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Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Welcome to the Property and Freedom Society Conference, 2011

The Sixth Annual Conference of the Property and Freedom Society, held at the Hotel Karia Princess, Bodrum, Turkey, 26-29 May 2011 Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Welcome and Introductions Filed under: Austrian Economic Theory, Conference Speeches, Culture War

Is the Koran More Intolerant Than the Bible?

Many Neocon pundits and media figures spread Islamophobia, because fear and hatred of Muslims encourages non-Muslim Americans to support our current wars in the Mideast. A key talking point of this politically inspired Islamophobia is...Show More Summary

John Kersey on Freemen of the Land

? The Freeman on the Land Movement: Grass Roots Libertarianism in Action Professor John Kersey Legal Notes No. 50 ISSN: 0267-7083 (print)           ISSN: 2042-258X (online)         ISBN 9781856376235 An occasional publication of the Libertarian Alliance, Suite 35, 2 Lansdowne Row, Mayfair, … Continue reading ?

Rachel Maddow: Maybe the most deceitful person in the MSM

The difference between Fox News and MSNBC as Rachel Maddow see’s it: She said the Rupert Murdoch-owned rival has a history of “not just giving money to candidates, but actively endorsing campaigns and raising millions of dollars for politicians and political parties.” “Their network is run as a political operation. Ours isn’t,” Maddow said. “Yeah, Keith’s a liberal, [...]

Damn Government Lies

In this audio from last year, Walter Williams reminds us that whatever the government promises generally proves to be a lie. The bigger the program, the bigger the lie. Social Security was a lie, the Income Tax was a lie, Medicare was a lie and Obamacare is proving already to be a bigger and more [...]

The greatest unnatural disasters we face

More terrifying than any Global Warming, Climate Change, Global Climate Disruption video ever conceived. True man made disasters of global proportions in the works.

More of This, Please

Of all the hyper-partisan leftist blowhards afflicting American political life these days one would be hard pressed to single out a more obnoxious demagogue to better epitomize the vile, vicious, deceitful spirit motivating the American political left than the odious Alan Grayson. Show More Summary

Sean on Telly Yesterday

  by Sean Gabb  Dear All, I made a brief appearance yesterday on BBC1’s “The Big Question”, where I argued that voting should not be made compulsory. Here is the relevant footage: On Saturday the 6th March 2010, I recorded a long interview with Al Gore’s elevision station all about the decriminalisation of incest. Stand by for news about where [...]

Why Wayne Allyn Root Never Met Obama at Columbia

Libertarian Party embarrassment Wayne Allyn Root has long intimated that Obama never went to Columbia University, because Root never saw Obama at Columbia and does not know anyone who did.The Reverend Manning now knows why. It seems that Obama was a CIA agent, his cover being that of a Columbia student. Show More Summary

One More Liar

In the tradition of Bill Clinton, Al Gore, George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney, President Obama has revealed himself (on video tape) to be an outright, bald-faced liar. [I know it's rude to say that...but it's true.] The proof is about an...Show More Summary

Ron Paul: CIA Must Go

Ron Paul has called for ending the CIA. It's the sort of uncompromising, antiwar talk you don't hear Wayne Allyn Root saying on Fox News....

The Next (Republican) Senator from Massachusetts

Damn, I already really like this Republican candidate for Senator from Massachusetts, State Senator Scott Brown.“Gurgling” Dave Gergen, empty-suited establishment media gatekeeper, career presidential brown-noser, recent Obamaphile,Show More Summary

Palestinian Hip Hop Artists vs. The State

Tonight I saw Slingshot Hip Hop on The Sundance Channel. An amazing documentary whose overarching thems is Art vs. The State. Art vs. The State is a theme that every libertarian should sympathize with. But in this case, The State isShow More Summary

U.S. Combat Veterans Renounce Their Past Actions

Returning American combat veterans condemn U.S. military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq: This is an excerpt from a film produced by Displaced Films. More info at This Is Where We Take Our Stand. ...

Ron Paul on Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

Ron Paul accuses Obama of both continuing war, and of neutralizing the antiwar movement on the left:...

Great songs are immortal: The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

One of the songs on the Zach Brown Band's album Foundation is a cover of The Band's The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down. Here's a snippet:Joan Baez also covered the song:Of interest here is that Joan got the lyrics wrong. You can hear her plainly sing when so much cavalry came in the opening lines. Show More Summary

Reagan on Socialized Medicine

In this clip From 1961 Ronald Reagan makes the same enduring case that will be with us, as pertinent and powerful as ever, so long as there are those who will never rest from marching us all to whatever their latest emotion-driven "vision"...Show More Summary

RC Gnostic kicks ass--and so does the ACLU

H/t Big Bend Bikers for Freedom:Whoever thought that ordering a pizza would turn into a session of end-of-life counseling?...

More on "USA PATRIOT" Act Abusee Ashton Lundeby

When something like this is even conceivable in the United States of America, much less a grim reality, we are much much further down the road to tyranny than anyone may be willing to admit......

Senator Barack Obama has a "Read My Lips" moment, which may come back to haunt him like it did Bush '41

This is a five-minute video clip, but Senator Obama's promise that he will not cut taxes for every American family below $250,000 annually, and that this is not a trick--he won't raise capital gains, or withholding, or... anything else,...Show More Summary

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