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Target Trump: Use of Police State Tactics Is Un-American

Never in American history has a sitting president (and his family) been hounded with unfounded criminal investigations as has President Trump.

No Substitute for Victory

An emotional mob psychology has been unleashed and is out to get Donald Trump and intimidate and divide his party.

Police Exit Motel Room In Tears After Seeing the Abuse These Sick Women Did to Kids With Sheets

For police officers, crimes against children are often considered the worst calls to respond to. But some calls are so bad that they haunt those who have to see the

Larrey Anderson: A Philosopher's Love of Life and Reason

A tribute: how AT's recently departed senior editor mentored a young writer.

Mom RAMPAGES On School After Discovering Why They Threw His Lunch Away In Front Of Him

A kindergarten student was the victim of an embarrassing food shaming that occurred at the Romeo Dallaire Public School.  Mother Elaina Daoust shared the story of how her child was told he could

Women's March Puts Dana Loesch in Its Crosshairs

Feminist zealots have launched an attack on NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch in a bid to deny women their Second Amendment rights. It's disgusting.

Walmart REFUSED to Print an Engagement Picture Because They Called ‘Controversial’

An engagement is supposed to be a happy time, when a happy couple can celebrate the prospect of spending a lifetime together. One tradition is for engaged couples to get

The 500 year-old lesson from Martin Luther

In 1517, one friar transformed Western civilization. Martin Luther's 95 Thesis outlined the injustices of the Catholic Church. Politically correct society today could learn from him.

No Groping, Damn It!

(John Hinderaker) American liberals want to take in lots of Islamic refugees from the Middle East and Africa, presumably because that policy has been so successful in Europe. This is, of course, a dubious premise, as we have noted many times. Show More Summary

When Police Arrived, They Found An Elderly Man Eaten Alive With Only 30% of His Body Remaining

People often have close relationships with their pets — but what if a person’s pets are dangerous? It’s a situation that can quickly go horribly wrong and for one elderly

[VIDEO] When Judge LEVELS Welfare Mom Who Says: ”Somebody Needs To Pay For All My Kids”

By Right Wing News’ Frank Lea An irresponsible welfare queen with 15 kids thinks “somebody needs to pay for all my kids” and a judge had really harsh words for

This 4 Yr-Old Had To Endure Laxative, Hot Sauce, Torture By Woman For Insane Reasons

n innocent 4 year-old boy was the victim of horrible abuse crimes in Quarryville, PA. The suspects who abused him with torturous methods were his own parents. The stepmother is

State Instructs Schools To “Segregate” Those Who Feel Uncomfortable With Transgender Bathrooms

The transgender population in the United States is estimated to be somewhere between 0.3 and 0.6 percent of adults. But based on the Left’s transgender mania, it seems as if

[PHOTOS] When Man Shares Moment Girlfriend Cheats On Him The Internet Goes Crazy

By Right Wing News’ Frank Lea A man came home to quite a surprise one night. He opened the door, walked into his home and he could not believe what

VIDEO: Crocodile Returns Body Of Man He Killed Day Before After They Ask Witch Doctor For Help

By Right Wing News’ Terresa Monroe-Hamilton This is freaky and spooky. In Indonesia (you know, Obama’s vacation spot), a witch doctor performed a ceremony to get the body of a

Man and Girl Enter the Grocery Store Shoppers Become Appalled [VIDEO]

By Right Wing News’ Cassy Fiano Seeing a random couple walk through a grocery store doesn’t usually garner much of a reaction from other shoppers. But one couple got a

VIDEO: Wing Chun Master Duels Karate Black Belt in Vietnam Street Fight

By Right Wing News’ Sierra Marlee What happens when two experts in their respective arts battle it out on the streets? One person ends up on the floor and one

Customs Agent At Airport Became Suspicious Of A Woman’s Breasts When They Saw Them

By Right Wing News’ Frank Lea Airport security agents and customers got quite the show when a woman with suspicious breasts was being frisked. Security noticed her behavior and saw

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