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Corrupt From Top to Bottom

by Paul Craig Roberts Corrupt From Top to Bottom Note: Nothing I hadn’t already come across in the legal journals, but a damning indictment of the American criminal justice system. What makes it particularly scary is: a) Like everything … Continue reading ?

Attention Economy

by Nick Land Attention Economy rkhs put up a link to this (on Twitter). I suspect it will irritate almost everyone reading this, but it’s worth pushing past that. Even the irritation has significance. The world it introduces, of … Continue reading ?

Some help perhaps from across the pond

Hello Mr. Gabb. My name is Drew Warner, a friend from across the pond. I stumbled across your blog after a night of surfing the internet. Love the gun rights posts, and the chutzpah. I’ll continue to read it. I’ve … Continue reading...

A Monster Reawakens: The Rise of Ukrainian Fascism A Monster Reawakens: The Rise of Ukrainian Fascism A precedent the West will live to regret by Justin Raimondo With the eyes of the world fixed on Russia’s invasion of Crimea and the prospect of a wider war engulfing … Continue reading ?

A World Divided

by Paddy Vipond A World Divided Further Note (24th February 2014) I’m moving this post to the top of the Blog in view of Paddy Vipond’s answer, which I think deserves a response. His claim that everyone who objects … Continue reading ?

The Enemy Of Ukraine’s Protesters Is Not Necessarily The American Right’s Friend Note: This article stands by itself as an attempt at dispassionate analysis. But I’ve known Roman for several years, and I trust his judgement. SIG The Enemy Of Ukraine’s Protesters Is Not Necessarily The American Right’s Friend By Roman … Continue reading ?

Jesus and Mo: it’s time to pick a horse By Lawyers’ Secular Society Secretary Charlie Klendjian (H/T Old Holborn for the link) A few weeks ago I appeared on the BBC1 programme The Big Questions to discuss, well, a big question: “Should human rights always outweigh religious rights?” You can … Continue reading ?

Quick hits for a Sunday afternoon

1. Yes, it's sappy, but this Brazilian cartoon about a three-legged puppy makes all kinds of important points about unconditional love.2. Josie the Outlaw calmly and quietly makes a really important point about police and the question of moral limits. Show More Summary

A World Divided

by Paddy Vipond A World Divided After working at the University of Sussex over the summer, myself and two of my best friends embarked on an interrailing trip around Europe. The trip was a wonderful experience and a fantastic … Continue reading ?

The War Profiteers Note: I have no doubt the same general principles apply in this country. The loudest warmongers will have their hands somewhere in our pockets. One of these days, I will update my reading on the Great War. So long … Continue reading ?

Comments from Obama – about Islam!

Note: Not very much here that makes me think ill of Mr Obama, assuming, that is, these are not the usual fabricated quotes American conservatives spray out in place of hard fact. He is less gushing about Islam than most … Continue reading ?

I just thought all you people would like to see how the EU is allowing Nazis to say things about Britain and Gibraltar. Nothing about the fact that these are “minors” at schools then.

David Davis There’s no point in trying to keep on buggering on and on, and on and on and on and on and on, about “Ceuta and Melilla” as the SpanNazi Government will simply unlisten as soon as … Continue reading ?

The Traditional Britain Group

by John Kersey Today has seen several attacks on the Traditional Britain Group in the national press. These take the time-honoured approach of damning the TBG as of the “far right”, making much of the well-known views of Gregory Lauder-Frost, … Continue reading ?

Disarming Delaware: one step at a time

Although only one major piece of gun control legislation (SB 35; universal background checks) actually passed the General Assembly this year, and--of course--advocates of "common sense gun laws" said they were not attempting to take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens, the truth is somewhat different. Show More Summary

Women are from Venus, Men are from Home Depot

Just trust me.Waste 1:41 of your life on this video and you won't regret it. It's Not About the Nail from Jason Headley on Vimeo.

Emma West timeline

This is a timeline of the events concerning the prosecution and trial of Emma West, who was recorded on video while on a London tram. Her case has been the subject of comment both here and in particular by Robert … Continue reading ...

Short animated documentary about police accountability and civil liberties

Dear Libertarians, I got your email address from your excellent blog and I thought I’d write to you to draw attention to a short documentary we’ve just released online. My partner Gemma Atkinson was assaulted by the police for filming … Continue reading ?

The invasion of Boston

It is important to realize, first, when you are trying to understand what just happened in Boston, that the Boston metropolitan area is a Tier 1 city for the Department of Homeland Security's Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) into...Show More Summary

Harm Reduction … For Smokers Too!

by Dick Puddlecote Harm Reduction … For Smokers Too! When e-cigs are mentioned on these or any other pages, there are always a few tobacco smokers who begin to feel rather uncomfortable. The recurring reason they give is that … Continue reading ?

The Feminisation of the Vampire Note: At 700 pages, my latest saga must soon be finished. I do plan eventually to write a novel with a right wing vampire as the hero. Suave, dashing, utterly ruthless, etc, he will declare war on the British … Continue reading ?

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