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Wonkagenda: September 28th, 2016

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Whole 2017 campaign just shifted on its axis: Via Politico, Fulop to drop out & endorse Murphy

Wow. Fulop has announced a 2 p.m. press conference on the steps of City Hall in Jersey City. Two sources with knowledge of the plans said he will throw his support to Murphy, a millionaire former U.S. ambassador to Germany...Read mo...

Morning Digest: Deborah Ross fires back hard against GOP claims she opposed sex-offender registry

Leading Off: ? NC-Sen: Well, we knew this would happen—it was only a question of when: Republicans have finally started attacking Democrat Deborah Ross in earnest over her advocacy as head of the North Carolina ACLU, a post she left 14 years ago. Show More Summary

Hillary's numbers among non-college whites go WAY up post-debate (in one focus group)

My operating theory of partisanship is that people’s opinions of the candidates are baked in, and while we may see some movement in the margins, the only question left is who turns out, rather than how they will vote.  Donald Trump will provide a serious test of my theory. Show More Summary

Six conservatives who hated Trump’s debate performace

Donald Trump’s performance last night was bad; so says the general consensus among even casual political observers who last night witnessed the GOP candidate hold his ground about 10 minutes before sinking into a pool of Rosie O’Donnell insults and begging Sean Hannity for a life preserver. Even conservative pundits, who no doubt have every [...]

Watch Trump Make A Fool Of Himself As He Repeatedly Interrupts Clinton

One of the most aggravating parts of the debate last night was watching Donald Trump behave like a drunk boor at a party, interrupting everyone with his own VERY BIG thoughts. The best thoughts. Certainly they were so important he couldn't...Show More Summary

Coulter Trump won debate because ‘he wasn’t Hitler’

According to Ann Coulter, proving “he wasn’t Hitler” was all Trump had to do. …Coulter said that the 70-year-old controversial businessman had “won because he wasn’t Hitler”. Miss Coulter appeared on today’s edition of Good Morning Britain via satellite link from America to talk about how Mr Trump had done in the heated discussion with [...]

Gov. Chris Christie: 'I Knew Nothing About Lane Re-Alignments'

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie refuted the testimony of former Port Authority executive David Wildstein, who testified on Tuesday that Christie knew about the lane closings all along. Christie said, "I knew nothing about the lane reassignments before they happened, as they were happening. Show More Summary

Despite previous praise, Trump lashes out at debate moderator

At the debate, Donald Trump thought Lester Holt did "a great job" and was "very fair" -- praise that turned to criticism when he talked to Fox the next morning.

Sean Hannity — With His $29M Salary And Private Jet — Slams ‘overpaid’ Media Elites

Hannity said all of this without a trace of irony, which I guess is his hallmark: saying things which are demonstrably false, and claiming otherwise. He's probably the highest paid person on cable news, yet claims to be a man of theShow More Summary

Team Trump has adultery on its mind

Donald Trump and his top allies seem eager to talk about Bill Clinton's adulterous past. It's hard to believe Democrats could be this lucky.

Clinton seeks campaign lift from Sanders, Michelle Obama

Clinton was joining Sanders on the campaign trail for the first time since they held a "unity" rally in July in an attempt to unify the Democratic Party. [...] Clinton has continued struggling to win over young Americans who formed a...Show More Summary

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