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In defence of Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Max Blumenthal has made a name for himself as a Jew whose main bete noire is the Jewish state. Preferring fairy tales to facts and evidence, Blumenthal paints a picture… Continue reading The post In defence of Ayaan Hirsi Ali appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Nicola Sturgeon’s speech in Glasgow highlights the similarities between the SNP and Ukip

Is Nicola Sturgeon trying to channel Nigel Farage? Scotland’s First Minister regaled the 3,000-strong crowd at the SNP’s spring conference today with some nuggets of policy, more demands for Ed… Continue reading The post Nicola Sturgeon’s speech in Glasgow highlights the similarities between the SNP and Ukip appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Get ready folks for an election to remember….!

The Intellectually stimulating campaign begins LAB protesters @ CON Launch CON ones @ LAB launch Via @PoliticalPics — Mike Smithson (@MSmithsonPB) March 28, 2015 We should get the first full post debate polls tonight My guess is that the campaigning won’t start in earnest until after Easter and it will only be after then that most people […]

Muslims, Jews and Christians use identical twins to ‘prove’ homosexuality isn’t genetic

The subject of identical twins has been on my mind ever since I read a magnificently creepy thriller called Ice Twins by SK Treymayne – a pseudonym meant to sound… Continue reading The post Muslims, Jews and Christians use identical twins to ‘prove’ homosexuality isn’t genetic appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

David Cameron: ‘This is a high stakes, high risk election’

The Tories want to frame this election as a straight choice between David Cameron and Ed Miliband. So, today Cameron delivered some of his most direct attacks on Miliband yet.… Continue reading The post David Cameron: ‘This is a high stakes, high risk election’ appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

Political correctness devours its own children

From Standpoint Magazine April 2015 FOR YEARS a few of us have warned that modern “liberals” would live to regret abandoning the principle that you should only censor speech when it incited violence. We would enjoy our vindication if the unravelling of progressive assumptions was not so extraordinarily menacing. Political correctness is eating itself. It […]

Labour Unions (03/07/14)

So now we know that the much vaunted 'new relationship' between Labour and the trade unions is complete sham with the announcement from Unite that whatever the members really think, union bosses will continue to bankroll the party anyway. Show More Summary

Unrepresentative Unions

I wrote about the Conservative peer Lord Ashcroft the other week, a man who is deeply attached to opinion polls and who commissions them all the time on a whole range of topics, normally to do with politics. Here's one about the Labour...Show More Summary

Parking Problems

I agree with the thrust of this article from the BBC's web site which suggests that far too many methadone addicts are 'parked' on the drug, but the most remarkable fact is that nobody seems to know how many users are on the programme...Show More Summary

Evil Weed (10/06/13)

I heard a report the other day which suggests to me that smoking cessation is turning into something of a 'cottage industry' these days. One that provides a heathy living for people who can find ever more ingenious ways of dealing with...Show More Summary

Scotland's NHS (08/04/14)

Here's a report from the BBC which tells you something about the prevailing culture within Scotland's NHS where, up until recently, drug addicts were provided with 'needle kits' in packs of 20 rather than just one at a time, resulting in huge waste. Show More Summary

Expensive Medicine (06/03/12)

The Daily Record may be turning over a new leaf. For years the newspaper has been a boring cheerleader for the Scottish Labour party - still is sometimes - but the are encouraging signs that things are changing. Just the other day the Daily Record ran an interesting article on the cost of Scotland's methadone habit - which raised some serious issues. Show More Summary

The Drugs Don't Work (27/03/14)

A young man sidled up to me the other day as I walked along Argyll Street in Glasgow - he announced apropos nothing that he was 'shit-faced' out of his head on drugs and then struck up a conversation, during which he told me his name...Show More Summary

Intellectual Arguments(16/02/14)

After reading this article by George Monbiot in the Guardian, I was left with the distinct impression that George approved of all the actions being taken to oust Bashar al Assad and his murderous regime from Syria - including the suicide attack on Halab prison in Aleppo. Show More Summary

Freedom Fighters? (08/07/14)

The Sunday Times published a chilling article the other week about the brutal killing of one Muslim by another with the murderers later posting their foul deed on YouTube and jihadist web sites. If you ask me, no one should be comparing...Show More Summary

Mr Stoltenberg Disagrees With Me About Who's Expanding in Europe.He's Wrong

I am grateful to contributor ‘EricD’ for drawing my attention to this interview with Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary-General of NATO, in which he specifically...Show More Summary

Spectator competition: laments for lost newspapers (plus: historical characters’ desert island discs)

In his 2004 book The Vanishing Newspaper Philip Meyer predicted that the final hard-copy newspaper will plop through someone’s letterbox in 2043. So who’ll be the first to go? In… Continue reading The post Spectator competition: laments for lost newspapers (plus: historical characters’ desert island discs) appeared first on Spectator Blogs.

By accident or design, the election’s got a debate series that could work

Multiple structures will probe the parties & leaders In a little over nine months’ time, the US presidential hopefuls will be campaigning hard in the then snow-bound small rural state of Iowa, the first in a long process of state-wide elections that will ultimately determine the two parties’ nominations. That process has evolved over the […]

Luxury Home Builders And Contractors

What is a real estate grant? It's cash that individuals can obtain to purchase a new home, repair or update their existing home, or to help them pay down a mortgage. This is funding that is available regardless of income or credit. If your home has a very small room or an area like a...continue reading ?

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