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Wonkagenda: Wednesday, 07/27/2016

Here's some of the stories that may grace yr Wonkette today!

How Russia’s Putin is trying to throw the American election for Trump

A walk-through of the evidence that Putin is trying to help Trump, while Trump has troubling ties to Russia.

Hillary shatters the glass ceiling (with little girls at her side)!

Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination Tuesday night following on a pictorial trail of male presidents. “ We just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet,” she told convention attendees. “This is really your victory!” Watch: x YouTube Video

Trump can't keep his story straight on the minimum wage

There are multiple reports today that Trump now wants a $10 federal minimum wage. Those reports might not be quite right.

Morning Digest: Grayson accused of abuse by ex-wife, explodes at reporter, loses two endorsements

Leading Off: ? FL-Sen: According to a new piece in Politico, Florida Rep. Alan Grayson's ex-wife filed multiple police reports against him over a two-decade period alleging that he had physically abused her. Lolita Grayson provided Politico...Show More Summary

Cheers and Jeers: Wednesday

From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE… Quotable Philly: Part I Hand-sliced and slathered in Cheese Whiz for good eatin': "Trump University is about more than bilking people. Although trust me, you WILL get bilked..." ---Sen. Al Franken "His entire campaign is a late-night infomercial. Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Michelle Obama stole the opening night, inspiring everyone everywhere. Frankly Curious reminds us that Americans love a good authoritarian. Green Eagles dares call it treason! The Rogue Columnist reminds us to take nothing for granted. Bonus...Show More Summary

No, Really! Right Wing Websites Claim Flags Forbidden At DNC

Can someone explain to me how right wing media operates? Do they just lie to their own readers because they can? Or do they do it because their readers would eat them alive if they didn't? Or what? Daily Caller and other right wing websites...Show More Summary

Georgia Man Uses Lotto Millions to Fund Meth Ring

A Georgia man who won $3 million in the lottery in 2015 could face life in prison after pleading guilty to investing in a crystal meth operation. Ronnie Music Jr., 45, of Waycross, pleaded guilty last week to federal drug and gun charges after U.S. Show More Summary

U.S. Finally Admits Its Efforts To Help Central American Refugees ‘Have Been Insufficient’

"Our current efforts to date have been insufficient to address the number of people who may have legitimate refugee claims." The post U.S. Finally Admits Its Efforts To Help Central American Refugees ‘Have Been Insufficient’ appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Bill Clinton introduces Americans to the real Hillary Clinton

Bill Clinton offered something last night his wife's detractors on the right have long tried to deny: a narrative about Hillary Clinton that resembles reality.

Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 AM ET!

That Bernie Sanders Bill Clinton guy, he oughta run for president some day! I probably don’t have to tell you what an interesting first second day we saw at the Democratic convention. OK, but seriously, that can’t not be our topic. Though...Show More Summary

The Latest: Obama: Trump lacks "basic knowledge" about world

President Barack Obama says he worries about a President Donald Trump who would lack "basic knowledge about the world" and has shown no interest in learning more about it. Without mentioning Trump by name, Obama added the RepublicanShow More Summary

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