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Donald Trump Returns To The Hugh Hewitt Show

Donald Trump returned to the show today, one day after nonsense reports that I am “anti-Donald” and have “come out against Trump.”  As a conservative journalist/debate questioner, I ask them all tough questions and give them all space...Show More Summary

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie On Iran Deal, Latest Developments In Hillary’s Server Scandal

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie joined me today to discuss the latest developments swirling around Hillary Clinton and other issues including the Iran deal: Audio: 08-12hhs-christie Transcript: HH: Joined now by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Show More Summary

Rick Santorum On 2016

Former United States Senator Rick Santorum joined me on the program today: Audio: 08-12hhs-santorum Transcript: HH: I bet you Rick Santorum is a Jackson Brown fan even though the politics do not alighn. Senator Santorum, welcome back to the Hugh Hewitt Show. RS: Wow, Hugh, you definitely get it. Show More Summary

The Power Line Show, Episode 24: Kristen Soltis Anderson and, Is Hillary’s Campaign Crumbling?

(John Hinderaker) This morning John, Paul and Steve got together for Episode 24 of the Power Line Show. We were joined by Kristen Soltis Anderson, author of The Selfie Vote: Where Millenials Are Leading America (And How Republicans Can Keep Up). Show More Summary

Arthur Brooks on Having a Conservative Heart

On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Allysen Efferson to talk with Arthur Brooks, author of the new book, The Conservative Heart, about ways that conservatives can help build a fairer, happier and more prosperous America. Show More Summary

Senator Marco Rubio On The Latest Developments Concerning The Iran Deal, Hillary Clinton’s Server, Campaign 2016

Senator Marco Rubio joined me today to discuss the latest developments in campaign 2016, the Iran deal on which he must vote soon, and, of course, Hillary’s server and the issue of recklessness with the nation’s security its existence...Show More Summary

Ohio Governor John Kasich On His Momentum, The Debates, The Iran Deal, And Hillary

Ohio Governor John Kasich joined me on today’s show: Audio: 08-11hhs-kasich Transcript: HH: Well, as I said on the day of the debate, there were winners on that stage, and there were people who didn’t win. One of the people who won last week is Ohio Governor John Kasich. Show More Summary

The Societal Problems that Led to Tragedy in Ferguson and Baltimore

On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Josh Siegel to discuss prison reform in Alabama, then Ed Krayewski talks about the problems that lead to tragedies like Ferguson and Baltimore. The post The Societal Problems that Led to Tragedy in Ferguson and Baltimore appeared first on RedState.

Carly Fiorina On Her Great Week, The Leadership Gridlock In DC, Donald Trump And More

The newest biggest star in the GOP sky is Carly Fiorina.  She joined me today for an extended conversation about the new attention she is enjoying and her rival for the nomination Donald Trump: Audio: 08-10hhs-fiorina Transcript: HH:...Show More Summary

Senator John McCain On The Iran Deal And Last Week’s Debate

United States Senator John McCain joined me to discuss the Iran deal today, as well as last week’s debate: Audio: 08-10hhs-mccain Transcript: HH: Joined now by United States senator John McCain.  Senator McCain, always a pleasure.  Show More Summary

Obama EPA Rules Will Make Your Energy Bill Skyrocket

On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Francis Cianfrocca to discuss Howard Schultz not running for president, Doug Domenech on the EPA's newest hit your bottom line, and Jonathan Last on last week's GOP debate. The post Obama EPA Rules Will Make Your Energy Bill Skyrocket appeared first on RedState.

Post-Debates Analysis With Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson joined me for post-debate analysis past midnight Cleveland time: Audio: 08-06hhs-carson ranscript: HH: If you are a track and field fan of the Olympics, you know what it means to have a kick. That means to save your best for last. Show More Summary

Post-Debates Analysis With Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina joined me on the Salem Media Group post-election debate special: Audio: 08-06hhs-fiorina Transcript: HH: I begin with one of the key participants, and perhaps the overall winner of the day, Carly Fiorina, who dominatedShow More Summary

Senator Ted Cruz On The President’s Comments Comparing Iran’s “Death To America” Killers To the Republican Caucus And Tomorrow’s GOP Debate

Senator and Would-Be GOP Presidential Nominee Ted Cruz joined me on the show today to talk about President Obama’s comparison of the “GOP Caucus” to the Iranian “Death to America” Audio: 08-05hhs-cruz Transcript: Beginning of IntervShow More Summary

Senator Lindsey Graham On The President Comapring The “Republican Caucus” To The Iranian “Death To America” Gang

Senator Lindsey Graham, who is seeking the GOP nomination and who served 30+ years in the military reserves, joined me to discuss the president’s astonishing slander on the “GOP caucus” today and tomorrow night’s debate: Audio: 08-05hhs-graham Transcript: HH: I’m so pleased to welcome back to the program United States Senator Lindsey Graham. Show More Summary

#HomeFree Tonight On Fox At 9 EST/8 Central

Mike Holmes (aka @Make_It_Right on Twitter) and Tom Forman join me in second segment of show today to talk about the new Fox reality series, debuting tonight: “HomeFree.”  (#HomeFree on Twitter.) I love the premise of the show, and even...Show More Summary

Mary Katharine Ham on the Debate and Leon Wolf Talks RedState Gathering

On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Allysen Efferson and James Kunetka to talk about his book on the Manhattan Project, then Mary Katharine Ham of Fox News gives her input on tomorrow's debate and Leon Wolf previews this weekend's RedState Gathering. Show More Summary

The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel On Likeability and 2016, And Whether Huma Goes Or Stays From Team Hillary

The Washington Post’s newest addition to their all-star line-up of political reporters, Dave Weigel, joined me to start the third hour today: Audio: 08-04hhs-weigel Transcript: HH: I’m beginning this last hour of today’s show with Dave Weigel, now of the Washington Post. Show More Summary

CNN’s Brian Stelter On The Thursday Debate And Covering Planned Parenthood Outrages

CNN’s Brian Stelter joined me today to talk the Thursday debate and covering the Planned Parenthood outrages: The Audio: 08-04hhs-stelter he Transcript: HH: And what will be discussed at the debate–CNN’s chief media correspondent and the host of Reliable Sources, Brian Stelter. Show More Summary

The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty Talking 2016 And The First Debate

The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty opened today’s show: Audio: 08-04hhs-tumulty Transcript: HH: Karen Tumulty joins me. She is of course with the Washington Post, and she’s been following these numbers as close as anyone. Karen, how are you, welcome back to the program. KT: Thanks. Show More Summary

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