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Analyzing Brexit And The Aftermath With John Fisher Burns Of The New York Times

The audio: 06-27hhs-burns The transcript: HH: I can think of no better person to talk about the biggest story of the day, the aftermath of the Brexit vote than John Fisher Burns, British journalist extraordinaire, for many years the London Bureau Chief of the New York Times, two times a Pulitzer Prize winner. Show More Summary

Hugh And Donald Trump Talk 2016

The Audio: 06-23hhs-trump The Transcript: HH: Pleased to welcome back to the Hugh Hewitt Show now Donald Trump. Mr. Trump, welcome back, good to have you again. DT: Good morning. HH: We have had an unusual relationship this campaign season, wouldn’t you say? DT: Well, I think it’s been good. Show More Summary

The Power Line Show, Ep. 37: Moral Narcissism, with Roger Simon

(John Hinderaker) Tonight John, Paul and Steve kicked around some of the major news stories of the day, including the terrorist attack in Orlando and the Democrats’ effort to change the subject to gun control, and Donald Trump’s train...Show More Summary

Talking Clinton v. Trump With Bret Stephens

Yesterday I wrote in the Washington Post that because there is no Speaker Ryan-Leader McConnell led effort to replace Donald Trump as the GOP nominee, it isn’t going to happen and that voters have to support him regardless of their disagreements...Show More Summary

WSJ Deputy Editor: “Hillary Clinton… is a Survivable Event. I’m not so Sure About Donald Trump.”

Hugh Hewitt this morning had a fascinating interview this morning with Wall Street Journal deputy editor and pulitzer prize winning columnist Bret Stephens. Stephens is about the exact opposite of a wilting liberal, as his column today is one of the most brutal excoriations of Obama’s foreign policy you could possibly imagine. Show More Summary

Dr. Michael Oren On The Aftermath Of The Orlando Terror Attack

Dr. Michael Oren is a distinguished historian, formerly Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, now a member of the Knesset, and many believe a future prime minister of Israel.  He joined me on this morning’s program: Audio: 06-16hhs-oren Transcript: HH: Welcome back, America, it’s Hugh Hewitt. Show More Summary

Senator Lindsey Graham On The Aftermath Of Orlando

Senator Lindsey Graham joined me today: Audio: 06-16hhs-graham Transcript: HH: I’m joined now by United States Senator Lindsey Graham. Senator Graham, welcome, it’s good to talk to you. LG: Thank you. HH: In the reporting this morning...Show More Summary

New York Times Columnist Frank Bruni On The Aftermath Of The Orlando Attack

New York Times columnist Frank Bruni joined me this AM to discuss the aftermath of the Orlando attack and his column from this morning: Audio: 06-15hhs-bruni Transcript:

Congressman Ron DeSantis And The Attacks (And His Plans If Senator Rubio Runs For Re-election)

Congressman Ron DeSantis was my guest this morning: Audio: 06-15hhs-desantis Transcript: HH: I’m joined by Congressman Ron DeSantis from the great state of Florida. I know he has been hard hit by this. Congressman, welcome back, good to talk to you. Show More Summary

“I’ll Be Shocked If There Weren’t Others Involved In This,” House Intel Committee Member Chris Stewart On Orlando Massacre

Congressman Chris Stewart spent a dozen years in the Air Force, has written a dozen books including a couple of New York Times’ best-sellers, and is now on the House Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence.  He joined me this morning: Audio: 06-14hhs-stewart Transcript: HH: I am joined by Congressman Chris Stewart, Republican from Utah. Show More Summary

Senator Marco Rubio On The Orlando Terrorist Attack And Radical Islam’s Reach Into America

Florida Senator Marco Rubio joined me on the program this morning to discuss Sunday’s terrorist attack on the gay nightclub in Orlando: Audio: 06-13hhs-rubio Transcript: HH: A second ISIL-affiliated propaganda site claimed responsibility for yesterday’s massacre. Show More Summary

Speaker Paul Ryan On The National Security Context For The 2016 Campaign

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan joined me today to discuss the House GOP’s national security agenda for the future, an agenda that defines the choices ahead in the fall: Audio: 06-10hhs-ryan Transcript: HH: Pleased to welcome back to the program now the Speaker of the United States House of Representative, Paul Ryan. Show More Summary

Congressman Mike Pompeo On Prosecuting The Case Against Hillary Clinton

Congressman Mike Pompeo joined m this morning to discuss Hillary Clinton’s appearance with Bret Baier last night, and the need for Donald Trump to have on his ticket a VP nominee gifted at pressing detailed, specific arguments against...Show More Summary

Lanhee Chen On Whether The GOP Is On The Verge of Mutiny

The Hoover Institution’s Lanhee Chen joined me this morning and we discussed the chaos that is surrounding Team Trump and whether it might lead the GOP to a mutiny against its presumptive nominee: Audio: 06-07hhs-chen Transcript: HH:...Show More Summary

Terry Sullivan and Alex Conant, On The Launch Of Firehouse Strategies

Two senior members of Senator Marco Rubio’s campaign –among the most in-demand communications strategists in the country– Alex Conant and Terry Sullivan, joined me today to look back at what went right and wrong for their candidate and...Show More Summary

Lt. Gen Michael Flynn (USA, ret) On “The Field Of Fight”

Lt. General Michael Flynn (USA, ret) joined me on the program today to discuss his upcoming new book The Field of Fight and the lack of focus on the war against radical Islam in campaign 2016: Audio: 06-06hhs-flynn Transcript: HH: In...Show More Summary

RNC Chair Reince Priebus On Preparations For Cleveland Convention And Fall Campaign

Chairman Reince Priebus joined me today to discuss the run-up to Cleveland and the general election: Audio: 06-02hhs-priebus Transcript: HH: As we come up to the California primary, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are locked in a death battle, a cage match. Show More Summary

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell On “The Long Game”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell joined me for a long conversation Monday about his new, very entertaining –and important– memoir, The Long Game. Audio: 05-31hhs-mcconnell-1 05-31hhs-mcconnell-2 Transcript: HH: Pleased to welcome...Show More Summary

Senator Kelly Ayotte On Gitmo Guards, Submarines, and Iran’s Ballistic Missiles

Senator Kelly Ayotte is among the best-informed of the United States Senate on national security issues across the board. Support her re-election (crucial to holding the GOP Senate majority) via She joinedShow More Summary

Senator Tom Cotton On “The Van Drivers, Campaign Flaks And Failed Novelists” At The White House Misleading Public On Iran Deal

Senator Tom Cotton tore into the White House flaks and pseudo-nationals security gurus on this morning’s program: Audio: 05-17hhs-cotton Transcript: Reporter: Quick clarification. You’re not suggesting that Senator Cotton’s a liar? Josh Earnest: I am suggesting that what he said about the Iran deal did not turn out to be true. Show More Summary

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