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Simcox Child-Molestation Case Underscores How Court System Can Be Manipulated By Extremists

[Cross-posted at Orcinus.] Nobody in the suburban Phoenix neighborhood knew who Chris Simcox was, at least not by the Minuteman movement persona he had cultivated on television only a few short years before. As far as Michelle LynchShow More Summary

Cartoon: Overdue police reforms

21 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Click to enlarge. I drew this after video of Officer Slager gunning down Walter Scott in North Charleston, SC came out, but before video of Reserve Deputy (Kind of like a police cosplayer, but given an all-too-real firearm.) Robert Bates...Show More Summary

Huckabee: Don’t Join The Military Until Obama Leaves Office

Mike Huckabee says no one should join the military until the current commander-in-chief is gone. He spoke with Iowa talk show host Jan Michelson. This administration has had an open hostility toward the Christian faith,” he said. “And I know that sounds like a bold statement, Jan, but when you have a president whose administration [...]

The Latest: White House hopefuls gather in New Hampshire

In remarks to a New Hampshire Republican gathering Friday, John Bolton said New Hampshire voters must first and foremost evaluate presidential candidates based on their foreign policy views. Later, he told The Associated Press he was speaking about Paul, the Kentucky senator and candidate for the Republican nomination. New Jersey Gov. Show More Summary

Recent poll shows more people support sentencing Tsarnaev to LWOP than death in the Boston area

Meanwhile, as support sentencing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death continues to drop, Tracy L. Dayton, an Assistant U.S.Attorney in Bridgeport, CT filed a notice of appearance in the Tsarnaev case on April 1st. She convinced a federal court jury in Connecticut to impose the death penalty in the so-called baseball bat murders

Why Students Are Marching for Better Wages

On Wednesday, April 15th, tens of thousands of workers from low-wage industries including fast food, retail, child care and home care protested in over 200 cities and 35 countries to demand two things: a living wage of $15 per hour (up from the current federal minimum wage of $7.25) and...

Opt-out movement accelerates amid Common Core testing

Some Republicans and Tea Party activists focus on the Common Core standards themselves, calling them a federal intrusion by President Barack Obama, even though they were developed by the National Governors Association and each state's education leaders in the wake of President George W. Show More Summary

The dangers of overreach on a nuclear Iran

The case against the U.S. nuclear deal with Iran is easy to make. It doesn't ensure that Iran will never get the bomb; it doesn't require Iran to renounce terrorism; it doesn't end Iran's hostility toward Israel. Each of these things is highly desirable, and the agreement provides none of them.

Jeb Bush Said That the Climate is Changing, But Don't Get Too Excited

At an event in New Hampshire on Friday, presidential hopeful Jeb Bush did something exceedingly rare for a Republican to do these days: openly acknowledge carbon pollution. "The climate is changing, and

GOP question of the week: Are you too bigoted to attend a same-sex wedding?

21 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

The media has fixated this week on a simple question for Republican presidential candidates regarding same-sex marriage: Would they attend a gay wedding? So far, we have three answers: Yes, dodge, and no. First, the 43-year-old candidate of tomorrow who spent the week trying to explain how the youngest buck in the field could be so obsolete. Show More Summary

Can androids pray for digital salvation?

Can robots make good Christians? As computer science races ahead, at least one forward-looking Florida pastor sees a future for the faith in whatever passes for a soul in robots, androids, cyborgs and other forms of artificial intelligence.

True confession: I do not hate Spirit Airlines

The only actually annoying part of our recent round-trip flight between Chicago and New Orleans on Spirit Airlines was when, just prior to takeoff, the captain suggested we "sit back, relax and enjoy the flight."

Republican Congressman: Obama’s Allowing ‘Jihad To Put Their Finger On The Nuclear Button’

I think it would be safer to have “jihad” on the button than Arizona Congressman Trent Franks. “There comes a time when Israel will not be able to reach from the air, without some ground forces, some of the potential facilities that could come into being and if they don’t do it at the right [...]

Clinton cautious about Obama's Pacific trade deal

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton says she will be closely watching efforts by the Obama administration to negotiate a broad trade policy pact with Pacific nations that's raising concerns over potential harm to workers.

Kasich gets ready - time to rent more lecterns

By Richard K. Barry The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that Ohio Gov. John Kasich will "launch a national political committee that would allow him to raise money and his profile as he considers a run for president in 2016." A source,...Show More Summary

Jorge Ramos Y Sean Hannity Están Equivocados Con Respecto Al Voto Latino

Tanto Sean Hannity, presentador del canal de noticias Fox, como Jorge Ramos, de Univision, se equivocaron al hablar del voto latino al sugerir que si no fuera por el tema de inmigración, los hispanos votarían a favor de candidatos conservadores. Show More Summary

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