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Carly did help, but is it enough?

The Morning Consult poll has some interesting data as to the impact Carly Fiorina has had on the race. Despite pundits talk that naming her this early showed Sen. Ted Cruz’s desperation and would backfire on him, voters think she is a small plus. In a national poll, the survey found that among Republicans, Fiorina […]

Morning Bits

There is no magic bullet. “Uncle Sam cannot simply snap his fingers and make these changes occur. But the U.S. can do a lot more to throw our not-inconsiderable diplomatic, political, economic, and military weight behind trying to improve the dismal political picture in Iraq. This will require a concerted effort of the kind that […]

Is it Super Tuesday yet?

Have we finally reached the Tuesday that's going to end this bizarrely prolonged primary season? How soundly crushed do Bernie and Ted need to be for us to get out of this phase and onto the grisly business of choosing between 2 candidates...Show More Summary

"In her journal, she jotted down her frustration: 'There’s Prince sitting on his purple throne...'"

"'... and he’s taking a perfectly good song off of this brilliant record and replacing it with this horrible "Gett Off" song.'... she placed the book down and walked over. Suddenly, she heard Prince say, 'There’s prince, sitting on his purple throne...' He had picked up [Sylvia] Massy’s journal and started reading it aloud. Show More Summary

Jesus Lunch update.

A couple weeks ago, we were talking about the "Jesus Lunches" in the Middleton, Wisconsin park next to the high school. I'd said:The district superintendent and the high school principal in Middleton, Wisconsin are trying to end this...Show More Summary

"This won’t be a place for nuns, but it’s not like we’re trying to recreate Sodom and Gomorrah."

"If attendees want to take things to another level, they can go to a nearby motel — which we will operate."

The Clinton context

(Scott Johnson) In mid-March in the course of the CNN infomercial in Columbus, Ohio, Hillary Clinton baldly bragged: “We’re going to put a lot of coal mines and coal companies out of business” (video below). To adapt the famous Ring Lardner quote, we’re going to destroy you, she explained. Show More Summary

The threat from “Hollywood man”

(Scott Johnson) Late last month someone in the circle of “Hollywood [Florida] man” James Medina tipped the FBI to him. Working on the informer’s tip, the FBI conducted an operation to intercept Medina before he fulfilled his dream of blowing up a synagogue in Aventura, Florida. Show More Summary

A face in the crowd: P.J. O’Rourke edition

(Scott Johnson) After posting the video of Our Lady of the Trigger expressing herself at the UMass Amherst event featuring Christina Hoff Sommers, I happened onto P.J. O’Rourke’s introduction to Give War A Chance (1992). P.J.’s apothegm may qualify for inclusion in Steve Hayward’s continuing series of blasts from the past. Show More Summary

Republicans Halt Obama HHS Nominee Over California Abortion Mandate

Congressional conservatives are taking a stand against the Obama administration’s abortion agenda by blocking one of the president’s Health and...

ICE Gets More Taxpayer Money For Fewer Deportations

In the real world, Americans don’t typically get paid more money for doing less work than they were before, but this is the government we’re...

O'Reilly: Trump Will Be Nominee, Even if Cruz Wins Indiana

Many have called Indiana’s primary a do-or-die state for Sen. Ted Cruz, but Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly isn’t convinced. On CBS’ “The Late Show,”...

Panetta Reflects on Bin Laden Raid: I Wouldn’t Have Guessed Al Qaeda Would Metastasize Like It Has

Five years ago on Monday, justice was served. It was the day President Obama gave the order to send a group of Navy SEALs into Abbottabad,...

Joe Scarborough Was WRONG About #NeverTrump

Joe Scarborough said there were probably only about 12 people on Twitter in that movement. Being the scientific person that I am, I put that theory to the test. The post Joe Scarborough Was WRONG About #NeverTrump appeared first on RedState.

Let’s dispel the notion that we can vote for Trump because “Supreme Court”

The latest persuasive tactic of Trump supporters is to say we can not be #nevertrump because of the Supreme Court. This is usually in the form of either “or else Hillary gets to pick the Supreme Court” or “don’t you want Justice Cruz.”...Show More Summary

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