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REVEALED: U.S. Diplomats Hit By “Covert Sonic Attack ” in Cuba

On Wednesday, The Gateway Pundit reported U.S. diplomats suffered from physical symptoms following ‘incidents’ under mysterious circumstances. State Department officials, who... The post REVEALED: U.S. Diplomats Hit By “Covert Sonic Attack ” in Cuba appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

BREAKING: U.S. Diplomats in Cuba Experiencing ‘Physical Symptoms’ Following ‘Mysterious Incidents’

Former President Obama reestablished ties with communist Cuba in his final year in office. President Trump reversed much of the policies... The post BREAKING: U.S. Diplomats in Cuba Experiencing ‘Physical Symptoms’ Following ‘Mysterious Incidents’ appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Wisconsin GOP Senate Candidate Kevin Nicholoson

Likely GOP nominee to face Senator Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin, Kevin Nicholson, joined me this morning.  Fascinating story.  Formidable candidate:

NPR Hypes Vatican-Approved Article Blasting 'Right-Wing' American Catholics

NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday followed the lead of the New York Times and boosted a recent article published by an ally of Pope Francis that targeted "ultra-conservative" Catholics for forming a so-called "alliance of hate with evangelicals...Show More Summary

The Story Behind the Roto-Broil 400

(John Hinderaker) Burnt Toast is a podcast about food. I normally wouldn’t hear it, but my wife urged me to listen to this episode. Burnt Toast had done a podcast on the Roto-Broil 400, one of the premier kitchen devices of the early 1960s. Show More Summary

NPR Lets Obama-Era Official Bash Justice Department Under Sessions

NPR aired a completely one-sided segment on Wednesday's Morning Edition that targeted the Attorney General Jeff Sessions's leadership of the Justice Department. Carrie Johnson played up that a possible Justice Department initiative targeting...Show More Summary

Light My Fire at 50

(John Hinderaker) If you are still cruising for news, you probably know that Mooch has been fired and are up to speed on the Awan scandal. If you are looking for something completely different, you have come to the right place. Fifty years ago today, the Doors’ “Light My Fire” topped the rock and roll charts. Show More Summary

'How Did That Feel?' NPR Touts 'Trans Man' Veteran to Decry Trump Transgender Service Ban

On Wednesday, NPR's All Things Considered blatantly sided with opponents of President Donald Trump's proposal to bar transgender people from serving in the military, and avoided any supporters of the new policy. Host Kelly McEvers interviewed...Show More Summary

NPR Lets Pro-Abortion Activist Smear Pro-Lifers as Potential Terrorists

NPR's Morning Edition on Monday zeroed in on a pro-life group's ongoing protest outside Kentucky's last abortion clinic. Correspondent Lisa Gillespie featured three pro-abortion activists during her report versus just one pro-lifer. Gillespie also let one of the abortion backers smear pro-lifers as potential terrorists. Show More Summary

Scaramucci: Yeah, Trump probably wants Sessions gone

On Mueller: "Why would you fire him?" The post Scaramucci: Yeah, Trump probably wants Sessions gone appeared first on Hot Air.

The Editors: Is Obamacare Repeal Dead?

Check out the latest episode of The Editors, in which Rich, Charlie, and Michael Brendan Dougherty discuss the death of the Senate healthcare bill and more! You can subscribe to The Editors on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and TuneIn. You can also download this episode here. National Review Podcast -- The Editors: Is Obamacare Repeal Dead?

NPR Boosts Latina Teens' Pro-Illegal Immigration Protest in Texas

The Wednesday edition of NPR's All Things Considered spotlighted 15 teenaged Latina activists who protested a new law in Texas that allows law enforcement in the state to investigate the immigration status of individuals in police custody. Show More Summary

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