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I’M SO OLD, I CAN REMEMBER FAR ENOUGH BACK TO WHEN NBC WAS STILL SANE: Note the tag line below the photo. Funny, how Tom Brokaw, Chris Matthews, Chuck Todd, Brian Williams or Al Sharpton aren’t quitting their gigs at NBC to fight the patriarchy.

Once Again, CNN Engages in Pure, Unadulterated Activism to Push Gun Control propaganda. The post Once Again, CNN Engages in Pure, Unadulterated Activism to Push Gun Control appeared first on RedState.

Stunning new research finds fracking a major source of carbon pollution in Pennsylvania

The evidence is now overwhelming that natural gas is not part of the climate solution, it is part of the problem. A new study finds that the methane escaping from Pennsylvania’s oil and gas industry “causes the same near-term climate pollution as 11 coal-fired power plants.” And that is “five times higher than what oil and gas companies report” to […]

Workers allege Disney withheld $1,000 bonuses until employees agree to lower wages

Unions representing tens of thousands of workers at Disney World filed a federal unfair labor complaint against the company Monday, alleging that it withheld $1,000 bonuses from unionized workers during contract negotiations to convince employees to take lower wages. In January, the Walt Disney Company announced it would provide 125,000 employees with a cash bonus of […]

Who are the good trolls?

The results from yesterday's poll after 505 responses:Discuss these results any way you like. You can still go back and respond to the poll. I deliberately avoided expressing an opinion in the post or the comments, but you can figure out something of my opinion from the way I composed the answers. Show More Summary

Conservatives stay on gun message even as Florida shootings stir anger

As conservatives prepare to gather Thursday for their closely-watched national summit, the strategy for talking about guns seems deceptively simple: Don’t shy away from discussing the issue. Be compassionate. And … Click to Continue...

Julian Assange Finds Something Bizarre About George Clooney Interview Amid 2020 Hype

On Tuesday, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange pointed out something bizarre about actor George Clooney’s interview with Netflix host David Letterman.  “Interview between Clooney and Letterman is odd. Clooney instantly engages in a series of male dominance displays against Letterman, man-handling & trashing the older man. Show More Summary

Fake News CNN Dope Chris Cuomo Savaged After Promoting Fake AR-15 Story

Very fake news CNN’s resident clown Chris Cuomo spread a fake AR-15 story and got absolutely savaged by Trump supporters. Even better, Cuomo doubled down on the fake story after he got called out and heckled. You can’t fix stupid. Chris...Show More Summary

Ex-Trump Bodyguard Paid $15K a Month by RNC

“When President Trump’s longtime bodyguard Keith Schiller decided to leave his White House job last fall, many in the West Wing wondered how the president would manage without his personal security chief-turned-confidant, who had been working for Trump nearly 20 [...]

Ratings for NBC's Olympics Continue to Stink on Ice

#GetWokeGoBroke. Actually it's a combination of things, though I'm sure the little political statements from Olympians who don't even get a medal aren't helping. As Donny Two Scoops might say, "Me? I like Olympic heroes who crack the single-digits in...

‘Baby Steps.’ Here Are the Gun Control Proposals President Trump and Congress Are Considering

There are glimmers of hope for proponents of gun control as President Trump and a few Republicans in Congress have signaled support for limited reforms.

Not feeling the Burns.

"Michael Screnock, Rebecca Dallet advance in SCOWIS primary."Tim Burns, who took the unusual approach of running as a Democrat and taking partisan stands on issues, was eliminated.

Mueller Files Charges Against Manafort Lawyer

U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller intensified legal pressure on ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his deputy, Rick Gates, by filing a false-statements case against a lawyer who did Ukraine-related work with the two men.Show More Summary

STATUS-6: What Russia Is Saying About Its 100-Megaton Nuclear Torpedo. This “megaton-class nucl…

STATUS-6: What Russia Is Saying About Its 100-Megaton Nuclear Torpedo. This “megaton-class nuclear weapon”, as described by one Russian source, is delivered by an unmanned undersea vehicle (UUV) and has the potential to exterminate a significant portion of the U.S. population in a single doomsday blow if deployed against the East Coast of the United […]

You Can’t Ban Evil

There is a kinder, more respectful discussion to be had here. Join me. The post You Can’t Ban Evil appeared first on RedState.

Trump Campaign Aide Meeting with Mueller

Former Trump campaign staffer Sam Nunberg is expected to meet with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team on Thursday in Washington, ABC News reports. Nunberg spoke on the record about the Trump campaign in Michael Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury. Before [...]

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