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Hillary Clinton evolves, wants the Supreme Court to rule same-sex marriage a constitutional right

Hillary Clinton has now set the gold standard for supporting marriage equality in the 2016 field. Not that any Republicans were a threat, but here's a statement her campaign provided to Chris Geidner at BuzzFeed: “Hillary Clinton supports...Show More Summary

PETA Praises Anti-Immigrant Sheriff For Jail’s Meatless Meals

"I believe people can be rehabilitated from the inside out,” Pamela Anderson said. The post PETA Praises Anti-Immigrant Sheriff For Jail’s Meatless Meals appeared first on ThinkProgress.

When Carly loved Hillary

Carly Fiorina, the disgraced HP CEO and failed California Senate candidate, says her odds of entering the 2016 Republican presidential contest are "higher than 90 percent." Of course, that's not because she believes she can win the nomination, but because the odds she wants to be the GOP's vice presidential nominee are 100 percent. Show More Summary

Marco Rubio Still Needs Water – Won’t You Please Help?

Two years ago, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) announced his arrival as the Republican Party’s next big thing by delivering the GOP’s response to President Obama’s State of the Union address, a job that has become more of a curse than a blessing in recent years. For Rubio, it became a nightmare of parched oratory and [...]

Like Cruz and Paul, Marco Rubio starts his race in a tough spot

That was then. It ain't now. A legitimate question for Marco Rubio: All right, you're running for president. Who's your base? [T]he senator’s attempts to win over both the conservative base and more left-leaning minorities have mainly...Show More Summary

Corporation Tells Truth About Tax Subsidy

How refreshing it is to hear a corporation be honest and admit that a tax subsidy is a giveaway, not an incentive. While too often corporations go around the state capitol with hat in hand asking for “tax incentives,” claiming that they...Show More Summary

Republicans stay focused on their caricature of Hillary Clinton, not the campaign she's running

Conventional political wisdom going into Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign announcement was that she needed to provide a reason she was running for president, a rationale beyond "it's my turn." It's not a big ask, but it's one many candidates have failed on. Show More Summary

Rand Paul’s Big Con On Race And Poverty

There is a clear intellectual line from Rand Paul's anti-government philosophy to thinkers who literally argued that the impoverished and the unfortunate should be left to die in order to purify the human race. The post Rand Paul’s Big Con On Race And Poverty appeared first on ThinkProgress.

How Marco Rubio Went From Backing Immigration Reform To Berating DREAMers

Rubio's latest stance: “I think I’m realistic on immigration.” The post How Marco Rubio Went From Backing Immigration Reform To Berating DREAMers appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Late Night FDL: Run For Your Life

Robert Randolph & the Family Band -- Run For Your Life, live at Austin City Limits, September 30, 2002. What's on your mind?

Mining And Fracking Whirl: April 9th 2015

By KateCA Walking On Navajo Water, by Keanu Jones “The water is precious” A sense of urgency is developing around the issue of water. Indigenous people are increasingly engaging in this struggle at this key moment: –14-year old filmmaker, Keanu Jones, Navajo, of Great Falls, Arizona is documenting his community’s fight for and use of [...]

Hillary Clinton Officially Launches 2016 Presidential Campaign

It's official. She's in: Hillary Clinton Launches 2016 Presidential Campaign: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton officially entered the race for president in 2016 on Sunday. In a video released on her new campaign website, Clinton said that she was running. "I'm running for president," Clinton says in the video. Show More Summary

GOP's 2016 Iran Contrarians comically embrace Reagan as role model

2 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Every four years, Republican primary voters are treated to the predictable and pathetic spectacle of GOP presidential candidates claiming to be Ronald Reagan's heir. Left unmentioned is that Reagan's actual record as an abortion rights-signing,...Show More Summary

What To Look For In Media Coverage Of Hillary Clinton

A lot has changed since the last time the former Secretary of State ran for office, but does that include some of the most egregious coverage of her? The post What To Look For In Media Coverage Of Hillary Clinton appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Republicans Want To Grant Asylum To Home-Schoolers

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), the original sponsor on the bill to allow home-schoolers to claim asylum, once said that drug cartel members were abusing the asylum system. The post Republicans Want To Grant Asylum To Home-Schoolers appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Lasting impressions...

2 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Open Left

March 19, 2009. Gchat: Stoller: Does Forrest Brown work for you?Me: ??? who?Stoller: Someone at PCCC. New GChat window with my Progressive Change Campaign Committee co-founder Stephanie Taylor: Me: Do we have someone named Forrest working...Show More Summary

Ben Carson Fearmongers Over Islamic Terrorists Crossing Our Southern Border

Potential GOP 2016 presidential candidate Ben Carson jumped right in with the rest of the crew and the fearmongering at this year's National Rifle Association Convention. Be afraid! Be afraid everyone because that evil terrorist loving...Show More Summary

RNC Releases "Stop Hillary" Ad Exclusively To Fox & Friends

The Republican National Committee exclusively released its new attack ad hitting Hillary Clinton to Fox News' Fox & Friends, which repeatedly aired and praised it, effectively providing the GOP with approximately $157,197.12 of freeShow More Summary

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