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Why Mark Zuckerberg's paternity leave is a big deal

Facebook has already revolutionized how we communicate, network and keep tabs on our exes. Might it — or at least its chief executive — soon "disrupt" parenting too? Last week company founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that he planned to go on paternity leave. And not just for a few perfunctory...

The quiet evolution in Springfield

Patiently and without rancor, Gov. Bruce Rauner and several union leaders have negotiated new employment contracts that will create a more efficient state workforce and reduce some of the pressure to lay off state workers in flat-broke Illinois. Five Teamsters bargaining units and 12 trades units...

Let's hope for another tantrum - over our coddling culture

It would be easy to call protesting college students crybabies and brats for pitching hissy fits over hurt feelings, but this likely would lead to such torrents of tearful tribulation that the nation's university system would have to shut down for a prolonged period of grief counseling. Besides,...

New research nothing to sneeze at

Judging by the hacking on almost every bus, "L" and Metra train ride, we guess that most Chicagoans either can't stay home when they're sick or choose to trudge to work with a cold or flu just to show their... dedication to the job? Ack! People trapped in the same car or bus with these sneezers...

5 myths about the common cold

The common cold is aptly named. It affects more adults and children in the industrialized world than any other short-term illness, and it is responsible for up to 40 percent of all missed workdays in the United States. The economic burden of the cold in this country approaches $40 billion a year,...

Marriage, divorce and gluten avoidance: How Thanksgiving evolved to suit my modern family

This year for Thanksgiving, I’ve volunteered to host for the first time. I’m doing the whole shebang: scrubbing the house guest-ready clean, setting the table with a new Pottery Barn tablecloth and centerpiece of gourds in what I hope is some sort of fall/meal theme, stuffing the bird and praying...

C&L's Late Night Music Club With Ernest Tubb

I was gonna tell the story about my old hippie uncle and how he always showed up at our house early every Thanksgiving, He said he was there to help with the cooking. He was really just there for the eating and drinking. I was goingShow More Summary

Open thread for night owls. Digby: the unprecedented nightmare of Donald Trump—he's actually fascist

Heather Digby Parton writes The Unprecedented Nightmare of Donald Trump: He's Actually a Fascist: Over the past week or so, something unusual has happened in American politics: political figures, mainstream scholars and commentators are describing a leading contender for president of the United States as a fascist. Show More Summary

Smithsonian: Statue Of Liberty Based On A Muslim Woman

The torch held high in New York Harbor welcoming “your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” was originally a Muslim woman. An article on the government-administered museum’s blog, Smart News, claims one of the designers of Lady Liberty drew inspiration from monuments in Egypt and originally intended to construct a veiled [...]

Another TSA Fail: Man Nearly Boards Airplane With Stolen Boarding Pass

Between forcing grandmothers to strip, to missing tons of loaded guns, and confiscating Buzz Lightyear toys, the TSA has not been having a banner...

Overnight Open Thread (11-26-2015) – Happy Thanksgiving Edition

So this happened. Thanksgiving Dinner Keeps Getting Cheaper In 1986, Thanksgiving dinner cost $28.74. In October 1986, an average worker made $8.96 an hour. That means that s/he had to work 3 hours 12 minutes and 27 seconds, or 50.....

Phew. Another Thanksgiving in the books. Got something to get off your chest?

Oof. Last year’s Thanksgiving might have been kind of rough for Daily Kos readers who have conservative relatives, coming weeks after a terrible Election Day for Democrats. But this year … it’s presidential primary season. That means...Show More Summary

Turkey Evening Open Thread

America's silliest political traditions 4. Turkey pardons 3. Candidate memoirs 2. Don Lemon 1. The electoral college — Jonathan M. Katz (@KatzOnEarth) November 25, 2015 Speaking of overstuffed turkeys… I'm watching Rambo III. Show More Summary

Turkey Day Open Thread

Watching the Man in the High Castle and relaxing with the dogs. Good day.

Your Best Black Friday Deals, Now No Money Off!

My sweets, you have nourished us and loved us and supported us all through the year. You didn’t think you’d stop now, did you? Come, let us travel together through the merry items in the Wonkette Bazaar, and also through soap and Sara Benincasa saying bad words. Click on the red headers for your very

IF YOU TAX IT, THEY WILL GO: Pfizer’s Plan to Leave US Discomfits Drug Lobbyists. It’s true inte…

IF YOU TAX IT, THEY WILL GO: Pfizer’s Plan to Leave US Discomfits Drug Lobbyists. It’s true internationally, as well as at the state level.

It's your turkey-coma, pigskin open thread: Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers edition

Two games and way too much food later, it’s time for the final NFL match-up of the day: The Chicago Bears (4-5) vs. the Green Bay Packers (6-3). So discuss, trash talk, recover from overeating all day or talk about anything you’d like because this is a holiday open thread!

Lawyer is Ordered to Tell Future Clients He is a Crook, Cheat, Thief And a Liar

With today’s overly-litigious society and a humorless justice system that no longer sees the harmlessness of some teenage hijinks, it’s often refreshing to see a no-nonsense judge who is willing

Open Thread: Happy Thanksgiving!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it's officially time for this....

Media Alert

(John Hinderaker) Tomorrow morning I will guest host the Laura Ingraham show from 9 to 12 Eastern time. You can go here to find a station in your area. If you miss the show live, you can get highlights via podcast on iTunes, and it also airs later in the day on various stations. Show More Summary

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