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Politico Co-Founder Jim VandeHei on the MSM anti-Trump bias in 2016

Jim VandeHei, on the cusp of launching a new media enterprise that promises to be as disruptive as was when it launched, joined me this morning to discuss the venture, and we ended talking about MSM bias in Campaign 2016: The...Show More Summary

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan On Last Night’s “Commander-in-Chief Forum,” FBI Investigation, Budget Negotiations

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan joined me this morning: Audio: 09-08hhs-ryan Transcript: HH: Joined now by the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, the Honorable Paul Ryan. Speaker Ryan, welcome back to the Hugh Hewitt Show. Show More Summary

MSNBC’s Joy Reid And I Debate Last Night’s “Commander-in-Chief Forum”

MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid joined me this morning to discuss last night’s forum: Audio: 09-08hhs-reid Transcript: HH: I am so pleased to welcome onto the show now my NBC and MSNBC pal, Joy Reid. And like my college roommates, Marc Gearan and Dan Poneman, she is sadly a Democrat. Show More Summary, PayPal Hell, And Why Trump Will Win

Follow me on this. Or not.  You can listen here: 09-07hhs-paypal Written version.  My friend Bill says to me at dinner Saturday night: “Join  It’s hilarious.  It’s a survivor pool for the NFL Season but its written by very funny guys. Show More Summary

Chairman Jason Chaffetz On The House Hearings Ahead For Team Hillary And FBI

Were Hillary Clinton’s missing Blackberries backed-up?  Who did Sidney Blumenthal talk to that spilled classified information to him, and to whom (besides Clinton) did he give it?  Was the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violated by Bill...Show More Summary

Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister For Diplomacy Michael Oren

Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister for Diplomacy Michael Oren joined me Friday morning: Audio: 09-02hhs-oren Transcript: HH: I’m joined now by Michael Oren. Over the years, I have referred to Dr. Oren as Professor Oren, as Mr. Ambassador when he was Israel’s ambassador to the United States, as a member of the Knesset. Show More Summary

Face The Nation’s John Dickerson On Press Conferences: The One Chris Christie Did And The One Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Done (And Won’t/Can’t Do)

Face The Nation’s John Dickerson joined me this morning: Audio: 09-02hhs-dickerson Transcript: HH: John Dickerson, though, will be working on Sunday on Face the Nation. Hello, John, welcome to the show. Who’s on Face the Nation this Sunday? JD: Hello, Hugh, happy early Labor Day to you. Show More Summary

Talking With Chuck Todd About 2016 And The Clinton Scandals And The Trump Ceiling

Meet The Press’ Chuck Todd joined me this morning: Audio: 09-02hhs-todd Transcript: HH: I’m talking with Chuck Todd, host of Meet the Press, who got to spend the day yesterday talking baseball. I was extremely jealous, Chuck Todd. How did you enjoy that? CT: That was fantastic. Show More Summary

National Review’s Rich Lowry On Donald Trump’s Very Good Day And On The “AltRight”

National Review editor-in-chief Rich Lowry joined me this morning to continue yesterday’s conversation with Jonah Goldberg and to assess Donald Trump’s trip to Mexico and his speech in Phoenix: Audio: 09-01hhs-lowry Transcript: HH: I...Show More Summary

The WSJ’s Bret Stephens On Donald Trump’s Mexico Visit, Immigration Speech, And The Ongoing Turmoil In Turkey

Pulitzer Prize winning essayist Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal joined me this morning to discuss the visit of Donald Trump to Mexico, Trump’s speech in Phoenix, and the path forward for Turkey: Audio: 09-01hhs-stephens Transcript: HH: I begin this hour with Pulitzer Prize winning columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Bret Stephens. Show More Summary

Jonah Goldberg And I On The “#AltRight”

Jonah Goldberg was my guest today in a wide-ranging discussion on how to define and drive out the #AltRight from all things GOP and conservative: Audio: 08-31hhs-goldberg Transcript: HH: Jonah Goldberg is my guest. You can follow Jonah, @JonahNRO on Twitter. Show More Summary

Sidewire’s Jon Allen On The Clintons’ Scandals

Sidewire’s Jon Allen joined me in hour 3 today.  Jon’s co-author of the best single volume book on Hillary Clinton and is well positioned to judge the severity of the impact of the latest round of scandals on the candidacy of Hillary...Show More Summary

Politico’s Glenn Thrush On MSM and The Clintons’ (New) Scandals

Politico’s Glenn Thrush joined me this morning to discuss the Clinton Foundation and the FARA and FCPA issues, as well as parallels between hard right and hard left: Bannon/Breitbart:Brock/Media Matters; Coulter;Moore; Milo/Maher: Audio 08-29hhs-thrush Transcript HH: I am joined at the start of this hour by Glenn Thrush of Show More Summary

“Clinton Cash” Author Peter Schweizer On The Latest Clinton Foundation Revelations And His Relationship With Trump Campaign CEO Steve Bannon

Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash, joined me this AM: Audio: 08-26hhs-schweizer Transcript: HH: Pleased to welcome back to the program Peter Schweizer. Hello, Peter, good morning to you. PS: Hey, good morning, Hugh. HH: Peter,Show More Summary

Politico’s Glenn Thrush On The Clinton Foundation

Politico’s Glenn Thursh joined me this morning to discuss the Clinton Foundation and its role in subsidizing the Clintons’ lifestyle: Audio: 08-24hhs-thrush Transcript: HH: I think Glenn Thrush of Politico ought to be on the airplane with us. Show More Summary

Senator Tom Cotton On The Clinton Foundation And Hillary Clinton’s State Department, Campaign, and Potential Presidency

United States Senator Tom Cotton joined me today to discuss the exploding scandal surrounding the “pay-to-play” Clinton State Department, where the price of possible access to the Secretary –not guaranteed– were hefty contributions or...Show More Summary

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton On Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton joined me this morning: Audio: 08-23hhs-bolton Transcript: HH: I’m pleased to welcome back to the program former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton. Mr. Show More Summary

The Wall Street Journal’s James Grimaldi On The Clintons, Gilbert Chagoury and Marc Rich

The Wall Street Journal’s Pulitzer Prize winning James Grimaldi joined me this morning to discuss the MSM’s inexplicable —to me– refusal to put  spotlight on the Marc Rich-Gilbert Chagoury business relationship and Chagoury’s massive...Show More Summary

John Dickerson On, Yes, The Double Standard

It’s the oldest complaint of conservatives about Manhattan-Beltway media elites, but has new legs this week.  I discussed it with Face the Nation’s John Dickerson Friday: Audio: 08-19hhs-dickerson Transcript: HH: Joined now by CBS News’ John Dickerson, host of Face the Nation. Show More Summary

Ohio Senator Rob Portman Extends His Lead In The Buckeye State

Senator Rob Portman was my guest this morning.  He’s quietly built a commanding lead ofver a flailing, failing Ted Strickland, the defeated (and failed) former governor of Ohio, but Harry Reid is throwing tens of millions at Portman because the Senate simply doesn’t run blue if Portman wins re-election. Show More Summary

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