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The long-shot fantastical possibility that Paul Ryan might run for Speaker

22 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

What the what?! This is cute—Republicans are still dreaming about the one way in which Paul Ryan would actually take the House speaker job: if he becomes the consensus candidate. Heh. Jake Sherman has the details: But there’s one remote...Show More Summary

Texas Will Have To Pry The Dildos Out Of These Kids’ Cold, Dead Wherevers

22 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Wonkette

OK, it might be a recorder. Or a champagne bottle. It’s probably not a gun. Among the dumb new gun laws Texas recently enacted is a provision allowing students and faculty to carry concealed weapons on university and college campuses, as long as they have a CCW permit. Show More Summary

Speaker Watch

The question of the day is, “Is he dumb enough to do it?” — he being Paul Ryan and it being running for Speaker of the House. Ryan allegedly is considering his options today. As Paul Krugman points out in a column and blog post today, Ryan’s strength is that he’s the guy non-Republicans take […]

Sanders Destroys NoLabels Talking Points On Social Safety Net

Bernie Sanders was the sole 2016 Democratic candidate to appear at today's Cut The Safety Net No Labels Presidential Forum, and he absolutely destroyed Chris Christie's appearance earlier in the program. Chris Christie just straight-up...Show More Summary

Court takes wrong position in yoga case

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals held last week that Bikram yoga can't be copyrighted. The decision covers California — yoga's American heartland — and it'll probably influence courts elsewhere. Although the ideal of yoga being free to all is appealing, the court got this one wrong. The stylized,...

Hillary Leads Big in South Carolina, Nevada Polls

With Hillary Clinton behind in New Hampshire and holding on to a narrowing margin over Bernie Sanders in Iowa, new CNN/ORC polls in Nevada and South Carolina suggest the two states could prove to be a firewall for her. Clinton has the support of 50% of those who say they are likely to attend the Democratic caucus scheduled for February 20 in Nevada. Show More Summary

Q&A: Ryan weighs speaker post, conservatives still a puzzle

For that to happen, the Wisconsin Republican would have to conclude that the House Freedom Caucus wouldn't make his life —and a possible future presidential run — miserable if he said "yes." Geographically, it's his hometown of Janesville,...Show More Summary

No, police killing pre-teen Tamir Rice wasn't reasonable—it was a heartless murder backed by lies

22 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

On November 22, 2014, 12-year-old Tamir Rice was shot and killed by Cleveland Police while he was playing in his local neighborhood park. Now, a full 11 months after his death, prosecutors who claim they're still investigating the case...Show More Summary

Biographer: Lou Reed Was a Monster

Nico Hines, Daily Beast: Lou Reed was a monster. That's the reluctant conclusion of the rock icon's unofficial biographer, in his new book, Notes From The Velvet Underground. Following Reed's death in 2013, Howard Sounes interviewed more than 140 of his school friends, bandmates, girlfriends, and family members. Show More Summary

AP Exclusive: Panama condo owners tell Trump he's fired

PANAMA CITY (AP) — The directors of a massive Trump-branded luxury condominium development in Panama fired Donald Trump's company over the summer over allegations of mismanagement, overspending and undisclosed bonuses executives paid...Show More Summary

Lawrence Lessig’s Attack Lines for Tuesday’s Debate—Had He Been Invited

Lawrence Lessig sounded irritated as he spoke by phone while on a train on Saturday morning. The Harvard professor turned political rabble-rouser, who launched his presidential campaign a month ago

Being Catholic: No union dues required

In the ongoing state budget battle, is the Roman Catholic Church taking sides? No. But opponents of Gov. Bruce Rauner want you to think it is. At the request of local unions, Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich recently spoke at a West Side union hall about the church's teachings on work and workers....

President Obama Smacks Down Steve Kroft's Right-Wing Talking Points

CBS always assigns Steve Kroft to interview President Obama, and Kroft never fails to echo the latest right-wing talking points framed as questions to the President. Last night was no different. When Kroft got to the question about Syria,...Show More Summary

Cruz raps 2016 rival Rubio for skipping Senate debates

ROCKWELL CITY, Iowa (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is scolding GOP rival Marco Rubio for skipping recent Senate debates — but he isn't using Rubio's name. Recently, Rubio has come under criticism for missing hearings and Senate votes while campaigning and raising money for his presidential bid.

Midday open thread: Indigenous Peoples Day; women ahead of men obtaining undergrad degrees

23 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Today's comic by Tom Tomorrow is The wankiest generation: What you may have missed on Sunday Kos... The ultimate domestic violence—men who murder their families, by Susan Grigsby Nobody is going to take your precious guns, by Mark EShow More Summary

Gay-Hating Wingnuts Must Stop Using Google, Drinking Coke, And Having Abortions

23 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Wonkette

They’re everywhere! Every week, there’s some new company making the queer-hatin’ folks of our U.S. American society real mad in their bathing suit regions, for making nice-nice with the gays. Usually we hear about it from the One Million...Show More Summary

Ready to debate: A guide to the Democratic 2016 candidates

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Republican presidential contest has been aflutter for months, but now it's time for the Democrats to spread their wings before a big national audience. — Daughter of a fabric store owner and a homemaker living in...Show More Summary

Why Do Rich Kids Do Better Than Poor Kids in School? It's Not the "Word Gap."

Why do rich kids end up doing better than poor kids in school? Of late, one common explanation for this has been the “word gap,” or the idea that 

Fox News columnist Ablow: Jews 'surrendered' to Hitler, should have 'more actively resisted'

23 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Frequent Fox News contributor, psychologist, and sociopath Dr. Keith Ablow, known mostly for regular appearances on the network to promote his theories that the current sitting president does not love America but instead holds an affinity for America's enemies, took to this weekend to defend Dr. Show More Summary

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