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In Clinton's absence, South Carolina Dems welcome liberals

O'Malley is promoting his record of increasing education spending and raising the minimum wage while Maryland governor. Sanders — a Vermont senator who identifies himself as a democratic socialist — is critical of an economic and political structure that concentrates wealth among a few corporations and individuals.

Judge Says Oregon Bakery Should Pay Lesbian Couple $135,000

It’s a recommendation, not an order. Sweet Cakes by Melissa, the Oregon bakery that refused to bake a cake—citing religious reasons—for a lesbian wedding may have to pay the couple $135,000 in damages for their emotional suffering. An administrative law judge for the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries proposed the order, which was released [...]

How the Stock Market Destroyed the Middle Class

Rex Nutting, CBS MarketWatch: Many factors have been blamed for the plummeting fortunes of the American middle class... But one under-appreciated factor is a pervasive business model that encourages top managers of American corporations...Show More Summary

Franklin Graham: Don't Persecute Christians; Persecute Muslims!

Eric Bolling and Franklin Graham are very, very concerned about the Christians living in Iraq now that President Obama is in command. When it was George W. Bush, not so much. Graham's knowledge of the history of Iraq appears to be limited to years beginning January 21, 2009 and beyond. First, the 'secret Muslim' trope. Show More Summary

Michele Bachmann says the Rapture is coming: 'Rejoice'

11 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Looks like the Apocalypse to me. Former Rep. Michele Bachmann is very excited that the world may be coming to an end. Iran may be getting the bomb, and gay people are getting married these days, and all of this is wonderful news because...Show More Summary

How did Freddie Gray end up with a severed spinal cord and a crushed larynx

The Baltimore Police Department is investigating what happened to Freddie Brown who died from a severed spinal cord and a crushed larynx after allegedly running away from three police officers on bicycles who chased and tackled him. The New York Times reports, The official in charge of the investigation, Deputy Commissioner Kevin Davis, said investigators were [...]

Kardashian Ex Tweets ‘Glad I Got Out When I Did’

This is likely the worst reaction to the Bruce Jenner interview. Those of you who have been keeping up with the Kardashians over the past few years will know that Kim Kardashian was briefly married (less than three months, mind you) to NBA star Kris Humphries. Well, with Bruce Jenner‘s big ABC News interview last [...]

KC Bishop Resigns Under Fire, and SF Archbishop is Nervous

Friends from San Francisco sent me links last week to stories about a group of prominent Roman Catholic laypeople who took out an ad to call for Pope Francis to remove Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone. I laughed, not because I think Cordileone...Show More Summary

Bruce Jenner is a courageous idiot

By Michael J.W. Stickings There isn't much about the Kardashians and their bubble of cultural degradation and egomaniacal excess that I respect, but I do respect Bruce Jenner's decision, if one can even call it that, to come out as a...Show More Summary

Jeb Dodges Questions on Brother's Policy Failures

Two months ago, Jeb Bush was asked about some of his brother's foreign policy decisions. "I won't talk about the past," the Republican said, adding his unannounced presidential campaign is "not about re-litigating anything in the past." The Washington Post reported over the weekend that the former governor's position hasn't improved much since. Show More Summary

The Roundup

A relaxing song to end your week. International Politics Overall - Today is the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide caused by the then-Ottoman Empire - Actress Angelina Jolie criticized the United Nations for failing to take action...Show More Summary

17 Million Watch Jenner Special

As expected, the Dianne Sawyer interview with Bruce Jenner rated big. A whopping 16.9 million people watched the Jenner special, which also got a 5.2 rating from the 18-49 demographic, and a 6.4 from the 25-54 demographic. On top of that, It was the biggest non-sports-related event watched on a Friday since 2003. As for [...]

View from the left—donors v. voters, the GOP’s split personality primary

11 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

This week we found out that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, a fervent defender of "traditional marriage," is courting gay donors in Manhattan Penthouses. Meanwhile, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, an avowed true believer in border security first, is wooing pro-immigration reform billionaires in Florida. Show More Summary

Missing Sisters Survived 2 Weeks on Girl Scout Cookies

Two sisters missing nearly two weeks in Michigan survived on eight boxes of Girl Scout cookies while stuck in their snow-crippled SUV until police discovered them Friday in a remote part of the Upper Peninsula. Leslie Roy, 52, and Lee Marie Wright, 56, were trapped in snow on a little-used road in an area with no cell phone service. Show More Summary

Gotcha, Hillary! (No, Not Really.)

At the Daily Caller, Kerry Picket has what seems to be a Hillary Clinton gotcha: Hillary On Abortion: ‘Deep-Seated Cultural Codes, Religious Beliefs And Structural Biases Have To Be Changed’ Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took a feminist tone on Thursday. Show More Summary

‘I’m Writing For Black People…I Don’t Have To Apologize’

Toni Morrison is clear about her mission. …Morrison turned 84 in February. Her many literary laurels include a Pulitzer in 1988 for Beloved, a Nobel in 1993, and, in 2012, the presidential medal of freedom, from her friend Barack Obama… Most writers claim to abhor labels but Morrison has always welcomed the term “black writer”. [...]

The Latest on the 2016 GOP field: Cruz vows to nix nuke deal

Sen. Ted Cruz say he'll do "everything humanly possible" to stop a nuclear deal with Iran — a stand that's drawn cheers from the Republican Jewish Coalition. Concerns about President Barack Obama's diplomatic efforts to curb Iran's nuclear program are dominating the group's meeting in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Ted Cruz says Obama is an 'unmitigated socialist' who is 'profoundly dangerous,' and so forth

12 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

'Oh spirit of Reagan, I summon thee and bind thee to my will.' Ted Cruz, the presidential candidate for people who never learned to use their inside voices: “Obama is not a disaster because he was a senator,” said Cruz. “Obama is a disaster...Show More Summary

US unveils 6-year-old report on NSA surveillance

WASHINGTON (AP) — With the Patriot Act surveillance law about to expire, the Obama administration is unveiling a 6-year-old report examining the once-secret program to collect information on Americans' calls and emails. President George W. Bush authorized the program code-named Stellarwind in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

Nepal Rocked by 7.8 Earthquake, Hundreds Die

At least 970 people are known to have died in a powerful earthquake in Nepal, with many more feared trapped under rubble, officials say. The 7.8 magnitude quake struck an area between the capital, Kathmandu, and the city of Pokhara, the US Geological Survey said. Show More Summary

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