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If You Want to Change American Culture, Should You Be Running for President?

Over on the home page, Henry Payne reports from Dr. Ben Carson’s campaign kickoff event, and summarizes Carson’s message, “ It’s Not Politics or Economics, It’s the Culture.” Dr. Carson may very well be right. (Mike Huckabee, announcing...Show More Summary

Enough With The Fox News Celebrities Running For President

Given that I write about politics for a living my friends and family are often keen to ask me what I think of how the presidential race is shaping up. Can Hillary Clinton win? Who will Republicans pick from among their ever-growing cast of potential candidates? They’re often surprised to hear me express ambivalence about...

The hypocrisy immune left and free speech

It is interesting to me to examine events and the reaction too them in certain contexts, such as left and right.  Below is a listing I found on Facebook (h/t Christopher Buckley) which succinctly states the left’s reaction to each of the events listed: Rioters in Baltimore: EXPRESSION OF SPEECH Stomping on US flag: EXPRESSION […]

White House: No, We Can't Guarantee Money From Iranian Sanctions Relief Won't Go To Funding Terrorism

There are just 57 days days before the June 30 Iranian nuclear deal deadline. Negotiations are ongoing and debate about the lifting or easing of...

Winners and Losers From This Year’s NFL Draft

On today's edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Josh Zerkle to discuss last weekend's NFL Draft, which teams did the best and who will be the star fantasy player from this draft. The post Winners and Losers From This Year’s NFL Draft appeared first on RedState.

Corker-Menendez vote expected Thursday

The Hill reports, “Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) said Tuesday that he expects an ‘overwhelming vote’ on Thursday in favor of legislation that would allow Congress to review a nuclear deal with Iran. Corker also said he believes that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) will file cloture on the bill and end debate, which could prevent the Senate […]

Hillary Campaign On Bill's 'Gotta Pay Our Bills': That's Him, We're Focused on Her

Hillary's campaign didn't outright hurl Bill under the bus. Even so, the former prez might be feeling a bit too close for comfort to the grimy side of a Greyhound. Asked by Andrea Mitchell today to comment on footage of poor ol' Bill...Show More Summary

Leftist School Teacher Who Testified for Bomber Tsarnaev Said ‘He Deserves Love’

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s former middle school teacher said that she testified in his favor at his terrorism trial because he “deserves love”–for some idiotic reason. Middle school teacher Becki Norris foolishly

Drug binging mother abandons children in motel for 3 days

Babysitters are just so expensive these days. Especially for three children and especially when you want to head out on your latest drug binge.  Locking them in a motel room

SHOCKING REVEAL: Mexican Gov’t Helicopter Fired on US Border Patrol Agents In US Airspace Last July

Judicial Watch has found that a helicopter operated by the Mexican government crossed into US territory and fired on US Border Patrol Agents last year and the Obama administration worked

Breaking: Iranian-Backed Houthi Rebels Shell Girls’ School, Hospital, & Homes in Saudi Arabia – Casualties Reported

Iranian Backed Houthi Rebels Shell Girls’ School, Hospital, & Homes in Saudi Arabia — Casualties Reported Saudi suspends schools in Najran after #Houthis launched mortar attacks on the border city. Some were killed. #Yemen — Yemen Updates (@yemen_updates) May 5, … Continue reading ?

‘Vagina Monologues’ Authoress Hired to Turn New ‘Mad Max’ Movie into Feminist Platform

The new Mad Max movie re-make, Mad Max: Fury Road was apparently planned as a platform to push feminist ideals. At least, that is according to one of the film’s

After video taking on Baltimore rioters, Army Sergeant receives threats

The last thing that liberal protesters want is someone who challenges their “narrative.”  U.S. Army Sgt. Marcus Rogers posted a video in which he questions the motives of the rioters

Huck 2.0

Ramesh mentioned Eliana’s report today on Huckabee making an appeal based on experience. Thus a lightening-in-a-bottle candidate from 2008 tries to transition to an elder statesmen in 2016. Huckabee is a talented politician, but it’s going to be hard to make this work. Show More Summary

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THOMAS SOWELL:  The inconvenient truth about ghetto communities’ social breakdown. The “legacy o…

THOMAS SOWELL:  The inconvenient truth about ghetto communities’ social breakdown. The “legacy of slavery” argument is not just an excuse for inexcusable behavior in the ghettos. In a larger sense, it is an evasion of responsibility for the disastrous consequences of the prevailing social vision of our times, and the political policies based on that […]

CBS: Clinton Campaign Trying to Move Past 'Distractions' and 'Break Through the Noise'

Leading off a report on Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign for Tuesday's CBS This Morning, correspondent Julianna Goldman proclaimed: "Secretary Clinton has been trying to frame her campaign around issues like immigration reform....But...Show More Summary

Bring Back Our FLOTUS: Michelle Disappears from Nets’ Nigerian Kidnap Coverage

Remember “#BringBackOurGirls?” It was the relentlessly hyped and utterly silly Twitter campaign aimed at the African Islamist terror group Boko Haram. It’s hard to know if anyone actually thought tweets would get radical Islamists to release the nearly 300 Christian girls abducted from their school in Chibok, Nigeria. Show More Summary

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