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HOW TO HANDLE THE LEFT: British Channel 4 interviewer attempts to ambush Canadian professor who espo…

HOW TO HANDLE THE LEFT: British Channel 4 interviewer attempts to ambush Canadian professor who espouses heretical views and gets shellacked. As Douglas Murray says, “That isn’t news. It isn’t even interviewing. It is grandstanding. This nation’s broadcasters should feel ashamed.” Not just the British nation’s…

PAULA BOLYARD: The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT), Ohio’s largest online charter school pro…

PAULA BOLYARD: The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT), Ohio’s largest online charter school provider, could shut down as early as next week.

Website to help victims track sexual assault kits' progress

Utah officials says a new federal grant will allow the state to offer more resources to victims waiting as their sexual assault kits are going through the testing process. Sexual … Click to Continue »

R.J. Rico named AP Georgia legislative relief staffer

R.J. Rico, an industrious reporter with strong news judgment, has been hired by The Associated Press for the Atlanta legislative relief position. The 12-week assignment was announced Wednesday by South … Click to Continue »

BREAKING VIDEO: James O’Keefe EXPOSES Twitter Bans Users Under Pressure From Foreign Governments

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe released a brand new video exposing Twitter’s practice of banning users due to pressure from foreign governments. Conrado Miranda, a former senior software engineer at Twitter admitted to Project...Show More Summary

APNewsBreak: Minnesota GOP leader seeks cut of big donations

The chairwoman of Minnesota's Republican Party is seeking a commission from large donations to supplement her salary in what campaign finance experts call an unusual arrangement. A memo obtained Wednesday … Click to Continue »

Egypt presidential hopeful says bureaucrats blocking his bid

Supporters of a rights lawyer who hopes to run in Egypt's presidential election in May say bureaucrats loyal to the government are obstructing their efforts to get him on the … Click to Continue »

Review: Doc looks back wistfully look at Obama-era diplomacy

Greg Barker had assembled nearly all his footage for "The Final Year," a behind-the-scenes look at President Barack Obama's globe-trotting foreign policy team, when something unexpected happened — so unexpected … Click to Continue »

State police leader is leaving to become town police chief

The commanding officer of the Connecticut State Police is leaving the post after less than two years to become a town police chief. Col. Alaric Fox is expected to begin … Click to Continue »

Missouri House passes limits on lobbyist gifts to officials

Missouri House lawmakers have approved a ban on most lobbyist gifts to themselves and other public officials. The House voted 134-12 to pass the bill Wednesday. It now heads to … Click to Continue »

US judges rule for Mexican woman who was deported in 2017

A federal appeals court is ordering U.S. immigration authorities to reconsider the case of a Mexican mother of four U.S.-born children who was returned to Mexico last year amid criticism … Click to Continue »

First woman grad at Citadel elected to South Carolina House

The first woman to graduate from The Citadel after the school admitted female cadets has been elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives. Nancy Mace won 56 percent of … Click to Continue »

Americans Split on Whether Trump Is Mentally Stable

A new Quinnipiac poll finds American voters disapprove of the job President Trump is doing, 57% to 38%. Key finding: “Wide gender, racial and political gaps leave American voters divided on whether Trump is ‘mentally stable,’ as 45% say he [...]

Health Truthers: Media Pushing Conspiracy Theories to Prove Trump Is Deathly Ill and Also Insane

Maggie Haberman, height/BMI truther: Reminder that earlier physicals decades ago put Trump height at 6?2?. The 6?3? height makes a difference on his BMI from overweight to obese— Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) January 16, 2018 Apparently the Neo-Autistics in the...

YOU WOULD THINK: ‘Getting Completely Naked’ In Ansari’s Apartment Is A ‘Pretty Solid Non-Verbal Cue….

YOU WOULD THINK: ‘Getting Completely Naked’ In Ansari’s Apartment Is A ‘Pretty Solid Non-Verbal Cue.’

Trump has made life worse for steelworkers, union chiefs say

In April last year, President Trump stood alongside steelworkers and promised that his Commerce Department would open an investigation into whether imported steel posed a national security risk. The results of that investigation would likely have resulted in tariffs for countries like China. Nearly 10 months later, the Commerce Department has finally wrapped its probe and […]

This is why the Stormy Daniels story is so dangerous

There are credible allegations that the President of the United States engaged in an affair with an adult film actress, paid her over $100,000 to keep quiet about it weeks before the election, and is now actively engaged in an elaborate cover-up. On January 12, the Wall Street Journal reported that Trump, through his lawyer […]

Puerto Rico knows what it’s like when Trump treats you like a ‘sthole’

Over a million Puerto Ricans still lack electrical power a stunning four months after Hurricane Maria made landfall. But, ironically, the resulting Trump-driven exodus of hundreds of thousands to Florida and other swing states may give those angry and powerless islanders new political power for years to come. This jaw-dropping chart from Reuters compares power relief […]

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