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So Where's the Economic Crash?

It's unfolding before our eyes. Despite the Dead Cat Bounce (a horrible term) after the disastrous dip in January, the Crash is proceeding...and worsening...and it's worldwide. Below is a portion of a Reply I sent to my son, his family, and others regarding a piece he sent me from Greg Hunter's "USA". Show More Summary

REDUX: "Hoaxes and/or Lies by the Oligarchs"

[The original post has been edited a tiny bit.] Here are just a few crucial ones--- 1. The Income Tax Disregarding earlier, temporary income taxes in the 1860s (to fund the Civil War), the Big Kahuna was the Revenue Act of 1913. It passed into Law shortly after the 16th Amendment to the Constitution was adopted. Show More Summary

The Financial Coup in the USA is Almost Complete

First, again I must state that this Coup is not any kind of massive, dark "conspiracy". It's more like a bunch of greedy control freaks, a few of whom probably are well-meaning, working mostly independently toward a mutual goal---Global BIG Business as the governing force in the world. Show More Summary

The Childish Tech Whiz Kids

Not all of them...I'm talking only about the ones who are immature and malicious. Every so often, some dweeb manages to inject a piece of malware into my machine...because he/she has no life of any consequence (I'm guessing). We've all had this happen to us. Show More Summary

Two Ways to Fight the Crony Capitalist Corporatocracy

I believe it was the NYT best-selling author, John Perkins, who coined the term "Corporatocracy" some years ago. [See the book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.] There's no question that we live in and under the Rule of government, in international matters, in the Financialization Movement, and even in social matters. Show More Summary

Are Most Adult Americans Totally Bamboozled by Propaganda?

Most of the time, it seems so to me. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why most of my fellow citizens appear to either believe, or alternatively, to not object to the following falsehoods.1. Our Presidents can issue pretty much any Executive Orders that they so desire. Show More Summary


I didn't support his political candidacy, and I don't agree with most of his political stances. Nevertheless---From Ben Carson: "Our political system is corrupt...both Democrats and Republicans...corrupt to the core.". You may call his statement sour grapes if you wish, but the man is correct.Don't play a Rigged Game. Show More Summary

Who are the Third Party Candidates and Why Zero Coverage of Them?

It seems to me that it's incumbent upon the Corporate Media to provide at least some coverage of the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, the Reform Party, the Constitution Party, and others. There also are a number of No-Party, or Independent candidates. Show More Summary

"God", Physics, and the Grand Illusion

Recently I watched a documentary on YouTube entitled, “What We Still Don’t Know: Are We Real?”. It’s a piece on Physics and Cosmology…and quite fascinating. It relays the discovery of the Cosmological Constant, a concept in Physics (a Law of Nature) that suggested to theoretical physicists the distinct probability of the existence of a “Creator”. Show More Summary

Trump, Clinton, Obama, Limbaugh, the Establishment, & Crony Capitalism

Below is my response to a forwarded email from a dear friend. The original piece apparently was written by David Limbaugh, a brother of Rush Limbaugh. In it, he comments on Trump's popularity and how the Establishment is responsible for that. Show More Summary

Here's One Way Elections Are RIGGED in the USA

In the NH Democrat Primary, Sanders essentially slaughtered Clinton. He should have received the bulk of the nominating delegates; instead, the delegates were evenly split between the two candidates. That's because the "superdelegates"...Show More Summary

The Bright Side

Politics in the USA has been in an overall (some "ups", but mostly "downs") decline ever since at least 1956. Thanks to Mr. Benson's American Gov't class in Highland Park, Illinois, that's when I began keenly observing it. As far as I can tell, the same decline is to be found in most developed countries. Show More Summary

REDUX: "Mr. Cool Reveals Himself"

This is from May 28, 2010--- Barack Obama once stated to an interviewer that one of his jobs was to make the Presidency "cool" again. Until his latest press conference, he was having quite a go at that. But then, it all fell apart. I'm about to state an opinion; you may or may not agree. Show More Summary

The Sorry State of USA Politics

Consider the following brief points.1. The electorate (in both major Parties) are fed up with politics as usual... the Establishment Game, the Rigged Game. That's a good thing. But, the "popularity" of Trump is one result of that... seriously? Donald Trump IS the Establishment. Show More Summary

May All Fanatic Tribalism Evaporate

Below is my response (modified just a bit) to a Forwarded email received from a dear friend. That email contained a link to a YouTube clip of a speech by a Swiss Member of Parliament. In that speech, the young man was exhorting his colleagues to "stand up" against the invasion of Europe by Islamists. Show More Summary

Wall Street Loves the Iowa Winners

Even though the race between Clinton & Sanders arguably could be considered a tie, technically the multi-millionaire Clinton appears to have won. Cruz, also a multi-millionaire, won on the Repub side. [The Clintons, ~ $45 million total; Cruz & his wife, ~ $3.5 million total.] SSDD.Wall Street has contributed millions of dollars to both candidates. Show More Summary

What is Donald Trump?

Below is my response to a forwarded email I received from a dear friend. That email discussed why Trump resonated with some "average" people. Among many other things, it said that he was a big middle finger to the political and media Establishment................................................................. Show More Summary

Four Things You Need to Know About Neoliberalism

1. It's not new and it's not liberal.2. It's sweeping over the entire world.3. It's a political and economic philosophy favoring the Rich & Powerful at the expense of the rest of us. [Essentially, at its core, it's Crony Capitalism, AKA, Fascism. Show More Summary

"An Economy for the 1%: How Privilege and Power...

in the Economy Drive Extreme Inequality and How This Can Be Stopped". That's the title of a new Oxfam America report. From the Report and as reported on Democracy Now, the 62 richest billionaires in the world (a majority of them in the USA) now are as wealthy as the poorest 3.6 billion people worldwide combined. Show More Summary

The Most Dishonest Profession in the USA

I was going to title this piece, "The Sleaziest Profession..."; however, that might be a bit too harsh...but not by much. Also, be aware that this is a generalization on my part. There are usually exceptions to a general rule, but they rarely ever prove a generalization to be false. Show More Summary

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