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Brexit vote hardly a harbinger of US presidential election

The politics behind the United Kingdom's vote to leave the European Union sound awfully familiar to the politics that have propelled Donald Trump to the Republican presidential nomination. [...] before saying the victory by the "leave"...Show More Summary

Obama tells Democratic donors 'it's up to you' on gun laws

Obama also blames setbacks on immigration reform on Republicans and says a 4-4 deadlock by the Supreme Court on his immigration actions stems from Republicans declining to take up the nomination of Judge Merrick Garland.

Paul Ryan Goes Rogue: Disses Trump and Releases His Own Tax Plan to ‘Unify Republicans’ After Divisive Primary

Guest post by Joe Hoft Speaker Paul Ryan, in his infinite wisdom decided that Friday was a good day to... The post Paul Ryan Goes Rogue: Disses Trump and Releases His Own Tax Plan to ‘Unify Republicans’ After Divisive Primary appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Brexit Leaders Back Off Campaign Promises

The Leave campaign in the U.K. has appeared to back off key pledges it made less than 24 hours after the vote to leave the European Union was successful. UKIP leader Nigel Farage distanced himself from the campaign promise that £350 million of weekly EU contributions would instead be spent on the country's NHS health care system. Show More Summary

Supreme Court vacancy watch Day 132: Republicans duck Trump but want to hand him the Supreme Court

21 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

I t's Friday, June 24 and Day 132 since Justice Antonin Scalia died and Mitch McConnell laid down his Supreme Court blockade: No meetings, no hearings, no votes on his replacement. It's also Day 99 since President Obama named Merrick Garland to be Scalia's replacement. Show More Summary

HMM: Hillary Failed To Hand Over Key Email Between Her And Huma To State Department……

HMM: Hillary Failed To Hand Over Key Email Between Her And Huma To State Department…

THE SHAREHOLDERS ARE REVOLTING: Peter Thiel Got More Facebook Shareholder Votes Than Mark Zuckerber…

THE SHAREHOLDERS ARE REVOLTING: Peter Thiel Got More Facebook Shareholder Votes Than Mark Zuckerberg.

Video: Likely Prime Minister-in-Waiting Boris Johnson Declares 'Brexit' Victory

If you haven't done so already, do yourself a favor and watch British Prime Minister David Cameron's resignation speech in the immediate...

Donald Trump is no Boris Johnson

There are clear parallels between the Brexit movement in the United Kingdom and the Trump movement in the United States. This morning, Chris Cillizza wrote a useful piece about the similarities between the Brexit vote and the rise of Donald Trump that is definitely worth reading in full. But one big difference between Brexit and […]

Failed Carson campaign spent heavily in April and May, routed funds to former staffers

by Alec Goodwin Ben Carson endorses Donald Trump in Palm Beach on March 11, one week after Carson dropped his presidential bid. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky) Former presidential candidate Ben Carson's campaign committee, Carson America, spent...Show More Summary

Clinton's response to Brexit is sorely lacking in golf course economics

While Donald Trump contemplated its impact on his golf courses, Hillary Clinton responded to the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union by talking about the economy and international relationships: "We respect the choice the...Show More Summary

Donald Trump’s Five-Step Attack Plan Against Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump’s big speech attacking Hillary Clinton this week laid out what figures to be the Trump campaign strategy for going after his Democratic foe through the entire general-election campaign, writes Gerald F. Seib.

In Scotland, Trump celebrates ‘Brexit’ vote

TURNBERRY, Scotland — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump celebrated Britain’s stunning vote to leave the European Union Friday in Ayrshire, Scotland, saying that the people of the United Kingdom have “taken their country back.” “I think it’s a great thing that happened," Trump told reporters, according to the New York Times, shortly after his helicopter […]

Cartoon: Paul Ryan’s publicity stunt

x Vimeo Video With Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, calling the #NoBillNoBreak sit-in a “publicity stunt,” let’s take a look at what Representative Ryan has been doing lately to get attention of his own. I actually feel kind of sorry...Show More Summary

Here’s Why CNN’s Hiring of Corey Lewandowski is a Worse Idea than you Think

Plenty has already been written about CNN’s bizarre (and lucrative, for Lewandowski) hiring of former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. On the merits, the hiring doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense; Lewandowski is abrasive and twerpish and the opposite of insightful. Show More Summary

ICYMI: Dems Complained About Being 'Tired, Cold, and Hungry' During Sit-in

Those House Democrats really had it rough Wednesday night. They had to sit on the floor – for hours. It’s true, during their gun control sit-in on...

Julián Castro: Supreme Court immigration decision ‘not definitive’

Julián Castro, the nation's housing secretary and one among a group of Democrats being vetted to serve as Hillary Clinton's Democratic running mate, urged calm among immigrants despite a deadlocked U.S. Supreme Court that invalidated a cornerstone of President Obama's immigration policy. "This is a procedural setback, but this is not definitive," Castro said Thursday […]

Justices’ Immigration Ruling Will Ripple Through Presidential Race

The decision by the Supreme Court, blocking his executive actions delaying the deportations of undocumented immigrants, was a political loss for President Obama.

Build, Bernie, Build!

The Sanders campaign compiled an email list with 130 million names, a donor list that produced over $200 million in contributions, and a volunteer army of millions of enthusiastic supporters. The Democratic Party wants these lists, that money and those supporters. Show More Summary

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