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NEW HAMPSHIRE WINNERS AND LOSERS: “Nationalism and socialism: two great tastes that go great toget…

NEW HAMPSHIRE WINNERS AND LOSERS: “Nationalism and socialism: two great tastes that go great together! Honestly, I can’t see what the issue is in having a populist insurgency driven by anger over perceived national humiliation and economic insecurity. Indeed, if only you could combine these two movements into one uber-political party that could just blitz […]

First Draft Focus: Throwback Thursday — The More Things Change

Michael McNerney, 5, tired of waiting for his mother to mark her ballot in the New Hampshire primary, peeps out of a voting booth in Goffstown on March 11, 1952.

Finding Moments of Republican Grace Amid the Ugly Bluster of Donald Trump

29 minutes agoPolitics / US Politics : Swampland

More On the day before the New Hampshire primary, Jeb Bush addressed a Rotary meeting at the Nashua Country Club. It was the sort of event that has, for the past 100 years, defined the Republican Party, just as union-hall rallies define Democrats. The Rotarians have always represented a peak of American bourgeois civility, and…

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: How did Rubio screw up? Let me count the ways

29 minutes agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

I knew the GOP contest was Shakespearean drama, but really… Nate Cohn: Donald Trump won New Hampshire on Tuesday night, and not just because he finished with the most votes. The results extend his biggest advantage: a deeply divided opposition. Show More Summary

United States v. Ferguson

Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced the Justice Department is suing the Missouri municipality after an agreement on reform broke down.

Woman Faces Trial for Not Cooking, Cleaning

An Italian wife faces prison after her husband claimed she abused him by not cleaning and cooking enough. The husband claimed his 40-year-old wife failed to sufficiently clean the home for two years, causing unsanitary living conditions, according to il Fatto Quotidiano. Judge Mara Mattioli, a woman, will preside over the case.

Morning Thread (2-11-2016)

PSA: Flowers and chocolates day is down to T minus 3 days. You still have time to look more thoughtful than panicked....

Watch out for the floor.

My advice after fooling with the FlowingData chart displaying data about people injuring themselves — over the course of the year — on various things.

Bush Says Trump Would Be Worse Than Obama

Jeb Bush said that Donald Trump would be a worse president than Barack Obama, Poliitco reports. Said Bush: “We will be worse off than we are now. And we are pretty bad off right now.”

Rubio Sees Contested Convention as Possible Path

“The best hope of the Republican establishment just a week ago, Marco Rubio suddenly faces a path to his party’s presidential nomination that could require a brokered national convention,” the AP reports. “That’s according to Rubio’s campaign manager, Terry Sullivan, [...]

GOP Elites Still Have No Plan to Stop Trump

Bloomberg: “Republican elites are 0-for-2 in presidential nominating contests this year, a rare and panic-inducing outcome for the party’s leadership. Yet their preferred candidates continue to fight each other, and have begun the march to the next battlefield in South [...]

On Thursday’s Radio Show…

Oregon congressman Earl Blumenauer tells us his plans to force Bundy militants to pay the bill for their occupation of a national wildlife preserve. And Democratic campaign consultant Douglas Schoen tells us how he thinks Richard Nixon presidency continues to  influence current politics.

Supporters Fear Clinton Is Out of Touch

“Hillary Clinton’s stinging 22-point loss in the New Hampshire Democratic primary prompted fretting Wednesday among the party elite, and raised the stakes for the caucus in Nevada,” the Boston Globe reports. “Her backers worried that she is failing to meet [...]

Jay Carney: Obama Would 'Prefer' to See Clinton as Democratic Presidential Nominee Over Sanders

Despite praising Sen. Bernie Sanders and acknowledging that Hillary Clinton is a bit “rusty” on the campaign trail, President Obama would prefer...

SIEGE: Near Confrontation As FBI Surrounds Last Four Oregon Occupiers

Four “protesters” remain at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, and last night, a confrontation nearly came to a head while some 60,000 listened live to a broadcast phone call with the armed citizens and some off-site supporters.Show More Summary

IS OUR CHILDREN LEARNING? Democrat Russ Feingold “shares our commitment to high-quality pubic educat…

IS OUR CHILDREN LEARNING? Democrat Russ Feingold “shares our commitment to high-quality pubic education from pre-kindgergarten through college and our serious concern about America’s student loan debt crisis,” read Feingold’s endorsement...Show More Summary

The One Way Millennials Could Still Change the World

49 minutes agoPolitics / US Politics : Swampland

Twentysomethings are financially stressed, socially liberal and politically pivotal. But none of that will matter if they don’t vote

Checking the Presidential Candidates’ Math–and Potential Red Ink

Robert Litan: The only Republican candidate who said he would rein in entitlement spending, a major driver of future deficits, was New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who is no longer in the race.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Berkeley Plans For “New Normal.” You know it’s serious because the…

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Berkeley Plans For “New Normal.” You know it’s serious because they’re cutting back on staff hiring as well as faculty! “Controlling staffing levels and adopting staff hiring ‘discipline’ that mirrors that for faculty positions.” Plus: “Due to declining state funding and other factors, Berkeley expects an operating budget deficit of 6 […]

The Great GOP Humbling of 2016

50 minutes agoPolitics / US Politics : Swampland

The Republican campaign trail has been brutal and unforgiving. And it has only just begun

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