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Happy Birthday Beyoncé, Mike Huckabee Still Thinks You’re A Whore!

Happy Bey-Day, Mike Huckabee’s archnemesis! BREAKING NEWS, GUYS. On this day in (year redacted because TIMELESS, but also 1981), Beyoncé Knowles was bornded, and then she went on “Star Search,” and then she did Destiny’s Child, and then...Show More Summary

Friday Afternoon Twitter Roundup

Drowned Syrian toddler buried with brother, mother in Kobane — Al Jazeera America (@ajam) September 4, 2015 Boat crash causes 120,000 gallons of oil to spill into the Mississippi River...Show More Summary

Midday open thread: What does average rent get you? Saving big bucks with climate-change action now

Today's comic by Mark Fiore is Obama drills: Citibank report says failing to take climate action now could cost the economy $44 trillion by 2040. Taking immediate action could reduce spending on energy—fuel and capital expenditures—by...Show More Summary

Fox's Tantaros Accuses College "Healthy Masculinities Week" Of "Trying To Demasculinize Men"

From the September 4 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered: DAGEN MCDOWELL: Why does Vanderbilt see the need to have this masculinity week? ANDREA TANTAROS: Because they're trying to demasculinize men. I mean this is theme beyond just Vanderbilt University. Show More Summary

The U.S. Department of Education Is Working On A Plan To Provide Student Debt Relief, Very Slowly

The U.S. Department of Education issued an update on student debt relief. The post The U.S. Department of Education Is Working On A Plan To Provide Student Debt Relief, Very Slowly appeared first on ThinkProgress.

The GOP Is Now Officially the Party of Dumb White People

ABC News published an intriguing poll the other day, one that spelled out a growing racial divide: "Nonwhites see Trump negatively by a vast 17-79 percent… That said, whites are the majority group – 64 percent of the adult population – and they now divide evenly on Trump, 48-49 percent, favorable-unfavorable....

NRA Host: Guns Overly Blamed For Violence Because They're Louder Than "Quiet" Knives

National Rifle Association (NRA) web series host Colion Noir cited the "theatrics" and the loud sound guns make as the reason people want to restrict firearms after a high-profile shooting occurs. Noir made the comment during an appearance...Show More Summary

Fox News Ignored A Trump-Inspired Assault, Then Devotes Days To Baselessly Blaming Democrats For Violence Against Police

Fox News has spent days manufacturing a connection between the Black Lives Matter movement and the murder of a sheriff's deputy in Houston, scrambling to blame the Obama administration and Democrats for violence against police officers. Show More Summary

Pre-College Football Open Thread

College pigskin is back! And tomorrow the inaugural game choices. Expecting to return to my 60% hit rate! A little taste tonight - Boise State (-12) over Washington Mich State (-16) over Western Michigan Over 71 in the Baylor-SMU... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

Larry Lessig Has Way Too Much Faith in the Power of the Presidency

After years of Washington gridlock, a new conventional wisdom has taken hold among issue activists across the political spectrum: Real change has to come outside the Beltway, and state and local organizing is the best place to start. It’s the model that paved the way for victories on gay marriage

More Fun With Selectively Edited Videos!

From UltravioletAction. It's not fun when people play games with your words, is it, guys?

Top Dem On Benghazi Committee: Shut It Down!

What? Take away their only shot at a Republican presidency and ruin all their fun? A top Democrat serving on the House committee on Benghazi accused the panel's leaders of abusing its purpose and called for the committee's dissolution in a Friday op-ed. Rep. Show More Summary

Political Insiders Point To Walker, O'Malley As Summer's Biggest Losers

I wouldn't be as quick as these guys to write Scott Walker off. Billionaire cash might still be enough to revive a zombie campaign. Via Politico: It's been a cruel summer for Scott Walker and Martin O'Malley.That's the assessment ofShow More Summary

Giant Sheep Baaaaaaaa-dly Needs Shearing

Australian animal welfare officers Wednesday put out an urgent appeal for shearers after finding a huge sheep with wool so overgrown its life was in danger. The very woolly merino sheep was spotted wandering on its own near Mulligan Flats, a grassy woodland just outside the national capital Canberra. Show More Summary

Migrant Crisis in Europe Worst Since World War II

Just last month, 107,500 migrants crossed into Europe, and the U.N. estimates that the number of refugees and migrants crossing the Mediterranean this year exceeds 300,000. Nearly 2,000 landed in Greece overnight. The crisis is being described as the worst since World War II. Show More Summary

Republican strategists see a train wreck ahead in a Planned Parenthood shutdown fight

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is still telling anyone who will listen that there will not be a government shutdown over Planned Parenthood on his watch. Republican strategists beg to differ. "There's real potential for fireworks...Show More Summary

Fox News' Erick Erickson Says Kentucky Clerk's Jailing Could Lead To "Another Civil War"

In response to a judge's decision to jail Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis for contempt of court because she refused to obey a federal court order to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, Fox News contributor Erick Erickson suggested...Show More Summary

Media Highlight How Upholding Texas' Restrictive Anti-Abortion Legislation Would Harm Women

Media outlets are highlighting the drastic consequences that implementing Texas' House Bill 2 (HB2) -- a law restricting women's access to safe, legal abortions by imposing "several medically unnecessary requirements" on providers --...Show More Summary

Right-Wing Media Turn On Fellow Conservative Pundit For Asking Trump A Foreign Policy Question

Right-wing media rushed to attack fellow conservative pundit Hugh Hewitt after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump "stumbled" in response to the radio host's questions about foreign policy during a recent interview. Donald...Show More Summary

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