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Michelle Obama to Appear on 'The Voice,' NCIS'

First Lady Michelle Obama and Jill Biden will appear on NBC's "The Voice," but they presumably won't be auditioning, despite songwriter Diane Warren recently giving the FLOTUS props for her singing chops. According to Variety, the pair will appear on the show to commemorate the fifth anniversary of their Joining Forces initiative,...

Carly Fiorina: The Anti-Woman Woman Ted Cruz Doesn't Need

On Tuesday, Donald Trump swept all five Republican presidential primaries. The next day, Ted Cruz, who now cannot enter the Republican National Convention as a first-ballot winner without somehow impossibly winning 104 percent of the remaining primary delegates, named Carly Fiorina as his running mate. There's an indispensable Simpsons moment where Homer's brain says,...

The Line That May Have Won Hillary Clinton the Nomination

Maybe it’s too early for post-mortems. But the results the other night seemingly all but settled the Democratic primary race, which may have turned on a single moment. Earlier this year, at a union rally in Henderson, Nevada, Hillary Clinton introduced a new theme in her stump speeches. "If we broke up...

There's a Republican fundraising scandal, if you count 'scandal' as 'somebody filmed us fundraising'

The National Republican Congressional Committee is very put out by 60 Minutes' ability to sneak a hidden camera into their super-secret lawmaker fundraising suites. Oh, there will be consequences. The "60 Minutes" piece, which airedShow More Summary

Darker Money Could Get Darker

A bill allowing political nonprofit group donors to remain anonymous successfully passed Thursday out of the House Ways and Means Committee on a party line vote. "It is no secret as to why they are working to keep donors a secret --Show More Summary

So Carly Fiorina is Ted Cruz's answer to his woman problem?

The best rationale for the most disliked clown in the Republican car picking the second-most disliked clown as his pretend running mate is that Ted Cruz thinks Carly Fiorina will help him with women voters. That's just not going to happen...Show More Summary

Frum: How to Save the Republican Party

David Frum, The Atlantic: Donald Trump's big victories in the Mid-Atlantic primaries don't represent quite the end of the ballgame -- but they come damn close. And now Donald Trump's many and fierce opponents in the Republican Party and the conservative movement face the hour of decision. Show More Summary

John Oliver and Lin-Manuel Miranda on the crisis in Puerto Rico

If you haven’t seen John Oliver’s brilliant explication of the debt crisis in Puerto Rico, it needs to be viewed and shared widely.  Oliver gives a better and clearer history of the situation than many politicians, and media analysts have done.

The L.A. Rams Are On the Clock

The Los Angeles Rams have the first pick in the 2016 NFL Draft and are expected to choose Cal quarterback Jared Goff. The draft starts at 8 p.m. EDT and is carried live on ESPN and the NFL Network. My Jacksonville Jaguars are picking in the top 5 for the fifth straight year. I'm hoping they grab Ohio State defensive end Joey Bosa.

If I Lose Friends over Trump, So Be It

Tom Nichols, The Federalist: I have been thinking about Peter Wehner's piece in the New York Times yesterday, in which he talks about the sadness of losing friends over Donald Trump's candidacy. I have not -- yet -- lost any friends over Trump, but it's possible. Show More Summary

UC Davis Chancellor Removed After Wasting Students' Tuition For Reputation Enhancement

At long last, UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi has been removed from her position, pending administrative review of a few untoward things, including spending students' tuition money to scrub social media of the image of a cop pepper-spraying...Show More Summary

But Really, It's The Anti-Choicers Blocking Merrick Garland

The refusal to hold SCOTUS nominee confirmation hearings in the Republican led U.S. Senate sets a new low for these obdurate lawmakers. By pandering to the forced birthers, aka 'pro-life' zealots, they have set an historical precedent...Show More Summary

Senate confirms Obama's pick to be ambassador to Mexico

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate on Thursday confirmed President Barack Obama's nominee to be U.S. ambassador to Mexico, clearing the way for the first woman to hold what is considered to be one of the country's most important diplomatic...Show More Summary

Obama: US can meet goal of accepting 10,000 Syrian refugees

Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz both called for blocking Muslims from being admitted to the U.S. following terrorist attacks last year in Paris and San Bernardino, California. Obama says accepting Syrian refugees is "the right thing to do" because they are victims of terrorism, violence and suffering caused by Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Rutgers reporter asks Obama for interview — and gets it

WASHINGTON (AP) — A college reporter spending time at the White House has landed what many beat reporters long for: an interview with President Barack Obama. Obama interrupted a question-and-answer session that his press secretary, Josh...Show More Summary

Congress votes to designate bison as national mammal

Lawmakers called the bison — North America's largest land animal — the embodiment of American strength and resilience and said it reflects the nation's pioneer spirit. "Recognition of our new national mammal will bring a new source of...Show More Summary

Louisiana inmate punished for talking to media

A Louisiana prisoner was punished and transferred for speaking to a reporter about misconduct in the Department of Public Safety and Corrections. William Kissinger corresponded with reporter Maya Lau of The Advocate about his experiences at Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, the most notorious prison in Louisiana. Show More Summary

Who wants to be Donald Trump's next ex?

Trump has plenty of former partners, both on a business and a personal level. Now it’s time for him to select another disposable person who exists only to bolster his own interests: His running mate. Normally at this point in the process,...Show More Summary

Oxygen levels in the ocean are falling as heat rises

Often, when we think of climate change, we don’t get past the changes in global temperatures. Those effects certainly contain enough potential for disaster. But there are chemical changes taking place beyond just adding 40 billion tons...Show More Summary

Aiming for new empowerment of black women

Three Democratic congresswomen have teamed up in a new effort to help African-American women overcome economic and social barriers. Rep. Robin Kelly (D-IL), Rep. Yvette D. Clarke (D-NY), and Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ) have launched...Show More Summary

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