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Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders–and Voter Dissatisfaction

Linda Killian: Mr. Trump's negatives among Republicans and Republican-leaning voters, at 40%, are close to his positive ratings, 51%, according to Gallup's most recent data.

Trump Holds Commanding Lead in Iowa

A new Gravis Marketing survey in Iowa finds Donald Trump way ahead of the GOP pack with 31%, followed by Scott Walker at 15%, Jeb Bush at 10%, Bobby Jindal at 7%, Mike Huckabee at 6%, Ted Cruz at 6%, [...]

French Official Reportedly Stated That Killing Iran Deal Would Lead To Better Deal

Of course, almost any deal could be better than this turd sandwich Top French Official Contradicts Kerry on Iran Deal Secretary of State John Kerry has been painting an apocalyptic picture of

Clinton releases tax, medical records as emails made public

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton and her husband paid close to $44 million in federal taxes since 2007 and she is in "excellent physical condition," two facts that emerged in a flood of disclosures from the campaign of the Democratic...Show More Summary

KNOW YOUR PLACE, PEASANTS! Clinton rips Bush’s ‘right to rise.’ Hillary Clinton lit into her GOP…

KNOW YOUR PLACE, PEASANTS! Clinton rips Bush’s ‘right to rise.’ Hillary Clinton lit into her GOP rival Jeb Bush as the two presidential contenders gave dueling speeches at the National Urban League’s annual conference on Friday. Clinton, speaking first, threw Bush’s “Right to Rise” campaign slogan back at him to paint the former Florida governor […]

Ultra-Orthodox Man Stabs Six In Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade

Nice to know we're not the only Western country with bigoted religious whackjobs: An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man stabbed and wounded six participants, two of them seriously, in the annual Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem on Thursday, with...Show More Summary

IF YOU STRIKE ME DOWN… Ex–Top Gear Trio Will Make a Car Show for Amazon Prime: Alongside fellow…

IF YOU STRIKE ME DOWN… Ex–Top Gear Trio Will Make a Car Show for Amazon Prime: Alongside fellow ex–Top Gear hosts James May and Richard Hammond, the irascible [Jeremy Clarkson, formerly of the BBC's Top Gear series, aka "The Anti-Scold"]  has signed on to host a new automotive series on Amazon Prime, which will start […]


The New York Times’ Jackie Calmes joins me today to discuss her lengthy report down while a fellow at Harvard’s Shorenstein Center.

Governor Chris Christie On Iran “Deal,” The Debates and The Donald

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie joined me today to discuss all things 2016: Audio: 07-31hhs-christie Transcript: HH: First, I am pleased to welcome back New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Governor Christie, welcome to the Hugh Hewitt Show. CC: Hugh, I’m glad to be back. Show More Summary

Weekly Address: Celebrating Fifty Years of Medicare and Medicaid

President Barack Obama tapes the Weekly Address in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, July 23, 2015. (Official White House Photo by Amanda Lucidon). In this week's address, the President celebrated the 50th birthdays of Medicare and Medicaid, which together have allowed millions to live longer and better lives. Show More Summary

Josh Earnest: Planned Parenthood Baby Harvesting Videos Were Highly Edited… Planned Parenthood Told Me

Most. Dishonest. Administration. Ever. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters Thursday that the Planned Parenthood baby harvesting videos... The post Josh Earnest: Planned Parenthood Baby Harvesting Videos Were Highly Edited… Planned Parenthood Told Me appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Hillary Clinton Has A 'White Liberal' Problem That Will Help Bernie Sanders Become Democratic Nominee

The new talking point among political wonks who never imagined Bernie Sanders possibly winning Iowa and New Hampshire, or seriously battling Clinton for the Democratic nomination, is a belief that Vermont's Senator only appeals to "white liberals." Therefore, let's forget for a moment that Killer Mike, Lil B The Based God, Dr. Show More Summary

Trump Would Hurt Republicans in Three-Way Race

A new Marist Poll finds Hillary Clinton edges Jeb Bush in a potential general election match up, 49% to 43%. But in a three-way race with Donald Trump as an independent, Clinton crushes Bush, 44% to 29%, with Trump getting [...]

Parents of Aurora Shooting Victim Face Bankruptcy

Parents of Aurora shooting victim face bankruptcy; over $200k in court feesThe parents of Aurora theater shooting victim Jessica Gowe are being forced to pay the legal fees of an ammunition company that sold bullets used in the attack. Sandy and Lonnie Phillips explain the situation on NewsNation.

Would you believe it? The judge who blocked the @PPact videos is an Obama guy!

I know. I was shocked, too. Via Mollie Hemmingway at The Federalist (if you don't have a fainting couch, you may need to invest in one before reading this): A federal judge late Friday granted a temporary restraining order against the release of recordings made at an annual meeting of abortion providers. Show More Summary

Why I Donated Fetal Tissue After My Later Abortion

Eighteen and a half weeks into the pregnancy, I had an ultrasound. Even I could see on the screen that something was wrong. It looked like there was a hole in my daughter's back. The technician and genetic counselor in the room got real quiet. Show More Summary

Christie, others turn to McCain's town hall playbook in 2016

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — In the summer of 1999, John McCain didn't have many big names backing his campaign for president. He didn't have much money, either, and even resorted at one point to giving away ice cream to drum up a decent-size...Show More Summary

Cotton v. the White House: It’s no contest

(Scott Johnson) White House spokesman Josh Earnest mocked Senator Tom Cotton as “an international man of mystery” this week. Earnest was alluding to Senator Cotton’s complaint regarding “secret side deals” that are integral to our catastrophic deal with Iran. Show More Summary

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