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Trump’s boy Corey tells the biggest lie yet about the Clinton Foundation on CNN

Corey Lewandowski claimed that half the donors of the Clinton Foundation met with Hillary at State. It's a lie.

U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy beats Alan Grayson for Democratic nomination to face Sen. Rubio in Florida

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy beats Alan Grayson for Democratic nomination to face Sen. Rubio in Florida.

Trump’s doctor was accused of ‘over-medicating’ patients who then died

Dr. Howard Bornstein has had to settle a number of lawsuits, one of which involved the death of a patient. The 2002 lawsuit is one of three malpractice claims brought against Trump’s longtime gastroenterologist since 1992, two of which allege the doctor improperly administered powerful drugs which led to the death of patients. Both of [...]

Eskow: Make the Fed Accountable to Public

Richard Eskow: Economics is neither a priesthood nor a physical science. Economics uses quantitative measurements but is rived with ideological divisions, theoretical arguments and subjective differences in perception. The Fed can't be managed by coolly objective technocrats, because such creatures don't exist in the real world. Show More Summary

Chuck Grassley proves again that he's unfit to be in charge of the federal judiciary

Sen. Chuck Grassley finally came out of his undisclosed location in Iowa to talk to actual people. The Sioux City Rotary Club, to be exact, where he said that Donald Trump could definitely be president and Hillary Clinton is just asShow More Summary

The Latest: Rubio wins GOP nomination to seek second term

Rubio beat millionaire developer Carlos Beruff, the only major GOP candidate to stay in the race after Rubio decided to run for re-election two days before the deadline to make the ballot. Republican leaders encouraged Rubio to change...Show More Summary

Marco Rubio wins Florida GOP nomination to seek second Senate term

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Marco Rubio wins Florida GOP nomination to seek second Senate term.

Who do you think should play Donald Trump for Hillary Clinton's debate prep?

We are in the pre-debate psychological warfare phase of the campaign, with both camps trying to psych each other out. If you want to read about how Hillary Clinton is working to needle Donald Trump into an outburst, or how Trump is too...Show More Summary

Poll: Trump has 0% favorability with blacks, rates below bubonic plague

A new PPP poll is worse news for Trump than the 1% of African-Americans who supported him in a previous survey. 97% of respondents had an unfavorable view of Trump. A whopping 3% were undecided. Yikes! To add insult to injury PPP asked African American respondents to compare Trump to a number of time-tested irritants, [...]

David Duke Robocall Stumps for Trump

A robocall from white nationalist and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke urges voters to vote for him for U.S. Senate in Louisiana and for Donald Trump for president. "Unless massive immigration is stopped now, we'll be out numbered and outvoted in our own nation. Show More Summary

Tammy Duckworth ad slams Mark Kirk on free trade

Tammy Duckworth is doubling down on her opposition to current trade deals—specifically the Trans-Pacific Partnership—and she's hitting hitting Sen. Mark Kirk hard on the issue in a new ad. Duckworth's move comes in a new TV spot focused on downstate Granite City, where former steel mill workers have had a rough few years. "The imports are really bad. Show More Summary

Mika Brezinski Calls Out Media Coverage Of Trump: 'We're Talking About Nothing'

On Morning Joe today, Mika said what a lot of us are thinking: Why is the media treating Donald Trump as if he is a serious candidate with actual policies? It is clear that he is both hardening and softening at the same time, pivoting 720 degrees at a time and talking out of both sides of his mouth on every issue. Show More Summary

NY court rules that both partners in same-sex marriages an be legal ‘parents’

The New York State Court of appeals ruled that the same-sex partner of a child’s biological parent is also a parent legally. The decision overturns a 25-year precedent that left same-sex couples who had separated out to dry when they sought visitation or custody of their children. The case of Brooke B. v Elizabeth C. involved [...]

Trump U judge shoots down latest attempt to dismiss lawsuit

Judge Gonzalo Curiel has denied an attempt to stop one plaintiff from going forward. Curiel, whom Trump has repeatedly accused of  bias due to his Mexican heritage and despite the fact that he was born in Indiana, is allowing the case of lead plaintiff  Sonny Low to proceed on accusations of fraud. Low is part [...]

White Lives Matter is a hate group. No, for real.

The NY Times is reporting today that White Lives Matter has been designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The group, which has tracked hate group activity in the United States since 1981, stated:  “The White Lives Matter website says their movement is dedicated to the preservation of the white race. Show More Summary

Florida And Arizona Primaries Open Thread

Polls close in Florida at 7 Eastern, and in Arizona at 7 Mountain. Primary open thread; we'll update as results come in.

Not a Fanilow: That time Donald Trump chewed out Barry Manilow in Atlantic City

Ryan Grim at Huffington Post has a story that shows both the role Trump once played in New Jersey’s now-crumbling seaside gambling mecca and his continuing impulse-control problems. Hat/tip to HuffPost Hill’s kicky daily digest of political stuff for where...Read more

Trump Liked by Literally 0% of Black Voters

Dogged by allegations of racism and bigotry, Donald Trump has long struggled to connect with black voters. But a recent push by his campaign to reach out to the African American community had some supporters hopeful. So, how's Donald's outreach going? Not great. Show More Summary

Arizona and Florida primary preview: Why 'chemtrails' might just be good news ... for John McCain!

On Tuesday, voters in Arizona and Florida will cast ballots for their state’s downballot primaries. Below is our look at the key races to watch. The first polls will close at 7 PM ET in most of Florida (a small portion of the state will...Show More Summary

Why Anthony Weiner is bad for Hillary, even if he isn't

Monday’s troubles for Anthony Weiner are good for John McCain. Or wait, that’s the press wisdom of 2008. The press wisdom of 2016? Everything, everything, everything is bad for Hillary Clinton. Why is an over-hyped underwear photo from...Show More Summary

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