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World War I: The Tragedy that Led to All the Other Tragedies

World War I is The Great tragedy of modern Western, and perhaps even world, history. It led to all the great historical tragedies of the last century, not to mention the collapse of Europe from the height of Civilization into chaos and squalor.Without World War I, there would have been no Bolshevik Revolution, no rise of Mussolini, Stalin, or Hitler. Show More Summary

War is a Racket

"As I look back on my 33 years of service in the Marines---from Second Lieutenant to Major-General---I realize that I've been nothing but a thug for Bankers and Big Corporations." ~ General Smedley Butler See for more quotes by General Butler. Show More Summary

Forget Trump - Fascism Has Been in the USA For a Long Time

Preface--- A bipartisan legislative bill has been introduced in Congress that will stop warrantless domestic spying by the Fed Gov't...................................... INCREDIBLE! It's nice that Senators Paul, Wyden, Sanders, Warren...Show More Summary

The White House Has Become...

"It's unfortunate that the White House has become an adult day care center." ~ Senator Bob Corker Thank you, Senator Corker, for stating a truth that most of your Republican colleagues probably recognize, but are afraid to speak. In my book, you are a genuine political hero...a rarity nowadays. Show More Summary

Rifle Bump Stocks - A No-Brainer, Gun Rights, ISIS, & More

Any hesitation about ?banning ?"bump stocks" for rifles is ridiculous...they never should have been allowed in the 1st place. Why not allow grenade launchers? They are "firearms", after all. [The Constitution says "Arms".] How about what used to be called bazookas?...another "firearm". Show More Summary

We're Voluntarily Heading to the Brave New World

Below is my response to a forwarded, satirical email from a dear friend. In that piece of satire, a caller is ordering a pizza from what turns out to be "Google Pizza" instead of "Gordon's Pizza". As the conversation proceeds, the customer...Show More Summary

Impeach the Fake President

Below is a copy of the bulk of an email I sent to my New Mexico Congressman, Representative Lujan............................................ Whenever possible & appropriate, I hope you will share the following with your colleagues. 1. Show More Summary

The Egregious Corporate News Media re N. Korea, and Elitism in the USA

I've heard/seen almost nothing from the Corporate Media about the "diplomatic efforts" regarding the situation with N. Korea. Instead, all we hear are the war drums. Where are the details of the very recent Asian Summit held because of this crisis? Rexxon Mobilson claims that N. Show More Summary

Republicans, Democrats, Trump, Elections, and North Korea

Below is my Reply to an email from a friend. His email contained a link to an article by Thom Hartmann, the author, pundit, and Talk Show host. Hartmann detailed various illegal methods that Republicans have employed over the years in order to get elected. Show More Summary

The Economic and Financial Crash is Just Around the Corner

Today I saw an ad for blue jeans; the price of the britches---$60. In 1961, similar jeans were $3.95... To me, that's's already here. Decades of monetary policy from the Fed Reserve have reduced the value of the Dollar from 100 cents in 1913 to about 3 or 4 cents today. Show More Summary

Trump's Violation of NEPA-SEPA Laws-Rules

Preface--- Formerly I've been an independent environmental regulatory compliance consultant to businesses. In that capacity (and others) I became very familiar with the various National and State environmental laws and regulations. In...Show More Summary

Trump Admin Wants to Kill Net Neutrality Rules

Ajit Pai, who originally was brought into the FCC by Obama and more recently was appointed as FCC Head Honcho by Trump, is planning to eliminate Net Neutrality Rules (referred to as NNR in the rest of this piece). Pai has a credible background, but it should be noted that he did a two-year stint as a Verizon attorney. Show More Summary

Nukes and Trumpistas

As reported on Democracy Now, 122 nations have signed a Treaty banning the use of nuclear weapons. [It's astounding to me that the People of any nation anywhere allow their government to build and possess such weapons. I guess it's a testament to the power of Edward Bernays style Propaganda.] Naturally, none of the Nuke Nations signed the Treaty. Show More Summary

Deceitful, Stumblebum Democrats & Republicans in DC, the Corporate Media, and the Russians

Below is my Reply to an email from an organic farmer friend. He stated in his email that the Repubs were only three States away [Democracy Now claims they're six States away] from being able to call an Article V Constitutional Convention, and that they would do so in order to push through Amendments making the USA even more of a Corporate State. Show More Summary

A Review of Some of the Craziness in the Authoritarian, Nonconstitutional USA

The craziness referred to in the title above covers a very broad range. The text below displays only a few examples of some of it. I'm calling the USA Gov't "nonconstitutional" (as opposed to unconstitutional) because for many years our leaders have ignored large parts of the Constitution. Show More Summary

A Warning About So-Called Crypto-CURRENCY

First, let me state clearly that I'm in favor of alternative currency. It should be obvious that the U.S. fiat Dollar is crashing...and it's not the only one doing so. Nevertheless, it's important to note the misrepresentations and falsehoods regarding all follows. Show More Summary

Afghanistan, Several Sane Politicians, & Perpetual War

Years ago, Elites (public and private) co-opted the Congressional powers to start a war, issue assassination orders, & make rules concerning captured enemies... and gave them to the Executive Branch. The Powers-That-Be then announced that the entire world is a battlefield, and that the people we're fighting are neither soldiers or criminals. Show More Summary

Comey's Testimony - Wow!

Below is a copy of most of an email I sent to my son, other family members, & a few friends....................................................... As to Comey's testimony--- 1. Regarding who's lying, Trump or Comey, The Don is the loser...Trump is's not even close. Show More Summary

George Orwell: the Greatest Political & Social Prophet of All Time

Following are just a few bits of evidence supporting the assertion in the title above. This all applies throughout the Western World, but especially in the Land I love, the USA. 1. The word "war" no longer means war. Instead, it means "leading the world", or "fighting terrorism", or "protecting our allies", or "spreading democracy", etc. Show More Summary

Israel's Hypocrisy on Trump's Leak to Putin

It's difficult to find an issue on which Israel is not a hypocrite, but I will focus on one of Trump's more recent alleged scandals. Trump gave intelligence to Putin, which he'd allegedly gotten from Israel. According to a report byShow More Summary

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