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Donald Trump Financed The Gang of 8

One of the most common things you hear from a Trump fanatic is that the single most important thing this election is illegal immigration and that Donald Trump is the only candidate who is talking about building a wall and deporting everyone that’s here illegally. Show More Summary

Ciara: Abstinence Lets Me and Russell Wilson ‘Focus on Each Other as People’

The media (with a few exceptions) slammed Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson when he revealed that he and singer Ciara are abstaining from sex while dating. But the couple are still strong in their convictions, according toShow More Summary

AT AMAZON, coupon deals on Candy & Chocolate. Plus, deals in Patio, Lawn & Garden. Despite the c…

AT AMAZON, coupon deals on Candy & Chocolate. Plus, deals in Patio, Lawn & Garden. Despite the chill now, it’ll be summer before you know it. Also, deals in Lingerie and Sleepwear.

The State Department IG Subpoenaed The Clinton Foundation's Emails... Last Fall

Another avenue of investigation. Now this is the State Department, which is engaged in a cover-up on Hillary's behalf, so I don't expect them to find anything here except what they want to find, which is "Everything looks great!" Is...

"What is the difference between hair and fur?"

Answer: "Hair and fur are the same thing."SA: Why is it then that, for example, my dog's fur is three inches long and it never seems to grow longer, while my own hair keeps growing and growing?NS: Actually, a lot of types of human hair wont keep growing and growing. Show More Summary

James Woods Approved to Sue Writer of 'Cocaine Addict' Tweet

Twitter users may clam up a little after hearing about a decision by an L.A. Superior Court allowing outspoken conservative Hollywood celebrity James Woods to proceed with a defamation lawsuit against a man who tweeted Woods was a “cocaine...Show More Summary

CNN's Avlon Mocks Cruz As Not 'Effective' or 'Charming,' Costello Laughs

Appearing as a guest on Thursday's CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello, CNN political commentator and Daily Beast editor-in-chief John Avlon used praise for Ted Cruz's ads and social media campaign to take an underhanded swipe at the GOP...Show More Summary

Clinton Foundation Receives Subpoena

Investigators from the State Department subpoenaed the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation! They are seeking documents about the charity’s projects… The subpoena also asked for records related to Huma

I can't believe this is an official Ted Cruz ad.

It really disturbs me to see children used like that. I know the idea is that adults are behaving in a way that we wouldn't accept from children, but I had a hard time understanding what the children were saying and doing that was supposed to represent something Donald Trump is doing. Show More Summary

CNN's Brinkley Gushes Over Obama 'Preaching the Gospel of Civility'

On Wednesday's CNN Tonight, longtime Obama admirer Douglas Brinkley trumpeted the President's speech earlier in the day at the Illinois State Capitol: "Barack Obama is really preaching the gospel of civility right after Donald Trump won New Hampshire. Show More Summary

Watch this: OK Go "Upside Down & Inside Out" — and maybe like me you'll be laughing by the end.

OK Go - Upside Down & Inside Out Hello, Dear Ones. Please enjoy our new video for "Upside Down & Inside Out". A million thanks to S7 Airlines. #GravitysJustAHabit Posted by OK Go on Thursday, February 11, 2016

Brexit: Fear and Leaving

Writing in Slate, Anne Applebaum, writing from a europhile perspective, looks at David Cameron’s grim little ‘renegotiation’: This is worth noting: What could happen if Britain votes to leave? As I said, we don’t know. It might have to drop out of Europe’s single market, in which case the British would pay more to trade in Europe. Show More Summary

Andrea Tantaros Is Not Telling the Truth

Fox News’s Andrea Tantaros suggested yesterday on television that I had called for her resignation because she is a supporter of Donald Trump. This is — how shall I put it? — not true. Not in the slightest. In fact, I responded to her...Show More Summary

Paglia at Salon: Hillary 'Has a Rap Sheet 5 Miles Long,' 'Heavy With Lies and Greed'

As Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential effort has weakened, many on the left in fairly prominent places have begun releasing years of pent-up frustrations about her, her husband, and their record. At long last, the long knives are beginning...Show More Summary

If You See a Tree or Fence Painted Purple, It Means THIS

Looks like the color purple seen on fences and trees has a meaning, a meaning that is actually LAW, and has been law for years now… who knew? There’s one

BOOM: Bill Maher Says What We’re All Thinking About Muslims

Bill Maher can be wrong sometimes…or almost every time, accept when it comes to Islamic extremism and political correctness– the man is on point. So it’s no surprise that, Bill

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