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Corporatism Wins Again: The Primaries, Trump, Clinton, Sanders, and Voters

PrefaceI'm not a supporter of Trump, Sanders, or Clinton. Even if any of their supposed Populism is genuine (& with two of them, I'm sure it isn't...with Sanders, I don't know), I don't believe it's possible anymore for a President to significantly change the rotten, corrupt State-Corporate System. Show More Summary

The Old Paradigm Doesn't Matter Anymore

Here's a Comment I just now posted on YouTube. It was regarding a documentary about Castro, and in response to another comment which said the USA may be heading for socialism................................................ Let's not get caught up in Edward Bernays style Propaganda. Show More Summary

Message to President Obama [This campaign may not be approved by CREDO; they tend to think that Obama is a Populist, not what he really is, a Corporatist.]? Not only my opinion. Be Wel...

Why So Many People Are Pissed Off v=PYoaV6f78wM This is why many people all over are pissed off--- they've been forced into the Precariat by Globalization (at least, the CRONY Capitalists' view of that), Financialization, and the Plutocracy. Show More Summary

Changing Horses!

I've been doing this Blog for a bit over nine years now. This is post number 301. One can say only so much about the philosophy and actions of the State-Corporate Complex, aka, the Corporatocracy, the Plutocracy, the Oligarchy, the Shadow Government, the Plutonomy (Google it), CRONY Capitalism, the Rule of the Super-Rich, etc. Show More Summary

Some of the Corporatists Finally are Waking Up re: the Economic Collapse

Quotes from---Goldman Sachs: "We are witnessing a Stock Market exodus.";Bank of America: "The U.S. may already be in a Recession.";Wall Street Journal: "A Hedge Fund Exodus";CNBC commentary: "This [the weak consumer] could be the 'Black...Show More Summary

Ten Steps for Instituting Corporatism in a Society

This is from the superb documentary, "Requiem for the American Dream", with Noam Chomsky. Chomsky often is regarded as a socialist, or even (especially by some on the political Right) as a communist; in reality, probably the closest thing to his political beliefs is a specific type of anarchism---anarcho-syndicalism, a type of direct democracy. Show More Summary

"The Drone Papers", and Obama the Assassin

This piece is a 10-16-15 REDUX--- "The Drone Papers", and Obama the Assassin For a great overview of this subject and interviews with the investigative journalists involved, see today's newscast at Democracy Now (Friday, October 16, 2015). Show More Summary

At Last, Obama is Being Sued by an Army Officer

Captain Nathan Michael Smith, an Army Intelligence Officer stationed in Kuwait, is suing the President for violating the War Powers Act and the U.S. Constitution in relation to the Iraq-Syria ISIS War. It's about time someone did...kudos...Show More Summary

The American Empire and the Democrat Hawks

Yes, the Republicans (in general) are Hawks, too; but this is about the Democrats. See the last featured piece on the news broadcast of for May 3, 2016. The title is something like, "Clinton is a Legendary Hawk"; the...Show More Summary

The Dollar's Days are Numbered - the Crash, Central Banks, Fiat Currency, & Gold

I'm not an economist, monetary theorist, or anything of the sort; however, I can read and I have a fairly good grasp of Logic. Consider the following.1. The Dollar has been described as the best of the worst houses in a really bad neighborhood. Show More Summary

Obama Gives More Money Than Ever to Israel

David Rosenberg reports in Arutz Sheva [April 26, 2016]:The White House is reportedly planning to accept Israeli demands for increased military aid, following pressure by the US Senate to sign a new Memorandum of Understanding laying...Show More Summary

Wayne Allyn Root Praises Donald Trump for Revitalizing GOP

Wayne Allyn Root, the Libertarian Party's 2008 vice presidential nominee, praised Donald Trump on Fox News for revitalizing the GOP. Root says that, thanks to Trump, "the GOP has its mojo back!"The above Fox News clip is from last March,...Show More Summary

Nary a Peep From NBC News

First I watched the news coverage of Tuesday's NY Primary on Democracy Now!, probably the premier non-corporate news media source. As reported by them--- 125,000 registered voters had been purged from the official voter lists in the Bronx alone. Show More Summary

So Where's the Economic Crash?

It's unfolding before our eyes. Despite the Dead Cat Bounce (a horrible term) after the disastrous dip in January, the Crash is proceeding...and worsening...and it's worldwide. Below is a portion of a Reply I sent to my son, his family, and others regarding a piece he sent me from Greg Hunter's "USA". Show More Summary

REDUX: "Hoaxes and/or Lies by the Oligarchs"

[The original post has been edited a tiny bit.] Here are just a few crucial ones--- 1. The Income Tax Disregarding earlier, temporary income taxes in the 1860s (to fund the Civil War), the Big Kahuna was the Revenue Act of 1913. It passed into Law shortly after the 16th Amendment to the Constitution was adopted. Show More Summary

The Financial Coup in the USA is Almost Complete

First, again I must state that this Coup is not any kind of massive, dark "conspiracy". It's more like a bunch of greedy control freaks, a few of whom probably are well-meaning, working mostly independently toward a mutual goal---Global BIG Business as the governing force in the world. Show More Summary

The Childish Tech Whiz Kids

Not all of them...I'm talking only about the ones who are immature and malicious. Every so often, some dweeb manages to inject a piece of malware into my machine...because he/she has no life of any consequence (I'm guessing). We've all had this happen to us. Show More Summary

Two Ways to Fight the Crony Capitalist Corporatocracy

I believe it was the NYT best-selling author, John Perkins, who coined the term "Corporatocracy" some years ago. [See the book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.] There's no question that we live in and under the Rule of government, in international matters, in the Financialization Movement, and even in social matters. Show More Summary

Are Most Adult Americans Totally Bamboozled by Propaganda?

Most of the time, it seems so to me. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why most of my fellow citizens appear to either believe, or alternatively, to not object to the following falsehoods.1. Our Presidents can issue pretty much any Executive Orders that they so desire. Show More Summary

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