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NBC Claims Trump’s Rhetoric Ruined ObamaCare, Smears Senate Bill

Republican Senators released the draft of their replacement for the failing ObamaCare on Thursday, and with it came the wrath of the liberal media. “The cat is out of the bag tonight on the Senate Republican plan to overhaul ObamaCare. Show More Summary

Mid-Morning Open Thread

Scène de fête Giovanni Boldini And from the Cookbook committee: We are looking for some Horde artists to do some pen-and-ink drawings for our Moron cookbook. We don't need the art just yet until we find out the file...

Afer Instigating Mass Rioting in Ferguson – Michael Brown’s Parents Awarded $1.5 Million in Wrongful Death Suit

In memory of Gentle Mike Brown – his parents Lesley McSpadden and step-dad Louis Head incited a riot in Ferguson... The post Afer Instigating Mass Rioting in Ferguson – Michael Brown’s Parents Awarded $1.5 Million in Wrongful Death Suit appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Does Trump Get the Israel-Arab Problem?

If the Trump administration believes that the goal is "peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians," it is in for disappointment.

FBI Closing In? Bernie Sanders’ Wife Gets A Lawyer

And not just any lawyer, either. Bernie and Jane Sanders have secured Scooter Libby’s and convicted felon/former U.S. Congressman William Jefferson’s lawyer amid an FBI investigation that doesn’t just threaten to put her away, but the Vermont Senator, as well. Show More Summary

Protester Arrested for Throwing Food, Punches at Trump Rally

On Wednesday, a protester named Anne Seifert, who is 22 years-old, got into a fight outside of the Trump rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She threw an egg, kicked and

TBS's Bee Slimes Catholic Church: 'Sitting On More Treasure Than Smaug The Dragon'

TBS's Samantha Bee unleashed against her longstanding nemesis, the Catholic Church, during a segment on Wednesday's Full Frontal. Bee zeroed on the Church's opposition to a proposed "child victims act," and contended that "if you'reShow More Summary

Major Victory For the Makers Of the Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Videos

Xavier Becerra's pro-abort vendetta hits a bump in the road The post Major Victory For the Makers Of the Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Videos appeared first on RedState.

President Trump: ‘It Would Be A Very Sad Day For Republicans If Pelosi Steps Down’

Ohhhhhh dang! President Trump has jokes, and this time around he seriously NAILED IT! In a nutshell he’s basically saying: Never interrupt your enemy while they are making a mistake….

Love Trumps Hate, They Threatened

1. Illinois Man Indicted and Held Without Bail For Threatening Life of President, Citing Media's Unproven Russian Collusion Conspiracy Theory. The Real Democratic base -- not the celebrities they trot out every four years. Before I die I want our...

‘Catholics’ for Choice Lies about Catholics…Again

On June 21, 2017, the far-left group Catholics for Choice put an unsavory, anti-Catholic ad on the cover of The Washington Post tabloid Express, falsely accusing Catholics of “discrimination.” The aim of the ad is clear: coerce Catholic...Show More Summary

Nebraska Democrat Caught On Tape Saying He’s Glad Scalise Was Shot

When will Democrats put an end to their violent rhetoric? The post Nebraska Democrat Caught On Tape Saying He’s Glad Scalise Was Shot appeared first on RedState.

NY Times: The GOP Healthcare Bill’s Real Aim Is Tax Cuts For The Rich Or Something

I’ve made my position clear: I do not like this Senate version of Paul Ryan’s healthcare bill. It’s not repeal and replace. It doesn’t accomplish what we were promised. The

CNN's Anderson Cooper Fails to Ask Bloomberg About $80 Million Spent Against Coal

Anderson Cooper wore his bias on his sleeve in a Tuesday night interview with former Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Cooper brought Bloomberg on his show June 20, to discuss his new coal documentary and failed to challenge him about the millions...Show More Summary

Former CIA Agent Busted For Passing Secrets To China

Not the tip of an iceberg, it is the tip of a Marianas Trench volcano The post Former CIA Agent Busted For Passing Secrets To China appeared first on RedState.

Johnny Depp Poses A Question: ‘When Was The Last Time An Actor Assassinated a President?’

The very over-used international movie actor Johnny Depp may be on the Secret Services bad side over remarks he made about President Donald Trump. It all started when Depp, introduced

Over-Spiced: Nets Gave McCarthy’s SNL Shtick Over Twice the Coverage of Baltimore Murders

Pity ABC, NBC and CBS News. If the fall TV season comes and Sean Spicer is no longer White House Press Secretary, they’ll have to talk about something besides Saturday Night Live. Like maybe … news. Spicer is rumored to be leaving the press shop for another job in the administration. Show More Summary

Trump Tapes: His Twitter Buffoonery Gets Him In Trouble and For What?

Trump implied he had tapes of his and James Comey’s conversations and the hilarious narrative making the rounds is he did it on purpose. The only people buying that line are sycophants and reflexive defenders who do so because Democrats suck and the media is terrible. Show More Summary

Wile E Donkey (Cartoon)

× 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know by Sir John Hawkins John Hawkins's book 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know is filled with lessons that newly minted adults

Obamacare: What would Reagan do?

(Paul Mirengoff) Henry Olsen, master election analyst and a scholar of Ronald Reagan, asks what position Reagan would take in the Obamacare debate. Olsen concludes that The Gipper would (and did) back government-subsidized medical care...Show More Summary

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