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Which Current 2016 Candidate Would Be The Most Pro-Life President?

We're out of luck if we're hoping to find a candidate that we pro-life advocates can get behind...or maybe not. The post Which Current 2016 Candidate Would Be The Most Pro-Life President? appeared first on RedState.

Like Herpes, Jerome Corsi Never Completely Goes Away

I spotted this at the Daily Mail: The news here -- and I use that word loosely -- is that, yes, Jerome Corsi is planning to grace yet another presidential election with a book trashing the Democratic nominee. This one will be called Partners in Crime: The Clintons' Scheme to Monetize the White House for Personal Profit. Show More Summary

Congress And Guns

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Restrictive Immigration Is Not A Counterterrorism Policy

The suicide bombing at Turkey's Istanbul Ataturk airport, leaving 42 dead and at least 239 injured, is a tragedy. Unfortunately, this kind of attack is nothing new to citizens of Turkey. The Tuesday attack in Istanbul marks the eighth...Show More Summary

Let's Try Using Wisdom To End Gun Violence

"Use wisdom, not weapons", he pleaded to the crowd gathered in front of the California state Capitol building to end gun violence this morning. Not surprisingly, he elicited big cheers from his words - the crowd was comprised of moms,...Show More Summary

Dangerously Uninformed, Part II

In my previous blog, I argued that attributing extremist violence solely or even mostly to religious belief is dangerously uninformed. I showed why that claim is uninformed. On to the dangerous part. Perpetuating the myth that religion...Show More Summary

Defending Hillary

After securing the Republican presidential nomination, Donald Trump promised a "tell all" speech about Hillary Clinton. On June 22nd he delivered a slanderous collage of all the Clinton lies and innuendos the rightwing has circulated over the last 24 years - imagine a speech written by Ann Coulter. Show More Summary

The UnDemocratic Primary

In a recent piece in the New York Times, Nate Cohn laments "the steady drumbeat of tweets about how Hillary Clinton stole the presidential primary from Bernie Sanders." Cohn resisted writing about them for so long, he asserts, because...Show More Summary

Istanbul Airport Attack: a Reflection of Our Thirst for Blood

As our world incessantly moves toward the extremes, fascism, racism, fundamentalism, Nazism, and anti-Semitism are constantly on the rise. Everyone is taking sides, and people are growing increasingly aggressive. As our egos are taking...Show More Summary

Permanent Pell In Prison: More Than Twenty Years After It Was Taken Away REAL Act brings hope for Higher Ed in prison

From 1997 to 2001 I was incarcerated, without any way to improve myself. I already had my high school diploma, and some college credits, which meant there were no other educational programs available to me inside the prison I was assigned. I...Show More Summary

The Newt and Pocahontas: Veep vs. Veep?

Listen to this companion podcast on SiriusXM POTUS 124 When in the business of taunting it's best to use a taunter. This is why Marco Rubio seemed silly in his attacks on Donald Trump. He's new to knife fights. And it's part and parcel for why Hillary Clinton can't and shouldn't bully the bully, or try. Show More Summary

It's About The 'Working' In 'Working Class'

A recent Quinnipiac University poll has Donald Trump caught up with Hilary Clinton in some key industrial states, including Ohio and Pennsylvania. While the pundits have had a field day analyzing why he's doing better than expected there, I feel like we keep missing a key point. Show More Summary

Gun Control: Get With The Program

Listen, I'm not really one to get super political, but what the fck is wrong with the representatives of the Republican party? I'm pissed. I'm sick with disgust. I'm sad. I'm worried. The right to bear arms does not mean you have to give free reign to anyone in the country with a motherfcking heartbeat. Show More Summary

Misunderstanding Orlando

In the aftermath of the tragic shooting of over 100 innocent people at the Orlando nightclub, a wide range of experts and commentators have sought to place blame for this horrific act and to identify measures that would avoid future attacks of this kind. Show More Summary

Trump: In the Tall Shadow of Andrew Jackson

"Indian Fighter," general, and slaveholder President Andrew Jackson has been bumped to the back of the $20 bill, but his leadership style and outlook on the world lives. His contemporary is Donald J. Trump. Businessman-turned-politician...Show More Summary

Hedge Funds Win, Puerto Rico Loses

The Corporatist Obama signed into Law the Puerto Rico Control Board legislation. He always looks out for the welfare of his primary constituency...Wall Street & the Financial Sector.Hey, Hedge Funds, here's a prime rule of genuine Capitalism:...Show More Summary

Can Reagan Save Another Clinton Presidency?

(Steven Hayward) First of all, I’ll pause for a moment to let you get over the shudder at the thought of “another Clinton presidency” in this headline. Take a shot or two of whiskey if necessary. Or deep cleansing breaths. Whatever it takes. Show More Summary

What Went Down on the Tarmac?

(Steven Hayward) What the hell was Bill Clinton thinking in springing a “spontaneous” visit with Attorney General Loretta Lynch at the Phoenix airport? He’s way too smart to know that the visit wouldn’t be explosive if revealed. There...Show More Summary

Politico: Hillary Dominates Trump on the Ground

Hillary Clinton has a dominating advantage over Donald Trump when it comes to field operations in the key battleground states, according to a panel of activists, operatives and strategists in 10 of those states. "Having worked in GOP...Show More Summary

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