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In Texas, Perry was 'all of the above' on energy production

Years before the Democratic president endorsed all types of energy production — from oil and gas to renewable sources like wind and solar power — Perry was putting the policy into practice in Texas. During Perry's record 14-year tenure...Show More Summary

Inaugural speeches a catalog of plodding oratory, with gems

Recall a phrase, any phrase, from either inaugural speech of one of America's most accomplished political orators, President Barack Obama. [...] when an inaugural speech does grab hold of the public imagination, history tends to remember...Show More Summary

Day before inauguration, State Department lacks interim boss

Succession and continuity in leadership has been settled at the National Security Council, whose boss doesn't require confirmation, and appears on track for the Pentagon and CIA with Senate votes expected shortly after Trump's inauguration...Show More Summary

Inaugural Things to Watch: the speech, the dress and more

WASHINGTON (AP) — From a morning stop at church through the swearing-in to the last dance of the evening, it's going to be an inaugural marathon on Friday. The National Archives says George Washington added the words when he took the...Show More Summary

AP source: Perdue to be tapped for agriculture secretary

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sonny Perdue, a farmer's son who built businesses in grain trading and trucking before becoming the first Republican governor of Georgia since Reconstruction, is President-elect Donald Trump's choice to lead the Agriculture Department, The Associated Press has learned. U.S. Show More Summary

Even before taking office, Trump has changed the presidency

WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump enters the White House on Friday just as he entered the race for president: defiant, unfiltered, unbound by tradition and utterly confident in his chosen course. In the 10 weeks since his surprise election...Show More Summary

One more day: Obama in his final hours in the White House

The big decisions and grand pronouncements are all behind him, but Obama is still in charge until President-elect Donald Trump takes the oath at noon on Friday. The only events on his public calendar were his presidential daily briefing...Show More Summary

Former President George H.W. Bush and wife hospitalized

HOUSTON (AP) — Former President George H.W. Bush and his wife, Barbara, remain hospitalized in Houston, where he was in intensive care for pneumonia and she was being watched after complaining of fatigue and coughing. The 92-year-old...Show More Summary

Trump EPA nominee would oversee own lawsuit against the EPA

Senator Ed Markey talks with Rachel Maddow about why he opposes Scott Pruitt to lead the EPA when, even in public office, Pruitt has worked on behalf of...

Trump pushes inauguration attendance with sketchy Facebook ads

Rachel Maddow reports on Donald Trump's effort to encourage attendance at his inauguration in Washington, D.c. with a sketchy Facebook ad campaign for...

Open Thread - It's Not TV?

The promo for the fourth season of Last Week Tonight is pretty funny. Can't wait for him to start up again (Feb 12). Open thread below...

Enraged Political Establishment Would Have Been Okay With Chelsea Manning Dying In Prison

The political establishment in the United States is absolutely irate at President Barack Obama’s decision to commute U.S. Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning’s sentence. There are also an array of journalists and professional security or military analysts, who are incensed as well. Show More Summary

Trump weak vetting of nominees a symptom of poor preparation

Rachel Maddow lists some of the embarrassing details being learned about Donald Trump cabinet nominees while they are in the confirmation process because...

Trump pays surprise visit to his Washington hotel

Trump flew into the city from New York on Wednesday evening for an event honoring Vice President-elect Mike Pence at the National Portrait Gallery and another featuring his potential cabinet secretaries at the Library of Congress. Patricia...Show More Summary

Trump to enter office with gaping holes in major agencies

Rachel Maddow reports on the many director-level positions Donald Trump has yet to fill on the National Security Council with one day left of Obama's term,...

C&L's Late Night Music Club With Joy Division

Though the DJ at the Cheeto in Chief's inauguration probably won't play this on Friday, he should. What songs do you think the DJ should play at it?

NASA says 2016 was the hottest year in the modern instrumental record

Via James Hansen and NASA’s  Goddard Institute for Space Studies  climate division, 2016 is now officially the hottest year in the modern record: Update of the GISS global temperature analysis  finds 2016 to be the warmest year in the instrumental record. Show More Summary

Weaseling Out Of Things Is A Core Trump Skill

The media still hasn't figured out how to deal with Trump and his weaseling skills. They are using the, "If a democrat did this..." model. That one was blown out of the water early. But Trump has even surpassed the "It's Okay When You Are Republican" model. Show More Summary

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen's Miami congressional seat shifted from 53-46 Obama to 59-39 Clinton

It’s cold outside, so  Daily Kos Election’s ongoing project to calculate the 2016 presidential results for all 435 congressional districts nationwide is heading to Florida where it’s warmer.  You can find our complete data set here,Show More Summary

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