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NBA Investor Backed Scott Walker Super PAC Before Stadium Push

16 minutes agoPolitics / US Politics : Swampland

On the day before Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker launched a push this spring to spend $250 million in public funds on a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks, the super PAC promoting Walker’s presidential campaign received a large check. The May 27 donation to Unintimidated PAC, for $150,000, came from a limited liability corporation connected…

Today in Politics: The Wait Is On for a Debate’s Final Top-10 List

Fox News, which is hosting the first sanctioned Republican presidential debate in Cleveland on Thursday, will announce sometime after 5 p.m. Tuesday which candidates will make the prime-time cut.

Christie Debate Party Is Set, but Will He Be on the Show?

Less than 24 hours until Fox News makes clear which candidates will be included in the prime-time debate, it is not entirely clear that Mr. Christie, the governor of New Jersey, will make the cut.

‘Super PAC’ Supporting Ted Cruz to Post Internet Ads

The group, Keep the Promise I, started its campaign this week with two Internet ads, part of what officials described as a seven-figure media expenditure.

New Polls Show Donald Trump Widening His Lead and John Kasich Holding His Own

Less than 24 hours before the candidates' deadline to qualify for Fox News's debate, polls by Fox News poll and by WMUR show Mr. Trump with a statistically significant lead over the rest of the field and Gov. John R. Kasich of Ohio squeaking into the tenth and final spot.

The Race Up Crazy Hill

44 minutes agoUS Politics / Liberal : The Mahablog

Josh Marshall writes about the “declining marginal value of crazy“: Several days ago, perennial presidential candidate Mike Huckabee charged that President Obama was ready to lead Israeli Jews “to the ovens.” A few days later, he said he might use not only the FBI but even the US military to prevent abortions. And around the […]

A Rare Red-State Accord for More Voter Access

Voting-rights groups and Republican-led Oklahoma reached a settlement that could help get more people to the polls.

The Freakishness of Christianity

What would the American culture wars look like if they were less about “values” and more about Jesus?

Happy Hour Roundup

New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan takes a harsh view of the Times’s screw-up on the Hillary Clinton email controversy, concluding that complaints about the paper’s coverage of Clinton in general are legitimate: I agree with this sentiment from a reader, Evan Hannay, who is troubled by some of the Clinton coverage: “Hillary deserves […]

The president calls for a greener America

BLASTING air conditioners, revving gas guzzlers and pumping oil, Americans have long attracted censure for their wasteful ways. After all, they produce a disproportionately large share—15 %—of global carbon dioxide emissions. But new...Show More Summary

Trump Triumphant

Whether you like Donald Trump or not is irrelevant. On Thursday, Donald Trump will appear on a Presidential debate stage with nine other Americans out of more than 300 million people. The nine candidates who will be on stage with Trump still have not figured out how to deal with Trump. Show More Summary

Tech at Night: Catching up before the Gathering

So the Red State Gathering is this week, and it's going to be fun. Hopefully you're coming. Since Wednesday night I'll be packing to go, and Friday I'll be in Atlanta, so this is probably the one shot I have this week to look over Tech nuews, so let's go. Show More Summary

What Does Heidi Heitkamp’s Vote On Defunding Planned Parenthood Tell Us About Her Political Future?

Today a bill to remove federal funding from Planned Parenthood received majority, bipartisan support in the U.S. Senate but not the 60 votes required to invoke cloture and end a filibuster (see the roll call). Among those voting against cloture was North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp, something that wasn’t news to SAB readers. What I’m...

Army Corps Of Engineers Official Says EPA Misused And Abused Data To Justify Waters Of The U.S. Rule

This is something of a bombshell in the on-going saga over the Waters of the U.S. rule (also known a the federal government’s attempt to extend regulatory control over all land that gets wet or even might get wet). According to documents obtained by Senator Jim Inhofe, the Army Corps of Engineers is disputing the...

Minnesota’s Minimum Wage Hike May Be Particularly Harmful

Minnesota’s minimum wage just went up to $9 per hour, the second hike in a series of increases passed by lawmakers in 2014. Next August the state’s minimum will increase again to $9.50 per hour, and after that annual increases will be tied to inflation. That last bit may be what makes Minnesota’s  minimum wage...

Mitch McConnell Must Never Be Elected Again

Let me prefix my next few sentences by pointing out: I am not the executive editor of Redstate and I cannot unilaterally set or change policy for this site.  So what I write here is simply my own personal opinion and not necessarily that of this station or its leadership. Show More Summary

These Senators Voted to Force You to Pay for Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Harvesting Business

A radical pro-abortion minority of the Senate just voted to continue forcing you to fund Planned Parenthood’s abortion and baby harvesting business. You need to know who they are. The post These Senators Voted to Force You to Pay for Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Harvesting Business appeared first on RedState.

Commence Act 3 of the GOP’s Planned Parenthood Failure Theater

Imagine our surprise. The standalone bill that [mc_name name='Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)' chamber='senate' mcid='M000355' ] promised as a sop to the dumb pro-lifers failed, exactly like everyone knew it would, exactly as it was designed to do. Show More Summary

Coming to a market near you: increased food costs, thanks to California bureaucrats

My native California is suffering the single worst recorded drought in the state’s history. Today, the drought crisis is so severe the some municipal governments are facing the prospect of no water at all. Literally none. Now, it might...Show More Summary

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