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House Speaker Paul Ryan On The #AHCA

The Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan joined me this morning to discuss the American Health Care Act: Audio: 03-10hhs-ryan Transcript: HH: Joined now by the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Paul Ryan. Show More Summary

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy on AHCA

House Leader Kevin McCarthy joined me to discuss the push to pass AHCA this morning: Audio: 3/9/17-HHS-KevinMcCarthy Transcript:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions joined me this morning: Audio: 03-09hhs-sessions Transcript:

Senator Ron Johnson on The #CIASpill, #AHCA, Border Wall

Senator Ron Johnson joined me this morning to discuss the espionage directed at the CIA, the AHCA,and the border wall: Audio: 03-08hhs-johnson Transcript:

House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Greg Walden on The AHCA

Representative Greg Walden, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee joined me this morning to push for the #AHCA: Audio: 03-08hhs-walden Transcript:

House Ways and Means Chair Kevin Brady On The New GOP Bill

House Ways and means Committee Chair Kevin Brady joined me this morning to discuss the new GOp health care bill that repeals and replaces Obamacare: Audio: 03-07hhs-brady ranscript:

HHS Secretary Dr. Tom Price On The Road To Obamacare Repeal

Secretary of Health and Human Services Dr. Tom Price joined me this morning: Audio: 03-06hhs-price Transcript:

OMB Director Mick Mulvaney On The Road Ahead

OMB Director Mick Mulvaney joined me this morning to discuss the president’s budget: Audio: 03-06hhs-mulvaney Transcript:

President George W. Bush on “Portraits of Courage,”; Helping Wounded Warriors; Secretary Mattis and General McMasters And Much More

I sat down with former President George W. Bush in Los Angeles, California Thursday morning.  The conversation was wide ranging, but mostly about his wonderful new book Portraits of Courage: A Commander In Chief’s Tribute To America’s...Show More Summary

Andy Puzder On Nomination Battle

CKE CEO Andy Puzder joined me this AM to talk about his nomination to become Secretary of labor and why he withdrew: Audio: 02-27hhs-puzder Transcript: HH: Are you disillusioned? AP: Well, I don’t know about disillusioned, I’d say well,...Show More Summary

Senator Tom Cotton On His Obamacare Repeal Townhall

You have probably seen a lot of tape of Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton’s townhall where Obamacare fans turned out in significant numbers to challenge the need to repeal the law.  I spoke with the senator Thursday morning about Wednesday night’s meeting: Audio: 02-23hhs-cotton Transcript:

Counselor To The President Kellyanne Conway On The Stand-up Of The Administration

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway joined me this morning to talk about the first month of the presidency of Donald Trump and the road ahead: Audio: 02-21hhs-conway Transcript: HH: Let me give you some criticisms, though. Why haven’t we fired the U.S. Show More Summary

Senator Tom Cotton On Appointment of General McMaster As National Security Adviser To President trump

Senator Tom Cotton joined me this morning to discuss the appointment of General McMaster to his new job as National Security Adviser to President Trump: Audio: 02-21hhs-cotton

CBS News John Dickerson On The Elite media, President Trump And The Public’s Opinion Of Both

John Dickerson, host of CBS News’ Face The Nation, joined me for a short but interesting review of yesterday’s press conference by President Trump, with a particular focus on what the president had to say about the media: Audio: 02-17hhs-dickerson Transcript:

Meet The Press Chuck Todd’ On D.C. Dysfunction At Both Ends of Pennsylvania Avenue

NBC’s Chuck Todd, host of Meet The Press, joined me today to preview what we will be discussing Sunday (I’m heading back east to be a panelist on the show): Audio: 02-16hhs-todd Transcript: Founder Michael Lindell is a great sponsor of my show, and I urge you to visit their site (and use my “most favored nation code “Hugh” to get the best prices there.) But Michael Lindell is actually an inspiration for millions of Americans suffering from addiction.  Give a listen: Audio: 02-15hhs-lindell

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