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Republican Party: Civil War!

You know this plot. On one side is a blowhard billionaire known for treating women badly, making outrageous statements, and over-the-top displays of wealth. On the other side is a square-jawed stalwart who suddenly looks like a relic of times past. Show More Summary

Looks Like Donald Trump Is Bad At ‘Economy.’ Huh!

Donald Trump thinks America's creditors won't mind a good stiffing.

Scott Walker Really Wants To Drug Test Unemployed People

Drug testing applicants for unemployment benefits is illegal, but that's not holding him back. The post Scott Walker Really Wants To Drug Test Unemployed People appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Trump: My Abortion Answer 'Unbelievable Academic'

Donald Trump was asked Wednesday on MSNBC about the question he answered on abortion in which he said there should be some form of punishment for women who get one -- a position he later backed away from in the face of strong criticism from anti-abortion and pro-choice advocates. Show More Summary

John McCain: With Trump At The Top Of The Ticket, I'm In Trouble

Senator John McCain is very worried that Donald Trump's nomination will lead to his downfall in Arizona. And he should be since Latinos have been Donald's most passionate target this election cycle. Politico reports that publicly Sen. Show More Summary

Judge to consider timing of Trump University trial

The lawsuit is one of three that accuse Trump University of fleecing students with unfulfilled promises to teach secrets of success in real estate at seminars that cost up to $35,000. The San Diego federal class-action lawsuit says Trump...Show More Summary

Cartoon: How to nominate a Trump

x Vimeo Video Right-Wing Ralphie is back, this time guiding us through how Donald Trump became Trump the Republican Nominee. Spoiler alert: this has been brewing for a long time, don’t just blame Indiana. The Republican Party has been...Show More Summary

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Would Like To Be President Trump’s Secretary Of Dickishness

Less than halfway into his second term, Maine Governor Paul LePage is so over governing his lame state full of lazy drug addicts and loser student protesters. In a town hall in Lewiston Wednesday, he told the crowd he can hardly wait to blow off his shitty job, either by getting a job with the

Apple Thinks Different on Paying Taxes

Cupertino, California, Mayor Barry Chang recently proposed that Apple -- based in the city of 60,000 -- should give $100 million to improve city infrastructure. To move on the proposal, Chang only needed to get a single 'yes' vote among the three other council members. Show More Summary

Ex-Mexican President Vicente Fox Doesn't Think Much Of Trump's 'Hispanic Outreach'

Earlier today, Neil Cavuto earnestly explained to former Mexican president Vicente Fox that Trump's tweet featuring a taco bowl really, really is an olive branch from Donald Trump: Setting the stage, Cavuto said, "All right. I thinkShow More Summary

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