeted my feeling of utter despondency at the situation in Gaza. I feel hopeless, both in the sense of having no hope and in the sense of… Continue reading The post Hopeless in Gaza appeared first on Spectator Blo...

Who Will Deliver The First Budget After The May 2015 General Election?

Front page of tomorrow's @thesundaytimes, Is Ed Balls deep in trouble? — TSE (@TSEofPB) February 21, 2015 The Sunday Times are reporting (££) that Ed Miliband has been urged to demote Ed Balls after the general election, amid simmering tensions in the Labour leadership over how to pay for a cut in university tuition […]

The real mind-blowing terror threat in our midst: cannabis

This is Peter Hitchens' Mail on Sunday column Can you put two and two together? Have a try. The authorities, and most of the media, cannot. Did you know that the Copenhagen killer, Omar El-Hussein, had twice been arrested (and...

Opinium has the Tories 2% ahead fir the first time since it started it Observer series

Trend chart from Opinium which has just recorded its first ever CON lead in its Observer polling series — Mike Smithson (@MSmithsonPB) February 21, 2015 Opinium shares Con 35%(+2), Lab 33%(-2), Lib Dems 6%(-2),UKIP 15%(+1),Green 7%(+1) — Mike Smithson (@MSmithsonPB) February 21, 2015

Jihadists to Joe Bloggs: a ‘Snoopers’ Charter’ would mean everyone could be spied on

Theresa May has suggested she may reignite plans for a ‘snoopers’ charter’, in order to provide intelligence services with greater surveillance powers.  She has called for new powers in order… Continue reading The post Jihadists to Joe Bloggs: a ‘Snoopers’ Charter’ would mean everyone could be spied on appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

The Greek crisis isn’t over

The more you read about the deal between Greece and the Eurozone, the clearer it becomes how temporary a deal it is. First, the Syrzia-led government has to submit on… Continue reading The post The Greek crisis isn’t over appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

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