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John Boehner is an incredibly weak leader. Even his allies know it.

As speaker of the House, John Boehner could have chosen any of a number of paths through the fight over Department of Homeland Security funding. For some reason, he went for the lose-lose option. By drawing out the fight and allowing...Show More Summary

Bridgegate: Jamie Fox’s Problematic Lobbying Records

MT @mattkatz00: Released Friday night: $10,678,799.83 for #Bridgegate lawyers,so far — AFTNJ (@AFTNJ) February 17, 2015 Last month the seemingly unending and ever-expanding political vortex known as Bridgegate sucked in yet another major figure in New Jersey politics and government, James P. Show More Summary

Fact-check on Iran has an article up that fact-checks a number of claims about Iran that is worth a read. Obama has defended the negotiations in interviews as productive. “Over the last year and a half, since we began negotiations with them, that’s probably the first year and a half in which Iran has not advanced its [...]Show More Summary

One More Thing about Transportation

One of the things I meant to get into in my transportation piece today is this: As a matter of social architecture, how do we go about aggregating interests? The progressive view assumes that in most cases, one rich guy can effectively...Show More Summary

Rand Paul Hits 'Gossipy' Media for Highlighting His Reaction to Netanyahu Speech

Senator Rand Paul (R., KY) was less-than-enthused by the media’s examination of his reaction to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech before Congress on Tuesday, telling Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade that “gossipy” websites “demean”Show More Summary

Rubio unveils tax plan

  Just weeks before he's expected to launch a presidential campaign, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) teamed up on Wednesday with GOP colleague Mike Lee (R-Utah) to unveil a comprehensive set of proposals to overhaul the tax code. "Our hope here isn't to pick winners and losers. Our hope here is to trigger economic growth," Rubio […]

St. Patrick’s Day at the White House means…

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner, which means one thing at the White House: it's time for a visit from the Irish prime minister. The White House announced Wednesday that Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny will visit Washington March 17 to meet with Obama and Vice President Joe Biden and, of course, to […]

Rand Paul thinks the gif of him at Netanyahu’s speech is dumb

GOP Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.) knocked media outlets Wednesday for mocking his lackluster clapping during a high-profile address by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, captured in a gif that made the rounds on social media Tuesday. "You know, I think what's funny about it is that you have these gossipy websites who really demean themselves by putting […]

ISIS Tosses Another Gay Man from Rooftop in Syria

ISIS militants threw another suspected homosexual from a roof in al-Raqqa this week. The terrorist group posted photos of the man after he hit the ground. #Raqqa #ISIS Executed A young man charges of homosexuality by throwing him from a … Continue reading ?

NBC Fears Supreme Court Could Take Away ObamaCare 'Lifesaver' for Millions

On Wednesday's NBC Today, news anchor Natalie Morales warned viewers: "The U.S. Supreme Court today takes up a legal challenge that could doom the Affordable Care Act, better known as ObamaCare." In the report that followed, correspondent Pete Williams declared the high court would "determine whether millions of people will lose their health insurance."

Poll: Voter ID Laws Had Minimal Impact On University Student Voting

After the 2014 election Democrats pounced on some reports of voting difficulties, specifically among North Dakota university systems. The state’s universities are one of the few solid voting blocs Democrats have in North Dakota, and they claimed that changes made to voter identification requirements were aimed at making it more difficult for students to vote....

Fox's Peters: Obama And Democrats Acted Like "Bitchy High School Girls" Over Netanyahu Address

From the March 4 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom: Previously: Fox's Ralph Peters: "If Israel Disappeared From The Face Of The Earth Tomorrow, Obama Would Not Shed A Tear" Fox's Dana Perino Claims Obama Has Made It So That Democrats No Longer Support Israel Fox's Ralph Peters: Obama "Despises The Men Who Served Honorably" In U.S. Military

CBS Touts 'Funny' Sketch Mocking Netanyahu and 'Racist' GOPers

The hosts of CBS This Morning on Wednesday hyped a Comedy Central sketch dismissing Republican supporters of Benjamin Netanyahu as "racist." The journalists played a clip of the Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore in which the anchor mocked the GOP: "You made Netanyahu come all the way over here just to embarrass Obama?"

Blogger Charles Pierce: From Whitewater to Benghazi and Maybe Beyond, Hillary’s Been a Target For ‘Paranoids’

Esquire’s Pierce doesn’t exactly minimize the State Department e-mail story, but he’s much more upset about Hillary’s failure to fully understand that she’s a wacko magnet: “For going on 30 years, she has been the target of every strange...Show More Summary

To Whom Are They Listening?

The most important domestic issue facing the United States is the inexorable growth in income inequality. Calculations provided by Emmanuel Saez reveal that over the two decades from 1993 to 2013, the top 1 percent of the income distribution experienced a 62.4 percent increase in income. Show More Summary

The DC Centrists' Straw Men

One of the most tired set of clichés in all of American politics is that of DC "centrists" talking about populism as all about beating up on the rich and redistribution of income instead of growth. A note here before I get into the main...Show More Summary

Is the Enemy of Your Enemy Necessarily Your Friend?

During his speech to congress Benjamin Netanyahu said, "When it comes to Iran and ISIS, the enemy of your enemy is your enemy." His notion is that ISIS and Iran have similar millenarian goals. They're merely rivalrous siblings, with the same murderous objectives--the control not only of Islam but of the world in general. Show More Summary

Study Confirms That Abstinence Education Has Utterly Failed At Preventing AIDS In Africa

Infection rates remained steady or increased under the abstinence only program. The post Study Confirms That Abstinence Education Has Utterly Failed At Preventing AIDS In Africa appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Alabama Supreme Court Halts Same-Sex Marriage Without Clear Authority To Do So

The Alabama Supreme Court really doesn't like same-sex marriage, and they're not afraid to admit it. The post Alabama Supreme Court Halts Same-Sex Marriage Without Clear Authority To Do So appeared first on ThinkProgress.

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