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THINK OF THEM — AND ALL THEIR COLLEAGUES — AS DEMOCRATIC PARTY OPERATIVES WITH BYLINES AND YOU WON’T GO FAR WRONG: No Consequences From Media Peers for Reporters Caught Colluding With Hillary: Colleagues yawn while star reporters like Thrush and Leibovich cooperate with Clinton campaign. Now, anybody engaged in similar cooperation with Trump — or […]

CHRISTOPHER WILLARD: Bernie Supporters Should Vote Trump Because Hillary Will Reinforce Dynastic Gl…

CHRISTOPHER WILLARD: Bernie Supporters Should Vote Trump Because Hillary Will Reinforce Dynastic Globalism: “A vote for Hillary Clinton is simply a vote for an establishment insider, for politics as usual, and worse for a continuation of dynastic rule.”

“Walking Dead” grumble thread: Batter up

Here we go. The post “Walking Dead” grumble thread: Batter up appeared first on Hot Air.

NAACP seeks federal probe after noose put on black student

The president of the Mississippi NAACP is demanding a federal hate crime investigation after the parents of a black high school student said as many as four white students put … Click to Continue »

Alaska GOP chair files election complaint against Miller

The chairman of the Alaska Republican Party has filed an election complaint against Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller, claiming Miller effectively converted his conservative website into a campaign site … Click to Continu...

Technology is a malevolent tool for dehumanization in 'Black Mirror'

Throughout history, there’s been an interesting dichotomy about how people approach technology and progress. People like their smartphones which have apps for everything between shopping and porn, their smart TVs with 500 channels, and things like air conditioning and refrigeration and modern plumbing and MRIs. Show More Summary

Open Thread: Affirmatively Pro-HRC

More Clinton voters are saying they are voting FOR Hillary (as opposed to against Trump) than ever before. Trump stagnant on this. ABC poll: — Nick Gourevitch (@nickgourevitch) October 24, 2016 Debates killed Trump. Show More Summary

Krauthammer’s Take: With Obamacare Insolvent, Democrats Want a ‘Single-Payer Government System’

Charles Krauthammer explained how the insolvency problems in Obamacare have come from its structural problems, and that the Democrats will try to solve it with a public option and, eventually, a single-payer system: That’s the rational thing to do is not to join [Obamacare]. Show More Summary


Spent the day playing with my grandson. I’m a little tired to write anything, but until tomorrow be sure to see this article by Josh Marshall that explains how misinformed people are stoking the flames of paranoia.

Monday Night Overnight Open Thread (10/24/16) [Mis. Hum.]

You thought Monday October 24, 2016 was tough. You should have been around on Thursday October 24, 1929. The Great Depression kicked off on this day 87 years ago. Those Morons who had parents who lived during this time were...

Daily Beast Claim: Trump Had Parties with Cocaine and Models As Young as 15

Good Lord. Every time you think you have heard the wildest stories about Donald Trump’s past, along comes another that is even more outrageous. It’s a story based on two sources, one anonymous, talking to the Daily Beast, so take it with a fistful of salt. Show More Summary

ACLU calls high school football program honoring first responders “frightening”

Yeah... they look really frightening The post ACLU calls high school football program honoring first responders “frightening” appeared first on Hot Air.

Wolf Blitzer Slams Trump Advisor: 'You Don't Go After The First Amendment'

Even CNN's generally restrained Wolf Blitzer has finally had a belly full of the Trump campaign's attack on freedom of the press: WOLF BLITZER (HOST): There's a lot of concern, especially those of us in the news media,journalists, that he's trying to undermine the First Amendment freedom of speech by going after the news media. Show More Summary

Biden says Trump "dumbed down" election with distractions

Vice President Joe Biden said Monday that Donald Trump has dumbed-down the presidential campaign so much that important issues like education and health care are being forgotten. The campaign has … Click to Continue »

Poll: Young voters now coming through for Hillary Clinton

Liane Golightly has finally decided who she'll vote for on Election Day. Hillary Clinton is not a choice the 30-year-old Republican would have predicted, nor one that excites her. But … Click to Continue »

Return Undesired

"RU." "Return Undesired." Piles upon piles of pebbles line the block that stretches in front of me. Each one fuses with the next, reaching onwards until stopped forcefully by towering trees that line the forest's edge. The little rocks...Show More Summary

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton: Grope. Nope. Vote.

Can Donald Trump get any worse? Well, yes! If you begin to bash our first lady, Michelle Obama--a model citizen of our country. It has become clear that tolerance accounts from voters are now on a negative when it comes to Donald Trump's latest indiscretion. Show More Summary

Why Trump Will In The End Be Defeated By A Woman

As November 8 and the end of presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump nears, the political heat is rising. In a battle of extremely low standards, there is one element that seems to be playing a significant role onShow More Summary

Clinton Seeks to Run Up the Score

“Hillary Clinton and her allies have an animating aim in the final 14 days of the 2016 contest – drive up the score so dramatically that claims by Donald Trump of Democratic vote-rigging will be rendered inconsequential thanks to the [...]

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