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Margaret Cho Should Sue Arizona GOP For Libeling Her As Some Kind Of Republican

Asian Americans in the Arizona GOP? Sure, as long as they're fictional characters.

How do women who aren’t Taylor Swift pursue justice in sexual assault cases?

A week ago, a jury ruled in favor of Taylor Swift against former radio DJ David Mueller, who she said sexually assaulted her in 2013. Mueller sued Swift first, claiming her accusations were false. Then Swift countersued for sexual assault. Headlines across a number of outlets portrayed Swift’s win as a win for all women who […]

Schumer promises pitched battle against Trump's 'wildly unqualified' science nominee Sam Clovis

He's a science denier, a birther, a proponent of the slippery slope argument that same-sex marriage would lead to legal protections for pedophiles—and he's Donald Trump's nominee to be the chief scientist at the Department of Agriculture. Show More Summary

ESPN Pulls Robert Lee Off Va. Game Broadcast

When the Charlottesville protests erupted two weekends ago, ESPN executives -- for better or worse -- wondered if there might be an issue on their hands. With Robert E. Lee suddenly back in the news, they feared Robert Lee, a young,Show More Summary

Think Trump Supporters Are Stupid And Racist? Haha, Well You’re Not Wrong!

Weep for the white Christian Trump supporters, for they are being OPPRESSED.

Crazy Trump Supporter Panel: 'Charlottesville Was A Set-Up'

During a CNN Trump supporter panel, one guest claimed the man who murdered Heather Heyer had a panic attack, while another said the Charlottesville protest was all a set up by people "who want to derail our president." Host Alisyn Camerota...Show More Summary

U.N. human rights panel slams United States over racism

A U.N. Human Rights Council committee issued a terse “early warning” to the United States over police violence and racial discrimination on Monday. In a statement that also slammed the United States on issues like the death penalty and ongoing use of the Guantánamo Bay Detention Facility, the council called attention to events like the white […]

Outdoor retailers stand up for public lands in the face of Trump administration rollbacks

Despite operating for more than 40 years and pulling in millions in annual revenue, Patagonia, one of the country’s largest outdoor retailers, has never run a television advertisement. Never, not once — until now. Just days before Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke was set to release his final recommendation of which of the 21 […]

Climate change language partially removed from government website

Recent changes made to the National? ?Institute? ?of? ?Environmental? ?Health? ?Sciences? ?(NIEHS) website have unnerved health professionals. Although not all mentions of climate change have been scraped from the site, the department has seemingly omitted several references and replaced them with “climate” instead. Show More Summary

Arpaio pardon would be a presidential endorsement 'of racism and white supremacy'

Following his “ raucous, racist, hate-filled rally”  in Arizona last night, CNN’s Kaitlyn Collins reports that the  White House has prepared talking points to excuse Donald Trump’s imminent pardon of convicted criminal Joe Arpaio, “including...Show More Summary

How About Erecting Monuments to the Heroes of Reconstruction?

(Public Domain image, Library of Congress) From left to right, Senator Hiram Revels of Mississippi, Representatives Benjamin Turner of Alabama, Robert DeLarge of South Carolina, Josiah Walls of Florida, Jefferson Long of Georgia, Joseph Rainey and Robert B. Show More Summary

Trump says removing Confederate monuments is 'taking away culture,' but he could really care less

In 1963, William Rusher, then publisher of the National Review, laid the foundation for what would become the Southern Strategy. It was a plan for Barry Goldwater’s presidential campaign and encouraged the Republican candidate to appeal to white-working class voters who were unhappy with the Democrats and feeling marginalized by civil rights. Show More Summary

Fox And Friends Abruptly Ends Segment When Patron Holds 'Fox Lies' Sign

On this morning's Fox and Friends, while hosting several "Breakfast in the Blue Grass State" segments in Kentucky, Fox News' Todd Piro got confronted by a man holding a "Fox Lies" sign and they quickly pulled him away and ended the segment. Fox...Show More Summary

Pentagon has been underreporting the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan by thousands

The Pentagon has admitted the average number of U.S. troops fighting in Afghanistan at any given time is much higher than initially thought. Officially, there are 8,400 American troops in the country as part of Operation Resolute Support and U.S. Forces Afghanistan. But the Defense Department says the actual number may be as high as […]

Dangerously deranged Don calls media 'sick,' says they 'don't like our country'

A demonstrably mentally unstable Donald Trump used his platform in Phoenix Tuesday night to rail against the media, calling them "sick people" and declaring, " I really think they don't like our country. I really believe that." To which...Show More Summary

Bundy Militia Dipwads Found ‘Not’ Guilty, Again, Due To Pre-Existing Whiteness

Huh. Pointing guns at law enforcement can get you shot dead, but not necessarily convicted. Where's President Law-N-Order on this?

Sean Hannity Is Still Painting Donald Trump As The Real Racial Victim Of Charlottesville

Sean Hannity is suddenly very, very interested in unity and racial harmony. But what he really means is that people should stop calling poor Donald Trump a racist. Hannity began his monologue Monday night with admiration for Trump’sShow More Summary

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