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Part II: "Fixing" Our Government [Redux]

I posted this (below) about four months ago. With a few very, very minor changes, I'm re-posting it now because I think it's important relative to the Kabuki Theater electioneering presently taking place. [Sorry, but the format didn't copy correctly, and I don't have time to fix it.] Below is my response to an email I received from some friends. Show More Summary

Quagmires and Plain Craziness, in the USA and Abroad

1. Our Gov't continues its two and a half decade war in Iraq. If I recall correctly, that war started in 1990. There were a few brief respites between then & now, but not many. [I count "sanctions" as acts of war... because History does as well.] Just prior to 1990, Saddam & our Gov't Oligarchs were best buddies. Show More Summary

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

The Kabuki Theater production of "The 2016 Election in The USA" is only a bit more than a year away. Attention actors: get your Kabuki masks or makeup early. The Kabuki-loving crowd in America promises to be a large one. Come one, come all!We Americans should be thoroughly embarrassed and ashamed that: 1. Show More Summary

The Coup in Greece & Why it's Important to You

The new government in Greece was blackmailed by Oligarchs. The Greek Gov't did not close the banks; it was the European Central Bank that did so. Imagine if, for example, the Fed Reserve here closed all banks in the USA. They would be...Show More Summary

KUDOS to Greece...Again

The Greeks did it again. They told the Oligarchs of the IMF, the European Bank (or whatever it's called), and the various other white-collar criminal frauds involved to stick it where the sun doesn't shine. Kudos! It's hardly a surprise---...Show More Summary

Small Business, Workers, Industry, and the Public Lose Again

It looks as though the Oligarchs Obama and McConnell are going to get their NAFTA-on-steroids-deal, otherwise known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Our House of Lords (i.e., the U.S. Senate) finally managed to ram through so-called Fast-Track Authority for our King. Show More Summary

Malcolm Nance Comments on the Iraq-ISIS Crisis

Who is Malcolm Nance? He's a retired combat veteran and U.S. Counter-Terrorism Officer who was in Iraq as far back as 1987. He's Arabic-speaking and a recognized expert on Jihadist tactics, the Iraq insurgency, and Al Qaida's worldwide...Show More Summary

The Last Bastion

The last bastion against an errant government (not counting armed revolt) is jury nullification. Very early in our country's history, the role of jury nullification as a defense against oppression by the State was unquestioned. It remained...Show More Summary

Here's How They Do It -OR- The Biggest Flaw in the Constitution

"They" are the Neoliberals who over decades and by sheer, disorganized, dumb luck have brought about a coup in our Government. For years I wondered how so many unconstitutional laws could come into being in this Land with barely a peep of protest from anyone. Show More Summary

José Castañeda for Libertarian Party of California Secretary

I've met José Castañeda several times, back when I was more active in libertarian circles. (Not so much since 2009.) José and I both reside in Los Angeles, so our paths crossed in local as well as state and national LP activism.JoséShow More Summary

Rand Paul: U.S. Won Iraq War

My enthusiasm for Ron Paul never extended to his son, Rand. While I was hoping that Senator Rand Paul might morph into a younger Ron, I never expected it. Ron enjoyed being Dr. No, a lone voice in the Congressional and establishment wilderness. Show More Summary

P.S. to "The Consummate Liar..."

About two minutes ago, I watched (on a replay of Obama on a News commentary show roundtable discussion---on Hardball on MSNBC---in which the President stated, "Everything I do has been focused on how do we make sure the Middle Class is getting a fair deal. Show More Summary

The Consummate Liar Strikes Again

Obama's lies have become so blatant that even a person who is totally apathetic and ignorant of politics must be able to detect them... at least, I would think so. Following are just a few of his latest attempts at deception. Feel free to laugh, cry, or sigh... Show More Summary

National Politics in the USA is Utterly Disgusting...and Harmful

Again, I emphasize that I'm not a Republican or a Democrat... thank "God". With the world's greatest library (the internet) at our fingertips and a fairly good grasp of both History and Logic, it's beyond my comprehension how anyone could belong to a limited, specific political group. Show More Summary

Part II: "Fixing" Our Government

Below is my response to an email I received from some friends. In their email, they talked about the right to vote, and the fact that they weren't clear on what my solution was to the problem of our government (& economy) mess. I suspect that you guys still think the Rotten System can be corrected from within the system. Show More Summary

So, How Do We Fix Our Government?

In my opinion, there is no magic bullet to fix things, but... if we don't vote, much more can be done than just waiting for the collapse. Even if people do vote, much more can be done. There's a huge obstacle, though... PROPAGANDA from Neoliberals (in general, the highest levels of Repubs & Dems). Show More Summary

Iceland & Greece Have it Right

Iceland is well on its way to a complete economic recovery. Greece has just started, but is on the right path. How are economies saved or returned to a healthy state? The answer to that has several facets; the solution to the problem must be based on History, Logic, and plain common follows.1. Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton is a Neoliberal Corporatist

Part of this piece is taken from a video I made and posted on my YouTube Channel.[]As Jeremy Scahill (a best-selling author and producer of documentary films) put it in an interview on Democracy Now!, "She's a raging Neoliberal...". Show More Summary

Ted Brown for Libertarian Party of California Chair

Pasadena libertarian activist Ted Brown plans to run for chair of the California Libertarian Party at the upcoming state convention in May.Kevin Takenaga, who's been chair since May of 2007, will likely run for yet another term. But after eight years, he's been in there long enough. Show More Summary

Christianity and “the rich”

Mustela nivalis  The Bible is “an anti-socialist document”. This is one of the quintessential conclusions of Gary North’s multi-volume economic exegesis. However, how does this assertion equate with some biblical statements, especially in the New Testament, which are rather critical … Continue reading ?

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