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Senator Marco Rubio On All Things 2016

Senator Marco Rubio joined me today: Audio: 01-22hhs-rubio Transcript: HH: I begin today with an hour with Marco Rubio, the Senator from Florida who seeks to become the next president of the United States. I hope you got out of Washington,...Show More Summary

Chris Christie On All Things 2016

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie joined me today: Audio: 01-21hhs-christie Transcript: HH: On this snowy Thursday back east, I’m pleased to be joined by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. I don’t think this storm is up in the Garden State, yet, is it, Governor? CC: It is not, and I am in New Hampshire. Show More Summary

Senator John Thune On 2016

Senator John Thune, the chair of the Senate GOP Conference and thus #3 in the GOP Senate Conference: Audio: 01-20hhs-thune Transcript: HH: Welcome, America. It’s Hugh Hewitt broadcasting from beautiful, sunny Santa Barbara today where...Show More Summary

GOP Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn On The Year Ahead

Senator John Cornyn from Texas is the GOP’s #2 in the Senate, the Whip, and he joined me Wednesday to discuss the GOP Congressional retreat just concluded: Audio: 01-20hhs-cornyn Transcript: HH: Welcome, it’s a beautiful 65 degrees sunny...Show More Summary

Ohio Governor John Kasich On His Momentum In New Hampshire

Ohio Governor John Kasich joined me on today’s show to discuss his rising poll numbers in the Granite State: Audio: 01-19hhs-kasich Transcript: HH: I’m joined now by Ohio’s governor, John Kasich who is the headline of the day, ahs a new ARG poll in New Hampshire, shows him rocketing into second place behind Donald Trump closing the gap quickly. Show More Summary

Marco Rubio On The Debate Last Night

The audio: 01-15hhs-rubio The transcript: HH: From Hillsdale College’s Kirby Center in Washington, D.C., where I am for Meet The Press on Sunday, I’ll also be on with Don Lemon tonight. I’m pleased to begin the day after the debate with one of the two people I think won the debate, and I wrote that in CNN opinion this morning, Senator Marco Rubio. Show More Summary

Did Donald Trump Call for a 45% Tariff with China? Fact Check: Mostly False

Donald Trump got in a bit of a scuffle with moderator Neil Cavuto last night over a claim (made by the NYT editorial board) that Donald Trump supported a 45% tariff with China. It was one of those exchanges where you sort of expected...Show More Summary

Tale of the Tape: Times Catches Trump Fibbing on China Tariff

In the row over tariffs and trade policy at last night’s debate, Donald Trump denied a New York Times report that he had proposed imposition of a 45 percent tariff on China. When confronted about it, he said he’d been misquoted, sniping,...Show More Summary

The Power Line Show, Episode 31: Jeff Sessions Explains the News

(John Hinderaker) This morning John, Scott and Steve returned from a holiday hiatus to record Episode 31 of the Power Line Show. Paul couldn’t join in because he had a dentist appointment. Which naturally raised the question: would you...Show More Summary

Brandon Creighton Talks SOTU, Ted Cruz and States’ Rights

On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Texas State Senator Brandon Creighton is here. We'll talk about his spoof of tonight's State of the Union speech, his support for Ted Cruz, and the push for states' rights. The post Brandon Creighton Talks SOTU, Ted Cruz and States’ Rights appeared first on RedState.

Senator Tom Cotton Previews The State Of The Union

The audio: 01-11hhs-cotton The transcript: HH: Joined by United States Senator Tom Cotton, who will be, I assume, in the audience tomorrow night for the State of the Union. Are you going to the State of the Union tomorrow night, Senator? TC:...Show More Summary

Radio Daze

(Steven Hayward) Fun times on the radio yesterday and today on the Bill Bennett show, and as we haven’t been able to get our act together here to produce a new podcast (believe me—we’ve been trying), I thought I’d post a segment from today’s show in lieu of. Show More Summary

From Obama and Clinton on the Rahm Emanuel Scandal, Crickets

(John Hinderaker) Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton purport to be deeply concerned about police misconduct. They support Black Lives Matter and have been quick to condemn policemen, often wrongly. But in Chicago, a policeman shot a young...Show More Summary

Earnest Byner On “Everybody Fumbles”

Browns’ and Redskins’ great Earnest Byner joined me today to talk “Concussion,” Johnny Football in a wig, ND’s Jaylon Smith and life after the NFL: Audio: 01-05hhs-byner Transcript: HH: I’ve got to tell you, there are days when everything comes together. Show More Summary

And The 2016 Broadcast Year Opens With…Chris Christie

It is going to be one great year for political talk radio, and mine began with New jersey Governor Chris Christie: Audio: 01-04hhs-christie Transcript: HH: So great to begin it with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who gave a major speech on his campaign today in New Hampshire. Show More Summary

Paul Ryan Explains

(Steven Hayward) Both here on Power Line and elsewhere Speaker Paul Ryan and congressional Republicans in general have been taking heavy weather for the sorry outcome of the omnibus budget that passed last week. Ryan went on Bill Bennett’s...Show More Summary

Talking ISIS With The Washington Post’s Joby Warrick

The Washington Post’s Joby Warrick joined me today to discuss his new best-seller: Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS: Audio: 12-23hhs-warrick-1 12-23hhs-warrick-2 Transcript: HH: A special Christmas Eve eve show that I’m devoting to a really dark subject. Show More Summary

Chris Christie Reacts To The Debate And The Way Forward In His Campaign

The audio: 12-17hhs-christie The transcript: HH: Joined now by the man who I wrote at today I believe won the debate, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Governor Christie, welcome back to the Hugh Hewitt Show. CC: Hugh,...Show More Summary

Arguing At The Supreme Court, Part 1

Arent Fox’ Thor Hearne joined Hugh to talk about the Arizona redistricting case heard Tuesday. The audio: 12-10hhs-hearne The transcript: HH: An unusual thing happened to one of my law partners this week, and I wanted to take a break...Show More Summary

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