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Fed Gov't and Corporate Media Propaganda + Lies by Omission Accelerate

I say this often, but it's true in every case: if this situation weren't so tragic, it would be comical. The highest levels of the Fed Gov't and Corporate Media keep pushing this narrative: our intelligence agencies have proof that the...Show More Summary

Electoral College and a Popular Vote Lead of Over 2.6 Million

Below is my response to an email which stated that the Electoral College system in the USA "makes sense" as evidenced by the fact that of the total number of Counties in our Land, the overwhelming majority voted for Trump. That email was written when Clinton's popular vote lead was 1.1 million less than it is now. Show More Summary

The Plutocracy and Politics in the USA

Below is an edited version of my email response to a friend. He had written that our economic and social ills overwhelmingly were caused by the Republicans. [Parts of this piece didn't copy/paste properly, and I don't have time to correct them. Show More Summary

The Actual Presidential Election is on December 19th

Below is a slightly edited email I sent to a few friends and family members today. Not that I want her (or Trump) to, and though it's not likely, Clinton still could win the election. It's certainly not probable, but it is possible under the Electoral College system.................................... Show More Summary

Anarcho What???

Below is my response to an organic farmer friend who responded to the last blog post here with the statement that our country is a Republic, not a Democracy. [I did some minor editing...nothing important.].............................................................. Show More Summary

Clinton's Lead is Now Over Two Million

Though the election is over and Trump is the President-Elect, Clinton now has over two million more votes than the Don... and there still are uncounted votes. We have quite an unusual "democracy", eh? I suggest our leaders stop the hypocrisy, and stop calling our form of gov't a democracy. Show More Summary

Clinton's Lead Grows, & the Evil of Two Lessers

As of 11-19-16, Clinton leads Trump by about 1.5 million more votes. The tally continues. Because of 240 years of relentless propaganda and indoctrination, we still think we live in a true, participatory democracy. To those who disagree with that assessment, I suggest watching this series: Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States... Show More Summary

November 16--- The Latest Vote Count

Clinton is about one million votes ahead. It's a good thing for Trump that the election wasn't in a democracy. So much for "every vote counts" and "your vote is just as important as the next person's". I don't agree with Scott Walker on much of anything, but he was right about this--- "Twelve States will elect the next President.". Show More Summary

Latest Count: Clinton Has 395,000 More Votes Than Trump

Her lead is up from 225,000... and all the votes still have not yet been counted. Welcome to American "democracy". We can stick our heads in the sand and ignore this (again), or we can work to change our electoral system. It would be...Show More Summary

It Turns Out That Trump LOST...

the popular vote. Plus, almost one-third of the California vote has yet to be counted. The Don won the election due to the constitutional electoral college system. It's all legitimate; it just isn't democracy. I suspect that many Americans...Show More Summary

A Con Artist Has Conceded to Another Con Artist!

It just goes to show you: no one can predict everything with accuracy. Mea culpa.Trump borrowed a page from a man he can't stand, Obama: the Don sold a bit more than half the voters on HOPE and CHANGE... with little to no details. I give Trump voters less than a year from January 20th before they become disgruntled. Show More Summary

Why Trump Will Lose...Big Time

PrefaceAgain, a reminder that I am vehemently against both Clinton and Trump. Both of them are Corporatists and serve the so-called 1%...the Oligarchy. [I'm aware that Trump True Believers don't believe that about their man, but they are dead wrong.] By the way, Corporatism is not Free Market Capitalism. Show More Summary

Existence of Nukes & the War on Painkillers Support the Case Against...

Governments/Elites/Corporatists/the Ruling Oligarchy. What is that case? It's the proposition that governments no longer represent the will of the People... that is, on most significant issues. In general, that's because governmentsShow More Summary

Wars Against Americans Conducted by the Elites/the Corporatists/the Ruling Oligarchy

Following is a list of only some of the wars being waged by the Ruling Oligarchy in the USA against We the People.1. The War on the First Amendment2. The War on Journalists3. The War on Whistleblowers4. The War on Peaceful Protests and Dissent of Any Type5. Show More Summary

Here's the REAL Clinton...and Obama

The piece below is from Bill Moyers and the publisher of Harper's, John R. MacArthur. It's almost two years old, so it gives insight into the fact that the Dem Party higher-ups promoted the Corporatists and marginalized the Populists regarding this current election. Show More Summary

Support World War III Because ... Obama

It's nice to see Second City producing a sketch critical -- I mean, really critical -- of warmonger Barak Obama:=============

The Third "Presidential" Debate, 2016

If this whole situation weren't so tragic, it would be absolutely comical. The performances of both candidates can be summarized with the following words---deceitmisdirectionavoidancepettinessrudenesspropagandaelitismfarcicalridiculoustragicThese...Show More Summary

This & That About the Public and Private Powers-That-Be

1. Notice how the Corporate Media and the Democratic Party Machine have responded to the leaked transcripts/excerpts of Clinton's highly paid speeches to Mega Bankers and other Mega Corporations: "Russian hackers did it; they're trying to influence the election here."...little to no discussion of what Hillary said in those speeches. Show More Summary

The Second Presidential Debate, 2016

Mostly SSDD.Interrupting each other again, but this time a bit less of that...especially by Clinton. Both candidates regularly exceeded their response time limits, and did so while talking over the moderators' pleas to stop. The same amount of personal sniping at each other was present...of little to no interest to us, and completely unprofessional. Show More Summary

Once Again: Trump is Trumped by Trump

Here's my latest email to family and friends---....................................... RE: tonight's news--- The man's mouth again reassures me that my prediction is correct: barring extreme unforeseen circumstances, the Don will be slaughtered in the upcoming election. Show More Summary

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