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Why are we even playing this silly game?

As we come down to the home stretch of the most incompetent and abusive administration in the history of the Republic we find the Senate GOP leadership is doing everything it can to kowtow to Obama and ensure his influence continues....Show More Summary

Mark Cuban: When He Isn’t Denouncing ‘Patent Trolls’ – He Is One

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So too a patent “troll.” Behold Mark Cuban - a wildly successful entrepreneur. He in 1995 co-founded - and in 1999 Yahoo! way overpaid $5.7 billion for it. Ever since, Cuban has in Donald Trump-like fashion built himself into a brand - The Entrepreneur. Show More Summary

The question isn’t whether we bombed the hospital. It’s whether we think it matters

The question isn’t whether we bombed the hospital. It’s whether we think it matters. Really, there isn’t a whole lot of doubt about “whether.” We did it. And it’s looking as though we meant to do it. Writing about the Kunduz bombing in the New Yorker, Amy Davidson walks us through the whether-or-not questions and [...]Show More Summary

Trump's Free Ride--And the Money Blitz to Come

It's certainly well established that heavy media coverage has played a big role in the shocking success of Donald Trump's presidential candidacy so far; Nate Silver's characterization of The Donald...

Lawmaker Wants Justice Department To Investigate Alabama’s ‘Frightening’ DMV Closures In Black Counties

"It's unconscionable and we should not just sit back and let this happen." The post Lawmaker Wants Justice Department To Investigate Alabama’s ‘Frightening’ DMV Closures In Black Counties appeared first on ThinkProgress.

"This propaganda photo of a homemade Oreo cheesecake alongside a rifle and a grenade was posted to Twitter by a female jihadist from the Netherlands..."

"... in an effort to persuade other potential recruits that life is fun under the Islamic State."Caption to a photograph...... at a WaPo article titled "Life in the 'Islamic State': Women/‘Till martyrdom do us part.’"In Islamic State...Show More Summary

"The Supreme Court announced on Monday that it would disclose after-the-fact changes to its opinions..."

"... a common practice that had garnered little attention until a law professor at Harvard wrote about it last year...."Starting this term, a court statement said, “post-release edits to slip opinions on the court’s website will be highlighted...Show More Summary

NBC's 'Blindspot': Navy SEALs Churn Out Professional Burglars

The U.S. Navy SEALs are the elite of the elite. They are the guys who get sent in when we can’t send anyone else. Navy SEALs conduct covert operation around the world. They’re the guys who finally brought Bin Laden to justice; so naturally, that makes them a target. Show More Summary

AP's Borenstein Uses Tortured 'Analysis' to Estimate 'Likely' Deaths From VW's Emissions Cheat

A story by Seth Borenstein at the Associated Press ("AP ANALYSIS: VW EVASION LIKELY LED TO DOZENS OF DEATHS"), originally published on Saturday but currently carrying a Monday morning time stamp, claimed that "Volkswagen's pollution-control...Show More Summary

New fighting craze is spreading in schools across the nation. Is your child involved in this? [VIDEO]

Oh boy. The latest dumb teenager craze will have you asking yourself if this is really the next generation we can count on to lead America. Sadly, the answer is

Despite Deal, Resistance to TPP Grows in All Corners

We know a bad deal when we see one, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) just announced in Atlanta sure looks like one. Hundreds of Teamsters were joined in the streets of Atlanta this past week by other fair trade advocates sticking up for everyday Americans who could be damaged by the TPP. Show More Summary

Los Angeles Police Officers Being Stalked… Cops on Edge Over Threat [Video]

This is not good at all. A video out of Los Angeles has now gone viral showing some guy following a cop in his car. Then it pans to the

Stickiness, choice overload and Medicare Part D

A valued reader e-mailed me his situation and I think it highlights a signiifcant problem with choice in the insurance markets: I’m responsible for figuring out my partner’s Medicare, and we just got the “annual notice of changes” from Big National Carrier for the “BNC Rx Secure(PDP)” plan. The monthly rate is going from $35.80 [Read more...] This space reserved for your ad.

Tennessee Lt. Governor: Don’t Panic, But Every Christian Needs A Gun Right Now

Locked and Loaded for the Lord Like so many Americans, Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey was overcome with emotion following the murders of nine people at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. So the day after the tragedy, he did...Show More Summary

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