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Obama Beats His Own Lie Of The Year – YES, It’s That BIG Of A Whopper

President Obama has a low regard for facts. Now, he has offered his biggest lie ever as he has declaered that he will “never engage in politics in which I’m

Hilary Clinton Finds Few Takers for $2,700-Per-Seat "Just For Women" Fundraiser, So She Opens the Doors to the Men

She'll let men in only when they are necessary to her overriding goal of Making Money For Doing Nothing. Hillary Clinton had trouble attracting high-powered women to a New York talk hosted by Silda Wall Spitzer two weeks before her....

Hillary Who? She’s What? President? You’re Kidding, Right?

Hillary Clinton is the "inevitable" Democratic Presidential candidate. Just listen to Hillary's campaign strategist, Mark Penn.

How Dozens Of Explosives And Weapons Made It Through TSA Checkpoints In 95% Of Undercover Airport Tests

The next time you travel and wonder, “Is all this security really necessary?” try not to fixate on the fact that the security measures keeping bombs off of your plane

Man Robbed A Bank To Get Sent To Jail – But Got A Job As A Welder Instead

Once someone has been convicted of a crime, it’s difficult to find a well-paying job. Some former convicts end up returning to a life of crime because behind bars is

IRS Commissioner: Sorry Thieves Stole Your Personal Info From Us, But We Can't Really Protect You In The Future

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen testified in front of the Senate Finance Committee Tuesday to explain how the highly sensitive information of at...

Stories we need to hear more of: “Supercop” saves TWO lives in one shift!

Where others run away or dither indecisively, police officers and firemen run towards and into emergencies. That willingness to risk everything for another is why they are heroes. What they

No Love: Jeb Having Trouble Winning Over Brother’s ‘Foot Soldiers’

Former Florida Governor and potential 2016 candidate Jeb Bush isn’t finding much love within his brother’s inner circle. It’s a cross between...

National Geographic Asks ‘Is Religion Harmful Superstition?’

BREAKING: Atheist science professor doesn’t like religion! In a recent piece for National Geographic, Book Talk curator Simon Worrall entitled his headline, “In Age of Science, Is Religion 'Harmful Superstition'?” For the answer, he gave platform to Jerry Coyne, author of Faith vs. Show More Summary

Obama ‘Reassigns’ TSA Chief After Guns and Bombs Found Easily Smuggled Through Airports

President Obama’s administration has quietly “reassigned” the head of the Transportation Security Administration after a new report found that guns and bombs were easily sneaked past TSA screeners and into

Video: Man Gets Shot in the Groin to Test His New Bulletproof Product

Though the internet is filled with idiots doing idiotic things to themselves for a laugh, one cannot help but respect the efforts of this man who took a shot to

FLASHBACK=> Kanye West: Bruce Jenner “Wants to Bang Women, Not Become One”

Way back in January Kanye West responded to the rumors that Bruce Jenner wanted to become a woman. “Bruce Jenner... The post FLASHBACK=> Kanye West: Bruce Jenner “Wants to Bang Women, Not Become One” appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Sign You're Doing Something Wrong: Front Companies

This doesn’t look shady at all. WASHINGTON (AP) — The FBI is operating a small air force with scores of low-flying planes across the country carrying video and, at times, cellphone surveillance technology – all hidden behind fictitious...Show More Summary

Media Support Muslim Cleric’s Soda Discrimination Claim; Ignore Radical Ties

Liberals raged on Twitter yesterday, coming to the support of a Muslim woman who complained about how she was treated on a recent United Airlines flight from Chicago to Washington, D.C. Tahera Ahmad posted on Facebook that she was “in tears” after being discriminated against United Airlines staff and passengers for simply asking for an unopened can of Diet Coke.

Obama’s Legacy: Restoring the US as “The Most Respected Country in the World”

President Obama, at a townhall meeting this week, noted that he had restored America to the most respected country in the world

HEALTH: Blood Pressure Vaccine Lengthens Rat Lives: A DNA-based vaccine gave rats six months of pr…

HEALTH: Blood Pressure Vaccine Lengthens Rat Lives: A DNA-based vaccine gave rats six months of protection against high blood pressure as well as healthier hearts.

Obama’s rotten moves on Iran endanger America

In case you think the president’s handling of the Iran talks could not get any worse — or any more dishonest — think again. Two developments are emblematic of the debacle unfolding. First, the president told Israeli TV viewers — and the whole world — that the military option really is not a solution to […]

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