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Brexit: the lessons of Rotherham

by Richard North Note: Great minds think alike! SIG Brexit: the lessons of Rotherham The outrage of the media over the events of Rotherham needs to be taken as much with a pinch of salt as the expressions of … Continue reading ?

Drafting A Smoking In Cars Consultation Response

by Dick Puddlecote Drafting A Smoking In Cars Consultation Response Last month I suggested we might have a bash at the consultation on smoking in cars which ends at midnight on Wednesday. Two fellow jewel robbers have already done … Continue reading ?

Sean back from Slovakia

I could write an epic poem about the thousand mile drive from Slovakia to Deal. I might fill Bk II with an enumeration of the post we found jamming the front door. But I will not bother. I will write … Continue reading ?

The U.S. Gov't and the Middle East

Again, below is an email I sent to a "Conservative" (nowadays that means Neoconservative, a horse of a different color) friend of mine. HERE IS THE CRUX OF THE PROBLEM RE: the U.S. Gov't and the Middle East--- From the article you sent, toward the end of it: " But only a fool would believe weapons of mass destruction were the only reason for the war. Show More Summary

What Happened to the Republic of the USA? Is It a Feudal Society?

Below is a recent email I sent to a "Conservative" friend of mine. It directly relates to the title of this piece. Hate to say it, but I fear that it may be too late, Bob... for education, the economy, sound money. politics, the whole ball of wax. Show More Summary

National Sovereignty or EU Membership: Which is the Least Bad Option? (2014), by Sean Gabb National Sovereignty or EU Membership:  Which is the Least Bad Option? A Lecture given in Bratislava on the 12th August 2014 to the Institute of Economic and Social Studies (INESS) by Sean Gabb INESS Introduction The Institute of Economic and … Continue reading ?

Greening Out Interviews Sean Gabb

Listen to the interview. Dr Sean Gabb is a writer and broadcaster and academic. He is the author of twenty books, which include ten novels and three volumes of poetry. He has been commercially translated into Italian, Spanish, Greek, Slovak, … Continue reading ?

Protests, Ferguson, the Hypocrisy of Brand Obama, & Oligarchies

A few years ago at some sort of Socialist Convention, John Pilger (a well-known Australian documentarian) gave a speech in which he characterized Obama as "Brand Obama...and it's all fake". There are so many examples of Obama's hypocrisy and deceit that I couldn't possibly relate even half of them to you. Show More Summary

Man Bites Dog.

by Anna Raccoon Man Bites Dog. It is possibly unfair to infer that Kathy Hook is a dog – bitch might have been better. ‘Man bites Bitch’ – doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. She was voted … Continue reading ?

The Third Iraq War for America & the Constitution

Here we go again. The first Iraq War was in the early '90s. Just prior to that one, the Fed Gov't supplied weapons to Saddam for his war against Iran. The second Iraq War started in 2003, I believe, and went on seemingly forever; however, it did eventually end. Show More Summary

Cliff Richard: A Brief Comment

According to the BBC, Cliff Richard’s home has been searched in connection with claims of a sexual assault committed in 1985 against a male who was, at the time, under the age of sixteen. They entered his property while he … Continue reading ?

Shared Information: What’s Its Real Purpose?

by Stewart Cowen Shared Information: What’s Its Real Purpose? Police want greater access to our medical records (and ‘other information’), as discovered by JuliaM. The Guardian reports, Police want new and expanded rights to access medical records and other … Continue reading ?

The Problem of Democracy

by Nick Lands The Problem of Democracy Recent discussions (on Twitter, primarily) have convinced me of the need for a ‘Neocameralism for Dummies’ post, providing a succinct introduction to this genre of political theory. The importance of this is … Continue reading ?

Salmond is a chancer in the mode of Paterson and Law

by Robert Henderson Alex Salmond is a chancer in the mould of Paterson and Law Robert Henderson William Paterson was the main mover of the Darien disaster which bankrupted Scotland in the 1690s through a mixture of ignorance, general … Continue reading ?

UKIP Reminds The Coalition How A Free Society Works

by Dick Puddlecote UKIP Reminds The Coalition How A Free Society Works Today is the last day of the government’s second plain packaging consultation exercise, so if you were planning to submit something you have until 11:45pm tonight to … Continue reading ?

Wendy McElroy: “I will leave the movement if thick libertarianism prevails…”

by Wendy McElroy Note: I agree with Wendy and with Keith. A libertarian is someone who a) wants to be left alone, b) wants to leave others alone, c) wants others to be left alone. All else is a … Continue reading ?

Muslims, Governments, War, and the Oligarchy

Below is my response to a dear friend of mine who sent me an anonymous "broadcast" type email. That email was about how Muslims seem to be happy only in non-Muslim countries, and totally unhappy in Muslim countries. The author laced the piece with numerous bits of sarcastic humor as to why that was [supposedly] true in each case. Show More Summary

In Praise of Byzantium

In Praise of Byzantium – Why should we remember Byzantium? by Richard Blake (The Baltic Review, 9th August 2014) Based in Constantinople (modern Istanbul), it lasted until 1453. At times, it was the richest and most powerful state in the known world. Today, … Continue reading ?

Announcement re L. Neil Smith

Note: Now Cathy has formally announced this, I will say how worried I have been by the decline of Neil’s health. For about five years, it’s been one thing after another. I hope that he will make a good recovery … Continue reading ?

How Bush and Obama Botched Iraq is one of the best and most revealing Frontline pieces ever constructed. Key Generals, Diplomats, reporters, etc. give very frank accounts of the fiasco, and the accompanying film segments are outstanding. Show More Summary

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