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McCain thinks it's 'outrageous' to ask him about Trump

John McCain has sworn up and down he won't talk about Donald Trump -- unless it suits McCain's purposes.

Into the Obamacare Repeal Charnel House

Our team of Lauren Fox and Tierney Sneed have been doing a superb job keeping us up to date on Republican plans to repeal Obamacare and phase out Medicare, often getting the key stories as much as a couple days in advance of the competition. Show More Summary

Congress holds IRS impeachment vote as Trump eyes new commissioner

As some Republicans try to get rid of the current IRS commissioner, Donald Trump gets ready to name a replacement -- who may go easy on him and his tax troubles

Hospitals: GOP may create 'an unprecedented public health crisis'

Hospitals are not known for being especially political or ideological. When they start to panic in response to Republican threats, the public ought to take note

Huntington, IN mayor: My town’s losing Carrier jobs

Mayor Brooks Fetters, a Republican, spoke to me on radio Tuesday night. Fetters told me that he’s seen Indianapolis get the most out of the deal as opposed to his own town and added that he still has to wonder how $7 million in tax breaks could be considered a punishment for a company that [...]

Without mentioning his name, Obama sends Trump a subtle reminder

In delivering remarks on national security, President Obama took some pretty tough shots at Trump -- but he did so without mentioning his successor's name.

Carrier employee: Trump lied to workers

TJ Bray says it was a “dog and pony show.” …Bray, showed up on CNN today to further discuss his disappointment over this revelation. Speaking to host Kate Bolduan, Bray explained that Trump’s initial number included about 400 R&D jobs that were never scheduled to leave. Bolduan asked Bray if he felt “lied to.” “Well, [...]

Rachel Maddow 12/6/16

Watch the full episode of Tuesday night's The Rachel Maddow Show.

Retired Gen. John Kelly to lead Homeland Security

Retired Marine General John Kelly has been chosen to lead the Department of Homeland Security. Kelly, the former head of the U.S. Southern Command, has accepted the offer, CBS said, citing unidentified sources. Kelly would be the third general Trump has tapped for a high-level position in his administration.

Trump continues to threaten flag burners on victory tour

Donald Trump continues to say he wants punishment for those who burn the flag. In Donald Trump’s second stop on his post-election victory tour, the president-elect renewed his attacks on First Amendment rights, saying that as president “we will see what we can do about” those that burn the American flag… The president-elect’s new talking [...]

Santorum tells DREAMER America is not her home

During CNN’s The Messy Truth with Van Jones, Rick Santorum was an insensitive ahat during an exchange between DREAMER Elizabeth Vilchis and himself when discussing her options as 2017 rolls around and the possibility of her deportation. Vichis came to America at the age of seven, clearly she had no say or clue that she [...]

Ex-CIA official on Flynn: ‘I’m watching a clown show’

Phillip Mudd can’t believe what he’s witnessing with Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser. He recalled the people who have served in that capacity in previous administrations and then went after Flynn for the “lock her up” campaign rhetoric and his past comments about Muslims… Mudd finally brought up Flynn’s son tweeting about a conspiracy [...]

Starbucks introduces $10 cups of coffee at Reserve Bars

It’s an attempt to court Millennials. “Starbucks is the millennials’ parents’ coffee house and Starbucks is acutely aware of that,” said Ric Rhinehart, executive director of the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Starbucks’ Reserve projects are “a reminder that they did this first and they do this best,” said AB Bernstein analyst Sara Senatore. The [...]

On Wednesday’s Radio Show…

Texas Republican Elector Chris Suprun will explain why he’s not casting his vote for President-Elect Trump in the Electoral College.

Ohio Senate outlaws abortion after 6 weeks

The Ohio Senate advanced the nation’s most restrictive abortion law on Tuesday, prohibiting the procedure once a fetal heartbeat is detected. The measure—the so-called heartbeat bill—now goes to the House, which passed a similar measure earlier this year. The bill, approved 21-10 along party lines, is at odds with constitutional standards for abortion, banning the [...]

Colorado electors file suit challenging rule they most vote for state winner

Two Colorado electors filed suit Tuesday in federal court, challenging a state law requiring them to vote for the winner of the popular vote when the Electoral College meets in less than two weeks. Polly Baca, a former legislator, and Robert Nemanich are Democratic electors — two of the state’s nine electors — who say [...]

False patriotism: House Republicans have bill to defund colleges that remove American flag

House Republicans have introduced a bill that would prevent colleges that have banned the American flag from receiving federal funding. It started as a petition to defund schools that remove the flag, and on Friday, Rep. Mike Turner (R-Ohio) and 52 other House GOP members officially put forward legislation to do just that, calling it [...]

Story Of Mob-Run Fake ‘U.S. Embassy’ In Ghana Would Make A Pretty Good Movie, We Bet

A fake U.S. Embassy operating for ten years? What's not to like about this as a movie premise?

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