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Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County's 2014 California Ballot Proposition Suggestions

Here are the Los Angeles County LP's recommendations for the November 2014 statewide ballot propositions for California. (The state LP formed a committee to consider making endorsements, but its Executive Committee has yet to officially approve the committee's suggestions.)Prop 1 -- Water Bond for $7.12 Billion. Show More Summary

Obama's Latest War Propaganda

On 60 Minutes this past Sunday, Our President essentially said this (paraphrased) about the current ISIS war: it's not really a war; instead, it's counter-terrorism. The unmitigated gall of the man finally has surpassed that of Dubya Bush & Dick Cheney...which I didn't think was possible. Show More Summary

Obama's Lies Increase in Size and Number it weren't so tragic, it would be absolutely comical.1. A President decides that he alone can launch a war.2. Problem: The Constitution says otherwise.3. Show More Summary

Obama Should be Impeached for...

violating the Constitution and his Oath to preserve, protect, and defend it. Finally, a Law Professor and the editorial board of the NYT agree with my assessment of the Constitution. At least now someone does... publicly. So, why aren't the Repubs all over this? Probably because they want the same illegal power that Obama has. Show More Summary

Fanatics, Oligarchs, Propaganda, and What's Really Important

Below is my Reply to a friend's email & an article he attached. Another attempt to paint all Muslims as terrorists. Mohammed was warlike because when Islam was founded, polytheistic beliefs reigned supreme at the time in that region of Arabia, & their adherents all attacked Muslims...attempting to run them out of the region or kill them. Show More Summary

Rand Paul Is No Ron Paul

Because I'm a pessimist, I never had much hope for Senator Rand Paul. Unless and until a politician proves otherwise, I assume he'll support the politically safe, mainstream positions.Ron Paul earned his reputation as a maverick. Rand...Show More Summary

The Third Iraq War, Terrorism, and Common Sense

Let's set aside the U.S. Constitution for the time being. Instead, let us view the current war situation from the standpoint of common sense...simple logic. Query: why would anyone believe any of the following to be true???1. The U.S. Show More Summary

Problems with Obama's War Actions, and War Propaganda from the State-Corporate Complex

1. The White House (via their Press Secretary) declared war on ISIS; this despite the fact that the Executive Branch has no Constitutional authority to do so.2. As in the period leading up to the Second Iraq War (2003), the public essentially is presented with two choices: do nothing, or go to war. Show More Summary

Federal Organized Crime and War - A Partial History

1. Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution directs Congress to regulate the value of our money. A cabal of mega bankers managed to ram through the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. Under that Act, the Fed Board of Governors assumes the task of regulation of our money's value. Show More Summary

Obama Says He's Using "Existing Authority" for...

sending war planes into Syria. Really, Mr. Obama? What exactly is that existing authority? The military cannot be used legally to avenge the murders of journalists; that's a matter for Law Enforcement. In a previous post, I've explained the Constitutionally permitted uses of our armed forces, and the current scenario definitely is NOT included. Show More Summary

Saudi Arabia, Extremism, and Jihadis

It would do we Americans well to be aware of a few facts regarding Saudi Arabia, especially given that they supposedly are our ally.1. In the last couple months, there were 113 beheadings in "The Kingdom". They were executions of criminals. Show More Summary

This Blog Has Now Moved

To here: Please visit us at our new home, and please update your feedsFiled under: Announcements, Liberty

Libertarian Alliance Blog Moving – Fourth Notice

At 6pm today (BST), no further comments will be taken on this site. At some point later in the evening, every post and comment put here between the 1st August and the closing of comments will be reproduced on the … Continue reading ...

The CURRENT WARS of the U.S. Fed Government

The USA's Fed Gov't is involved in the following wars. They are wars because our Gov't is having the U.S. Military (not Law Enforcement personnel) shoot at people and kill them. That's war.1. The Third Iraq War, the one launched just recently.2. Show More Summary

Libertarian Alliance Blog Moving – Third Notice

From today, all new posts to this blog will be made on our new site – Comments should now be open to all. From the close of business on Friday the 5th September 2014, no further comments can be … Continue reading ?

Carswell Defects!

Douglas Carswell has defected to UKIP from the Tories. You can get all the details for yourselves. What I am interested in is what this actually means – and I can’t say I know what it means as I begin … Continue reading ?

American “Justice” – Corrupt From Top to Bottom

by Paul Craig Roberts Corrupt From Top to Bottom Note: Nothing I hadn’t already come across in the legal journals, but a damning indictment of the American criminal justice system. What makes it particularly scary is: a) Like everything … Continue reading ?

Libertarian Alliance Blog Moving – Second Notice

Dear All, If you are one of our regulars, I strongly advise you to visit and familiarise yourself with our new Blog – Though it is very different in appearance, it is much better than the old one. But … Continue reading ?

Blogging: everyone’s a critic (not)

by Richard North Blogging: everyone’s a critic (not) Journalism – and especially political journalism – is about criticism. The meat and drink of the oeuvre is taking people, governments or other institutions to task, either for not doing things, for … Continue reading ?

Obama's Trial Balloon, RE: Syria

Brand Obama recently sent up a trial balloon regarding bombing inside Syria... to see the reaction of the U.S. public. This type of thing is done often by sitting politicians. Even in dictatorships, but especially in a soft Fascist State such as the USA (where we still have considerable freedoms), public opinion does matter. Show More Summary

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