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How to Deter Terrorists: Aim, Shoot, Jeer

When Donald Rumsfeld was secretary of defense, the Pentagon at one point examined the question of whether it was really true that because terrorists are suicidal, they can’t be deterred. My own answer to that question is that terrorists...Show More Summary

GOOD NEWS, BUT NOT GOOD ENOUGH: Speedy Drug Approvals Have Become the Rule, Not the Exception….

GOOD NEWS, BUT NOT GOOD ENOUGH: Speedy Drug Approvals Have Become the Rule, Not the Exception.

New Anti-American Show Praised by USA Network President

Craving an anti-American show where the “elites” are playing ‘god’ without permission? Look no further than Mr. Robot, a drama set to premiere on USA starting June 24, 2015. “Sometimes I dream of saving the world,” the protagonist mused...Show More Summary

Garland, Texas: The Sixth Time Since 9/11 that Terrorists Have Slipped Through the Feds' Grasp

Kevin, the Garland, Texas, terror attack now represents the sixth instance since 9/11 that terror suspects have been questioned by the federal government and gone on to participate in terror attacks. Let’s not forget Attorney General...Show More Summary

Some Affirmative-Action Observations Prompted by Governor Kasich’s Comments at the NRI Ideas Summit

From a news story on Ohio governor John Kasich at the National Review Institute Ideas Summit on Friday, titled “Kasich Explains to Conservatives How He Won African-American Votes”: “He also suggested that awarding 20 percent of contracts...Show More Summary

AFP Foundation Reloads Right Online

Americans For Prosperity Foundation decided not to hold its annual digital conference–Right Online–last year, but they brought it back with a new...

Grandfather Was Killed By A Man Looking To Kill “Anybody Who Wasn’t Black” [Video]

Hate begets hate… a 22 year-old named Jeremiah Bell got up Sunday morning and decided he was going to attack anyone he found who was not black. So, he grabbed

Conservative Commentator Guy Benson Comes Out As Gay in a Footnote of His New Book

He's written a new book with Mary Katherine Ham called End of Discussion: How the Liberal Outrage Industry Shuts Down Debate. In a chapter on the gay outrage industry, he notes that he himself is gay, literally in a footnote,...

These three guys were crabbing on a tiny rowboat when SOMETHING MASSIVE SURFACED UNDERNEATH THEM

People pay a lot of money to take boats out and go whale-watching. But when a pod of orcas surface right next to a tiny rowboat, it’s not so much

Polite Society Update: Utah Concealed Carry Holder Kills a Carjacker and Rescues Driver

A carjacker attacked a woman and tried to steal her SUV in Utah. What stood between him and success? An armed bystander: A brief note this evening on the subject

$1.8 Billion of Obama’s Stimulus Cash Disappeared Into Baltimore

As Baltimore burns to the ground by the thugs and rioters infesting the city, we now learn that far from being deprived of opportunity, Baltimore got $1.8 billion in Obama’s

Still No Statement from Obama as White House Spokesman Condemns Texas Terror Attack

Nearly eighteen hours after the Islamist terror attack in Garland, Texas on Sunday evening there is still no statement from President Barack Obama. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest spoke to the press on Air Force One Monday morning as … Continue reading ?

AP: Experts Say Convictions Will Be Tough To Win In The Baltimore Case Against Cops

Mosby threw everything but the kitchen sink at those six officers to see what would stick. She knows that getting them convicted of anything in this matter is extremely unlikely.

There Is No Debate in the U.S. on the War on Yemen

The war seems to be greeted here with little more than a shrug.

Looking To 2016: Republicans Facing Retirements, Democrats Facing Scarcity Of Candidates

With the 2015 legislative session in the books we’re heading into the doldrums of North Dakota politics. There isn’t going to be a lot of activity until this fall when candidates begin to emerge for the 2016 election year. Until then, it’s all speculation about who may be running and, just as importantly (particularly Republicans...

THE WORLD, IN BLACK AND WHITE:  Normally a voice of semi-reason, Juan Williams has a race-baiting o…

THE WORLD, IN BLACK AND WHITE:  Normally a voice of semi-reason, Juan Williams has a race-baiting oped in The Hill today, titled “The Republicans and Racial Resentment,” in which he insinuates that the loss of white Southern Democrats (and concomitant shift of white, male voters to the GOP)– what Williams not so subtly calls the […]

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