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Why the USA is a Soft FASCIST State

Some would say that I should omit the word "soft". I leave it in place because we still have a considerable amount of Freedom here... although, that is changing fairly rapidly. The so-called Right thinks we still have a Republic as our form of government; the so-called Left thinks we still have a Democracy. Show More Summary

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My YouTube Channel

I've begun posting short talks on YouTube... dealing with topics such as Neoliberalism, Globalization, Free Trade Agreements, the phony politics in America, and several others often covered here. There also are a few mildly amusing, short clips of me singing, and one of an impression of Henry Kissinger. Show More Summary

Surratt, Bush-Cheney, Obama, & the Military v. Civilians

The 2010 movie, The Conspirator, directed by Robert Redford, triggered my researching the case of Mary E. Surratt, the first woman to be executed by the U.S. Fed Gov't...after being tried and found guilty by a military tribunal. Mary was convicted of being one of the conspirators in the assassination of Lincoln. Show More Summary

Hoaxes and/or Lies by the Oligarchs (Plutocrats)

Here are just a few crucial ones---1. The Income TaxDisregarding earlier, temporary income taxes in the 1860s (to fund the Civil War), the Big Kahuna was the Revenue Act of 1913. It passed into Law shortly after the 16th Amendment to the Constitution was adopted. Show More Summary

Lori Wallach is a Genuine American Hero for Exposing Globalization

She works for Trade Watch at Public, and has a complete grasp of the abomination known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a so-called "Free Trade Agreement". Go to the link below to see why this Agreement never should...Show More Summary

The Neoimperialism & Neoliberalism of the Fed Government Oligarchs

Gooooood Morning, Iraaaaaaaaaaq!How bizarre. Is there no end to the gullibility of We the People? Really?Hermann Goering stated the following during the Nuremberg Trials: "Naturally the common people don't want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. Show More Summary

Could the Gall of Oligarchs be Any More Brazen?

The following is largely based on the broadcasts of Democracy Now! yesterday and today.Here are just a few examples of the unmitigated gall of Oligarchs and their puppets---1. In regard to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the deceit of Mitch McConnell and President Obama is appalling. Show More Summary

The Mega Corporation Election Circus is Over...For Awhile

Street-level Republicans are happy... just as they were in 1994, when pretty much the same thing happened in the mid-term elections. Since then, after Corporate Clinton completed his gig, we've had Bush & Obama...SSDD. Starting with Reagan and Thatcher, Neoliberals and Neoliberalism have prevailed to this very day. Show More Summary

Election 2014 - Final Thoughts

My being undecided, "independent", non-partisan is something of a glib inside joke in certain political circles, but as I stood in the voting kiosk yesterday, I paused, truly not sure what I was going to do.Unlike ridiculous Allison Grimes, I will not keep what I did a secret. Show More Summary

Final Thoughts For The Last 24 Hours

Not so random thoughts for your last day of election madness. My standard response to everyone who has asked me over the past three weeks, "It's gonna be close" Republicans are surging. As national pundit Taegen Goddard put it over the weekend, "if you are unskewing, you're losing". Show More Summary

Elections, the Oligarchy, and Pointlessness in the USA

For decades and decades, "voting" in national elections in the USA has been largely pointless. Here's why.1. Most all national candidates are selected, groomed, and financed by the Oligarchy...regardless of political party. Should some...Show More Summary

Republicans Will Lose By Winning

Republicans are going to win and it is the worst thing that can happen to them. Although polls show Michelle Nunn and Jason Carter continue to keep David Perdue and Nathan Deal within their grasp, as happens with most elections in Georgia, after a brief high water mark for Democrats, the trends are shifting towards the Republicans. Show More Summary

Oligarchies, Wall Street, Crony Capitalism, and...

much, much more. At the link below are many legitimate articles exposing Oligarchies, Wall Street, Globalization, the Feds, and Crony Capitalism in general. Excellent research references...highly recommended...dynamite stuff...genuine antidotes to the Propaganda Kool Aid. Not just my opinion. Be Well author/ellen-brown

Who Owns the Fed? - A Great Scam who-owns-the-federal-reserve/ 10489 This explains one of the greatest scams in American history... in which We the People are being ripped off for the benefit of privately owned banks. The piece cannot be "skimmed over"; you have to be alert in order to grasp it. Show More Summary

The Emperor is not Wearing any Clothes

By "The Emperor", I'm referring not only to our President, but also to the U.S. Treasury, the Fed Reserve, the Justice Department in general, the NSA, The FBI, the SEC, the CIA, and the Pentagon. Without too much effort, I also could include the U.S. Show More Summary

EBOLA: Warning to Oligarchs and Institutionalists

Edited at 4:35 PM, Mountain Time, USA, 10-17-14I've never worked in the medical field. I did teach Biology and Environmental Science at both the high school and college levels for many years, and I worked several years as a HazMat Specialist in both the public and private spheres. Show More Summary

The Obama Administration Violates the First Amendment

In an earlier post, I related the story of Frontline's piece, "The United States of Secrets"... truly a MUST-SEE film for anyone who loves Liberty. This past Sunday, 60 Minutes essentially re-told a portion of that same piece in a story entitled, "The War on Leaks". Show More Summary

Libertarian for Bobby Shriver

Two progressives are running for Los Angeles County Supervisor in the 3rd District -- Sheila Kuehland Bobby Shriver. As a libertarian, I endorse Shriver. Both Kuehl and Shriver are longtime Santa Monica residents, as am I. So I have watched their political careers for many years. Show More Summary

AB 2351 Assures California Libertarian Party's Ballot Access

Los Angeles Libertarian Party activist Ted Brown sent out the following news item from Richard Winger of Ballot Access News:"On September 30, Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 2351. It makes it easier for a group to qualify as a 'party.' It changes the registration test from 1% of the last gubernatorial vote, to 0.33% of total registration. Show More Summary

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