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Voter Fraud Investigation: 31 in 1 Billion

Justin Levitt, Washington Post: I've been tracking allegations of fraud for years now, including the fraud ID laws are designed to stop. In 2008, when the Supreme Court weighed in on voter ID, I looked at every single allegation put before the court. Show More Summary

What Is Russia Trying to Achieve?

Yesterday I was looking back through the progression of events with the at-first-suspected and now confirmed (according to the US government, at least) Russian meddling in the 2016 US election. It starts in June with a report that aShow More Summary

Marco el miedoso: Rubio backs out of Univision debate

23 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Marco Rubio is using his skill at avoiding showing up to work, honed in the Senate, to his campaign. He's pulled out of a debate on Univision, and the network cancelled. Democrat Patrick Murphy's campaign disputes that, saying he's still willing to debate as long as Rubio gives up on his one, unprecedented condition—that the debate be in Spanish. Show More Summary

Morning Digest: Joe Arpaio could lose his election and his freedom

23 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Leading Off: ? Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff: It's hard to believe, but Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's decades-long reign of terror might finally come to an end next month. According to a new poll from the Behavior Research Center,...Show More Summary

3rd Former RNC Chair Won't Vote for Trump

Michael Steele, who led the Republican Party from 2009 to 2011, became the latest senior Republican figure to say he would not vote for Donald Trump. Steele, a former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, said that Trump has "captured that racist underbelly, that frustration, that angry underbelly of American life and gave voice to that. Show More Summary

The Obvious and the NFL

There's a story flying around the web claiming that either one of the main reasons or the main reason for sharply lower NFL ratings this year is because of opposition to protests by Colin Kaepernick and others. The numbers go back to a Yahoo/YouGov poll which found that 29% of self-identified NFL fans were watching few games this year. Show More Summary

Midday open thread: STDs soar as clinics close; gender wage gap real and can't be explained away

23 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Today’s comic by Mark Fiore is The Orange Giant: Eighteen days remain until the election. Click here to make sure you're registered to vote. In the majority of states, if you haven’t yet registered, you’ve missed the deadline. BelowShow More Summary

Donald Trump gets booed and heckled at Al Smith dinner

23 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Cardinal Dolan joked that he was fighting off a cold after sitting in the iciest place on the planet, and there’s no doubt that being the one man barrier between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had to be about as much fun as being the ump at a Yankees vs. Show More Summary

Trump Booed at Al Smith Dinner

Donald Trump was booed Thursday night at the annual Alfred E. Smith Dinner after delivering a series of jabs at his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, including trying to riff on a controversial remark he made at the latest presidential...Show More Summary

Great Piece

Great piece oh how Trump's final meltdown may foil the GOP's efforts to get out of decades old restrictions tied to attempts to intimidate and suppression African-American voting over 30 years ago. Check it out.

Planned Parenthood wins another battle, this time in Mississippi over Medicaid funds

23 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Last May, flying in the face of a federal rule, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed a law cutting off Medicaid funding to any facility providing abortions or affiliated with an abortion provider. Friday,  U.S. District Judge Daniel Jordan...Show More Summary

Daily Kos readers push our candidates' fundraising past opponents in three key House races

23 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

With the help of YOU, three Daily Kos endorsed candidates surpassed their opponents in fundraising during the third quarter specifically because of contributions made by Daily Kos readers. Alaska's Steve Lindbeck, California's Doug Applegate...Show More Summary

Russians trying to throw shade on our election ... wonder where they got that idea

Just when you think 2016 couldn't get any weirder: OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma has turned down a request from Russia to have personnel in the state to study the Nov. 8 election, Bryan Dean, Oklahoma State Election Board spokesman, saidShow More Summary

Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 AM ET!

One more chance to make you smarter for the weekend! But all I’ve got to work with is Donald Trump! So we’ll have to bring in another ringer: Josie Duffy Rice. She’ll make you smart whether you like it or not! (But we know you do!) Listen LIVE right here at 9:00 AM ET! Oh, right! It’s probably time to craft a new shtick for this middle part, here. Show More Summary

President Obama brings the star power to close the deal for Senate Democrats

Senate Republicans have the Chamber of Commerce and, um, Trump. Senate Democrats have the elections weapon to beat them all. President Obama has recorded a remarkable number of personalized television commercials for down-ballot Democrats...Show More Summary

Abbreviated pundit roundup: Trump gets booed at charity dinner

This is why we can’t have nice things. Here is Donald Trump, ruining the Al Smith Memorial Dinner (from Erin Glorida Ryan at The Daily Beast): Thursday’s Al Smith Memorial Dinner offered America the opportunity to take a desperate breath from the trash swamp America’s been drowning in for the last year and a half. Show More Summary

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