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The Original 'Wonkette,' Ana Marie Cox, 'Comes Out' As a Liberal Christian

Ana Marie Cox, the founding editor of the sassy and secular leftist blog Wonkette and now a Washington correspondent for GQ, recently came out of the closet as a -- gasp -- Christian! Cox’s “coming out” was revealed in The Daily Beast, where she is a contributor. Show More Summary

Morning Thread (3-4-2015)

"I, for one, am shocked to see Hillary Clinton involved in recordkeeping and fundraising scandals," said no one who remembers 1996....

Bill and Hillary Clinton Have Financial Anorexia

When Bill and Hillary Clinton look at themselves in the mirror, they see poor people. They are rich. They have a huge house in a wealthy neighborhood. They do not have to fly commercial. Their daughter has married into a wealthy family. Show More Summary

CPAC’s Best & Worst Dressed 2015 Edition

CPAC 2015 was another year where conservatives got together with one thing on their agenda: Politics. I show up, loving being among like minded individuals, ready to scope the fashion scene.

Netanyahu Addresses the Free World

Benjamin Netanyahu speaks for the West, for democracy, and against the terrorism and barbarity of Iran.

Bill Nye on Muslim Terrorism: Jews Need to Get to Know Their Neighbors Better

A romantic may say that love conquers all -- and it does have transformative power -- but sometimes being too softly loving can lead to being conquered.

Women on the March to Islamism

The Western world needs to explore the personal and psychological factors that lead to female jihadism in the necessary attempt to control terrorist activity.

Reality Always Wins

Does ACA make health care more available and better? All evidence suggests otherwise.

Where Did All The 'Islamic Terrorists' Go?

A nice syllogism from the Obama administration and the MSM to show that there is no such thing as an Islamic extremist.

Why Vote Republican?

It seems not to make a difference who's running Congress. Would the presidency be any different?

The Fate of ObamaCare: Let the People Decide It

Senator Ben Sasse wants to provide a way for the American people to “repeal” ObamaCare at the ballot box in a national referendum.

RINO Hour of Power: Mr. Netanyahu Goes to Washington

Join us for a special episode of the RINO Hour of Power with your host Rick Moran and co-host Rich Baehr of the American Thinker. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu traveled to Washington to give an historic speech before a joint session of Congress. Despite the controversy surrounding his invitation, Netanyahu made a [...]

College Campus Update

President Barack Obama wants Americans to dig deeper into our pockets to expand college education. Let’s update college indoctrination done in the name of education. Cornell University assistant professor Russell

Bibi Changes the Debate

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu totally changed the Iran/nuclear debate in his brilliant speech to Congress. Until he spoke, objections to the emerging draft treaty with Iran centered on technical,

If America Is Mars and Europe Venus, How Is Europe Doing?

“Americans are from Mars and Europeans are from Venus,” wrote Robert Kagan in “Of Paradise and Power,” published in 2003, just as the United States went into Iraq. Americans, he

Bibi’s Speech Is the Dems’ Box Canyon

Nancy Pelosi was near tears. After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress on Tuesday, the House minority leader sent out a press release informing the media, “I was

Nemtsov’s Red Square murder a compelling mystery

PARIS — Ever since Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov was gunned down while walking with a girlfriend near Moscow’s Red Square last week, there has been rampant international speculation about

The Hillary Cover-Up and the End of Democracy

On Monday, The New York Times reported that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton never — not once — used her official State Department email address for her official communications.

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