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Dean John Eastman On The Powers Of The Senate Vis-à-vis The SCOTUS Vacancy

Professor John Eastman, formerly Dean of the Fowler School of Law at Chapman University and now Henry Salvatori Professor of Law and Community Service and the head of the Claremont Institute’s Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence,...Show More Summary

Not All Privacy Policies Are Created Equal

“Privacy policies actually tell you every way that [companies are] going to violate your privacy.” — Kashmir Hill On this week’s episode of our podcast What’s The Point, I, your humble host, ask for forgiveness. The podcast has touched on questions of privacy over the past few months, and a listener has rightly pointed out […]

From The Archives: Ohio Governor John Kasich 2010 Interview On His Autobiography “Every Other Monday”

Suddenly Ohio Governor John Kasich is a subject of the sort of intense scrutiny that the other major contenders have been under for months.  I always try and help my colleagues in the MSM out, so here is an id-depth interview the governor...Show More Summary

Elections Podcast: The New Hampshire Results

After watching the New Hampshire primary vote trickle in Tuesday night, our elections podcast team gathered to talk about the results. How will Bernie Sanders’s and Donald Trump’s victories affect the Democratic and Republican races? And what can the GOP “establishment” candidates do now?

The Bob & Chez Show Podcast: The GOP Debate Train Wreck, Plus the New Hampshire Primary and Beyond

Today's topics include: Big Announcement from Bob; The Hilariously Ridiculous GOP Debate; Marco Rubio Crashes and Burns; The New Hampshire Primary; Trump Calls Cruz the P word; Hillary Scolding Millennials; Alex Jones Attacks BernieShow More Summary

Overnight Podcast: The Bob & Chez Show, 2/9/16 Tonight's program on our podcasting affiliate, The Bob & Chez Show: Big Beautiful Dick: Big Announcement from Bob; The Hilariously Ridiculous GOP Debate; Marco Rubio Crashes and Burns;...Show More Summary

Ivanka Trump On The 2016 Race And Donald Trump As A Father

The audio: 02-09hhs-ivanka The transcript: HH: We begin with a very special guest. I have said for months now the best interview in America is Donald Trump. I have to revise that today, because I have the new best interview in America, Ivanka Trump, who is the executive vice president of the Trump Organization. Show More Summary

I Was on the Radio Today

I appeared on Brad Friedman’s BradCast today with Heather Digby Parton. We discussed the Saturday night Republican debate and the state of the race, generally. It was pretty fun to...

Podcast o' the Day: The Bob & Chez Show, 2/4/16 Here's the program for the latest Bob & Chez Show, our podcasting affiliate: Please Clap: Jeb Bush's Droopy Campaign; Old School Republicans vs The Reality Show Era; Rand Paul and...Show More Summary

The Bob & Chez Show Podcast: Jeb Bush is an Endangered Species, Plus Bernie's Gamble with the Youth Vote

Today's topics include: Jeb Bush's Droopy Campaign; Old School Republicans vs The Reality Show Era; Rand Paul and Rick Santorum Pull Out; Last Night's CNN Town Hall; Previewing the Maddow MSNBC Debate; The Real Progressive Purity Test;...Show More Summary

Ohio Governor John Kasich On The Home Stretch In New Hampshire

Ohio Governor John Kasich joined me Thursday to talk about his closing kick in New Hampshire: Audio: 02-04hhs-kasich Transcript: HH: So pleased to welcome back my governor, Ohio Governor John Kasich. Governor, welcome, I bet you’re in New Hampshire. JK: I am in New Hampshire. Show More Summary

Donald Trump On His Closing Argument To New Hampshire Voters

Donald Trump joined me On Thursday’s program: Audio: 02-04hhs-trump Transcript: HH: Pleased to again begin the program with the very best interview in America, Donald Trump. Mr. Trump, welcome back to the Hugh Hewitt Show. DT: Hello, Hugh. Show More Summary

State of Shock: What Worked in Iowa, What to Expect in NH

Listen to this companion podcast on SiriusXM POTUS 124. Watching the Iowa caucus returns this week, I found myself humming an old hit and wondering who among the candidates was more surprised by the results? Was it Ted Cruz, who actually slayed the great and powerful Mr. Show More Summary

Why The Dean Scream Sounded So Different On TV

Howard Dean has a long résumé. He was the longest-serving governor in Vermont’s history. As a presidential candidate in 2004, he pioneered the online fundraising and organizing methods that later helped elect Barack Obama. He went on to serve as chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Despite his accomplishments, though, he is best known for […]

Carly Fiorina On The Debates Ahead

Carly Fiorina joined me in hour three today (interview #151 with would be GOP nominees since the first GOP debate): Audio: 02-03hhs-fiorina Transcript: HH: Earlier today, Carly Fiorina sent a letter to the Republican National Committee that reads, “To the chairman and the members of the Republican National Committee, our debate process is broken. Show More Summary

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush

Former Florida Jeb Bush joined me for my 150th interview with a would-be GOP nominee since the first debate this past August: Audio: 02-03hhs-bush Transcript: HH: I’m flying to Manchester, New Hampshire on Friday. I’ll be on with Jake on Friday, Meet The Press on Sunday. Show More Summary

The Bob & Chez Show Podcast: Donald Trump vs Fox News, Plus We Say Goodbye to Tarp Man

Today's topics include: Farewell to the Tarp Man; The Oregon Militia Takes Its First Casualties; Oregon Militia Doofus Screams About the Cops; Trump vs Fox News Channel; Trump Fans Tweet Sexist Slurs at Megyn Kelly; Sarah Palin Defends...Show More Summary

The Bob & Chez Show Podcast: Our Iowa Caucus Recap, Plus Why Millennials Won't Accept the Results

Today's topics include: Our Complete Recap of the Iowa Caucus; Hillary Narrowly Defeats Bernie; Ted Cruz's Insane Victory Speech; Cruz Is Going to Be an Ever Bigger Jerk Now; Trump Is Absolutely Still Alive; Coin Toss Truthers; Millennials...Show More Summary

Podcast o' the Night: The Bob & Chez Show, 2/2/16 Bob and Chez chew up and spit out the Iowa caucus results in tonight's show: Turn Those Machines Back On: Our Complete Recap of the Iowa Caucus; Hillary Narrowly Defeats Bernie; Ted...Show More Summary

Governor Chris Christie On The Race In The Granite State

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie opened the show today: Audio: 02-02hhs-christie Transcript: HH: Not interesting, America, exactly right. And I’m going to brag about it all day long. Morning glory and evening grace, welcome to the Hugh Hewitt Show on the day after Iowa. Show More Summary

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