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Michael Moore: I'm Going To Lead The Charge To Abolish The Electoral College (And Democrats Actually Won the Election)

Left wing activist Michael Moore stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers, where the 2016 election inevitably came up. For a bit, Moore was offering...

Senator Harry Reid Has Kind Words for Trump On His Way Out

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is on his way out. Today was to be Reid’s farewell, as he prepares for retirement, but on the way out, he had a few words for incoming President Trump. The Nevada Democrat specifically mentioned theShow More Summary

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Mops the Floor with Empty Headed Environmentalist

Her thought process is straight out of an episode of Captain Planet The post VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Mops the Floor with Empty Headed Environmentalist appeared first on RedState.

A Chance for Congress to Kill Some Cronyism

President-elect Donald Trump ran in part against the business-as-usual cronyism that has for decades been rampant in Washington, D.C. His pledge to “Drain the Swamp” resoundingly resonated – and helped propel him to the presidency. Congress has been a chronic, consistent swamp filler. Show More Summary

Pastor Robert Jeffress Tells Christians to “Move On” From Gay Marriage Issue

I’ve been accused on these very pages of being “self-righteous” in my warnings to fellow Christians and their support of an ungodly man, Donald Trump. Let’s start this by getting it out there that it’s not my righteousness that I’m concerned with, but that of my Father in Heaven. Show More Summary

The Upside of the Animalistic Mr. Trump

(Steven Hayward) John Maynard Keynes was right about one thing: economic dynamism depends on “animal spirits,” that is, the appetite for entrepreneurial risk-taking needs to reach a critical mass for an economy to boom. And this isn’t...Show More Summary

Too many generals?

(Paul Mirengoff) Democrats and their many pals in the mainstream media have been able to find a hook through which to criticize nearly every nominee presented by president-elect Trump. For Sen. Jeff Sessions, it’s bogus allegations of bigotry. Show More Summary

The down home truth about Jeff Sessions

(Paul Mirengoff) Attempts to portray Senator Jeff Sessions as a racist continue to run into this problem — African-Americans who know him well aren’t buying in. I wrote here about Donald Watkins, a Black attorney who attended law school with Sessions in the early 1970s. Show More Summary

Trump Expected To Name Critic of Minimum Wage, Workplace Regulations as Secretary of LaborUpdate: And He's a Huge Booster of... Amnesty and Dramatically Expanded Replacement Worker Visas

American Thermidor. President-elect Donald Trump is expected to name fast-food executive Andy Puzder as labor secretary, according to people familiar with the decision. Mr. Puzder, chief executive of CKE Restaurants Holdings Inc., the parent company of the Carl?s Jr. and...

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Why you might want to think twice before shaving your pubic hair. I don’t think …

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Why you might want to think twice before shaving your pubic hair. I don’t think that this study shows that pubic hair protects against STI’s, but rather that people who have more sex partners are more likely to go bare.

DESIGNER CAROLINA HERRERA: ‘Of Course’ I Would Dress Melania Trump. Good for her. The politicaliz…

DESIGNER CAROLINA HERRERA: ‘Of Course’ I Would Dress Melania Trump. Good for her. The politicalization of everything up to and including fashion does nothing to hurt Trump — either Trump — and everything to reinforce Flyover Country’s suspicions of the coastal “elites.”

Job Opportunity

National Review Institute, NR’s non-profit sister educational organization, is seeking a New York City-based Executive Assistant who will be responsible for assisting with NR and NRI’s office operations and working directly with NRI’s President. Show More Summary

Trump's Labor Department Pick: Put Americans Last

Trump had three cabinet slots to fill that are most important for immigration policy (several others have important, but secondary, roles, such as HHS, which handles refugees once they arrive). The first pick was Sen. Jeff Sessions, Congress’s leading and most knowledgeable immigration skeptic, as Attorney General. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Needs to Stop Attacking Ordinary Americans

Donald Trump owes Chuck Jones an apology. Jones, a union leader who represents workers at the now-famous Indiana Carrier plant, had attacked Trump for exaggerating the number of jobs saved in his “deal” to downsize Carrier’s move to Mexico. Show More Summary

How would you like to be the one person photographed to appear under the headline "Political Divide on Campuses Hardens After Trump’s Victory"?

I had to laugh at this grim-faced young woman in her shadowy Ann Arbor bedroom, embodying post-election trauma for the NYT. Oddly enough, this person was pro-Trump. She started out "ecstatic"....But her mood of celebration quickly faded...Show More Summary

"He wanted to 'shine some light on it'... he felt his 'heart breaking over the thought of innocent people suffering.'"

"The intel on this wasn’t 100 percent," but he had the "impression something nefarious was happening."He "just wanted to do some good and went about it the wrong way."

"This is when I knew he’s a true Republican."

Said Shirley MacLaine about Clint Eastwood:"Quite brilliant, and funny… because he’s so laconic and doesn’t know it. I adore him… I remember when we were doing Two Mules for Sister Sara, his horse was acting up. This is when I knew he’s...Show More Summary

Whiny Liberal Calls For More Tantrums, Disruption of Trump's Inauguration

When he isn't busy making "documentaries" opposing conservative ideas and principles, he's rounding up activists to cause trouble. Michael Moore,...

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