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Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Is the ‘Scary’ One, Not Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law

For those who didn’t know, Apple CEO Tim Cook is a Homosexual.   By Ryan T. Anderson, Christian Post Op-Ed Contributor Apple CEO Tim Cook has taken to The

The Long Letter from Mrs. Clinton’s Lawyer

My latest on the Hillary e-mail controversy is on the front page. It discusses a recent letter from her attorney to Benghazi Select Committee Chair Trey Gowdy, in which it is disclosed that her server has been wiped clean of any e-mails deemed private by her legal team. Show More Summary

The New Nixon

At least Richard Nixon never burned the White House tapes. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, wiped clean the private e-mail server at the heart of her current scandal. So says Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), who heads the House Select … Continued

Apple Bashes Indiana – But Gladly Does Business With Countries That Execute Gays

Apple CEO Tim Cook attacked Indiana this weekend for passing a religious freedom bill. Cook said, “There’s something very dangerous happening in states across the country.” Cook may believe Indiana’s new law is very dangerous towards gays… But it’s not … Continue reading ?

Barack Obama: “What If We Carried Ourselves More Like Ted Kennedy?”

Barack Obama honored Teddy Kennedy yesterday at the opening ceremony of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate. President Obama: "What if we carried ourselves more like Ted Kennedy?" — Eric Schultz (@Schultz44) March 30, 2015 … Continue reading ?

Stunner: Grandma Clinton Lied About Using Single Device to Conduct Her Secret Business

We’re not quite sure how this story managed to break through the manufactured outrage over Indiana’s RFRA law, but there it is. Hillary Rodham Clinton emailed her staff on an iPad as well as a BlackBerry while secretary of state, despite her … Continued

Santorum Speech Receives Mixed Reactions from GW Students Over Gay Rights

As former presidential candidate Rick Santorum closed his remarks Monday evening at George Washington University, controversy that’s been brewing...

Former Schweich Staffer Spence Jackson Found Dead

Former media director for former Missouri gubernatorial candidate Tom Schwiech was found dead overnight. Schweich committed suicide last month. KMOV reported: Spence Jackson, the media director for former Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich, was found dead at his home … Continue reading ?

There’s A ’90 Percent’ Chance Carly Fiorina Will Run In 2016

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has made it official. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) are expected to make their 2016 intentions known next...

Hypocrisy Alert: That Time Sen. Clinton Said The Bush Administration Might Have ‘Something To Hide’ By Refusing To Turn Over Documents

We all know Hillary Clinton used a private email address and server for official business when she was Secretary of State. She said she turned...

BREAKING: Shooting at National Security Agency Headquarters in Washington D.C.

Anne Arundel, Maryland police have confirmed that two people were confronted attempting to enter the headquarters of the National Security Agency at Fort Meade and a gunfight ensued. It appears

Disney ABC Embraces Hateful X-Rated Bully in New Prime Time Show

Media Research Center (MRC) and Family Research Council (FRC) are launching a joint national campaign to educate the public about a Disney ABC sitcom pilot based on the life of bigoted activist Dan Savage. MRC and FRC contacted Ben Sherwood, president of Disney/ABC Television Group, more than two weeks ago urging him to put a stop to this atrocity but received no response.

Latest: Reported Shooting at NSA Headquarters, Fort Meade

Early Monday morning, a shooting reportedly broke out at the National Security Agency’s headquarters at Fort Meade, Maryland after an unauthorized...

White House: Nuclear Deal Totally Doable If Country That Says “Death To America” Cooperates

The White House is desperate to get a deal, any deal, done (The Hill) White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said on Sunday that he is optimistic that the Obama

Driver Rams Gate – Shooting Reporting at NSA in Fort Meade – At Least Two Injured

A driver tried to ram his vehicle into a gate at Fort Meade this morning resulting in a shooting. FOX8 At least two people were injured. #BREAKING MT @NewsChopperBrad – Two injured at #FortMeade gate, per @FortMeadeMD — 99.1 … Continue reading ?

VIDEO: Priceless SNL skit spoofs Starbucks ‘race together’ disaster; talk sex with your mechanic

The concept of Starbucks baristas randomly talking about race with customers was so offensive that the campaign was dropped quickly. The company, known in recent years for being the drink

Allahu Akbar. Boko Haram Islamists Behead 40 Villagers With Chainsaws

Boko Haram means “Western” or “non-Islamic” education is a sin. Boko Haram fighters attacked several villages in Northeastern Nigeria this week. The Islamists shot villagers and beheaded several more with chainsaws. Russia Today reported, via Religion of Peace: Militants from … Continue reading ?

George Stephanopoulos Badgers Indiana Gov. Over Religious Freedom Bill

On Sunday, This Week moderator George Stephanopoulos interviewed Indiana Governor Mike Pence and repeatedly pressed him for defending his state's religious freedom bill, and touted the argument that it was an anti-gay law.

VIDEO: Man Causes Trouble, Gets Put In His Place

It’s generally ill-advised to start fights you can’t finish, as this guy quickly finds out. Immediately after pushing another man for seemingly no reason, he gets a swift attitude adjustment.

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