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Streisand says she’ll move to Australia if Trump wins

It looks as though she’ll be able to stay put in Los Angeles. Streisand revealed during an Australian TV interview that she will move Down Under if Donald Trump is elected President of the United States in November. The 74-year-old actress, a lifelong Democrat who endorses Hilary Clinton in the US election, made the admission [...]

New version of con man Trump is the same phony, racialist, pandering grifter as the old Trump

As we move into the last few months of the 2016 presidential campaign Hillary Clinton has taken a commanding electoral lead, so far ahead that if she lost every current remaining toss-up state, she’d still become the 45th president of the United States. Show More Summary

Please Don’t DIY Your Own EpiPen! Your Snake Oil Bulletin

Greetings, settlers and sharecroppers alike! It’s time for ye olde fashioned medicine show and discount homeopathic dentist, The Snake Oil Bulletin! This week, we decided to attack a dangerous if well-meaning meme making the inter-rounds that is encouraging people to fight back against the tyranny of Big Pharma by making EpiPens in the comfort of

Trump Campaign Manager Says He Won’t Deport All

Donald Trump’s new campaign manager moved to clarify his new immigration policy, focusing on “being fair and humane” instead of deporting all undocumented immigrants, Politico reports. Kellyanne Conway said the new plan is, “if you want to be here legally, [...]

Johnson Says He Must Make Debates to Have a Chance

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson said it’s “game over” on any chance of winning the White House if he does not make it to the debate stage, Politico reports. “Johnson would need to be at a 15 percent threshold to [...]

One of the Most Annoying Things about 2016 . . .

... is elites who congratulate themselves on discovering that poor white people have problems. Some of us have known this for a great many years. (In my own case, since about 1969?) Some of us have even lived it. (Can I get a amen, KDW?) In conclusion: What do you want, a cookie? Elite Self-Congratulation re Poor White People

Gary Johnson: ‘Not Impossible’ to Win if Debate Hurdle Cleared

Libertarian Gary Johnson is in the final stretch of his scramble to get into the presidential debates, which he says could give him the platform he needs to make a historically improbable run to the White House against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

WHY ISN’T IT ‘THE ECONOMY, STUPID’ THIS TIME AROUND? In 1992, Bill Clinton announced that “…

WHY ISN’T IT ‘THE ECONOMY, STUPID’ THIS TIME AROUND? In 1992, Bill Clinton announced that “It’s the economy, stupid.” That was pretty much the sole theme of his campaign. He ludicrously claimed that the country was then experiencing “the worst economy since the Great Depression,” a lie that the press, to its everlasting shame, not […]

Hewitt: Breitbart Equals Media Matters, Coulter Equals Michael Moore

It's Sunday Morning and on MSNBC, AM Joy addressed the Breitbartization of the Republican Party. Is it problematic to take a Stephen K. Bannon, head of Breitbart and the Donald Trump campaign, and allow him to set the agenda for an entire...Show More Summary

Trump surrogate: Hillary a bigot because she’s biased against racists

Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes is amplifying her candidate’s ridiculous name-calling of Hillary Clinton. During a Sunday panel discussion on CNN, MTV correspondent Jamil Smith argued that Trump’s hiring of Breitbart chief Steve Bannon showed that GOP presidential campaign was a “rebranding of white supremacy.” “I would say that [Breitbart is] part of the white [...]

Former Advisor: Press Wants Hillary to Hold a Press Conference Because She’s a Woman

The media, to its credit, has been getting progressively (no pun intended) louder and louder in its calls for Hillary to hold a press conference. Her lack of media access is bothering them, and they want in. The Clintons are, after all,...Show More Summary

13 payments of $99,999,999 sent to Iran, but Obama avoids THIS important question

Andrew McCarthy is asking the tough questions concerning why and how the Obama Administration paid Iran ransom for four hostages returned to the US. McCarthy is making a solid case

Trump camp highlights second Wade tweet amid controversy

Campaign manager says Trump will make the case that "random crime and senseless murders" are unacceptable.        

The Zika Undercount and the Virus’s Growing Threat to Public Health

Ron Klain: About 80% of people who contract the Zika virus experience no symptoms, and health-care professionals are generally not testing asymptomatic people in the U.S.

BILL MCKIBBEN: We Need The Moral Equivalent Of War On Climate Change. I agree, and as my first a…

BILL MCKIBBEN: We Need The Moral Equivalent Of War On Climate Change. I agree, and as my first act of wartime sacrifice, I vote to ban air-conditioning in Washington, DC. For my second act of wartime sacrifice, I vote to raise taxes on coastal cities. And I don’t want to hear any backtalk. This is […]

Football Sunday in America 08/28/16 - [Niedermeyer's Dead Horse]

Good afternoon and welcome to Sunday Football in America. Unfortunately, Goodell and his NFL are leaving such a bad taste in my mouth it's going to be a challenge to enjoy the sport I love knowing I'm contributing in any...

Mike's Blog Round Up

Thank you for letting me be part of your week, Crooks and Liars. Thanks also to the 28-plus (mostly) independent bloggers who again show us that the blog-o-sphere is alive and well, with exceptional stories and terrific insight you cannot...Show More Summary

Osgood to end ‘Sunday Morning’ run

Charles Osgood will retire as the host of CBS’s “Sunday Morning”. …Osgood announced this morning his final broadcast would be Sunday, September 25.“Some of you may have heard rumors lately that I won’t be hosting these Sunday Morning broadcasts very much longer,” Osgood said. “Well, I’m here to tell you that the rumors are true.” [...]

Lessons From Daniel and Why I’m Not Afraid of November 9, 2016

I’ve been re-reading the story of Daniel (Daniel 1:1-21; 6:1-28). Daniel is an inspiration and an example of living by principle. He honored his God and the principles of his faith by not bowing to any worldly king. He respected them. Show More Summary

No, Face the Nation, we shouldn’t shut the Clinton Foundation down

Renewed calls for the Clinton Foundation to be shut down give no regard for the good it does for people with AIDS

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