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Three Liars: Obama, Netanyahu, and Susan Rice

Yes, it's a harsh title, I know. Perhaps I'm wrong. If they aren't lying, then they're extremely uninformed, ignorant, and/or naive. You decide. I'm taking a break from painting, so this piece will be somewhat short. In my opinion, the...Show More Summary

A Poem for the 4th August

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them. They died for the … Continue reading ?

Aldous Huxley on Government

I’m never fully sure whether the man is advocating his ‘Utopia’ or not; by the sounds of it he would have been the first to admit that he changed his views more often than he changed his socks. However, I … Continue reading ?

Roman Mocpajchel Reviews Richard Blake

Historická detektívka zo 7. storo?ia (knižná recenzia) Hne? na za?iatku sa priznám, že pre historické detektívky mám slabos?. Hlavne preto, že v sebe spájajú dramatické napätie z vyšetrovania zlo?inu ? vo vä?šine prípadov nejakej vraždy – s viac-menej reálnym historickým pozadím, nezriedka aj … Continue reading ?

What Oligarchs Fear the Most

Recently I watched a couple of excellent documentaries on Netflix: Genius on Hold, and Downloaded. The first was the story of Walter Shaw, showing how the old AT&T (Ma Bell) ground this brilliant entrepreneur into virtual dust. The second was the story of Napster and one of its founders, Shawn Fanning (& others who started the company). Show More Summary

Civitas on Mass-Immigration

Large-scale Immigration: Its economic and demographic consequences for the UK Download the report here Immigration is frequently described as providing a counter-balance to the UK’s ageing population. As an ever-larger proportion of British residents is retired, large numbers of immigrants … Continue reading ?

Jobs For The Boys

by Dick Puddlecote Jobs For The Boys Much like we’ve seen with the plain packaging campaign in the past couple of years, it would appear that wherever we see corruption, the Department of Health is often close at hand. … Continue reading ?

Markets Not Capitalism: A Review

by Cory Massimino Markets Not Capitalism: A Review Markets not Capitalism is a wonderfully compiled set of readings spanning 150 years of the market anarchist tradition. We must first commend Gary Chartier and Charles Johnson on their work in … Continue reading ?

Education: Another Step to the Total State

by Swithun Dobson Independent Schools: Arms of the State The Proposed New Independent Standards for Schools (PNISS) More Summary

A Word on Teachers

The below is from the comments section of this post by Swithun Dobson. Aside from the layout making it a challenge to read, I found it highly enjoyable. It’s an important article. It’s an important issue. And if articles like … Continue reading ?

Tolerance vs. Relativism

by David D’Amato Tolerance vs. Relativism This week is remarkable in at least one rather important sense; it marks one of the most hideous and deeply frightening statements I’ve heard in all of my twenty-nine years, a viscerally unnerving … Continue reading ?

Daniel Harding Reviews The Break ‘The Break’ is the latest book by Sean Gabb, and another that explores another alternate timeline of the UK, as well as the amusing political outcomes of said universe. ‘The Break’ is set in the UK in 2018, in … Continue reading ?

Blacking up on the Road to Auschwitz

  Blacking up on the Road to Auschwitz By Sean Gabb On Friday, the 25th July, I was called by a female researcher at BBC Radio Ulster for a comment on a story in Northern Ireland. Several members of the … Continue reading ?

Jane Cobden: Carrying on Her Father’s Work

by Sheldon Richman Jane Cobden: Carrying on Her Father’s Work Among libertarians and classical liberals, the name Richard Cobden (1804–1865) evokes admiration and applause. His activities — and successes — on behalf of freedom, free markets, and government retrenchment … Continue reading ?

Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!

by the Rev. Dr Alan Clifford Note: When Dr Clifford turned up last year with some of his congregation, to hand out leaflets at the Gay Pride March in Norwich, he nearly got prosecuted for Hate Crime. If he gets … Continue reading ?

Evidence of Oligarchy

At various times throughout the history of the USA, the following men made the following statement (paraphrased) regarding U.S. citizens:"The ignorant public must not be allowed to truly participate in Government.".~ James Madison, one...Show More Summary

Know A Decent Pub Garden? Shhh, Don’t Tell

by Dick Puddlecote Know A Decent Pub Garden? Shhh, Don’t Tell Via ASH Scotland, this written question exchange between a Green MSP and Scotland’s anti-smoker in chief is highly amusing (I think even he was probably struggling not to … Continue reading ?

Review of Richard Blake’s “Curse of Babylon”

The Curse of Babylon by Richard Blake Amid the plotting, revolts and wild hedonism of the remains of the Roman empire at the beginning of the seventh century, English adventurer Aelric faces his hardest challenge as he tries to stop … Continue reading ?

Comment on Jihad Watch

by Ahmet the Turk Original Post: Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch, July 25, 2014 Response: I wasn’t aware that Geller had written an equally length refutal. Sometimes there is a section header titled message history, which hides the message instead of … Continue reading ?

“Economic Patriotism”: The Last Refuge of a Tax Scoundrel

by Joel Schlossberg “Economic Patriotism”: The Last Refuge of a Tax Scoundrel In mid-July, US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew proposed that Congress prohibit US-based companies from moving offshore in search of more favorable tax climates, citing an ostensible need … Continue reading ?

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