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Vote Properly, You Virulent Racist!

It’s been interesting watching the commentary of the British electorate’s choice to Leave the European Union. In many ways it reflects the pre-Brexit arguments of the Remain camp, which was essentially, that all right-thinking people should vote remain, and those who didn’t were just racists and nationalists. That sort of analysis has even leaked into […]

Trump Holds Big Lead Among White Voters

(John Hinderaker) You no doubt have heard about the ABC News/Washington Post poll that came out on Sunday. It showed Hillary Clinton pulling out to a 12-point lead over Donald Trump among registered voters, and therefore got a lot of play in the press. Show More Summary

Overnight Open Thread (6-28-2016)

Hoo Boy: Special Snowflake Intern Gets Fired After Delivering a Petition to Employers For a Less Strict Dress Code This is what happens when a university snowflake encounters the corporate world. Short version: A college student gets an internship at...


Democrat Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign posted a tweet Tuesday evening meant to attack GOP presidential rival Donald Trump but which... The post Hillary Clinton Tweets Pro-Trump Message: DONALD TRUMP KNOWS HOW TO CREATE MANUFACTURING JOBS appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Spongebob DESTROYS Liberal Thoughts On Big Government and Gun Control [Meme]

Via Terresa Monroe-Hamilton: I don’t think Obama even called Florida state Governor Rick Scott after the Orlando attack. I know Obama went to see the families of the victims and

How Sit Ins Are SUPPOSED To Be Effective PERFECTLY Explained [Meme]

Via Cassy Fiano: Democrat idiots engaged in some pathetic political theater by faking a “sit-in” on the floor of Congress in an effort to pass stricter gun control laws. And

Shock: Matthews Pushes Liberal Congressman on Benghazi; ‘Nothing Got Done’ from D.C.

A few segments after MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews questioned why terrorists often turn to bombs as their weapons of choice, Matthews surprisingly hammered Democratic Congressman and possible Clinton running mate Xavier Becerra on the Benghazi Committee’s findings about the administration’s inability to save Americans trapped at the ill-fated consulate.

The Democrats Real War On Women EXPOSED [Meme]

Via Cassy Fiano: Today’s “feminists” harp on about a “war on women” and it’s because in the United States a woman can’t have an abortion at any time in her

CBS Reporter Insinuates Farage Wants People to Be 'Poorer' with Brexit

The UK delegation was in Brussels Tuesday for the first time following their history making vote to leave the European Union. The members of European Parliament acted bitter and vindictive to Brexit supporter Nigel Farage, the same was true for CBS reporter Mark Philips on Evening News. Show More Summary

Democrats GLARING Hypocrisy On Presidents and Presidential Candidates Exposed [Meme]

Via Sierra Marlee: Let’s get this out of the way first and foremost: nobody cares that Bill Clinton was caught having sex in the White House. What we DO have

This Happened: Matthews Asks Why Does Terrorism ‘Always Seem to Involve Bombing?’

All three cable networks dedicated droves of airtime Tuesday evening to the Istanbul terrorist attack and on two occasions, MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews wondered “how much brains does it take” for someone to become a suicide bomber and why do terror attacks “always seem to involve bombing” instead of something else.

‘Brexit’ and the Myopic EU Leadership

Eurocrats created the conditions that made "Brexit" possible, and ultimately they have no one to blame but themselves.

Top Spanish Nets Bent Out of Shape Over Immigration Ruling

Rage was evidently the order of the day for the hosts of Univision and Telemundo’s weekly public affairs shows, when they dedicated most of their programs to the subject of the failure of President Obama’s 2014 executive actions on immigration to be upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States.

CNN's Bernstein: Trump Coalition Has 'Awful Lot of' 'Bigots,' 'Hateful People'

Appearing as a guest on Monday's CNN Tonight, during a discussion of white supremacists who have shown support for Donald Trump, CNN political commentator Carl Bernstein asserted that there are "an awful lot of bigots and nativists and...Show More Summary

Sneering NYT: ‘Fear That Brexit Has Given License to Xenophobia’

Sneering New York Times writer Dan Bilefsky on Tuesday tarred Brexit voters as inciting bigotry and “xenophobia.” This is despite the fact that in paragraph five, the journalist conceded that “police in at least two major cities said they had not recorded an increase in hate crimes after the vote.”

Pro-Life Women Decry SCOTUS Abortion 'Travesty'

It’s an odd thing to see: Pro-life women speaking out in favor of safety standards for abortion. Pro-life women. Not pro-abortion women. Following Monday’s ruling in Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt, pro-life leaders slammed the Supreme...Show More Summary

Nets Cover Benghazi Report, Find No ‘Wrongdoing’ by Hillary

On Tuesday, while all three network morning shows covered the newly-released House Benghazi Committee report, the broadcasts also dutifully parroted Democratic talking points attacking the credibility of the findings and concluded: “It does not appear to uncover conclusive evidence of wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton.”

CNN Reporter Subjects Brexit Backer Farage to Harsh Interrogation

Nigel Farage the leader of the UK Independence Party appeared on CNN Tuesday afternoon to discuss his support of Brexit, but was subjected to almost an interrogation-like interview from their reporter. “How much damage are you prepared to see,” CNN’s Richard Quest demanded to know, “How much damage are you prepared to accept before you rebuild the house?”

Press Still Promotes or Is Uninterested In Acknowledging Pranked, Bogus Brexit Referendum Petition

It is now two days since it became obvious that the claim that "millions of Britons" have signed a House of Commons petition advocating a do-over Brexit vote is bogus. The petition's buildup to millions of "signatures" was predominantly...Show More Summary

Trump’s Convention Will Draw Staggering Ratings

The reality TV star is stacking the deck: Donald Trump’s campaign aides are lining up a slate of iconic sports figures to appear at the national convention in Cleveland next month—including former undisputed world heavyweight champion...Show More Summary

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