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CNN Plays Up 'Tough Year' For Obama White House in Wake of Supreme Court Rulings

On Monday's This Hour, CNN's John Berman underlined that the Supreme Court's ruling against the Obama administration's contraceptive mandate was "another setback to the administration, in what has been a difficult year for this White House." Berman later asserted that "this has to be very frustrating for them. Show More Summary

ABC Ignores 'Scathing' New Report on V.A. Scandal; CBS and NBC Cover

Friday's World News on ABC glossed over the release of Deputy White House Chief of Staff Rob Nabors's report on the scandal at the Veterans Administration. President Obama had sent Nabors to look into the long wait times at veterans hospitals nationwide. Show More Summary

Brian Williams: Late Sen. Baker Was ' A Republican So Moderate It Might Make Him A Democrat Today'

Following the death of former Senator Howard Baker on Tuesday, all three major broadcast networks praised the influential former White House Chief of Staff during their June 26 evening newscasts for his ability to compromise with Democrats. Show More Summary

Author: Clinton screwed intern; Obama screwing entire genneration

By Benjamin Yount | Watchdog Radio Young voters across the country are finally seeing the consequences of (twice) helping to elect President Obama. Author Katie Kieffer’s new book “Let Me Be Clear,” explains why millennials are just now seeing the damage the president is doing for their generation. Kieffer compares Obama to Bill Clinton and...

The Same Chris Matthews Who Defended Tea Partiers Assailed 'Racist,' 'Nazi' Conservatives

Want to see the hypocrisy of Chris Matthews exposed? The Media Research Center has done just that with a must-see montage. [Video below. MP3 audio here.] Americans across the country were shocked on June 11 as Matthews defended the Tea Party and lashed out against their critics. Show More Summary

CNN's Bolduan Rips Conservative Super PAC's 'Sexist' Jab at Hillary's 'Shopping Sprees'

On Monday's New Day, CNN's Kate Bolduan blasted conservative super PAC America Rising for a supposedly bigoted attack on Hillary Clinton. The group recently attacked the former secretary of state as being out of touch: "If Hillary is...Show More Summary

NBC Boosts Bloomberg Gun Control Group's Misleading Figure on School Shootings

Miguel Almaguer hyped on Wednesday's NBC Nightly News that "since the mass shooting in Newtown a year and a half ago, there's been at least 74 school shootings across the country – roughly one every week." However, the correspondentShow More Summary

Chris Matthews Defends Tea Party: 'They're As American As Any Liberal Is'

Don’t look now, but there may be pigs flying around outside your window. On the June 11 episode of Ronan Farrow Daily, Hardball host Chris Matthews defended conservative Republican congressional nominee David Brat – who surprised all...Show More Summary

Adam Tobias of Wisconsin Reporters discusses dark money conference Adam Tobias discusses dark money conference with on the Vicki Mckenna radio show.

Jana Benscoter, PA Editor with Watchdog Wire speaks with WFYL-AM Jana Benscoter discusses the work Watchdog Wire is doing with WFYL-AM.

CBS Presses Marco Rubio on Immigration Reform; Hillary's Latest Remarks on Benghazi

Charlie Rose and Norah O'Donnell questioned Republican Senator Marco Rubio on Tuesday's CBS This Morning over the increase in the number of children illegally entering the U.S., and whether immigration reform is going to be revived in Congress. Show More Summary

Will Diane Sawyer Grill Hillary Clinton Like She Did Ken Starr and Mel Gibson?

Veteran ABC journalist Diane Sawyer will interview Hillary Clinton on Monday night for a one-hour special. Will the World News anchor grill the potential Democratic presidential candidate like she did Ken Starr or Mel Gibson? It doesn't...Show More Summary

The Hinderaker-Ward Experience, Episode 72: The Bleep Hits the Fans

(John Hinderaker) Last night, Brian Ward and I taped a Thursday evening edition of the Hinderaker-Ward Experience. We talked about Bowe Bergdahl–what else?–and the Democratic Party’s attempt to repeal the First Amendment as it relates to electoral politics. Show More Summary

The Democrats Try to Repeal the First Amendment: Hear It Here

(John Hinderaker) This morning, I was on the Bill Bennett show with guest host Mark Davis, talking about the Senate Democrats’ effort to pass the Udall Amendment, which would gut the First Amendment. While the Democrats’ proposal would...Show More Summary

Blame government cronies and nannies for bad beer

By Benjamin Yount | Watchdog Radio There is a reason you can buy the big beers by the case, and it is not just a good business plan. Mercatus Center Researcher Matt Mitchell says government regulations, at the local, state and federal level, are keeping many new beers out of your fridge. Plus why one...

CNN Hounds Liberal Senator Over Twitter Jab at Bergdahl Critics

CNN's Michaela Pereira surprisingly went after Democratic Senator Chris Murphy on Thursday's This Hour for his Tweet that ripped the critics of the release of five Taliban leaders for Bowe Bergdahl's safe return as "Obama haters" who...Show More Summary

‘Are these kind of armed pre-dawn raids standard operating procedure?’

Part 76 of 76 in the series Wisconsin’s Secret War By M.D. Kittle | Wisconsin Reporter MADISON, Wis. — John Chisholm, the Milwaukee County District Attorney and Democrat who launched a secret John Doe investigation into conservatives nearly three years ago, suggests prosecutor-sought raids on the homes of targets may well just be a figment...

CNN's Lemon Spars with Ben Carson Over ObamaCare/Slavery Remarks; V.A. Scandal

On Tuesday's CNN Tonight, Don Lemon hounded conservative author Dr. Ben Carson over his October 2013 likening of ObamaCare to slavery and his recent blunt remarks about the V.A. scandal. Lemon acted as an apologist for the PresidentShow More Summary

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