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Historic Marriage Decision: What they said

Marriage Equality is now the law of the land and in every state, so affirmed in a 5-4 decision announced this morning by the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges. "No longer may this liberty be denied," writes Justice Anthony Kennedy for the majority. Show More Summary

The Roundup for June 26th, 2015

It’s Friday folks! International Politics Overall – The U.S. denounced Palestine for charging Israel with war crimes at the International Criminal Court – Despite criticizing Israel’s operations in the Gaza Strip last year, the State Department believes nothing needs to be done on war crimes committed by Israel – A NATO commander accused Russia of more future involvement...

NRA's Ted Nugent Praises Use Of The Word "Nigger"

National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent distorted recent comments President Obama made on the race issue in America to defend the use of the N-word including its racist use by former LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman. In a JuneShow More Summary

Republican Leaders Vow To Keep Fighting Obamacare Despite Supreme Court Loss

Sore losers. The post Republican Leaders Vow To Keep Fighting Obamacare Despite Supreme Court Loss appeared first on ThinkProgress.

The Route

While acknowledging it’s just symbols and there are still real battles to fight, I am finding the sudden political retreat on symbols of the Confederacy fascinating, if only as a socio-cultural phenomenon. Josh Marshall wrote — I still cannot believe the Charleston Massacre has triggered quite this total a collapse of support, not just for […]

Obama Administration Promises To Ramp Down The Detention Of Migrant Moms and Kids

"I have reached the conclusion that we must make substantial changes in our detention practices with respect to families with children," the Department of Homeland Security Secretary said. The post Obama Administration Promises To Ramp Down The Detention Of Migrant Moms and Kids appeared first on ThinkProgress.

The Roundup for June 24th, 2015

Good day folks! International Politics Overall – Gallup: Sixty-nine percent of citizens polled across the world view the U.S. favorably – Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: There are red lines we will not cross with the international deal – A Pentagon official said China seeks to challenge the U.S. military in the air – The French...

Rand Paul Super PAC Slams "Bailout Bu$h" in Bizarre Web Ad

Here come the crazed attack ads. More than seven months out from the first votes in the 2016 presidential primaries, America's Liberty, a super PAC backing Sen. Rand Paul's bid for the Republican nomination, has put out an online ad attacking Jeb "Bailout" Bush. Show More Summary

The Roundup for June 23rd, 2015

Thank Kevin again for the above video! Charleston Shooting, Day 5 – The FBI said Dylann Roof should not be labeled a terrorist; Wh-what? – It’s thanks to two people, one of them a communist, that Dylann Roof’s website was found; Another reason why we need #FullCommunism – South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R) also called...

Late Night FDL: My Sweet Lord + Today Is A Killer

Nina Simone – My Sweet Lord + Today Is A Killer The Guardian had an interesting article today on Nina Simone… Nina Simone: ‘Are you ready to burn buildings?’ Nina Simone’s album Black Gold, recorded at New York’s Philharmonic Hall on 26 October 1969, concludes with a deeply moving performance of To Be Young, Gifted...

Boston Bombing News: A Death Verdict Based on Forged Evidence?!

By Woody Box Next Wednesday, Judge George O’Toole will most certainly affirm the jury’s verdict and speak out the death sentence against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. It is remarkable that the verdict is in big part based on a single piece of crippled evidence: the notorious video with Dzhokhar leaving back his bag in front of the...

John Oliver Saves The Chicken Farmers From Big Agra

It truly is a crazy world when satirical news has more impact than the allegedly "real" thing, but hey, I'll take it: WASHINGTON – The Department of Agriculture may be able to protect chicken farmers from industry retaliations in 2016,...Show More Summary

President Obama says bad word, and just when America was about to fix racism forever

Great, Mr. President. Now we have to start over. One of the reasons I think America may have hit peak civilization, meaning that the future is all downhill from here, is that most of our political press seems downright hostile to any thought process that cannot adequately be conveyed on the inside of a bottle cap. Show More Summary

The Roundup for June 21-22nd, 2015

A brand new week folks! What are you looking forward to? Charleston Shooting, Day 3-4 – The site registered by Dylann Roof was discovered and it is very scary considering how racist he is – Community organizer Kevin Alexander Gray joins The Real News to explain why white supremacy is relevant in discussion in regards to Roof’s attack...

Sunday Talk: Head of the class

After playing coy about his intentions for an extended period of time, on Monday, Jeb! (née Bush) formally entered the Republican presidential clown car, much to the surprise of no one. Unfortunately for Jeb!, less than 24 hours later,...Show More Summary

This week in science: Thou shalt not let religion influence politics

It's not clear exactly who Jeb Bush is talking to when he talks about climate change. There's a possibility he might in part actually be talking to the deniers in his own party. But if that's the case, this early in the process whenShow More Summary

Wrong time. Wrong place. Judge in Charleston shooting calls family members of shooter "victims"

Without even naming the victims of Dylann Roof by name, in his very first comments on the case, speaking before a live video link with Dylann Roof himself, the judge in the case said, "We have victims, 9 of them, but we also have victims...Show More Summary

What Father’s Day Is Like After Families Get Separated By Deportation

“We’ve always been together, my family," one of the fathers said. "We don’t even take vacations separately. You can imagine how difficult it’ll be for me this Father’s Day." The post What Father’s Day Is Like After Families Get Separated By Deportation appeared first on ThinkProgress.

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