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Georgia Senate Frontrunner Touches Republicans’ Third Rail, Suggests Raising Taxes

"I was never able to turn around a company just by cutting spending," he said. The post Georgia Senate Frontrunner Touches Republicans’ Third Rail, Suggests Raising Taxes appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Podcast: Fighting Immigration Detention ‘Bed Quotas’ Which Contribute to Record Number of Deportations

Every year, 34,000 beds in private prisons, federal prisons or even local, county or state prisons have to be occupied by the bodies of immigrants in the process of deportation. This has contributed to the record number of deportations of immigrants under President Barack Obama.

Will Durst: Blackish/Whitish

In which our intrepid correspondent gets a little racy surprised we aren’t beyond all this.

Randi Rhodes Knows What’s Wrong With Liberal Radio

Air America was supposed to be the answer to conservative talk radio. It was all wrong on so many levels. Randi Rhodes, one of the most talented broadcasters of any political stripe who, sadly, is giving up her syndicated show, offered a smart debriefing of what went wrong. Liberal radio isn’t as  big as conservative radio for […]

Podcast: Who Are the Dead Special Operations Forces Picked Up After Drone & Air Strikes in Yemen?

One week ago, multiple air strikes, including possible drone strikes, in Yemen were reported. An escalation in counterterrorism operations took place with many alleged “militants” being reported killed but the names of them were not announced. Show More Summary

Will Durst: Glasswipes

In which our intrepid correspondent leaps headfirst into the controversy surrounding what may be the laser discs of wearable computers. Now read this:Will Durst: Cold War 2 (Mar 20, 2014) Will Durst: 50 Shades Of Cool (Mar 14, 2014) Will Durst: It’s Not The Hate, It’s The Stupidity (Feb 27, 2014) Will Durst’s 2014 Political […]

LBJ accused Nixon of “treason” (audio)

LBJ thought Nixon was committing "treason." He told GOP Sen. Everett Dirksen. Why didn't he tell us?

Podcast: Young Palestinian & Contributor to ‘Gaza Writes Back’ Describes Life Under Occupation

For this week’s “Unauthorized Disclosure” podcast, Rania Khalek of the “Dispatches from the Underclass” blog interviews Yousef Aljamal, a contributor to a collection of stories from Palestinians in Gaza called “Gaza Writes Back.” Khalek met up with Aljamal while he was on a book tour that stopped in Washington, DC. Show More Summary

The Magic and Beauty of Hiding Behind Front Groups

I know that when KSFO, Savage, Beck or Limbaugh lost advertisers that didn’t necessarily mean they would lose ratings. In fact. they would keep bragging about the ratings because people were tuning in to hear the controversy.

Podcast: CCR Attorney Pardiss Kebriaei on Judge Dismissing Lawsuit Against Extrajudicial Killings of US Citizens

he families of three United States citizens, who were not indicted, charged or prosecuted for committing crimes but were killed in drone strikes by the US government, lost in court when a judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by the ACLU...Show More Summary

Will Durst: Patronizing Paychecks

In which our intrepid correspondent investigates the age- old question: what do women want?

Jim DeMint: 'No Liberal Is Going To Win A Debate That Big Government Freed The Slaves.'

Jim DeMint was always known for being a dim bulb when he was in the Senate, but his attempt to try and rewrite history and create his own version of how slavery ended in this country goes beyond the ineptitude that he exuded while in Congress. Show More Summary

Podcast: The Targeting of Free Speech & Activism Around Palestinians on University or College Campuses

Pro-Israel groups are engaged in a “fighting retreat,” as one professor at Columbia College Chicago, who had his academic freedom violated, puts it. They are confronting vibrant activism from students calling attention to the suffering...Show More Summary

Podcast: Artist Molly Crabapple on the Therapy of Sketching When Confronted With Authority Deployed Unjustly

There often seems to be so much injustice to the American justice system, and how does one process all of it, particularly if one loathes authority being deployed unjustly and in an abusive manner. Artist Molly Crabapple has sketched Guantanamo Bay prisoners at military commissions hearings. Show More Summary

Will Durst: Sawbucked To Death

In which our intrepid correspondent says ten dollars here. Ten dollars there. That stuff adds up.

Podcast: Why Is British Government Stripping Individuals of Their Citizenship & How Is US Responsible?

In the United Kingdom, dual citizens are having their citizenship revoked. They typically are not being notified about it, and some times they are outside of the UK when this happens. There are also a few cases where individuals whoShow More Summary

Will Durst: Cold War 2

In which our intrepid correspondent cries me a river. Now read this:Obama Signs Order Imposing Economic Sanctions On Russia (Mar 20, 2014) Obama: There Will Be No Ukraine ‘Military Excursion’ (Mar 19, 2014) Ukraine Concedes Loss, Will Pull Forces From Crimea, (Mar 19, 2014) Biden: U.S. May Send Troops To Baltics (Mar 19, 2014) Ron […]

Four Basic Things Vox's New Hire Doesn't Understand About LGBT Issues

Ezra Klein's nascent news and policy site promises readers that its journalists will "really know the topics they cover." But newly minted Vox writing fellow Brandon Ambrosino - a frequent commentator on LGBT issues - has repeatedly...Show More Summary

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