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Mark Steyn On Europe’s Refugee Crisis And The Iran Deal

The Audio: 09-03hhs-steyn The Transcript: HH: Live with me, Mark Steyn, Columnist of the World. Hello, Mark, how are you? MS: Hey, I’m great, Hugh. Good to be with you. HH: Donald is not happy with me this afternoon because he thinks – I asked him some “gotcha questions” about Soleimani and the difference between Hezbollah and Hamas. Show More Summary

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie On 2016, The Iran Deal, And Gun Violence

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie joined me on the show today: Audio: 09-02hhs-christie Transcript: HH: On a very bad day for America, I begin with Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey. Governor Christie, welcome, it’s always goodShow More Summary

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank On Hillary And The Manhattan-Beltway Media Elite

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank wrote about Hillary’s critics today, and joined me this afternoon to discuss Hillary and her critics: Audio: 09-02hhs-milbank Transcript: HH: I begin this hour, though, with Dana Milbank, columnist for the Washington Post. Show More Summary

Senate Approval of Iran Deal Likely, But Americans Still Hate It

On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Allysen Efferson and author Arthur Herman to discuss his book on American industry in WWII, then Morgan Chalfant from the Washington Free Beacon discusses the Iran nuclear...Show More Summary

Senator Lindsey Graham On 2016

South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham joined me on the program today: Audio: 09-01hhs-graham Transcript: HH: I’m joined by United States Senator Lindsey Graham of the great state of South Carolina. Senator Graham, welcome back, always a pleasure to talk to you. LG: Thank you, Hugh. Show More Summary

Ohio Governor John Kasich

Ohio Governor John Kasich joined me today to discuss defense spending, the sequester and the 2016 election: Audio: 08-31hhs-kasich Transcript: HH: So pleased to welcome back the Buckeyes’ state’s great governor, John Kasich. Governor...Show More Summary

Run, Larry, Run! Kudlow Talks about Possible Blumenthal Challenge

On his nationally syndicated weekend radio show yesterday, while discussing the horror show of the Iran deal with Illinois congressman Peter Roskam, Larry threw down the gauntlet (beginning at 26:50): You know, I’m going to tell you something. Show More Summary

Audio/Transcripts: The Six GOP Candidate Interviews This Week (In Order Of Appearance)

Donald Trump 08-26hhs-trump Transcript John Kasich 08-26hhs-kasich Transcript Carly Fiorina 08-26hhs-fiorina Transcript Marco Rubio 08-28hhs-rubio Transcript Scott Walker 08-28hhs-walker Transcript Mike Huckabee 08-28hhs-huckabee Transcript

Governor Mike Huckabee On 2016

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee joined me today: Audio: 08-28hhs-huckabee Transcript: HH: Pleased to welcome back Governor Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, star of Fox News Channel. Governor, welcome, it’s always a pleasure to talk to you. MH: Hugh, it’s a pleasure to be back, thank you, sir. HH: You must be happy. Show More Summary

The Power Line Show, Episode 25: Eliana Johnson and the State of the Race

(John Hinderaker) Today John, Paul and Steve got together for Episode 25 of the Power Line show, along with Eliana Johnson, Washington Editor for the National Review. We kicked around the latest news and Washington gossip about the presidential race on both sides of the aisle. Show More Summary

Senator Marco Rubio On Hillary’s Attack On Him And The GOP, And On The PRC

Senator Marco Rubio joined me in the first hour of today’s program: Audio: 08-27hhs-rubio Transcript: HH: Joined now by United States Senator Marco Rubio. Senator Rubio, great to have you, thank you for joining me. MR: Thanks for having me back on. HH: I want to begin, you were attacked by name this morning by Secretary of State Clinton. Show More Summary

A Look Back at Hurricane Katrina, 10 Years Later

On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson looks back at Hurricane Katrina, ten years later. He's joined by radio reporter Daniel French who was in New Orleans when the storm hit, Jason Russell who discusses charter schools...Show More Summary

Thinking about Donald Trump with Seth Leibsohn

(Paul Mirengoff) On Monday, I had the pleasure of appearing with Seth Leibsohn on his radio show broadcast from Phoenix. We talked mostly about Donald Trump and his “empire populism.” With Seth, though, the discussion is always free-wheeling, so J.R. Ewing, Ross Perot, and “national greatness conservatism” also came up. Here is the interview:

Donald Trump On The 2016 Race

Donald Trump joined me to open today’s program: Audio: 08-26hhs-trump Transcript: HH: I begin today’s program with Donald Trump, about whom everyone in America is talking. Donald Trump, welcome back, I say I’d start every show of mine with you, you’re such a ratings draw. Show More Summary

The Sharing Economy Revolution and Why it Frightens Regulators

On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Erik Sofgee to discuss Uber's plans for autonomous drivers, Michael Rosen on what Uber must do to rally support, Christopher Koopman talks about how regulators have responded to the sharing economy, and finally, Liya Palagashvili on Uber vs. Show More Summary

Black Monday May Not Be As Bad As You Think

On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Francis Cianfrocca to discuss the plummeting stock market and how far it may fall. Then Sarah Westwood from the Washington Examiner is here to talk about the Hillary Clinton email scandal and if Joe Biden may get in the race. Show More Summary

Ohio Governor John Kasich On His Pro-Life Credentials, The Growing Threat Of Radicalization Of Young Muslims, And Picking Judges

Ohio Governor John Kasich began Friday’s show with me: Audio: 08-21hhs-kasich Transcript: HH: I begin today with a guest who has confounded the Wall Street Journal. Peggy Noonan writing about my guest that, praising him for “being alive...Show More Summary

Tumbling Stocks and Falling Oil Prices May Delay Fed Action

On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Francis Cianfrocca to discuss falling stocks and oil prices. Then, Bryan Riley talks about protectionist sugar policies. Finally, Madaline Donnelly discusses the licensing and fees that hamper American workers. The post Tumbling Stocks and Falling Oil Prices May Delay Fed Action appeared first on RedState.

Rick Perry On Hillary’s Meltdown

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry joined me today: Audio: 08-20hhs-perry Transcript: HH: That was Hillary at her press conference yesterday. I’m joined now by the former governor of Texas, Rick Perry. Governor Perry, did you hear that...Show More Summary

Chris Christie On Hillary’s Server, National Security Breaches, And The Judiciary

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie joined me today: Audio: 08-20hhs-christie Transcript: HH: That, of course, former Secretary of State Clinton talking two days ago. I’m joined now by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who must have seen or heard that press conference by now. Show More Summary

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