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VIDEO: She thought it would be fun to pick a fight with a random white girl..until she was destroyed

Are you a fan of UFC? Do you like to see opponents smash each other into the ground? How about two teenage girls that come to blows over some ill-spoken

Birther Schmerther: Trump Brings Up Vince Foster!

Remember five years ago when Trump was a birther? It's classic Trump, and uses the same language he's using now. I really want every single Republican who has even reluctantly endorsed this guy to stand up and tell me he's not insane...Show More Summary

White House backs bill to overhaul chemical regulation

[...] changes made by Democrats in recent days ensure the measure will protect families and communities from toxic substances, Pelosi said in a statement with House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland and Rep. Frank Pallone of New...Show More Summary

Trump’s flip-flop on whether the Bill Clinton sex scandals are important

“Nobody in this country was worse than Bill Clinton with women. He was a disaster. He was disaster.” — Donald Trump, remarks during a rally in Eugene, Ore., May 6, 2016 A key part of Donald Trump’s strategy to damage the image of Hillary Clinton — on track to be the first female presidential nominee of a major […]

Explosions, Leaks, and Health Contamination: Fracking’s Effects Even if You Don’t Live Near Well Pad

  Train engines pulling 100 oil tank cars that derail, causing fires and explosions, trucks and 50-year-old pipelines that leak and explode into fireballs releasing toxic methane into the air, contributing to leaks in the protective ozone layer, are just three problems related to fracking, according to an expert on the controversial drilling process. Show More Summary

Glenn Beck: Fooled by Facebook?

Beck found Zuck and Company cordial — they just found him useful.

Mark Zuckerberg: Let’s Talk about Liberal Crimes Against Humanity

Mark Zuckerberg knows what is good for him, and that is making the proper offerings to the liberal gods.

The Far Right in Austria Did Not Have a Rendezvous with History

The vital question for Europe and for the democratic world is whether Hofer’s strong performance will embolden further anti-immigration policies in other countries.

Remaking Rutland with Refugees

Nestled in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont, Rutland is an unsuspecting city targeted for refugee resettlement.

The Great Critical Thinking Dodge

'Critical thinking' assures that students will never develop any understanding that left-wing policies are both moral and economic disasters.

Chelsea and Hillary Dance on Scalia's Grave

To Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, Scalia’s death was a cause for celebration, a chance for de facto repeal of the Second Amendment via legislating from the bench.

Democrats, seeking unity, give Sanders say in party platform

By Jonathan Allen NEW YORK (Reuters) – The Democratic Party said on Monday it would give U.S. presidential contender Bernie Sanders a prominent say in writing its platform this year, a gesture that could ease tensions between Sanders’ camp and party leaders, whom Sanders has accused of favoring rival Hillary Clinton. Sanders has remained steadfast [...]Show More Summary

Trump meets with Sen. Corker in New York

NEW YORK (AP) — Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump met with Bob Corker in New York on Monday, intensifying speculation that the U.S. senator from Tennessee may be on Trump's vice presidential shortlist. Corker praised...Show More Summary

Politico Employs Classic Methods of Leftist Bias Re the VA Head

Politico follows the usual lefty playbook when it comes to portraying a screw-up by a member of a Democrat administration. Don’t focus on the screw-up. Focus on the attacks by the political opponents of the guy who made the screw up. As I observed 12 years ago of the Los Angeles Times (but the criticism […]


OKAY, IT’S EARLY IN THE NIGHT, BUT WHY NOT?  THIS IS MY SHOCKED FACE: Elijah Wood Says Hollywood Has a Pedophilia Problem.

An Open Letter to Donald Trump: Release Your Tax Returns to the Public

It is critical that candidates for the highest office in the land release their income tax returns for multiple years, especially you Mr. Trump. After all, you are running for president based on your wealth and business ability. AndShow More Summary

Commencement Season

This is the season of college Commencement speeches — an art form that has seldom been memorable, but has increasingly become toxic in recent times. Two themes seem to dominate

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