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Libya 2 - Obama Violates Statutory Law & the Constitution... and Trump Continues to Disintegrate

With the expansion of the ISIS War into Libya, Obama again violates both the War Powers Act and the Constitution. He's again using the "Authorization" for war from years & years ago...when Congress "authorized" the use of military force against those who committed the 9-11 atrocity. Show More Summary

Here's Something That Trumps Trump...and Hillary, et. al.

The Don's latest utterances, which were largely critical of (or demeaning to) the Muslim parents of a U.S. Army Captain who was killed serving in Iraq, were truly beyond the pale. All Trump supporters should be thoroughly embarrassed. Show More Summary

The Farcical Kabuki Theater Election Campaigns Continue

1. It's all about the individual personal traits of the candidates. There has been close to nothing said about the ISSUES, especially not anything with any semblance of depth.2. Trump continues to speak as though he's purposely throwing the election...about hacking Clinton's emails, and wanting to "hit" speakers at the Dem Convention, etc., etc. Show More Summary

The Deceitfulness of Clinton is Astounding

At the Democratic Convention, Clinton made the following statement regarding the VP choice, Kaine: "He's a Progressive who...". If that weren't so comical, it would be tragic. It's a bald-faced lie. Kaine isn't in the same ballpark as Progressives; hell, he's not even on the same planet. Show More Summary

With the Kaine Choice, Sanders Already Has Been Marginalized... and the Repubs Have Given Up

The Democrats now have two Corporatists in the top slots, Clinton and Kaine. The Sanders' contingent now is marginalized almost completely. I suspect that some, perhaps many or most, Democrats think that the supposed demise of the DLC---and...Show More Summary

Gary Johnson Endorses George W. Bush

I found an old clip from C-SPAN. I don't know if it's widely known, but it's new to me. It's from the 2000 presidential race. Then Republican Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson, endorses -- even praises -- George W. Bush for president.Johnson is currently running for president under the Libertarian Party banner, as he had previously in 2012. Show More Summary

KFI's Gary and Shannon Think the Defense Budget was Slashed by 87.5%

People display astonishing ignorance when trying to comprehend our bloated military budget -- or anything having to do with numbers at all, really.A recent example of innumeracy was displayed by KFI-AM's Gary Hoffman and Shannon Farren,...Show More Summary

Libertarian Party of California June 2016 Primary Election Results

Libertarian Party of California Chair, Ted Brown, emailed this report to LPC members:The Secretary of State has posted the final statement of vote for the June primary.Libertarian voter registration is 115,189, or 0.64%, down slightly...Show More Summary

The Big Problem is Not Immigrants, or Black People, or...

Poor People, or Any Minority, or Even "Terrorists". Our biggest problem is Oligarchs and/or Plutocrats. They promote and practice the politics of War, the economics of NeoFeudalism, and the governing of Fascism. If you want to send them a peaceful, legal, and effective message, don't vote at the national level in November. Show More Summary

Alton Sterling: TASERED First, THEN Shot and Killed

Just finished watching the interview of the shop owner who filmed a portion of the incident which resulted in Mr. Sterling being killed in Baton Rouge. We don't know the full story yet; details have been a bit slow in coming. Following...Show More Summary

Is it Race or Class? Or Both?

I get suspicious whenever the Corporate Media and/or the Fed Gov't promote some idea...over & over & over. In this case, it's the supposed racial divide here in the USA. Yes, some people of all "races" are prejudiced; but I don't believe the problem is as massive as we're being told. Show More Summary

What Happened to the 9th and 10th Amendments to the Constitution?

Essentially, those Amendments have disappeared... due to the fact that they both largely are ignored... by elected and appointed national officials, both Republicans and Democrats. Here's what the Amendments looked liked when once upon...Show More Summary

Hedge Funds Win, Puerto Rico Loses

The Corporatist Obama signed into Law the Puerto Rico Control Board legislation. He always looks out for the welfare of his primary constituency...Wall Street & the Financial Sector.Hey, Hedge Funds, here's a prime rule of genuine Capitalism:...Show More Summary

Here's Why Many People Don't Seem to Get It

Below is an email I just now sent to family and friends. It has been edited a tiny bit.......................................... Here's why many Americans seemingly don't grasp the dire economic straits that exist today...not only here, but worldwide. Show More Summary

BREXIT is a Go!

Here's a copy of an email I sent my son today---................................. I'll bet the European Oligarchs are pissed! It's a setback for those Super-Rich who want to convert the entire world into one big, seamless Business Zone completely run by private institutions. Show More Summary

Hey, National Politicians - One More Time

1. Even the New York Times Editorial Board has stated (paraphrased): the ISIS-Syria-Iraq War that Obama is waging is unconstitutional. That's because it's illegal under our system of government. It's not even properly authorized under the War Powers Act. Show More Summary

Non-Democratic Democratic Party Elections and Republican Losers

Here's some food for thought regarding the 2016 elections.1. As of the morning of June 10 (Friday), at least two million votes had not yet been counted in Tuesday's California Primary Election. Hillary Clinton "won" that election by about 440,000 votes... Show More Summary

Obama's Now a Millionaire

This is from a CBS News piece by Mark Knoller.According to his latest Financial Disclosure Report, President Obama now has assets worth between one million and five million dollars. Comparatively speaking, his liabilities are a pittance. Show More Summary

Trump, the Judge, La Raza, and the Presidency

Again, I emphasize that I'm not a supporter of Clinton, Sanders, or Trump.Below is a copy my response to an email from a dear friend; embedded in her email was an article about Trump, Judge Curiel, and the militant protest group, La Raza. Show More Summary

Addendum to: "Corporatism Wins Again..."

According to the Wall Street Journal, Wall Street as a whole has raised $23 million for Hillary Clinton's campaign thus far. I ask you, why would the Financial Sector do that for a supposed Populist? [Likely answer: because she's not any kind of Populist.]

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