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A Review of Some of the Craziness in the Authoritarian, Nonconstitutional USA

The craziness referred to in the title above covers a very broad range. The text below displays only a few examples of some of it. I'm calling the USA Gov't "nonconstitutional" (as opposed to unconstitutional) because for many years our leaders have ignored large parts of the Constitution. Show More Summary

A Warning About So-Called Crypto-CURRENCY

First, let me state clearly that I'm in favor of alternative currency. It should be obvious that the U.S. fiat Dollar is crashing...and it's not the only one doing so. Nevertheless, it's important to note the misrepresentations and falsehoods regarding all follows. Show More Summary

Afghanistan, Several Sane Politicians, & Perpetual War

Years ago, Elites (public and private) co-opted the Congressional powers to start a war, issue assassination orders, & make rules concerning captured enemies... and gave them to the Executive Branch. The Powers-That-Be then announced that the entire world is a battlefield, and that the people we're fighting are neither soldiers or criminals. Show More Summary

Comey's Testimony - Wow!

Below is a copy of most of an email I sent to my son, other family members, & a few friends....................................................... As to Comey's testimony--- 1. Regarding who's lying, Trump or Comey, The Don is the loser...Trump is's not even close. Show More Summary

George Orwell: the Greatest Political & Social Prophet of All Time

Following are just a few bits of evidence supporting the assertion in the title above. This all applies throughout the Western World, but especially in the Land I love, the USA. 1. The word "war" no longer means war. Instead, it means "leading the world", or "fighting terrorism", or "protecting our allies", or "spreading democracy", etc. Show More Summary

Israel's Hypocrisy on Trump's Leak to Putin

It's difficult to find an issue on which Israel is not a hypocrite, but I will focus on one of Trump's more recent alleged scandals. Trump gave intelligence to Putin, which he'd allegedly gotten from Israel. According to a report byShow More Summary

Libertarian Party Infiltrated by Goverment Spies

I found the below comment, posted on April 23, 2017 by "Andy" over at Independent Political Report, to be both interesting and unnerving:I know that one FIOA [Freedom of Information Act] request was done by 1978 LP candidate for Governor of California, and 1980 candidate for President, Ed Clark. Show More Summary

Trump---the Fake Rebel

Trump is (& has been) up to something; WHAT is not clear. His actions can't just be chalked up to "he's a rebel politician". Being petty, petulant, paranoid, ignorant, unprofessional, reckless, & immature (the way Trump is) never would serve a rebel well. Show More Summary

Trump's Hypocrisy on Saudi Arabia

President Donald Trump is complaining that Saudi Arabia doesn't pay its "fair share" to have America defend them.Stephen J. Adler, Jeff Mason and Steve Holland report for Reuters [April 27, 2017]:President Donald Trump complained on Thursday that U.S. Show More Summary

It's NOT About Korea, Syria, Terrorism, or Saving...

civilians from any of that. It amazes me how some Americans, especially some supposedly "Conservative" Americans, ignore facts, the Constitution, & history and immediately wrap themselves in the flag whenever any group of conniving politicians starts beating the war drums. Show More Summary

Corporatism, Trump, Syria, and Raytheon Corp.

As reported on the Democracy Now news hour yesterday (you won't find this on the Corporate News Media, such as NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, etc.)---1. The missiles used in the unconstitutional attack on Syria that was ordered by Trump have a price tag of over $1 million each.2. Show More Summary

Trump's "Anti-Fascist" Critics Praise Trump for Waging War

Ever since he became a serious candidate for president, Trump's foes have attacked him for being a "fascist" (among other things). Their insults intensified after Trump was elected president. And intensified still further after he assumed...Show More Summary

Question for His Lordship: On What Authority???

In terms of foreign policy, we've gone from Donald Trump (which was bad enough) to Hillary Trump...the Perpetual War Hawk. Yes, the gassing of civilians was horrific, & allegedly done by Assad; that doesn't mean the US Gov't has any right to attack Syria. Show More Summary

Trump Turns Neocon -- Fires Steve Bannon and Attacks Syria

President Donald J. Trump has turned into a full-blown Neocon with his missile attack on Syria.Reporting for the Wall Street Journal [April 6, 2017], Gordon Lubold and Dion Nissenbaum write:The U.S. military launched nearly 60 Tomahawk...Show More Summary

Observations on the Insanity of the Elites and on the Progression of Corporatism

Let's first define one term. By "Elites", I'm referring to those who are either super-rich, or in positions of super-power and/or influence, or both. These people are in public or private positions, or both. It's a general definition; there are always a few exceptions to any general rule. Show More Summary

Lessons From the Tragic/Comic Ryan-Trump Reality Show

Lessons The Don should have learned---1. He's not the big, bad, tough deal maker he thinks he is.2. Talking about riding a bronc and doing it are two different things.3. Like everyone else, sometimes he's a failure at executing a task.4. Show More Summary

Trump's "America First" Means Israel First

Despite all the defamatory accusations of President Donald Trump being "anti-Semitic," his "America First" foreign policy is as fervently Israel First! as that of any other U.S. president. Reporting for the Los Angeles Times [March 16,...Show More Summary

Let's All Take Our Heads Out of the Sand and Stop Drinking the...

Edward Bernays style Propaganda Kool Aid. In addition to the National Debt numbers, the online "U.S. National Debt Clock" (in real time) has a wealth of other information. [A small portion of it is listed below.] As opposed to what Janet...Show More Summary

Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County Is Too Anti-Gun

The Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County website is too anti-gun, according to LP member Robert H. Biggadike, who sent the following email to LP members:On the LPLAC website, it says, "Libertarians are anti-war, we believe that neither peace nor freedom nor democracy can be truly promoted with a gun." What a line of left wing clap trap. Show More Summary

Trump Orders Wiretaps on World Leaders :), AND a Correction

Relative to the first part of the title above, I'm just saying that. I have absolutely no proof to present as to its authenticity. None whatsoever. I'm following the lead of our Tweety-Bird President, who claims that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower...but then the Don failed to offer even a shred of evidence. Show More Summary

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