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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Can’t Stop Trolling Dumb Donald Trump

Today we are all Pope Francis. And today, we are all former Mexican President Vicente Fox! Today we are also your OPEN THREAD!

Spaniard Climbs Everest in Record 26 Hours

Spanish mountaineer Kilian Jornet has set a record for the fastest ascent of Mount Everest without fixed ropes or supplementary oxygen, climbing the world's highest peak in just 26 hours, his team said Tuesday. Jornet scaled Everest's north face, starting from the base camp on the Tibet side of the mountain, and reached the summit alone early Monday. Show More Summary

Pink slips for teachers, a big tax cut for the wealthy

School districts in Oregon have been drawing up plans for staff cuts, in case the Oregon legislature fails to come up with the revenue needed to fill a $1.4 billion state revenue hole. And according to several teachers who spoke during...Show More Summary

British officials furious over U.S. intelligence leaks; Israel changes intelligence-sharing policies

On the heels of Donald Trump blurting out top-level classified information obtained from Israel during his meeting with Russian diplomats, Team Trump has done it again. "Anonymous officials" who were given the suspected Manchester bomber's...Show More Summary

Comey was duped by the Russians into bypassing the Justice Department and attacking Clinton

As it stands today, former FBI Director James Comey may just provide the key testimony that points the Trump regime toward the exit. That’s fine. But it shouldn’t be forgotten how we came to this point in the story. From his ludicrous,...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Tells Philippines Dictator He’s Doing Terrific Job (OF MURDER)

We're really trying hard not to normalize a president who buddies around with a dictator who blithely murders his own people. Sadly, that seems to be the norm now.

A (Hilarious) Message For Trump From Former Mexican President Vicente Fox

What are the options for a former president of Mexico? Vincente Fox is making a career out of trolling Donald Trump. Fox addresses Donald Trump by first holding up a picture of himself at his own inauguration, and talking about whatShow More Summary

McConnell: Doing legislation the way the Senate is supposed to is a 'waste of time'

Sen. Mitch McConnell has a not-very professional approach to doing his job of leading the whole Senate—not just the Republican one. x McConnell on why no Ds in healthcare talks: "We're not going to waste our time talking to people who...Show More Summary

Fox News Retracts Story on Seth Rich

A week after publishing a problematic account about the death of former Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich -- an article that said Rich made contact with WikiLeaks before he was shot and killed in Washington -- Fox News retracted the story, saying it did not meet the organization's editorial standards. Show More Summary

Texas moves forward with a range of anti-abortion bills, including a ban on insurance coverage

Slowly but surely, states with Republican majority leadership are working toward ending women’s access to abortion—and they are looking to do it by any means necessary. Last week in Iowa, Republicans managed to pass a law which willShow More Summary

Midday open thread: Francis gives Trump something to (ha-ha-ha) read; Lieberman out for FBI post

Today’s comic by Matt Bors is Sheriff Clarke's real, not at all fake medals: Prsident Trump has 1366 days left in office if he stays through his full term. • Pope Francis gives Trump a copy of his encyclical on the urgency of climate...Show More Summary

Intel Committees To Michael Flynn: LOL YOU ARE SO FUCKED

Is it time for Michael Flynn to GO TO JAIL? Not yet, but sounds like Congress is gettin' pissed!

U.S. Officials Leaked Manchester Bomber's Identity

American officials have been criticized for leaking the identity of the Manchester bomber before British police officially named him. Salman Abedi was identified in media reports that attributed "US officials" as the source even as their British counterparts remained tight-lipped. Show More Summary

Trump divulged secret location of US nuclear subs to Philippine president

A recently released transcript of Donald Trump’s April 29 phone call with Philippine strongman Rodrigo Duterte shows that Trump told Duterte that the US had moved two nuclear submarines to the vicinity of North Korea. The location of US subs — which are built to be stealthy, that’s the entire nature of their deterrent capability […]

Donald Trump, Pope Francis HAAAATE You

Also, the pope joked about how Donald Trump is fat. He is only human, after all.

Trump's Budget Is Pulled Out Of Steve Bannon's Butt, But You Knew That

Brian Reidl, former chief economist for Republican Senator Rob Portman, spoke to Ali Velshi this morning and gave the whole game away: REIDL: I worked on budgets in the Senate. I've written budgets for presidential campaigns. I think I know what's happening. Show More Summary

Senate Republicans catching a clue that saving themselves politically could mean saving Obamacare

The healthcare industry is in full-on panic mode over the Trump regime's continuing sabotage of Obamacare, which means they're in full-on pressure mode with Congress—specifically with the Senate, where they apparently believe their only...Show More Summary

Secret Service budget asks for $25M to protect Trump Tower

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration is asking for more money to protect President Donald Trump's signature New York skyscraper, add hundreds of new Secret Service agents and strengthen security at the White House, according to...Show More Summary

Psst, rural voters: you're getting screwed in Trump's budget

Last November, a Politico article titled "Revenge of the rural voter" quoted a Democratic operative acknowledging that Hillary Clinton lost rural voters 3 to 1. If she had only lost them 2 to 1, the source added, the election "wouldShow More Summary

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