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Obama’s Commutation of Chelsea Manning Was Relief For A Traitor, Nothing More

During Obama’s final press conference of his presidency, he attempted to make a case for why he commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning. Rather than spending 35 years in prison until 2045, Manning is going to be released in May after having served a measly seven years for his crimes. Show More Summary

BOOM! Mike Pence SLAMS Obama’s Decision On Bradley Manning

Apparently, traitor’s get special treatment under Obama’s rule…but for some reason, that is not all that surprising is it? Commuting the sentence of Bradley…err, Chelsey Manning, simply does not make

SHOCK! 17-Yr Old Female Convicted For Raping A Man At Knifepoint

In a scenario that is not one that is heard all that often a 17-year old girl from Michigan has been charged with raping a man at knife point. Her

Trump and Obama's Legacy of Racism

Trump and his army are going to take the helm of a federal government that has made racial resentment a fundamental organizing principle.

Want to Know Why Trump Won? Just Ask His Supporters

Few things should have been easier to predict than Trump's victory in the Electoral College.

The Inauguration Boycott is Stupid

John Lewis and his very dumb boycotting cohorts are not celebrating the United States of America -- they are turning their backs on the great United States.

Joe Biden after Jan. 20: In Dover or in Clover?

A lot of tears have been glistening in Joe Biden's eyes lately. Where will Uncle Joe go now that he can never be president of the United States?

Ending the Biased United Nations Resolutions against Israel

The unending onslaught on Israel for its alleged deficiencies continues.

Who Elected Donald Trump? It Wasn't the Russians

Americans elected Donald Trump for two reasons. Russian hacking was not one of them.

Has America Become an Illiberal Democracy?

Why did it take the election of Trump for the left to recognize the sacrifice of the principles of constitutional liberty and liberalism to majoritarian democracy?

Obama Predicted To Pre-Pardon Hillary Clinton If She Isn’t Charged Before His Leave

Michelle Bachmann is not holding back as she talks about the role of Barack Obama in Hillary Clinton’s corruption. She seems to think a pardon for Hillary Clinton will be

G.W. Bush Is Hospitalized, Finally Responds To Trump’s Inauguration Invite With THIS Letter

George H.W. Bush has responded to his invitation to attend the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump. In typical Bush fashion he was a s gracious as ever as he let

LOL! Freaking Kim Jong Un Is Even SICK Of Obama- Unleashes HILARIOUS Insult

President Barack Obama should turn really focus on packing his bags and exiting the White House instead of North Korea’s human rights issues, said North Korean news outlet Korean Central

Scientist Discovers Blonde Moth With Tiny Genitals Names New Species After Donald Trump

The Disrespect From The Left Never Stops On January 17th Evolutionary biologist Dr Vazrick Nazari sent out a tweet announcing that... The post Scientist Discovers Blonde Moth With Tiny Genitals Names New Species After Donald Trump appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Gov’t Employees On High ALERT As Trump Considers Special “20% CHANGE”

President-elect Donald Trump is rumored to have begun looking at government spending cuts that could include cutting out about 20 percent of the federal Goliath’s pampered workforce. Citing anonymous sources,

JUST IN: Clinton’s Close Family Friend ARRESTED For Threatening To Kill Trump!

It is really no secret that Donald Trump is not the most popular man around. In fact, he might be the most attacked president elect we have seen. The media

NATO general echoes Trump’s critique of NATO

(Paul Mirengoff) Donald Trump has been criticized for declaring NATO obsolete. In my view, the truth of Trump’s statement depends on what he meant by “obsolete.” If Trump meant that NATO is no longer useful, I think he is wrong. If Trump meant, as he seemed to, that NATO needs to be revised and restructured, I think he is right. Show More Summary


ACCORDING TO THE PRESS CONSENSUS, TRUMP IS AN IMPULSIVE GOOFBALL, but he came up with “Make America Great Again” after observing Romney’s defeat in 2012: It happened on Nov. 7, 2012, the day after Mitt Romney lost what had been presumed to be a winnable race against President Obama. Republicans were spiraling into an identity […]

Trump Deficits Will Be Huge

There is much we don’t know about how the Trump presidency will play out. Will the Wall get built? Who will pay for it? Will it have at least some

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