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Stephanopoulos Will Not Moderate GOP Debate After Clinton Donations Revealed

George Stephanopoulos acknowledges giving money to Clinton Foundation — NYT Politics (@nytpolitics) May 14, 2015 ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos has agreed to not moderate an ABC News-sponsored Republican primary debate after it was revealed that he had given $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation. Show More Summary

The Roundup for May 14th, 2015

Fitting song as I finish my last day of class for this semester. Now I enter into the following week with five finals. I think I can do it. International Politics Overall – Gallup: Fifty-nine percent of Africans approve of American leadership, while 39 percent of Asians say the same; These are based on averages...

Jeb Bush clarifies yet again: We should 're-engage' in Iraq, 'do it in a more forceful way'

2 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

It's been what, an hour or so, but Jeb Bush is once again feeling the need to clarify his stance on the Iraq War. By God he's going to keep doing this until he finds a way to make everybody happy. Reporter: "What’s the way forward in...Show More Summary

Dear White People: You’re Going To LOVE Disney’s New White ‘African’ Princess

2 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Wonkette

MOVE OVER, Elsa The Frozen Bitch Princess From Hell, there’s a new Disney lady princess in town, and she seems great. She’s based on the true story of Jeremiah Heaton, a Virginia father whose daughter Emily just wanted to be a princess, like all little girls and some little boys do. Show More Summary

Evangelicals Are Worried That Scott Walker, Who Backs A 20-Week Abortion Ban, Isn’t Pro-Life Enough

The likely presidential contender will meet with religious leaders in Washington next week to convince them he is socially conservative enough to win the Republican nomination. The post Evangelicals Are Worried That Scott Walker, Who Backs A 20-Week Abortion Ban, Isn’t Pro-Life Enough appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Megyn Kelly Attacks Those Who Are 'Politicizing' Amtrak Crash

Look at Megyn Kelly's barely-constrained and exasperated "tsk" at the very thought that politicians would, you know, bring up the main factors that lead to the deaths and injuries of a bunch of people. They are "despicable," she spits with simmering contempt. Since this is Fox, inconvenient facts get in the way. Show More Summary

Bill O’Reilly: Leave That Sexist Barack Obama Alooooooone!

2 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Wonkette

Watch the latest video at If you’ve been obsessed like we have with the utterly riveting debate over the Trans-Pacific Partnership, you are aware that there is a bit of a meta-flap about how commie gay Kenyan usurper Barack Obama can add “lady-hater” to his list of adjectives, because he called your favorite Sen. Show More Summary

The Roundup for May 13th, 2015

Good day folks! International Politics Overall – The Saudi-led coalition accused the Houthi rebels in Yemen of violating the ceasefire – The Vatican will sign a treaty with the state of Palestine, which is unprecedented Middle East – Things are so bad in the Gaza Strip that some folks are forced to go to garbage...

The Weekend Roundup for May 9-10th, 2015

Happy Mother’s Day!/Feliz Dia de Madre! International Politics Overall – The U.S., in spite of a Conservative victory in Britain, is a little hesitant to join with British Prime Minister David Cameron over the latter’s refusal to deal with foreign policy – The rebels in Yemen agreed to a five-day ceasefire with the Saudi-led coalition,...

Mothers March for Their Children Who Were Killed by Police

Storify by Kevin Gosztola Sun, May 10 2015 20:44:55 Edit Mothers March for Their Children Who Were Killed by Police For Mother’s Day, moms in the United States mark the day by remembering their children, who were killed by police, and call attention to police violence. #MillionMomsMarch In Chicago, Panzy Edwards, who's 15-year-old son was...

Putting Our Hearts and Our Money Where They Count: Paid Sick Days in Context

In just about all of the United States, including specifically in Oregon, a pregnant woman working full time to support a family may not be entitled to even a single paid day of leave from work to give birth, much less to go to the doctor for prenatal care, manage any pregnancy complications, or recover from birth and bond with her newborn. Show More Summary

Camera Work: Change

With the launch of FDL’s new look, (I almost titled this “Out to Launch”), my peculiar mix of computer problems seemingly related but not, yet needing solutions, the new comments section, I have so many different themes on which to write, but none seem to say “pick me” so I settled on change. Along with...

Sunday Talk: The loon star state

2 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

There's an old saying in Texas that says, "Fool me once, shame on—shame on you; fool me—you can't get fooled again." Now, obviously, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's mama didn't raise no fool. Despite repeated assurances that the U.S. military's...Show More Summary

Late Night FDL: Soul Sacrifice

Santana — Soul Sacrifice at Woodstock, 1969. What’s on your mind? Cmauk and I will be co-hosting tonight in Tut’s absence.

Steve King: Deport A ‘Leftist’ For Every Immigrant Allowed In

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) joked, "well sure, every time we let an immigrant in, we'll deport a Leftist." The post Steve King: Deport A ‘Leftist’ For Every Immigrant Allowed In appeared first on ThinkProgress.

The Roundup for May 8th, 2015

Folks, bare with us in terms of these changes. I’m sure it’s new and, in some cases, still tedious at times. However, if we are to make changes going forward, then this International Politics Overall – Inspectors of chemical weapons said they found traces of sarin gas at a site of the Syrian government –...

FL Gov. Rick Scott Used His Mother's Death To Manipulate Feds On Medicaid

Before Governor Voldemort was elected to his second term as Florida's governor, he made a play to expand Medicaid in Florida. Perhaps you remember it: On Feb. 20, 2013, Scott summoned the media to the governor’s mansion where heannounced that he still opposed setting up a state exchange but now supported a three-year Medicaid expansion. Show More Summary

Atheist Lady Sued For Calling Fraud Faith Healer A Fraud

2 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Wonkette

So there’s this guy in Bisbee, Arizona, named Adam Miller, who had himself a near-death experience in 1977 and believes it imbued him with the power to heal people — tens of thousands of them, in fact! An atheist video blogger, Stephanie...Show More Summary

That Time Mike Huckabee Preached Against Booze, Sex, and Monty Python

Good luck tracking down sermons from Mike Huckabee's two decades as a Baptist preacher. The GOP presidential candidate, who once started a television station out of his church to broadcast his sermons, kept those tapes under wraps during...Show More Summary

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