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Weak Trump political clout further eroded by election losses

Rachel Maddow points out the string of Republican candidates who have lost recent elections despite having the endorsement of Donald Trump, and notes that as...

Roy Moore mistaken in Alabama recount claim

Rachel Maddow reports on why Roy Moore is mistaken to believe he can call for a recount in the senate race he just lost, apparently the result of misleading...

Behind closed doors, Republicans add a new tax break for the rich

The American mainstream told Congress not to give the wealthy another tax break. In response, Republicans are making their tax plan even more regressive.

Rachel Maddow 12/13/17

Watch the full episode of Wednesday night's The Rachel Maddow Show.

Jerry Nadler Calls Out Colleagues Still Obsessed With Hillary's Emails

At the Rod Rosenstein hearing this morning, Rep. Jerry Nadler, (D-NY) used his opening statement to review all of the ways the House Judiciary Committee (sitting right there) had avoided the subject of Russia's interference in the 2016...Show More Summary

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Kenny Burrell

I know, I know. The deluge of Christmas music is all around us now. It will drive many a sane person to their wits ends by the time the 25th rolls around. Then again though, there are some takes on those holiday chestnuts that are pleasing to the ear. This 19966 take on "Merry Christmas Baby" by Kenny Burrell is one I never scoff.

Open Thread - Lost Generation

Comments on Tumblr included: Look at this, and remember it next time someone says that the gay community survived the AIDS epidemic. We didn’t survive, we started over. We lost all but an entire generation. This is what “we survived Reagan, you’ll survive Trump” looks like. No, we didn’t. Open Thread below....

KY Rep. Accused Of Child Molestation Commits Suicide

The Kentucky state representative who was accused of child molestation and refused to resign, has committed suicide on a Kentucky bridge according to WDRB in Louisville, Kentucky. Earlier today, Rep. Dan Johnson posted this on his Facebook...Show More Summary

'He Would Call Me Fcktard': Former Farenthold Staffer Describes Toxic, Abusive Workplace

A former staffer to Rep. Blake Farenthold has come out with a story of behavior so disgusting, lewd, and downright nasty on the part of the congressman that he should immediately resign before he brings more disgrace on a Congress which...Show More Summary

Napolitano Throws Cold Water On Stuart Varney's Claim Clinton Email Investigation Is 'Tainted'

"Judge" Andrew Napolitano had to throw cold water on FBN's Stuart Varney, who was up-in-arms because one FBI agent held a differing political opinion than he did on Trump. Earlier today, the DOJ released anti-Trump texts between Peter...Show More Summary

Reports: Omarosa Didn't Quit, Was Escorted From WH Shouting Profanities

Well, it didn't take long for a "different version of events" to emerge from Omarosa Manigault's "resignation effective January 20" story. What kind of severence/pension deal did she get for "staying" the full year is anybody's guess,...Show More Summary

Democrats Call On McConnell To Respect Alabama Voters, Hold Tax Scam Bill Until Jones Sworn In

Even though he'll do whatever the heck he wants, Senator Mitch McConnell is not having a good day. Not at all. He's lost a Republican seat to the Democrats, prompting an acute desire to rush through the Republican tax scam package while...Show More Summary

Rod Rosenstein Rebukes The 'Fire Mueller' Crowd: 'He Was An Ideal Choice For This Task'

Today's episode of House Oversight Committee Follies featured a concerted effort on the part of Republicans to make the case that Mueller is biased and should either be fired or another special prosecutor appointed to investigate him. This...Show More Summary

Ranking Democrat scolds Republicans for trying to undermine Special Counsel Mueller

During a hearing on Capitol Hill Wednesday, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee, scolded his Republican colleagues for attempting to undermine Special Counsel Robert Mueller by calling for an inquiry into Mueller’s team, and for refusing to focus on more pressing matters. “[…] With the year coming to a close, […]

Alabama just gave Democrats a roadmap to electoral success

Doug Jones, a progressive Democrat in a ruby red Southern state, did something that few believed possible: he won a statewide election in Alabama. What’s more, he’s a white man who went out of his way to court black voters and then afterwards, to praise them for his victory. That’s a major political development, one […]

Wells Fargo: Still Pretty Evil! Native American Edition

We know it will shock you to learn that there is fuckery afoot at Wells Fargo!

Colbert Smacks Jeanine Pirro On Her FBI/DOJ Attacks

The Colbert clip is from Monday, but we're running it because it's very important. A major cable "news" outlet is encouraging obstruction of justice. Jeanine Pirro is the lead offender. Her unwarranted attacks on the Mueller investigation...Show More Summary

Congressman announces cancer diagnosis months after characterizing illness as a personal failing

During a speech on the House floor on Wednesday, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) announced that he has prostate cancer. “Don’t ever, ever, take your health or family for granted. During the holidays, enjoy your family, because no one, no one, is promised tomorrow,” Brooks said, adding that he learned he has cancer following a doctor’s […]

McConnell Allies: Moore Loss Fatal Blow for Bannon

Top allies of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) see Tuesday's election results in Alabama as a deep -- and possibly fatal -- wound for Stephen Bannon, their arch-rival in the battle for the soul of the Republican Party. Show More Summary

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