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The Feds’ Security Theater

We can collect a lot of data on our adversaries, but if it’s not in the right hands, it’s completely worthless.

Disinformation and Its Guzzlers

For left-wing anti-Hillary zealots, the news is "too good to be true" outstripping their wildest conspiracy theories. Continue reading ?

The Five Most Vile Anti-Police Raps

To say that cops and rappers have a tense relationship would be an understatement. Long before the #BlackLivesMatter movement took hold, many rappers have been singing about police run-ins, alleged “police brutality,” and their overall...Show More Summary

TV News Spins: 'Moderate,' 'Centrist' Tim Kaine vs. 'Staunch Conservative' Mike Pence

Even before Indiana Governor Mike Pence was selected as the GOP vice presidential candidate, all three broadcast networks instructed viewers that he was a "staunch conservative" and "social conservative" who was "popular with the Tea...Show More Summary

CNN's Cuomo Slams Pence as 'No Friend to LGBT,' Guest Jabs His Liberal Bias

As Wisconsin Republican Rep. Sean Duffy appeared as a guest on Friday's New Day to discuss Donald Trump's acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, the CNN anchor duo of Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota both fretted over Trump promising to defend homosexuals from terrorists without going to the left in supporting gay rights issues. Show More Summary

NY Times: At Fox, Roger Ailes Was J. Edgar Hoover, Prodding Voters' 'Lizard Brains'

It’s not a compliment when New York Times TV writer James Poniewozik summarizes Ailesgate with the tweet “On Roger Ailes, the J. Edgar Hoover of TV news.” When every other broadcast and cable TV network leans to the Left, somehow it’s...Show More Summary

Liberal Web Pundits on the RNC: Reagan’s ‘Morning In America’ Is ‘in the Dumpster’

The debate rages on as to whether Donald Trump has remodeled or vandalized the Republican party. In any event, left-wing pundits spent the week gaping at, and writing about, what they viewed as the grotesque spectacle of the RNC. For...Show More Summary

WashPost Editorial Board Screeches: Trump, 'A Unique Threat to American Democracy'

The e-mail The Washington Post sends out from its opinion page came with a screaming headline: “Saturday’s Opinions: Donald Trump is a unique threat to American democracy.” Post critics on Twitter have suggested this is the kind of language often reserved for national-security threats, like terrorists. Show More Summary

Bozell & Graham Column: So Much for That 'Unprecedented' Jail Talk

The Republican convention’s rowdy chants about Hillary Clinton -- “Lock her up!” – have caused liberal journalists to get extremely distressed. In their lead editorial on July 21, The Washington Post fulminated that Team Trump’s “descent...Show More Summary

DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz Won’t Speak at Convention Following Wikileaks Fallout

Wikileaks released nearly 20,000 hacked emails it says are from the accounts of Democratic National Committee officials on Friday. The... The post DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz Won’t Speak at Convention Following Wikileaks Fallout appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

The NBA enters the bathroom wars

(Paul Mirengoff) The 2017 NBA all-star game, which was scheduled to be played in Charlotte, will be played elsewhere. The league is moving the game to protest a North Carolina law. That law, among other things, nullified a CharlotteShow More Summary

It's Time to Stand Up for Truth and Intelligence

In a time when the American news media focused on reporting facts, rather than entertaining the public, iconic broadcast journalist Walter Cronkite made a comment about American values and education that seems even more powerful today. Show More Summary

How the Democrats’ Convention Could Work Against Them

Donald Trump’s message at the RNC was highly effective, and extremely well-delivered. He used every second of his 76-minute address to dramatically hammer home the point that America is now being run by censors, critics, and cynics, and that Trump stands with we the people against them. Show More Summary

IN KNOXVILLE: Prayer Vigils held for Knoxville law enforcement. “Groups gathered outside the Knoxv…

IN KNOXVILLE: Prayer Vigils held for Knoxville law enforcement. “Groups gathered outside the Knoxville Police Department and the Knoxville Sheriff’s Department for the public vigils, holding signs that read ‘Pray for KPD.’ At these events, civilians stood shoulder to shoulder with police officers as they shared a moment of prayer.” Related: City of Knoxville unveils […]

The North Dakota Democratic Party Is Too Far Left Even for Heidi Heitkamp

Senator Heidi Heitkamp in 2014. File photo. Dave Wallis / The Forum The 2016 election cycle is one in which North Dakota Democrats could have picked up some ground against the Republican super-majority which dominates elected office in this state. Show More Summary

Trump: France, others hit by terror may face more screening

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is asserting that countries like France that he says are compromised by terrorism may be subjected to the "extreme vetting" he proposes as a deterrent to attacks in the U.S. In...Show More Summary

Outsider Trump has Become an Establishment Insider

There are some strange goings on over at the Trump campaign. The kind of thing that should give pause to diehard Trumpists. It won’t, but it should. His supporters will

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