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The Roundup for May 21st, 2015

We make our next stop to Senegal. All done with finals. Now I can fully focus on the site while tying up some loose ends. The bourgeoisie lost. Their finals didn’t stop me. International Politics Overall – Part three of three with scholar Norman Finkelstein who explains, despite a falling out between President Barack Obama...

Bryan Fischer Warns That Gay Marriage Legitimizes Incest

Bryan Fischer may not be up to speed on his Duggar clan news, but this little rant could not have come at a worse time for all these homophobic, self-proclaimed Christians who are about as Christian as a turd floating on the ocean. "We...Show More Summary

STUDY: California TV Stations' Drought Coverage Gave Short Shrift To Climate Change

It has become increasingly clear that human-induced climate change is exacerbating California's historic drought and will continue to make droughts in the western U.S. more common and more extreme, as many studies and leading climate scientists have concluded. Show More Summary

Elizabeth Hovde: Concern Trolling Parents, the Working Poor and the Middle Class for our Own Good

Elizabeth Hovde is really concerned that poor taxpayers might have to subsidize the child bearing decisions of those better off. She thinks maybe everyone should just think more carefully about how busy they are, since parenting is really hard and we shouldn’t run to the government to make it all better. Show More Summary

The Roundup for May 20th, 2015

Onward to Iceland and onward to the last final. International Politics Overall – Michelle Chen: “EU Officials Are Considering Bombing Libyan Smuggling Boats. That’s the Last Thing Refugees Need“; Damn right – French authorities say their forces killed two major leaders of al-Qaeda in Mali – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will be going to...

Scott 'Shifty' Walker explains what a real flip-flopper is and he isn't one

"Sometimes, my own stances just slip right through my hands like a fish." Old "Shifty" Walker is at it again on immigration—seemingly employing a strategy of shifting so readily on the topic that no one can actually pin him down on a...Show More Summary

Tucker Carlson To Alex Jones: Obama Pushing "Nazi" Racial Politics

During a bizarre appearance on The Alex Jones Show, Fox News host Tucker Carlson suggested the Obama administration is engaging in "Nazi stuff" by using ethnic politics, and wants to confiscate all the country's firearms and put people...Show More Summary

The Roundup for May 19th, 2015

We move on to Venezuela. Three finals down, two to go! Happy Birthday to Malcolm X! He would have been 90 if he was alive. International Politics Overall – The United Nations warned at least 2,000 refugees were trapped at sea for weeks off the coast of Myanmar – At least 170 Islamic State fighters...

Cheers and Jeers: Wednesday

From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE… End of a Late Night Era There have been gazillions of words written "Late-ly" (Get it? Get it?) about the impact of David Letterman on late-night comedy. They're beautifully-written, heartfelt tributes that try to sum up Dave's brilliance. Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Indy Democrat: Indiana Governor Mike Pence is coming out of the closet to announce he’s running for reelection, not President. Zandar Versus the Stupid: The Justice Department wants to arm police departments with data, not mine resistant vehicles. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: How close is the U.S. Show More Summary

Loony Sandy Rios: Retrain Bikers To Fight Our 'Real Enemies'

Sandy Rios is one of those apologists who thinks the motorcycle gangs are no big deal, and easily "retrainable" into some kind of fighting machine to unleash on the likes of "drug cartels and Islamists." After nine people died in Waco,...Show More Summary

The Roundup for May 18th, 2015

Today we move on to Spain! International Politics Overall – Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa announced the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States will accept refugees stranded off the coast of Thailand – Gareth Porter: “The Misfire in Hersh’s Big Bin Laden Story” – The Vatican said the “angel of peace” comment on Palestinian Authority...

Is 'Mad Max: Fury Road' a feminist action movie?

Coma-Doof Warrior plays some chords and expels some fire in George Miller's 'Mad Max: Fury Road' It's the year 2015, and the future isn't exactly the place many have dreamed about. While we might be cooking the world into an apocalypse, at least we haven't nuked it into oblivion (yet). Show More Summary

Unbelievable: Democratic congresswoman mocks Indians with clueless 'war whoop'

Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) Unreal. This is one of the grossest things we've seen from a Democratic candidate in a long while. Here's California Rep. Loretta Sanchez, demonstrating a "war whoop" to describe an East Indian supporter she...Show More Summary

The Weekend Roundup for May 16-17th, 2015

In honor of finals, let’s do another week of songs from around the globe. We’ll start in Pakistan. International Politics Overall – Pope Francis I: Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas is “an angel of peace“; Whoa, whoa, whoa, let’s not get too carried away here – U.S. commandos killed 32 Islamic State militants and officials, including...

See Lion Feel Grass Underfoot For First Time in Years

The Rancho dos Gnomos animal sanctuary in Brazil has shared a video of a lion experiencing the feeling of grass and dirt under his feet for the first time in over a decade. "This lion, after being imprisoned in a circus for 13 yearsShow More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Joe.My.God - Miley, Ariana, and teh gay - a love story; Obsidian Wings - that conversation on poverty you wanted to have? PandoDaily - Seymour Hersh - right or wrong this time? Right Wing Watch - Bobby Jindal wrong again, and again,Show More Summary

Sunday Talk: Oops!... I did it again

2 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

They say that hindsight is 20/20—but they would say that, wouldn't they? Obviously, that's a rhetorical question, not a hypothetical one. I love the troops (no homo)—and their little dogs, too—and I'd never do them the disservice ofShow More Summary

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