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"Ted Cruz’s Support Softens Among the Delegates He Courted."

The NYT observes:Even as Donald J. Trump trounced him from New Hampshire to Florida to Arizona, Senator Ted Cruz could reassure himself with one crucial advantage: He was beating Mr. Trump in the obscure, internecine delegate fights that could end up deciding the Republican nomination for president.“This is how elections are won in America,” Mr. Show More Summary

Bumble bee in the lungwort.

Video'd by Meade, just now, and texted to me from the backyard. Feel free to discuss whatever you like in the comments.

Is 1,237 An Elusive Number?

The magic number of 2016 may at times seem out of reach, but it is all around us – if you know where to look.

Trump pounces on Heidi Cruz’s ‘immigrant’ flub

FORT WAYNE, Ind. -- Donald Trump returned to one of his favorite subjects, the Canadian birth of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), at an afternoon rally inside the city's largest sports arena. His cue came from the senator's wife, Heidi, who tripped over a word at a Saturday GOP presidential campaign rally and appeared to say […]

Clinton challenges Indiana abortion law at campaign stop

INDIANAPOLIS — Just hours after the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against a new Indiana abortion law, Hillary Clinton stumped miles away from the state capitol and filed a sort of amicus brief. “I will defend a woman's right to make her own health-care decisions,” Clinton said to a few hundred supporters packed into […]

Long (Hate) Read: “The Selling of Obama”

Let's call the president that has a sense of humor beyond calling people idiot nicknames "Spock-like" one more time. — Bob Schooley (@Rschooley) May 1, 2016 This showed up online well in advance of last night’s WHCD, as part of Politico‘s “Media Issue,” as a story about how the President failed to uphold the […]

The Cure For Fear

Karin Klaver woke in the darkness and searched the nightstand for her iPhone. It was 2 a.m. Her husband slept quietly beside her. They had arrived in Johannesburg early that morning on the red-eye from Amsterdam and spent the day window shopping and people watching in the city. Show More Summary

China Successfully Tests New Hypersonic Warhead

China successfully completed a seventh flight test of its new hypersonic warhead system last week in its northern central Shanxi province,...

Huh? Carly Fiorina Is A ‘Racist’ For Ripping Mike Tyson’s Support Of Trump

Donald Trump has been talking about the need for toughness on the campaign trail and touted his support from former heavyweight champion Mike...

Water Cooler 5/1/2016 OPEN THREAD – Green Zone Protests, AfD Conference, May Day & Baby Parts

Iraq Green Zone Protests Sunni Muslims have called off their protests in the Green Zone in Baghdad for the time being. Sunni clerics aren’t happy with the current configuration of government, and factions aren’t happy with each other. Show More Summary

New York Times Trolls Pennsylvania Delegate Count To Keep Trump Revenue Coming

I’m not a pollyanna. Ted Cruz is in a tough fight for the nomination. If he loses on Tuesday in Indiana I think the wind goes out of his campaign and Trump goes to the convention with 1,237 delegates and the momentum necessary to stop any attempt to challenge the credentials of his delegates and, ultimately, ultimately he takes the nomination. Show More Summary

No, You’re Not Really Moving If Trump Wins

Every presidential election cycle, celebrities and regular-folk alike claim that if a certain candidate wins, they’ll move elsewhere. The temper tantrum may sound good, but no one actually follows through with it. Most recently, actress,...Show More Summary

Shot or poisoned? Does the choice of Trump or Cruz really matter?

Pippa Norris, Harvard University When asked to choose between the candidacies of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, a Republican senator from South Carolina, remarked, It's like being shot or poisoned. What does it really matter? But, in fact, it really does matter for the Republican Party. Lindsey Graham. REUTERS/Brian C. Show More Summary

Munich Oktoberfest to Get First-Ever Entrance Checks

Oktoberfest -- which Bavarians hail as the world's largest folk festival and have celebrated since 1810 -- is being organized this year in the shadow of troubling events. Festivalgoers will have to pass through security checks, including bag checks, at all the entrances. Show More Summary

Del Taco Manager Cusses Out Customers

A manager at an Arizona Del Taco has been fired after a video of him cussing at a customer in the drive-through window went viral. "I don't give a ---, bro," the manager of the Peoria restaurant tells customers who complained about not getting sauce. Show More Summary

Buffett: Economy Too Strong for President Trump to Ruin

When asked at the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting if Donald Trump might harm his company's interests if elected president, Warren Buffett told his investors if that happened, his company's fortunes wouldn't be "the main problem." He said, "In my lifetime, GDP per capita in real terms has gone up six for one... Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders Says Superdelegates Should Follow Voters’ Will in Landslide States

Mr. Sanders said on Sunday that the Democratic convention would be contested because was "virtually impossible" for Hillary Clinton to reach a majority of convention delegates with pledged delegates alone.

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