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Oops! Thugs Used GUNS In Terrifying Mannequin Challenge- Police RESPOND! VIDEO

The internet has bred all manner of stupid “challenges” and the latest one, known as “the mannequin challenge,” has already gotten a group of idiots in trouble. While it’s not

Navy Admiral Burns Colin Kaepernick on Pearl Harbor Day… Gets Standing Ovation (VIDEO)

In a speech commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor U.S. Pacific Command Commander Admiral Harry Harris slammed San Francisco... The post Navy Admiral Burns Colin Kaepernick on Pearl Harbor Day… Gets Standing Ovation (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

California cities and schools continue steps to protect undocumented immigrants from Trump

A California city tucked in conservative Orange County, California, officially became a "sanctuary city" Tuesday when Santa Ana officials passed a resolution to shield its undocumented immigrants from federal immigration officials. Jessica...Show More Summary

Goodbye to John Glenn.

The astronaut hero was 95. I remember the TV dragged into the classroom in 1962 and the announcement that we were to witness "history in the making"....

PropOrNot Not Only Smears Journalists, But Adds Fuel To Next Cold War

Anyone with a cursory knowledge of American history knows the US intelligence services are not above targeting their own citizens for disinformation campaigns. In perhaps the most famous case, the CIA employed a cadre of journalistsShow More Summary

Americans' odds of earning more than parents have plunged

The likelihood that young adults will earn more than their parents has plummeted in recent decades, a study has found, fueling concerns that the American dream of steady upward mobility … Click to Continue »

A Part Of The Sum: The Surprising Ease And Impact Of Civic Participation

I consider myself a responsible citizen, but minimally engaged in politics. I feel a responsibility to vote. Approaching middle age, I'm more abreast of current events than when my civic responsibilities began. Historically I never felt...Show More Summary

“Seriously, Not Literally,” Ctd.

Jonah’s column points out one problem with the idea that we should all take President-elect Trump’s words “seriously” rather than “literally”: A president who operates that way may lose credibility, especially with other countries. When...Show More Summary

Trump Must Confront Massive Institutional Free-Trade Bias in Order to Balance Trade, Create Jobs

When Donald Trump embarks on his new trade agenda in January, he will face sustained resistance from those who opposed his primary and presidential campaigns, i.e., those whose views working Americans repudiated in the recent election. Essentially,...Show More Summary

Alaska just passed automatic voter registration at the ballot box. A ton of other states can, too.

Five states (plus Washington, D.C.) recently passed laws or instituted new procedures to implement automatic voter registration, but when Alaska became the sixth such state last month, it was the first to do so at the ballot box. This...Show More Summary

This isn't about my candidate losing, it's about fearing for my safety

This week has been a lot. I don't need to recap it for you, we all know what happened. Instead, I'll give you a walk through of the past 48 hours in my life. I woke up, I put on my equivalent of a pantsuit (dark jeans and blazer) and I voted. Show More Summary

Weinberg Requests Assembly Speaker Consider Impeachment Proceedings In Wake of Bridgegate Trial

TRENTON) - Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D-Bergen), who served as co-chair of the New Jersey Legislative Select Committee on Investigation, which investigated the George Washington Bridge lane closures, today requested Assembly...Show More Summary

Something Disturbing About Tulsi Gabbard

There's something disturbing about Tulsi Gabbard. Gabbard has something of a dissident stance within the Democratic party. She resigned from the DNC during the primaries over claims of bias against Bernie Sanders. She very conspicuously met with President-Elect Trump a couple weeks ago. Show More Summary

Could campaign finance overhaul help solve congressional gridlock?

Vice President Joe Biden said big money in politics is "corrupting." (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta) BY: ASHLEY BALCERZAK Should we restrict political contributions? How have weakened political parties impacted this election? Can public...Show More Summary

Godspeed, John Glenn: 1921-2016

John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth, died at 95. Glenn was the oldest person to venture into outer space, at age 77. He also represented Ohio for 24 years in the U.S. Senate. President Barack Obama presented him with a 2011 Medal of Freedom. … Click to Continue »

Defeating Trumpism with the White Working Class

Donald Trump was right. The system is rigged. Government doesn't work for working folks. It's not helping families make ends meet. And it is definitely not creating jobs for the middle class. And white people are mad as hell. The white...Show More Summary

White Women, It's Time To Get A Clue ... If It's Not Too Late

Not all white women are clueless. But Trump's victory proves that the majority of us are. I've never understood the election statistic that most married white women vote Republican. Even if they were Democrats before their wedding day,...Show More Summary

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