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Why Not Demand Less Taxi Regulation, Not More?

by Dick Puddlecote Why Not Demand Less Taxi Regulation, Not More? Yes, this is one of DP’s occasional transport geekery posts, so look away now if it’s not your bag. Being in transport myself, I just couldn’t let the … Continue reading ?

The Libertarian and Catholic Social Teachings

by David D’Amato The Libertarian and Catholic Social Teachings Roman Catholic leaders from Cardinal Maradiaga to Pope Francis himself have made news this year in their criticisms of supposed free market economies, likening them to a form of idolatry … Continue reading ?

Updates to LA Website

Educational Notes Educational Notes 039, Should Universities Employ Bigots? The Case of Nicholas Kollerstrom (2008), by Dr Philip Bounds Educational Notes 038, The Belgian State versus Home Schooling: The Persecution of Dr Alexandra Colen and Dr Paul Belien (2006, by … Continue reading ?

Further Thoughts on Gay Marriage

by Vabadus As a libertarian, I cannot object to the legalisation of gay marriage, whatever I personally think of homosexuality. If consenting adults draw up a contract and decide to call that marriage, we have no business utilising the weapons … Continue reading ?

The ‘Gay’ Mafia that Won’t Give In or Grow Up

by Stewart Cowan The ‘Gay’ Mafia that Won’t Give In or Grow Up Matt Briggs writes: If You Disagree You Are Full Of Hate, You Bigot. It’s how the Left thinks. Not that they tend to think in any … Continue reading ?

The reckless mass medication of Britain

by Robert Henderson Note: I entirely agree with Robert. Most of the drugs handed out like smarties are decidedly iffy. Statins, in particular, are dangerous. Many years ago, I was commissioned by a drug company to write a paper … Continue reading ?

Every Man a King Juan Carlos

by Joel Schlosberg Every Man a King Juan Carlos Note: Karl Hess was wrong. There is a fundamental difference between an hereditary monarch and an elected president or prime minister. Unless drawn from a class of hereditary landlords, the … Continue reading ?

UK politics: the law is the law

by Richard North UK politics: the law is the lawOur honourable and esteemed Members of Parliament have for many years laboured under the delusion that they produce laws. For sure they may, with the assistance of their clerks and … Continue reading ?

What’s Stossel Supposed to be Defending, Again?

by Kevin Carson What’s Stossel Supposed to be Defending, Again? I coined the term “vulgar libertarianism” several years back to describe reflexive mainstream libertarian defenses of the existing corporate capitalist system as if it were the free market, and … Continue reading ?

Crony Capitalism and Why the American Economy Still is Doomed

If you're a harsh critic of David Stockman (Reagan's Budget Director), as I have been for years, please try to suspend any prejudices about him and watch the fairly recent Bill Moyers interview of Stockman found at the link interview is the best explanation I've seen of why/how:1. Show More Summary

Hoppe Coming to England

Inter-Disciplinary Symposium on Business Ethics & Business/Economic History: “The Challenges of Capitalism for the Common Good” This one day research symposium takes place at Henley BusinessSchool, the University of Reading on Tuesday 17 June 2014. The symposium focuses on the … Continue reading ?

Hector Berlioz the Libertarian

Joseph S. Diedrich Hector Berlioz the Libertarian About a week ago, a friend and fellow classical music aficionado posted the following on Facebook: I’ve waited my whole life to come to realize, through some dawning revelation, why precisely I’m … Continue reading ?

For Discussion

I suspect that many of our regulars will need to pause when they see this, to wipe the vomit off their monitors. But I suggest the following: 1. It is not our business what consenting adults do in bed together; … Continue reading ?

Psychology for Anarchists

by Chad Nelson Psychology for Anarchists Robert Anton Wilson’s 203-page mindbender, Quantum Psychology: How Your Brain Software Programs You and Your World, is more than meets the eye. The subtitle suggests a self-help book, and it appears to be … Continue reading ?

It’s Not the Technology That Causes “Technological Unemployment”

by Kevin Carson It’s Not the Technology That Causes “Technological Unemployment” Discussions of technological change in the media are generally coupled with discussions of technological unemployment and the increasing polarization of wealth. A good example is a piece by … Continue reading ?

Comment re Sean Gabb on UKIP

by Vabadus Very good article, although I disagree with your reasons for voting Conservative in 2015; I implore you to rethink your intention. I genuinely believe there is not a cigarette paper between the three arsecheeks of the same backside … Continue reading ?

REVIEW – The Churchill Memorandum – By Dr Sean Gabb

REVIEW – The Churchill Memorandum – By Dr Sean Gabb. The Churchill Memorandum by Sean Gabb is a thriller set in an alternative timeline to our own. The major difference that Sean explores, is what would happen to the United Kingdom … Continue reading ?

Sean Gabb new novel “The Break” now available

Hi! My new novel, The Break, has now been published worldwide and in all formats. The Break is a dystopian science fiction novel, set in 2018, by when the UK has become a traumatised and post-apocalyptic police state. I’m rather … Continue reading ?

That BBC Plain Packaging Advert

by Dick Puddlecote That BBC Plain Packaging Advert One of the reasons we are coerced to pay for the BBC, at pain of hefty fines or (currently) imprisonment, is that the licence fee is its only revenue stream. It … Continue reading ?

Civitas Meeting – The trouble with Europe 19 May 2014

by Robert Henderson The sole speaker was Roger Bootle of the Daily Telegraph and Capital Economics Bootle was promoting his book The trouble with Europe. The main thrusts of his argument were - Europe is a declining political and … Continue reading ?

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