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The Trouble With Catch and Kill Stories

How many other stories has the National Enquirer covered up to help President Trump? Ronan Farrow's new reporting in The New Yorker forces the question to be asked. But it's a very difficult one to answer because the tabloid is secretive about its practices. Show More Summary

Chris Wray on the FBI: I don't see a politicized organization.

FBI Director Chris Wray talks with NBC News justice correspondent Pete Williams about emphasizing the FBI’s fact gathering processes to immunize the bureau...

What Ralph Peters Tells Us About Conservatism

While we wait for more information on the now-deceased Austin bombing suspect, I'd like to comment briefly on Ralph Peters, who says he'll no longer be a Fox News commentator. A retired United States Army lieutenant colonel and Fox News...Show More Summary

The 2,232 page omnibus spending bill, explained in less than 1000 words

Late Wednesday evening, after a day of considerable debate between House Republicans and the White House, legislators released the text of the 2,232 page omnibus spending bill. Lawmakers in the House may be in for a long night of reading, as they may be casting votes on the omnibus as early as Thursday. If passed […]

China Responds to Tariffs by Targeting Red States

China is preparing to hit back at trade offensives from Washington with tariffs aimed at President Donald Trump's support base, including levies targeting U.S. agricultural exports from Farm Belt states, according to people familiar with the matter. Show More Summary

Julian Assange Go-Between Randy Credico Dodges Question With Nixon Impersonation In Bonkers Interview

Ari Melber scored a killer interview on his show, The Beat, with a guest that many have tried to book, but all have failed: Randy Credico. Who is this man, you ask? He is a confidante of Julian Assange and a friend of Roger Stone. In...Show More Summary

Pennsylvania GOP Work to Impeach Judges Who Denied Gerrymandered Map

A dozen GOP Pennsylvania lawmakers filed legislation on Tuesday to impeach four Democratic state Supreme Court justices who ruled the state's congressional map was unconstitutionally gerrymandered and replaced it with a new one. TheShow More Summary

CNN Host Slams Trump For Typo-Ridden Rant: 'Why The Rush To Rage?

Early this morning, Trump started rage-tweeting, quoting Fox "legal analyst" and Trump cheerleader Alan Dershowitz. Here is a screenshot of the first tweet, now deleted: Trump's revised tweet fixed his spelling of "whether" while leaving other incorrect words (council v. Show More Summary

GOP congresswoman blames the ‘deep state’ for buying Ben Carson’s outlandishly expensive dining set

A Republican congresswoman blamed the “deep state” for ordering a $31,000 dining set for Ben Carson, President Donald Trump’s secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The Daily Beast first reported Tenney’s comments Wednesday evening, which she made during an appearance on a local upstate New York radio show, Talk! Of the Town. The interview […]

Employees at U.S. government-backed independent media agency fear a pro-Trump ‘coup’

Employees at the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), the U.S. government-backed international media agency, are raising concerns about the possibility of a pro-Trump “coup.” BBG provides independent news coverage around the world,...Show More Summary

The collapse of white supremacist leaders has left a power vacuum in the movement

Two years ago, with Donald Trump barreling toward the presidency, the young white supremacists bolstering his campaign looked to two of their own for leadership, guidance, and the ideological heft to bring their dreams to fruition. In the relatively short time since, however, that hopeful vision has collapsed. Dreams of an ascendant, generational shift in […]

Cheese-Scented Shampoo and Bacon Conditioner

So You Can Smell Like Breakfast All Day We're not messing with you. For the legions of people wishing they could smell like they rubbed their heads in their breakfast, just like the glory days of their diaper-rocking youth, their day has come: Cheese- and bacon-scented hair products are real, and you can buy them now. Show More Summary

McCabe Authorized Investigation Into Sessions' Lies At Confirmation Hearings, Report Says

Remember that time Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III was testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee to be confirmed as Trump's Attorney General and he lied about some things? If you don't, the video is right up above so you can...Show More Summary

Before being fired by Sessions, Andrew McCabe reportedly authorized a criminal probe into Sessions

Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who was fired by Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III less than two days before he became eligible for a federal pension, reportedly oversaw a criminal probe into Sessions himself. The criminal probe into the attorney general, as well as McCabe’s role in this probe, was first reported by ABC […]

Trump still weirdly obsessed with ‘getting along with Putin,’ despite everything

On Wednesday afternoon, President Trump defended his decision to congratulate Russian President Vladimir Putin on “winning” Russia’s recent presidential election — a decision he made against the wishes of his national security advisers,...Show More Summary

NC Republican chastised for falsely claiming she's a nurse

7 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : BlueNC

And I bet she doesn't have a bridge for sale, either: A North Carolina legislator misidentified herself as a registered nurse until recently, when the state Board of Nursing contacted her and asked her to stop. State Rep. Beverly Boswell,...Show More Summary

Uh Oh, Looks Like There’s A Gay Bunny-Shaped Crack In Mike Pence’s Gay-Hatin’ Armor!


Watch: Bernie Sanders, Eliz Warren, Michael Moore headline income inequality town hall (Video)

Monday, Bernie Sanders live-streamed a town hall on economic inequality, oligarchy, and the collapse of the middle class. More than 1.7 million people watched Sanders and co-hosts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, filmmaker Michael Moore, and New School economist Darrick Hamilton. Sanders has...Read more

During Executive Time, Donald Trump Tweets Love Songs To Putin

President Pussygrabber is tweeting again, and as usual he's justifying his stupidity to his loyal Twitter army (and also Fox News). His first tweet explains that he called Putin because Obama did! And also he's better than Bush (didn't...Show More Summary

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