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Talking Transition With Bill Kristol (Who Has Been There And Done That –Well)

I was joined by Bill Kristol this morning to talk transition topics.  Kristol, famously #NeverTrump, remains nevertheless one folks new Trump Administration appointees ought to be talking with and to about setting the new president-elect up for success: Audio: 11-10hhs-kristol Transcript: HH: Joined now by Bill Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard. Show More Summary

Marco Rubio On Election Eve in Florida

The audio: 11-07hhs-rubio The transcript: HH: Joined now by United States Senator Marco Rubio. Senator Rubio, welcome back to the Hugh Hewitt show. MR: Thanks for having me back. HH: It is good to talk to you. I’ve got a lot to cover with you. Show More Summary

Comey Won’t Recommend Prosecution. So What?

(John Hinderaker) As Paul noted earlier today, FBI Director James Comey has notified Congress that the agency has completed its review of the Weiner laptop emails. Comey said that this means the FBI’s investigation is finished, and he hasn’t changed his view, expressed in July, that criminal prosecution of Hillary Clinton is not warranted. Show More Summary

Dr. Larry Arnn On The Vote On 10/8

Dr. Larry Arnn has been my friend for 27 years, and a keen observer of election 2016.  He joined me in his private capacity –a citizen talkingto a citizen– about the vote next week: Audio: 11-04hhs-arnn Transcript: HH: Dr. Larry Arnn has been my friend for 27 years. Show More Summary

Senator Tom Cotton On The Emails and Foundation Investigations

Senator Tom Cotton joined me this morning to discuss these investigations: Audio: 11-01hhs-cotton Transcript: HH: Joined by United States Senator Tom Cotton. Senator Cotton, before we get to the tough stuff, I hope you are pulling for...Show More Summary

Indiana Governor Mike Pence On The Last Two Weeks Of Campaign 2016

Indiana Governor Mike Pence joined me this morning to talk all things 2016: Audio: 10-25hhs-pence Transcript: HH: On the first game of the World Series day, I’m joined by the Governor of Indiana, the next vice president of the United States, the Honorable Mike Pence. Show More Summary

Axelrod And Hewitt On Indians-Cubs World Series

Bipartisan baseball balm after a rough two years in politics, Cubs’ homer David Axelrod and I discuss the 2016 World Series most mornings as the greatest match of perennial losers unfolds before our eyes: Monday, October 24: Predictions Audio: 10-24hhs-axelrod

David Axelrod On POTUS And FLOTUS Back On The Campaign Trail

David Axelrod joined me this AM to discuss the very unique circumstance of a sitting president really campaigning hard: The audio: 10-21hhs-axelrod The transcript: HH: David, welcome, good morning, welcome back to the Hugh Hewitt Show. DA:...Show More Summary

Axelrod: I’ll bet the house that Michelle Obama never runs for office

"I would bet everything that I own against that prospect." The post Axelrod: I’ll bet the house that Michelle Obama never runs for office appeared first on Hot Air.

Chuck Todd On Wednesday Night’s Debate

Chuck Todd joined me on the morning after the last debate of the very, very long election cycle: Audio: 10-20hhs-todd Transcript: HH: I am joined by NBC’s Chuck Todd, host of Meet the Press every Sunday. If it’s Sunday, it’s Meet the Press, and most days on Meet the Press Daily. Show More Summary

The Power Line Show, Ep. 43: All About the Election, With Senator Ron Johnson

(John Hinderaker) Tonight, John, Scott and Steve got together to talk about the strangest political season of modern times. Questions abound: Does Trump still have a chance? Will tomorrow night’s debate matter? Will the Hillary Clinton...Show More Summary

Talking Media Bias With The New York Times’ Michael Shear

The audio: 10-19hhs-shear The transcript: HH: Let me introduce you to the White House correspondent for the New York Times, the redoubtable Michael Shear. Michael, good morning to you, great to have you. Are you in Las Vegas? Or are you covering the White House per usual? MS: Covering the White House. Show More Summary

Talking Media Bias With Politico’s Alex Isenstadt (Including Project Veritas Videos)

Politico’s Alex Isenstadt joined me this debate day AM to talk “the rigged media” Donald Trump routinely refers too: The audio: 10-19hhs-isenstadt The transcript: HH: Joined by one of the sharper knives in the political reporter drawer, Alex Isenstadt of Politico. Show More Summary

Glenn Thrush On His Appearance In The #PodestaEmails

Politico’s Glenn Thrush is a regular and valued guest on my program. He’s also a friend and though I am not a frequent user of his colorful language, I do know that the practice of checking quotes with sources is practiced throughout...Show More Summary

Mike Allen On The State Of The Race For The Senate (And Of Course The Presidential Race)

I am joined most Monday mornings in the 6 AM hour by Mike Allen (follow him on Twitter at @MikeAllen) America’s most tireless political reporter.  Today we covered the waterfront, with a particular focus on the Senate: Audio: 10-17hhs-allen Transcript: HH: Joined now by Mike Allen of Politico. Show More Summary

Bob Dylan and the Sound of Music

Bob Dylan writes but not for the page. On their own, standing apart from his artful and often soulful delivery of them, the words to his songs fall as flat as the screen on which you can read them. True, they can please by stirring your memory of the songs as you’ve heard him perform them. Show More Summary

Face The Nation’s John Dickerson On How The Media’s Weighted Coverage Of Trump and Clinton’s Personal Challenges

The audio: 10-14hhs-dickerson The transcript: HH: Joined now by John Dickerson, host of CBS’ Face the Nation. Hello, John, how are you? JD: Hello, Hugh, how are you doing? I’m all right. HH: One of your best guests is the estimable Peggy Noonan. Show More Summary

Senator Tom Cotton On The 2016 Senate Races

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton joined me today to discuss the colleagues and future colleagues on whose behalf he is campaigning across the country: Audio: 10-11hhs-cotton Transcript: HH: If you want to be safe and secure in your emails, use, is where you go to get your private @Reagan email address. Show More Summary

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