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Police, protesters at DNC praised for restraint, courtesy

[...] that they're headed home, thousands of protesters who came to Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention say they're leaving in peace thanks to a hands-off approach by police that led to fewer than a dozen arrests over...Show More Summary

In Iowa, Trump warns of refugees and praises waterboarding. In Philly, the father of a fallen Muslim solider responds.

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — On Thursday night, Donald Trump stood before a few thousand Iowans packed into a hotel ballroom and equated all Syrian refugees with Islamic State terrorists, while endorsing the use of waterboarding, which he considers a proven method that is "short of torture." A thousand miles away in Philadelphia, two parents from Virginia […]

Hillary Clinton's speech combines Bernie's economics with JFK's resolve

The small group of disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporters who tried and failed to disrupt Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention should have shut up and paid attention. If they had, they would have noticed that the ideas of their hero were dominant in the nominee’s words....

Fact Checking Hillary Clinton’s Acceptance Speech

Mrs. Clinton’s speech on Thursday was remarkably without hard facts. But she made a few assertions that could be checked, so we did.

After a Punishing Week, Wasserman Schultz Claims Her Convention Moment

Debbie Wasserman Schultz was deposed as the chairwoman of the Democratic Party and heckled in public, but she was still intent on being visible in Philadelphia.

Hillary Does It Again

In her acceptance speech, the Democratic nominee took on her Republican rival by throwing Donald Trump’s own words back at him.

Clinton broadens party's reach with wide-ranging speech

Joy Reid describes how Hillary Clinton's Democratic nomination acceptance speech managed to absorb some traditionally Republican cues while accepting the...

Contextualizing Clinton's DNC speech

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell contextualizes some of the points from Hillary Clinton's speech, including a promise that she will pass a constitutional amendment...

Hillary Clinton’s speech: For once, a politician lets language work

Over the last half-century, I would guess — maybe since Adlai Stevenson — American political oratory has degenerated into a consultant-driven pseudo-science. The task is to “hit” certain “themes” for a variety of constituencies, or to attack one’s opponent for such-and-such without sounding as though you believe the other thing. Generally left out of process […]

The Post in Which JVW Admits Defeat

[guest post by JVW] Are you serious? Are you absolutely serious? There was no way on God’s Green Earth that I was going to subject myself to the blarney that Hillary! Rodham Clinton (the Once and Future... and all that) vomited on the stage in Philadelphia. And yes, I got drunk instead and […]

RNC Inadvertently Slams Trump as a Fake Republican

This is pretty incredible. One of the speakers at the Democratic convention was Republican Doug Elmets, who's been a prominent Trump critic. Erick noticed a pretty astounding thing about the RNC's oppo dump on Elmets. They say he's "not a real Republican." And why? Because he's donated a total of $2200 to Democrats. Show More Summary

A Speech to be Forgotten

Hillary Clinton might as well run a front-porch campaign. If she wins in November, it’s going to be because of the weakness of Trump and the strength of her party and organization, not her abilities as a campaigner or as a speaker. Despite...Show More Summary


ANTE MERIDIEM for Ivy What I desire in the morning is the music of guitar, its pottery-dull notes knocking knees in the lower strings   and in the upper notes a skittering like he black-capped chickadee that surfs the wind rushing through...Show More Summary

American women reflect on the meaning of the first female major-party presidential nominee

Whatever you may think of Hillary Clinton — and few are neutral — her accomplishment this week cannot be denied. Just as Barack Obama’s election held deeper meaning for black voters, Clinton’s nomination as the first female presidential candidate of a major party has a special resonance for women. That “highest, hardest glass ceiling” she [...]Show More Summary

Jacob Collier Live @ Village Underground, London: "Don't You Know"

YouTube Here's a stunning live performance by Jacob Collier of one of the most complex tracks on his debut album. Jacob Collier and his One-Man Live Show Creature perform 'Don't You Know', an original song from Jacob's debut album 'In...Show More Summary

Takeaways: Clinton's big moment wraps up convention

Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination Thursday, pledging to unite a divided country and casting herself as a tested, steady hand in troubled times. After a rocky opening day featuring protests and jeers, the opposition settled...Show More Summary

Did Hillary Clinton close the deal?

Hillary Clinton, in accepting the Democratic presidential nomination Thursday night, had to be better than she’s ever been — more assertive, engaging, magnanimous and visionary. She was introduced by a gauzy, highly polished video detailing her life with special attention to her efforts for New York following Sept. 11. Her welcome was exuberant, leaving Hillary looking […]

Clinton Faux Pas: National Motto is “In God We Trust” Not E Pluribus Unum

In her acceptance speech tonight, Hillary Clinton stated: "Our country's motto is e pluribus unum: out of many, we are one." One problem. E pluribus unum isn’t our National Motto. The post Clinton Faux Pas: National Motto is “In God We Trust” Not E Pluribus Unum appeared first on RedState.

Analysis: Charmless Vessel Shouts Acceptance Speech at America

It's finally, blessedly over. As expected, Hillary Clinton's anticlimactic acceptance speech capped off a Democratic convention at which two of...

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