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Cliff Richard: A Brief Comment

According to the BBC, Cliff Richard’s home has been searched in connection with claims of a sexual assault committed in 1985 against a male who was, at the time, under the age of sixteen. They entered his property while he … Continue reading ?

Shared Information: What’s Its Real Purpose?

by Stewart Cowen Shared Information: What’s Its Real Purpose? Police want greater access to our medical records (and ‘other information’), as discovered by JuliaM. The Guardian reports, Police want new and expanded rights to access medical records and other … Continue reading ?

The Problem of Democracy

by Nick Lands The Problem of Democracy Recent discussions (on Twitter, primarily) have convinced me of the need for a ‘Neocameralism for Dummies’ post, providing a succinct introduction to this genre of political theory. The importance of this is … Continue reading ?

Salmond is a chancer in the mode of Paterson and Law

by Robert Henderson Alex Salmond is a chancer in the mould of Paterson and Law Robert Henderson William Paterson was the main mover of the Darien disaster which bankrupted Scotland in the 1690s through a mixture of ignorance, general … Continue reading ?

UKIP Reminds The Coalition How A Free Society Works

by Dick Puddlecote UKIP Reminds The Coalition How A Free Society Works Today is the last day of the government’s second plain packaging consultation exercise, so if you were planning to submit something you have until 11:45pm tonight to … Continue reading ?

Wendy McElroy: “I will leave the movement if thick libertarianism prevails…”

by Wendy McElroy Note: I agree with Wendy and with Keith. A libertarian is someone who a) wants to be left alone, b) wants to leave others alone, c) wants others to be left alone. All else is a … Continue reading ?

Muslims, Governments, War, and the Oligarchy

Below is my response to a dear friend of mine who sent me an anonymous "broadcast" type email. That email was about how Muslims seem to be happy only in non-Muslim countries, and totally unhappy in Muslim countries. The author laced the piece with numerous bits of sarcastic humor as to why that was [supposedly] true in each case. Show More Summary

In Praise of Byzantium

In Praise of Byzantium – Why should we remember Byzantium? by Richard Blake (The Baltic Review, 9th August 2014) Based in Constantinople (modern Istanbul), it lasted until 1453. At times, it was the richest and most powerful state in the known world. Today, … Continue reading ?

Announcement re L. Neil Smith

Note: Now Cathy has formally announced this, I will say how worried I have been by the decline of Neil’s health. For about five years, it’s been one thing after another. I hope that he will make a good recovery … Continue reading ?

How Bush and Obama Botched Iraq is one of the best and most revealing Frontline pieces ever constructed. Key Generals, Diplomats, reporters, etc. give very frank accounts of the fiasco, and the accompanying film segments are outstanding. Show More Summary

Smash the State, Eat the Rich

by Cory Massimino Smash the State, Eat the Rich In Why the Rich Tolerate Being Looted Jeffrey Tucker argues the rich today act differently than they used to. They wear common clothing, avoid luxurious houses and cars, and even … Continue reading ?

Privacy 2014: Google as an Arm of the Surveillance State

by Thomas Knapp Convicted in 1994 of sexually assaulting a young boy, John Henry Skillern of Texas once again finds himself incarcerated and awaiting trial, this time for possession and production of child pornography. Skillern’s arrest comes courtesy of … Continue reading ?

Libertarian Sociology: Family Structures

Libertarian Sociology: Family Structures Curt Doolittle has spent a lot of time writing about family structures and their significance to politics, but, and I take full responsibility for this, I never could grasp his meaning. Perhaps part of the blame lies … Continue reading ?

Three Liars: Obama, Netanyahu, and Susan Rice

Yes, it's a harsh title, I know. Perhaps I'm wrong. If they aren't lying, then they're extremely uninformed, ignorant, and/or naive. You decide. I'm taking a break from painting, so this piece will be somewhat short. In my opinion, the...Show More Summary

A Poem for the 4th August

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them. They died for the … Continue reading ?

Aldous Huxley on Government

I’m never fully sure whether the man is advocating his ‘Utopia’ or not; by the sounds of it he would have been the first to admit that he changed his views more often than he changed his socks. However, I … Continue reading ?

Roman Mocpajchel Reviews Richard Blake

Historická detektívka zo 7. storo?ia (knižná recenzia) Hne? na za?iatku sa priznám, že pre historické detektívky mám slabos?. Hlavne preto, že v sebe spájajú dramatické napätie z vyšetrovania zlo?inu ? vo vä?šine prípadov nejakej vraždy – s viac-menej reálnym historickým pozadím, nezriedka aj … Continue reading ?

What Oligarchs Fear the Most

Recently I watched a couple of excellent documentaries on Netflix: Genius on Hold, and Downloaded. The first was the story of Walter Shaw, showing how the old AT&T (Ma Bell) ground this brilliant entrepreneur into virtual dust. The second was the story of Napster and one of its founders, Shawn Fanning (& others who started the company). Show More Summary

Civitas on Mass-Immigration

Large-scale Immigration: Its economic and demographic consequences for the UK Download the report here Immigration is frequently described as providing a counter-balance to the UK’s ageing population. As an ever-larger proportion of British residents is retired, large numbers of immigrants … Continue reading ?

Jobs For The Boys

by Dick Puddlecote Jobs For The Boys Much like we’ve seen with the plain packaging campaign in the past couple of years, it would appear that wherever we see corruption, the Department of Health is often close at hand. … Continue reading ?

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